Authors Beginning with "C"C is for Agatha……. Christie, that is.  Probably most of us graduated from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys right into Agatha Christie’s novels. It seems like most cozy mystery book readers have a favorite Christie series … either Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, or even Tommy and TuppenceAgatha Christie is, in fact, the grande dame of “all things mystery.”

We have been so lucky to have many TV shows and films dedicated to her works.  Peter Ustinov, Albert Finney, and David Suchet are probably the actors who come to mind when we think of Hercule.  Each of the actors brought a different perspective to the little gentleman who was so good at using his little, gray cells.

As for Miss Marple, there have been many fine portrayals by actresses who include Margaret Rutherford, Angela Lansbury, Helen Hayes, Joan Hickson, Geraldine McEwan, and currently Julia McKenzie. (I have to admit to absolutely loving Joan Hickson’s portrayal of Miss Marple.)

Can you remember when you first read an Agatha Christie novel?  They are the types of novels that you can finish reading, and then feel perfectly comfortable passing on to a friend, without worrying about inappropriate language, graphic gore, or gratuitous adult situations.

Meg Cabot    Cabot’s main character is a former teen singer (“teen idol”) who becomes an assistant dorm director. [Cabot’s teen book series (The Princess Diaries Series) has been made into Disney movies.]

Lynn Cahoon    Cahoon writes the Tourist Trap Mystery Series. This series takes place in a quaint California coastal town. Jill Gardner (the sleuth) owns a shop called Coffee, Books, and More. (Just the kind of shop I would want to go inside if I were vacationing in that town!)

Leslie Caine   aka Leslie O’Kane…  Probably more recognizable as Leslie O’Kane, although her most recent books are Leslie Caine books.  She has written series that feature: a cartoonist, a dog therapist, and rival interior decorators.

Susanna Calkins   It is no wonder that Calkins, who has her doctorate in British history, has set her Lucy Campion Mystery Series in seventeenth century London. Our sleuth, Lucy, is a chambermaid in the house of the local magistrate.

Kristin Callender    Callender is a substitute teacher who has just put out her first mystery novel, which is about a woman, who when grown, discovers that her life’s story may have been a lie.

Candy Calvert   Calvert is an RN who loves to travel… especially on cruise ships. So what better setting than a cruise ship for her RN heroine/sleuth!

Dana Cameron    How did I miss Cameron? She writes the Emma Fielding Mystery (archeological) series… and if you are anything like me… you will want to start reading the series… soon. (Her web site’s “Tour Gallery” is a whose who of Malice Domestic!)

Ann Campbell   Campbell writes a series that features an antique shop owner who reluctantly becomes the owner of a rather rambunctious canine.

Anne Canadeo   (aka Katherine Spencer)  Canadeo writes the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series which features Maggie Messina, owner of the Black Sheep Knitting Shop in Massachusetts. As Katherine Spencer she writes both the non-mystery Thomas Kinkade’s Cape Light Series and the non-mystery Thomas Kinkade’s Angel Island Series. (She co-authored both series until Kinkade passed in until 2012. She is now continuing both of the series on her own.)

Dorothy Cannell    Her Ellie Haskell series includes two sisters who own a detection agency, and with names like Hyacinth and Primrose, what else could they call it but the Flowers Detection Agency? With names like those, how could this series take place outside of England? Cannell also writes the Florence Norris Mystery Series. Florence is the housekeeper of the Stodmarsh family, in their country house during the 1930s.

Stephen J. Cannell   Not Cozy…  Undoubtedly, you have seen several television shows for which he wrote…… the A Team, Rockford Files, the Commish, the Greatest American Hero, Booker, etc….. the list is almost endless!

Taffy Cannon  More recently she has been writing as Emily Toll… the Booked for Travel mystery series.  She graduated from Duke University.

Janet Cantrell (aka Kaye George) Cantrell writes the Fat Cat Mystery Series. Chase (Charity) Oliver and her cat, Quincy, an overweight Tabby who (obviously) loves to eat live in Minneapolis. Chase owns a bakery, which delights Quincy! This series includes recipes for both people and cat treats. As George she writes the Imogene Duckworthy Mystery Series which is set in Texas and features a single mom who is a waitress, the People of the wind Mystery Series, which features Neanderthal Enga Dancing Flower, and the Cressa Carraway Mystery Series, which features a musician/conductor/sleuth. As George, she has been nominated for three of the prestigious Agatha Awards: Best First Novel, Best Historical Novel, and Best Short Story.

B.B. Cantwell   Cantwell is a husband/wife writing team, Brian and Barbara Cantwell. Barbara was at one time, a bookmobile librarian in Portland and Brian is a newspaper journalist. Together they write the Bookmobile Mystery Series. The main sleuth is a librarian in Portland who drives a bookmobile.

JoAnna Carl   aka Eve K. Sandstrom…  Carl writes the very successful Chocoholic Mystery Series, which takes place in Michigan and has, as its sleuth, Lee McKinney.

