Authors Beginning with "E"The list of cozy mystery authors I have whose last names begin with “E” used to be rather short.  It has grown a lot since I first started the site.

Janet Evanovich is a favorite of many mystery readers. She is one of those authors whose books can readily be found at the grocery store check-out, along with Jeffery Deaver, John Grisham, and other authors who have been lucky enough to become easily recognizable by most of the reading public.  I have included the list of her most famous heroine… Stephanie Plum.  Evanovich also has another mystery series featuring Alexandra Barnaby (the Barney Barnaby Metro Series), the Lizzie and Diesel Mystery Series, romance books (“Loveswept”) which she wrote before Stephanie Plum arrived on the scene, and another series which is touted as a romance called the Full Series (which she co-authored with Charlotte Hughes.) I think that most mystery reading groups have probably picked an Evanovich novel at least one time.

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox   Eagan-Cox writes the Shannon Delaney Mystery Series which features a writer in San Diego with ghostly encounters.

Dawn Eastman   Eastman writes the Family Fortune Mystery Series. The series features Clyde Fortune, an ex-policewoman who comes home to Michigan to be with her family. Her family owns the Crystal Haven, a great place for people who are looking for psychic help. Clyde’s mom is a tarot card reader and her aunt is a pet psychic.

Grace F. Edwards   Her main character, Mali Anderson, is a former policewoman in New York City who then goes on to solve cases in Harlem.

Ruth Dudley Edwards   After graduate school at Cambridge, Edwards became a civil servant in London, as well as a freelance writer. Edwards writes the Robert Amiss Mystery Series which features a retired civil servant in England.

Leslie Egan  aka Elizabeth Linington, Dell Shannon, & Anne Blaisdell…. Four different series to pick from…. all set in California.

Anthony Eglin   Eglin writes the English Garden Mystery Series. I have yet to read any of his books… as he was just recommended by a site reader.

Selma Eichler   Her Desiree Shapiro (main character) is a sassy, 5’2″  queen-sized red-head. It is refreshing to find a heroine who enjoys food!

Aaron Elkins   As a former anthropologist himself, it is no wonder that the main characters of two of his series are: a professor of Anthropology and a curator of an art museum. Aaron and his wife, Charlotte Elkins also co-write two mystery series: the Lee Ofsted Mystery Series and the Alix London Mystery Series.

Kate Ellis   Ellis combines archaeology, medieval history, and mystery when writing her novels. Ellis likes to include a crime that was committed in the past with another crime, which is set in the present. A Cozy Mystery reader described her mysteries as: “Police procedural but still a cozy.”

Kathy Lynn Emerson  (aka Kaitlyn Dunnett)  Emerson has two series from which you can choose…. Lady Susanna Appleton is a 1600s herbalist, and Diana Spaulding is an1800s reporter, and descendant of Lady Appleton. As Emerson, she also writes the Mistress Jaffrey (Elizabethan) Mystery Series. As Dunnett, she writes the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series which, although it involves a Scottish Troupe Dancer, is set in Maine.

J.F. Englert    Englert writes the Bull Moose Dog Run Mystery Series which features a Black Labrador Retriever and his often-confused owner…

H. Ephron Not cozy….. G. H. Ephron is the writing duo Hallie Ephron and Donald A. Davidoff.  Ephron has her PhD in Education, while Davidoff is a psychologist who heads up one of the units at Harvard’s psychiatric hospital and also teaches at the Harvard Medical School. Each novel deals with a different part of the human psyche.

Kathleen Ernst  Ernst spent twelve years working at a living history museum, which she used as the inspiration for her Chloe Ellefson Mystery Series >>> which features a sleuth who is a curator of a living history museum in Wisconsin. The series takes place during the 1980s, which is when Ernst started working at her living museum in Wisconsin! Kathleen has also written many American Girl  mysteries, which have garnered several Agatha Award nominations for Best Children’s/Young Adult mysteries as well as a nomination for the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile mystery.

Margaret Erskine    Erskine writes the Septimus Finch Mystery Series, which features a Scotland Yard Inspector…

Olive Etchells    Etchells writes the DCI Channon Mystery Series which is set in Cornwall, England. This series features the detective chief inspector and his sergeant –  who have totally different approaches for finding criminals.

Janet Evanovich    Evanovich writes the very popular Stephanie Plum Mystery Series, as well as several other mystery series: Barney Barnaby Mystery Series and the Unmentionable/Diesel Mystery Series. She is also the author of several romance novels, and the Full Series, which she co-wrote with Charlotte Hughes. Evanovich also co-authors the FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare Mystery Series (with Lee Goldberg) which features Kate, an ex-Navy Seal who is currently an FBI agent partnered with an FBI agent who is an ex-conman.

Christy Evans   (aka Christy Fifield)   Evans writes the Georgiana Neverall Mystery Series. Georgiana is an ex-executive who moves back home to Oregon and becomes an apprentice plumber… and sleuth! As Fifield, she writes the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery Series, which features a Florida souvenir shop owner.

Jimmie Ruth Evans   (aka Honor Hartman, Dean James, & Miranda James) James has his PhD in Medieval History with a Master’s in Library Science. As Jimmie Ruth Evans, he writes the Trailer Park Mystery Series, which takes place in Mississippi and features a single mother sleuth. As Miranda James we get the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series which features a librarian (Charlie Harris) and his cat, Diesel. Also, the Southern Sisters is written under this name. The Southern Ladies are two snoopy sisters (Miss An’gel & Miss Dickce Ducote) who live in Mississippi. Honor Hartman writes the Houston-based Bridge Club Mystery Series. And Dean James writes the Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery Series.

Mary Anna Evans   Evans, with degrees in physics and engineering, writes the Faye Longchamp Mystery Series which features a young archaelogist .

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