Gayle Carline    Carline, an ex-software engineer, is a freelance writer. She writes the Peri Minneopa Mystery Series which features an ex-housecleaner who gets her P.I. license, and proceeds to clean California of some of its crime…

Kate Carlisle    Carlisle writes the Bibliophile Mystery Series which, as would be expected with “bibliophile” in the series name, is set in the midst of books, book shelves, and book shops. The sleuth in the series is a rare book expert. Carlisle also writes the Fixer-Upper Mystery Series. This series takes place in a seaside town in northern California. Shannon Hammer is both a sleuth and a home renovation and repair contractor.

Patricia Carlon    It is said that if you like Ruth Rendell, P. D. James, or Minette Walters, you will like Patricia Carlon……… an Australian version of the previously mentioned authors.

Alyse Carlson   Carlson writes the Garden Society Mystery Series, which is set in Virginia. This gardening theme series has, as its sleuth, Cam Harris – who is given the plum assignment of being the public relations person in charge of the rather selective Roanoke Garden Society.

Amanda Carmack    Carmack is the author of the Elizabethan Mystery Series, starring Kate Haywood, a servant (and friend) of Princess Elizabeth. Besides the Elizabethan Mystery Series, she also writes romance novels under the names Amanda McCabe and Laurel McKee.  Carmack lives in Oklahoma, and has two cats and two dogs – one a pug, the other a poodle. 

Caleb Carr    Known for his historical thrillers/mysteries, he also has added a little paranormal science fiction to his mysteries.

John Dickson Carr   One of his two series is about a judge magistrate in Paris and the other is about an English historian/sleuth. He also wrote a series about a character named Sir Henry Merrivale who sounds as if the term “did it all” was coined just to describe him!  Sir Henry was not only a “barrister,” but also a doctor and the head of the military intelligence war office.  The Sir Henry Merrivale series was written by John Dickson Carr, as Carter Dickson. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Grace Carroll (aka Carol Culver) Carroll writes the Accessories Mystery Series, which takes place in San Francisco, and has, as its sleuth, a saleswoman in an expensive boutique. As Culver, she writes the Pie Shop Mystery Series which takes place in California. The sleuth has just returned home to take over her grandmother’s pie shop.

Paula Carter  (aka Paula Paul)   Paul, a journalist by trade, is the author of the Alexandra Gladestone Mystery Series which is set in Victorian England. As Paula Carter, she writes the Murder by Design Mystery Series which is set in Alabama.

Sammi Carter    Carter writes a series about a candy shop owner who solves “sweet” mysteries. And, lucky for Carter’s fans, she includes candy recipes!

Heron Carvic   …See Miss Seeton books…..3 different authors penned the Miss Seeton series, with Carvic being the first author.   The Miss Seeton books are very reminiscent of Miss Marple….

Elizabeth Lynn Casey   (aka Laura Bradford) Casey writes the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series with features a librarian who moves to the south and becomes a member of a sewing cirle, along with a sleuth. As Bradford, she writes the Amish Mystery Series which features the owner of an Amish Specialty Shop, and the Jenkins & Burns Mystery Series…

Dixie Cash    Cash is a sister writing duo (Pamela Cumbie and Jeffery McClanahan) who are native Texans. They write the Domestic Equalizers Mystery Series which takes place in “Salt Lick,” Texas… and features two best friends (one of whom owns a beauty shop)…both sleuths…

Laurie Cass   (aka Laura Alden) Cass writes the Bookmobile Cat Mystery Series. This mystery series features Minnie Hamilton, a Michigan librarian who travels (with her rescue cat, Eddie) around in her bookmobile taking books to those who need them, and helping those who need mysteries solved. As Alden, her first PTA Mystery book was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. Alden writes the PTA Mystery Series, which features a newly single mother of two who owns a children’s bookstore.

Bailey Cates   (aka Bailey Cattrell & Cricket McRae)  Cates writes the Magical Bakery Mystery Series, which features Katie Lightfoot, the manager of her uncle’s and aunt’s bakery shop in Savannah, Georgia. Her aunt adds magical ingredients to her baked goods, which make this a paranormal mystery series. As Catrell she writes the Enchanted Garden Mystery Series, which features Ellie Allbright. Ellie is the owner of the Scents & Nonsense perfume shop in California. Her perfumes cause people to feel different emotions. As McRae, she writes the Home Crafting Mystery Series.

Bailey Cattrell (aka Bailey Cates  & Cricket McRae)  Catrell writes the Enchanted Garden Mystery Series. Ellie allbright is the sleuth in this series, and she owns the Scents & Nonsense perfume shop in California. People feel different emotions when they smell her perfumes. As Cates she writes the Magical Bakery Mystery Series. Katie Lightfoot, the sleuth, is the manager of her uncle’s and aunt’s bakery shop in Savannah, Georgia. This series is also a magical series, since Katie’s aunt adds magical ingredients to her baked goods. As McRae, she writes the Home Crafting Mystery Series.

Sarah Caudwell    There are only four books in the Hilary Tamar series. I read the first of the series years ago, and unless I am mistaken, I seem to remember that the reader never does find out if Hilary is a man or woman…. the issue is unimportant, and cleverly skirted around. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Chris Cavender    (aka Tim Myers, Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, Casey Myers, Jessica Beck, & D.B. Morgan)  Cavender writes the Pizza Lover’s Mystery Series, and as Myers there are four series: Lighthouse Inn Mystery Series, Slow Cooker Mystery Series, Soapmaking Mystery Series, and Candlemaking Mystery Series. As Elizabeth Bright, we have the Card Making Mystery Series, and as Glazer, the Clay & Crime Cozy Mystery Series. As Casey Mayes, we have the Mystery by the Numbers Mystery Series. As Jessica Beck, we have the Donut Shop Mysteries, the Cast Iron Cooking Mystery Series, the Classic Diner Mysteries, and the Ghost Cat Cozy Mysteries. (D.B. Morgan’s mysteries are not Cozy.)

Henry Cecil     aka Henry Cecil Leon…..  I have not read any of Cecil’s novels, but they were recommended to me by a Cozy Mystery reader, who assured me that they are well-worth reading. After hearing how much she liked his British mysteries, and after researching him for this site, I have decided that I will be reading his books very soon. He was a British judge who honed his story-telling while in the military.

C. S. Challinor The first novel in the Rex Graves Mystery Series sounds like it is a cozy mystery lover’s delight… Christmas in an English hotel would be a delight… but imagine being snow-bound in that English hotel! What’s not to like!?! (And, better yet… 15% of the royalties from Christmas is Murder will be donated to “Soldier’s Angels.”)

Elizabeth Chamberlin    Chamberlin, both a teacher and an accountant by trade, has started the new Jane Mayhew Mystery Series which features an accountant (retired).

Cassandra Chan   Chan writes the Phillip Bethancourt & Jack Gibbons Mystery Series, which is set in England. The series features a detective at Scotland Yard and his rich, college-days friend.

Jackie Chance    Chance writes the Poker Mystery Series. This series features a forty year old woman who leaves her job in the
advertising world (along with her boyfriend) to pursue an amateur status in the poker world.

Lynne E. Chandler   Chandler was the Music Director in the Anglican/Episcopal church in which her husband was the pastor, in Cairo, Egypt. She has written Mrs. Baul Investigates: Bishop Kidnapped in Egypt, which features a sleuth who is married to an Episcopal priest in Egypt.

Torrey Chanslor    Chanslor writes the Beagle Sisters Mystery Series which features two spinsters in Manhattan who inherit a detective agency. Chanslor is a pseudonym for Marjorie Torrey, the illustrator who won two Caldecott awards in 1946 and 1947.

Sally Chapman (aka Annie Griffin)   As Chapman, she writes the Silicon Valley Mystery Series which features an investigator of computer fraud, also based in California. As Griffin, she writes the Hannah & Kiki Mystery Series which features two sixty-something year old sisters who live in California.

Vannetta Chapman   Chapman, a teacher with her Master’s degree in English, writes three different mystery series. Her Amish Village Mystery Series features Amber, the non-Amish owner of an Amish themed shop, and her employee, Hannah, who is Amish. Chapman’s Jacob’s Family Mystery Series has, as its sleuth, Dana Jacobs, the supervisor of the Department of Homeland Security in Taos. (This series has been described as a Christian romantic suspense series.) Her Shipshewana Amish (Quilt Shop) Mystery Series features two women, one Amish and the other not, who work together.

Helen Chappell    Is anyone in the mood for some ghostly fun? Chappell’s series involves a reporter and her husband’s ghost.

Joelle Charbonneau   With a Masters in Opera Performance, Charbonneau not only teaches acting and voice lessons, but she also writes mysteries. Her Rebecca Robbins Mystery Series features a sleuth who returns to her hometown to try to get rid of a roller skating rink that she has inherited.

Hampton Charles…  See Miss Seeton  books, alphabetized under “Miss Emily Seeton”…..This is the second “part” of the three-author series involving Miss Seeton.

Kate Charles   Charles has worked in church administration and has knowledge of the Church of England, which explains why her series is set in the religious environment of England. Although she was born in the USA, her American publishers consider her books to be more British.

Kerry J Charles   Charles uses her Masters degree in Art History when she writes the Dulcie Chambers Mystery Series. Dr. Dulcinea (Dulcie) Chambers is the museum curator for the Maine Museum of Art in Portland, Maine.

Nora Charles   aka Noreen Wald…  It’s nice to have a senior sleuth… from Florida, no less!  Thank you, Ms. Charles, for remembering that all heroines of cozies don’t have to be in their late twenties/early thirties! (Now, to find Asta and Nick!)  As Wald, she pens a series about a ghostwriter.

Leslie Charteris   A site reader recommended that I add Charteris to the site. Charteris is the author of The Saint series. I have not read any of the books in the series yet, but do remember watching some of The Saint television shows many years ago…

Erika Chase   Chase writes the Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series. Lizzie Turner and her five friends comprise this mystery book club in Alabama. Chase previously owned a mystery books store, as well as held jobs as a journalist, producer of radio shows, and a copywriter for advertising.

Marion Chesney   aka M. C. Beaton    Chesney’s Edwardian mystery series liberally sprinkles humor in with the murders! Chesney is a very prolific author. As Chesney, her books are considered Romance themed. Her Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin mystery series (written as M. C. Beaton) have been enjoyed by many.

G.K.. Chesterton  Chesterton wrote many works, including the Father Brown Mystery Series of stories. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Jennifer Chiaverini    Chiaverini writes the Elizabeth Van Lew Civil War Mystery Series. Elizabeth, the sleuth, was educated by northern Quakers and was born into an aristocratic family of slave-holders in Virginia. Chiaverini also writes the Elm Creek Quilts Series. Although they are not mysteries, they have been highly recommended to me, to include on the site. One of the recommending people likened the series to Jan Karon’s Mitford series, which I enjoyed a lot. Chiaverini also has several accompanying quilting books.

Laura Childs   The Tea Shop Mystery Series takes place in a Charleston Tea Room. Her second series is the Scrapbooking Mystery Series, and her third series is the Cackleberry Club Mystery Series which is set in a Cozy cafe (with Knitting and Book Shopping sections!)

P.F. Chisholm   Historical Mystery series… Patricia Finney Chisholm is Oxford-educated, and not only does she write for adults, but she has two children’s books out that look really good. Both are told by “Jack Perry” a yellow Labrador, as told to Patricia Finney. I am sure that both of my children would have enjoyed these books if they had been available several years ago.

Margaret Chittenden   Country Western tavern owner-sleuth…

Agatha Christie   Nothing more needs saying… (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Joyce Christmas   Christmas has two cozy mystery series: the Lady Margaret Priam series and the Betty Trenka mystery series.

Church Choir Mysteries   Rather than have a different page for each of these (Christian) mystery book authors, I decided to lump them all together, since they all write the Guidepost Church Choir Mysteries. Guidepost  is a faith-based organization.

Jill Churchill   I really like her Jane Jeffry series… She has also written books under her “real name”…. Janice Young Brooks.

Edie Claire    Claire, a veterinarian, writes the Leigh Koslow “Never” Mystery Series, set in Pennsylvania. If the books are anything like the authors website, expect to find yourself smiling!

Alys Clare    Clare writes the Hawkenlye Mystery Series which features the pairing of a head nun of an abbey with a French knight who has transplanted himself to England so that he can take up the cause of Richard the Lionheart. Clare also writes the Aelf Fen Mystery Series, which is set in 11th Century England.

Joanne Clarey   Clarey, an ex-teacher, went on to earn her Master’s in Counseling and her Doctorate in Education before becoming an author. She writes the Hummingbird Falls Mystery Series.

Carol Higgins Clark  Daughter of Mary Higgins Clark, and author of a cozy mystery series of her own!

Mary Higgins Clark   As the mother of Carol Higgins Clark, she has collaborated with Carol on some books. Mary Higgins Clark writes books that are stand-alones. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Mary Jane Clark    Clark writes the Piper Donovan Wedding Cake Mystery Series. This series features an amateur sleuth who would much rather be an actress, but who sleuths while being a professional cake decorator for her family bakery business. Clark also writes the Key News Thrillers series.

Mindy Starns Clark   Clark writes Christian mystery fiction. She writes both the Smart Chick Mystery Series and the Million Dollar Mystery Series, as well as Stand Alone mysteries. Clark also writes the Amish Women of Lancaster County Series, which is not a mystery series.

Anna Clarke   Very British… Her Paula Glennings series features two professors in London.

Melissa Cleary   For all of the dog lovers who read cozies… Jake, an ex-police dog is one of the main characters in this Dog Lovers Mystery series.

Ann Cleeves   Several series from England featuring police inspectors and…. bird-watchers!

Jane K. Cleland    Cleland was a hands-on owner of an antique store (that also included rare books) with an MBA, so it is no wonder that her protagonist (Josie Prescott) is an antiques dealer (and sleuth!)

Judy Clemens   Clemens writes a series that features a most unusual sleuth… a Biker/Dairy Farmer….The first book of her series (Till the Cows Come Home) was nominated for both the prestigious Anthony and Agatha awards!

Blaize Clement  Before writing her Dixie Hemingway cozy mysteries (which  features a pet sitter) Clement was a psychologist. After reading her biography, I can see why she picked the pet sitting theme……. she loves animals!

John Clement   Clement collaborated with his mother, Blaize Clement, on both the characters and the plots of the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. He currently writes the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. Dixie is a pet sitter/sleuth.

Barbara Cleverly    Cleverly, a teacher as well as an accomplished author, writes two mystery series, both taking place post World War I. The Laetitia Talbot Mystery Series is set in France and the Joe Sandilands Mystery Series is set in India.

V.C. Clinton-Baddeley Clinton-Baddeley writes the Cambridge Crime Mystery Series which features Dr. R. V. Davie, a retired university professor in Cambridge…

Harlan Coben    I really like his Myron Bolitar series…..even though it’s not cozy. I also have enjoyed many hours reading his stand alone novels. Coben also writes the Mickey Bolitar Young Adult Mystery Series

Peg Cochran   (aka Meg London)   Cochran writes the Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series, which is set in Connecticut. The main sleuth has moved from New York to Connecticut and is now catering low calorie meals. And, for those of you who are Cozy culinary fans, low calorie recipes are included. She also writes the Lucille Mystery Series. This series features Lucille Mazzarella, a middle aged “Jersey Girl who a Home Shopping Channel devotee. As London, she writes the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Series.

Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra) As Nancy Coco she writes the Candy-Coated Mystery Series. Allie McMurphy is the sleuth of this series. The series is set on lovely Mackinaw Island. Michigan. Allie’s family owns an historic hotel which has a popular fudge shop in it. As Parra, she writes the Baker’s Treat Mystery Series, which features a gluten-free baker as its sleuth.

Margaret Coel     Coel (a bestselling author) writes a mystery series set in the world of an Arapaho reservation in Wyoming.

Joan Coggin   Coggin only wrote four Lady Lupin Mystery novels, as well as non-mystery novels under another name. The Lady Lupin novels are said to be along the lines of Jeeves and Wooster… only mysteries…

Jeffrey Cohen   (aka E. J. Copperman)  Cohen, a journalist and screenplay author, has two mystery series: the Aaron Tucker Mystery Series is about a journalist and screenwriter and the Double Feature Mystery Series features the owner of a movie theater… both take place in New Jersey. As E.J. Copperman he writes the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series which features a single mother who owns an old Victorian guesthouse. This is a paranormal mystery series. Copperman also writes the Asperger’s Mystery Series. In this series, Samuel Hoenig is a borderline genius with Asperger’s who answers questions for a living.

Nancy J. Cohen  Ever have a Bad Hair Day?  Marla Shore (the amateur sleuth who stars in this series) knows all about those types of days!

Meredith Cole   Cole writes the Lydia McKenzie Mystery Series, which features a photographer who uses real Brooklyn murders in her artwork. Lydia is so good at replicating the crime scenes in her photographs that the police think she could be involved in the actual murders.

Barbara Colley   Colley pens a series about a maid in New Orleans.

Christine E. Collier   Collier contacted me via my blog’s comments, and told me about a cozy mystery series she is writing. Since I just found out about her series (The Writer’s Club Mystery Series), I haven’t had time to read one…. yet!

Kate Collins   Before Collins started writing her Flower Shop Mystery series, she taught school, and has her master’s degree in education.

B. Comfort   A series featuring a widow (in her 70s) living and sleuthing in Vermont…

Susan Conant    Conant is best known for her series about a dog trainer (Dog Lover’s Mystery Series) and in 2005 she started  the Cat Lover’s Mystery Series. She is currently (2006 to present) working with her daughter (Jessica Conant-Park) on the Gourmet Girl Mystery Series…

Michael Connelly      It’s no wonder that Connelly writes such good police procedurals…. He majored in journalism with a minor in creative writing, and after graduating he worked as a  crime beat journalist.  I really enjoy his Harry Bosch series, even though it isn’t cozy.

Sheila Connolly  (aka Sarah Atwell)  As Sheila Connolly, she writes the Orchard Mystery Series which takes place in beautiful Massachusetts… on an apple orchard. Connolly also writes the Museum Mystery Series, which features a fundraiser for the preservation of Pennsylvania antiques. She also writes the County Cork Mystery Series which takes place in Ireland, and features a sleuth from Boston as well as the Relatively Dead Mystery Series, which is a paranormal series that features a sleuth who sees ghosts. Degrees in Art History and Fine Arts paved the way for Connolly/Atwell to eventually write the Glassblowing Mystery Series. She not only enjoys the beauty of blown glass but apparently also has “mastered” the art.

Beverly Connor   Connor is an archaeologist who has worked in both Georgia and South Carolina. She writes the Diane Fallon Investigations Mystery Series and the Lindsay Chamberlain Archaeology Mystery Series, both of which feature female sleuths in the archaeology/anthropology fields. She also co-writes the Frank Hayes Mystery Series with her husband, Charles Connor.

Hy Conrad  Conrad writes the Mr. Monk Mystery Series, which is based on the Monk television show. Conrad took over writing the series at book #16. He was one of the writers for the Monk television show during all eight seasons. Conrad also writes the Abel Adventures Mystery Series. This series has, as its sleuth, Amy Abel, the owner of a travel agency that caters to those looking for adventures. Conrad is also the author of several “Whodunit” mini-mystery books.

K. C. Constantine    The Mario Balzic series…

Cate Conte   aka Liz Mugavero   Conte has her master’s degree in writing, and writes the Cat About Town Mystery Series. As Mugavero she writes the Pawsitively Organic Gourmet Pet Food Mystery Series. The series has, as its sleuth, Stan Connor. Stan’s Main Coon Cat, Nutty, inspires her (an ex-corporate public relations executive) to make delicious gourmet pet food.

Bruce Cook     aka Bruce Alexander…..Cook’s series is about Chico Cervantes, a Los Angeles private detective.

J. J. Cook  (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene & Ellie Grant)  Cook writes the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Series which takes place in Tennessee. Stella Griffin, is the current fire chief who gets a little help from the ex fire chief, Eric Gamlyn – “ex” as in expired!  As Cook, they also write the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery Series. This series is sety in Alabama and has, as its sleuth, Zoe Chase, a food truck chef. The Lavenes have six cozy mystery series: the Missing Pieces Mystery Series, the Sheriff Sharyn Howard Mystery Series, the Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Series, the Renaissance Faire Mystery Series, the Stock Car Racing Mystery Series, and the Pet Psychic Mystery Series. The Lavenes also write the Retired Witches Mystery Series which takes place in North Carolina and features Molly & Elsie, two witches who run a curio shop and want to retire. As Grant we have the Pie in the Sky mysteries, which feature Maggie Grady, the niece of the owner of a pie shop in North Carolina.

Sharon Love Cook   Cook is a newspaper columnist, and also an illustrator and cartoonist. Her Rose McNichols Mystery Series takes place in Massachusetts.

Lesley Cookman    Cookman writes the British Libby Sarjeant Mystery Series. Libby is a sleuth who studies clues – as well as the lines for her acting jobs.

Amanda Cooper   (aka Victoria Hamilton)    Cooper writes the Teapot Collector Mystery Series. This series features our sleuth, Sophie Taylor, who has returned to work in her family’s Victorian Tearoom in New York.  As Hamilton she writes the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series, which is set in Michigan, and features a vintage cookbook and cookware collector and her three-legged Yorkie Poo, Hoppy. Hamilton also writes the Merry Muffin Mystery Series. This series features Merry Winter, a muffin baker in a small town in New York.  (She also writes an historical/romance mystery series as Donna Lea Simpson.)

Natasha Cooper   aka Clare Layton… As Cooper, she writes two series that are mysteries, with one centering around a romance novelist and the other a barrister.  As Layton she writes about the effects that crimes have on their victims, and how they continue throughout their lives.

Susan Rogers Cooper   (Not Cozy)  I like all three of her series. One of her series features a sheriff, another series involves a romance novelist, and the third series has a stand-up comedian sleuth.

Lori Copeland   Copeland writes the Morning Shade Mystery Series which has three generations of Arkansas women sleuthing. This is a Christian mystery series…

E.J. Copperman   (aka Jeffrey Cohen)  Copperman has held all sorts of jobs: magazine editor, screenwriter, newspaper reporter, teacher, and author. Currently, Copperman (pseudonym) writes the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series which is set on the Jersey shore, and is a paranormal mystery series featuring ghosts. He also writes the Asperger’s Mystery Series. In this series, Samuel Hoenig is a borderline genius with Asperger’s who answers questions for a living. As Cohen, he writes the Aaron Tucker Mystery Series. Aaron is a screen writer and journalist living in New Jersey. Cohen also writes the Double Feature Mystery Series which features Elliot Freed, the owner of a movei theater.

Gary Corby    Corby’s historical mystery takes place in Ancient Greece…

Elizabeth Corley   Corley writes the very British Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fenwick Mystery Series, which is set in Sussex…

Patricia Cornwell    Not cozy, by any means. Kay Scarpetta is definitely her more famous series, and she even writes non-fiction.

Maya Corrigan   Corrigan has taught college level courses in subjects that have come in very handy while writing her Five-Ingredient Mystery Series. She taught American literature, detective fiction, and writing. (Didn’t I tell you they were handy?) Her Five-Ingredient Mystery Series takes place in the Chesapeake Bay area, and features Val Deniston, a manager of a café in a fitness club who happens to also be an amateur sleuth!

Shelley Costa  Costa has her PhD in English and teaches creative writing at the college level. She also writes the Miracolo Mystery Series, which features Eve Angelotta as its sleuth. Eve is the chef in her family’s Italian restaurant.

Caroline Cousins    Cousins goes by three different aliases… not because “she” writes using three different pseudonyms, but because “she” is indeed three different women… who happen to be cousins! Between the three of them they have been a school teacher, editor, reporter, critic, designer and even a plantation tour guide!

Carol Cox     Cox is one of the authors who pens a Mystery and the Minister’s Wife book. This series is unique in that each book is written by different authors (some of the authors pen more than one book in the series.) Other authors of the series include Diane Noble, Traci DePree, Beth Pattillo, & Eve Fisher. It is an inspirational mystery series…

Cleo Coyle     aka Alice Kimberly…..  Both Kimberly and Coyle are pseudonyms for a husband and wife team (Marc Cerasini and Alice Alfonsi) who write cozy mysteries together.  They write the Coffeehouse Mystery series as Coyle,  and the Haunted Bookshop Mystery series as Kimberly.

Alisa Craig   aka Charlotte MacLeod… I am more familiar with her Charlotte MacLeod books, although I really enjoy these, too. They are definitely cozies!

Elizabeth Craig  (aka Riley Adams & Elizabeth Spann Craig   Elizabeth Craig writes the Southern Quilting Mystery Series, which is set in North Carolina. Elizabeth Spann Craig writes the Myrtle Clover Mystery Series which features a retired, octogenarian teacher in North Carolina. As Adams she writes the Memphis Barbeque Mystery Series which features the owner of a barbeque restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Spann Craig   (aka Riley Adams & Elizabeth Craig)  Craig writes the Myrtle Clover Mystery Series which features a retired, octogenarian teacher in North Carolina. As Adams she writes the Memphis Barbeque Mystery Series which features the owner of a barbeque restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. Elizabeth Craig writes the Southern Quilting Mystery Series, which is set in North Carolina.

Philip R. Craig   An ex-Boston cop moves to Martha’s Vineyard in this series….

Hamilton Crane … See Miss Seeton books, alphabetized under “Miss Emily Seeton”  Written by Sarah J. Mason as Hamilton Crane… She is the third of the Miss Seeton authors.

Isis Crawford     aka Barbara Block…. As Crawford, she writes a series about a couple of sisters who own and operate a catering and bakeshop establishment. As Block, she writes the Robin Light series….. which takes place in and out of the pet store her main character owns.

John Creasy   Creasy is an English author with various pseudonyms… (Actually, he has so many that I am not going to list them all on the site!) He was recommended for me to add to the Cozy Mystery Site by a reader who believes he belongs on the site. I have not tried any of his books yet…

Creative Woman Mysteries   This is a mystery series published by Annie’s Crafts Company, the same company that puts out the Annie’s Attic mysteries, the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series, the Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled, and the Vineyard Quilt Mystery Series. This series follows as Shannon McClain attempts to claim her grandmother’s inheritance in Apple Grove, Oregon. Shannon is a Scottish widow, mother of twins whose profession is beading one-of-a-kind jewelry. (The mysteries are written by different mystery authors.)

Bill Crider    As a native Texan, Crider has set some of his best-selling novels in that great state. His PhD dissertation was about the hardboiled detective novel. He recently retired from being a professor of English so that he could devote more time to writing his novels. (And, for those of you who remember Willard Scott, the weatherman from the Today Show, Crider wrote the Stanley Waters Mystery Series with him!)

Edmund Crispin     Crispin not only wrote mysteries, but also was a science fiction author. He composed several pieces of music, which were published under his given name…. Robert Montgomery. His series features an Oxford professor. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time

Jessie Crockett   Crockett writes the Sugar Grove Mystery Series, which takes place in her home state, New Hampshire. The main sleuth (Dani Greene) is a member of a family that owns a maple sugar farm. (I have a feeling these Cozy Mysteries are going to be seasonal favorites!)

Deborah Crombie   Although born in Texas, and currently living in Texas, the time Crombie spent living in both England and Scotland made it possible for her to write a very convincingly British series……

Ellen Crosby   Crosby has her Master’s in International Relations and her B.A. in Political Science. She worked as a journalist and is now writing the Wine Country Mystery Series. Crosby also writes the Sophie Medina Mystery Series. This series has, as its sleuth, a Washington, D.C. photojournalist.

Amanda Cross    The New York’s Professor Kate Fansler series……

Kieran Crowley   True Crime….. New York Post reporter and New York Times Bestselling author…..

Laura Crum   Crum was recommended to me by a reader of the site… Crum shows and trains western cowhorses and also finds time to pen the Gail McCarthy Mystery Series which features an equine veterinarian out in California.

Lonnie Cruse    Cruse writes the Metropolis mystery series, and is set to launch her new series ’57 Chevy mystery series this year. What could be more fun than a rebuilt ’57 Chevy? Perhaps a mystery series that features a ’57 Chevy!

Carol Culver  (aka Grace Carroll) Culver writes the Pie Shop Mystery Series which takes place in California. The sleuth has just returned home to take over her grandmother’s pie shop. As Carroll, she writes the Accessories Mystery Series, which takes place in San Francisco, and has, as its sleuth, a saleswoman in an expensive boutique.

E.V. Cunningham   aka Howard Fast…. the Masao Masuto series, which I have enjoyed very much…….

Waverly Curtis (aka Waverly Fitzgerald & Curt Colbert)   Curtis is a pseudonym for Curtis Colbert and Waverly Fitzgerald, a writing duo. Colbert is the author of the Jake Rossiter & Miss Jenkins Mystery Series and Fitzgerald is the author of four Victorian London historical romances. Fitzgerald is a teacher of adult writing classes, and Colbert has sat on the judging committee of the  prestigious Edgar Awards. As Waverly Curtis they write the Barking Detective Mystery Series.

Clare Curzon   aka Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan, Marie Buchanan, Rhona Petrie… That’s a lot of pseudonyms/names for a Ved-dy British author of Ved-dy many series…

Clive Cussler  Not Cozy….. Thrillers…..

Tina Czarnota   Czarnota writes the Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast Mystery Series. The series features the owners of a B&B who also solve crimes…

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Law and Author by Erika Chase
Law and Author

All I Want For Christmas is Fudge by Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra)All I Want For Christmas is Fudge

Peril by Ponytail by Nancy J. CohenPeril by Ponytail

The Man Who Fell from the Sky by Margaret Coel
The Man Who Fell from the Sky

Berried Secrets by Peg Cochran (aka Meg London)
Berried Secrets

Between the Living and the Dead by Bill Crider
Between the Living and the Dead

Murder Comes Calling by C.S. Challinor
Murder Comes Calling

A Chorus of Innocents by P.F. ChisholmA Chorus of Innocents

Killer Run by Lynn Cahoon
Killer Run

Magic and Macaroons by Bailey Cates (aka Cricket McRae)
Magic and Macaroons

Never Thwart a Thespian by Edie ClaireNever Steal a Cockatiel

Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories by Mary Higgins Clark
Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories

Death at Dovecote Hatch by Dorothy Cannell
Death at Dovecote Hatch

Privy to the Dead by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Privy to the Dead

Ripped from the Pages by Kate Carlisle
Ripped from the Pages

Tying the Knot by Elizabeth Craig (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Riley Adams)
Tying the Knot

Murder in the Blood by Lesley CookmanMurder in the Blood

Dressed to Kill by Lynn Cahoon
Dressed to Kill

Murder Freshly Baked

Scam Chowder

Fat Cat Spreads Out by Janet Cantrell (aka Kaye George)
Fat Cat Spreads Out

Ming Tea Murder by Laura Childs
Ming Tea Murder

A Catered Mother's Day by Isis Crawford (aka Barbara Block)
A Catered Mother’s Day

The Postman Always Purls Twice by Anne Canadeo (aka Katherine Spencer)
The Postman Always Purls Twice

Wedding Duress by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (aka Laura Bradford)
Wedding Duress

The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark
The Melody Lingers On

The Masque of a Murderer by Susanna Calkins
The Masque of a Murderer

Shadow of a Spout by Amanda Cooper (aka Victoria Hamilton & Donna Lea Simpson)
Shadow of a Spout

A Sticky Situation by Jessie Crockett
A Sticky Situation

Oh Say Can You Fudge by Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra)
Oh Say Can You Fudge

A Body at Bunco by Elizabeth Spann Craig (aka Elizabeth Craig & Riley Adams)
A Body at Bunco

Murder in the Queen's Garden by Amanda CarmackMurder in the Queen’s Garden

Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby
Ghost Image

The Cat Sitter's Whiskers by John Clement (& Blaize Clement)
The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers

Borrowed Crime by Laurie Cass (aka Laura Alden)
Borrowed Crime

Dead to the World by Susan Rogers Cooper
Dead to the World

An Early Wake by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah ATwell)
An Early Wake

A Root Awakening by Kate Collins
A Root Awakening

Fry Another Day by J.J. Cook (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene & Ellie Grant)
Fry Another Day

This Old Homicide by Kate Carlisle
This Old Homicide

Hit and Nun by Peg Cochran (aka Meg London)
Hit and Nun

In Hot Water by J.J. Cook (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene & Ellie Grant)
In Hot Water

Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule by Jennifer Chiaverini
Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule
(not a mystery)

Thin Crust Killers by Chris Cavender   (aka Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, Tim Myers, Casey Mayes, Jessica Beck, & D.B. Morgan)
Thin Crust Killers

Death Pays a Visit by Elizabeth Spann Craig (aka Riley Adams & Elizabeth Craig)
Death Pays a Visit

Murder Out of Tune by Lesley Cookman
Murder Out of Tune

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant by Hy Conrad
Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant

Once Upon a Grind by Cleo Coyle (aka Alice Kimberly)
Once Upon a Grind

Scorched Eggs by Laura Childs
Scorched Eggs

Blood Rubies by Jane K. Cleland
Blood Rubies

Inspector Specter by E.J. Copperman (aka Jeffrey Cohen)
Inspector Specter

The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice by Waverly Curtis
The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice

Fat Cat at Large by Janet Cantrell (aka Kaye George)
Fat Cat at Large

The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke
The Cinderella Murder

The Chocolate Clown Corpse by JoAnna Carl
The Chocolate Clown Corpse

Murder Tightly Knit

A High-End Finish by Kate Carlisle
A High-End Finish

If the Shoe Kills by Lynn Cahoon
If the Shoe Kills

Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs
Gossamer Ghost

Picked to Die by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Picked to Die

By Cook or by Crook

Seeing the Dead by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Seeing the Dead

The Question of the Missing Head by E.J. Copperman (aka Jeff Cohen)
The Question of the Missing Head

To Fudge or Not to Fudge by Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra)
To Fudge or Not to Fudge

Two Funerals and a Wedding by Leslie Caine (aka Leslie O'Kane)
Two Funerals and a Wedding

Countdown by Susan Rogers Cooper

Taken In by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (aka Laura Bradford)
Taken In

Book Fair and Foul by Erika Chase
Book Fair and Foul