Authors Beginning with "G" Page 1Elizabeth and Anne George are two of the authors listed in the “G” alphabetical list of authors.  They are not related, and their mysteries are very different. Anne George’s Southern Sisters Series is a funny, very entertaining series featuring two sisters who aren’t alike in looks, temperament, or interests (other than solving mysteries!), yet the two sisters have one major thing in common…. their mutual love for each other.  This is a mystery series that should definitely be read in chronological order. If you’re looking for a good series to curl up with… look no further than Anne George’s series. (Can you tell that Anne George’s books are favorites of mine?)

Elizabeth George, on the other hand, does not write anything mildly resembling a Cozy. Inspector Thomas Lynley and his police sergeant, Barbara Havers, are a very unlikely pair with absolutely nothing in common. He’s of the English nobility, rich, pleasing to the eye, and very diplomatic, and she… is not! However, when it comes to solving their cases, this hard-working pair have a lot in common: perseverance, dogged determination, and mutual respect. The Linley/Havers series is rather graphic, definitely not for the “COZIES ONLY” reader!

Yasmine Galenorn aka India Ink writes the Bath and Body mystery series. Yasmine Galenorn’s three series (Chintz ‘n China, Sisters of the Moon, & Whisper Hollow) are mysteries with fantasy/romance, and a little supernatural thrown in.

Bente Gallagher  (aka  Jenna Bennett & Jennie Bentley) As Gallagher, she writes the Savannah Martin Real Estate Mystery Series, which, I believe is also called the Cutthroat Business Mystery Series. This series has, as its sleuth, Savannah Martin, a Southern Belle in Tennessee – who has recently been divorced and now finds herself working as a realtor… and sleuth. As Jennie Bentley she pens the Do It Yourself Mystery Series and gets her inspiration from the professional house renovations she has done. She also writes the Fidelity Investigations Mystery Series.

Cynthia Gallant-Simpson   Gallant-Simpson was raised on Cape Cod, which explains why she is so familiar with its location. Both her Deadly Mystery Series and India Street Mystery Series take place on Cape Cod and Nantucket. Gallant-Simpson is also a painter of Narrative Maritime Americana Primitives.

Ashley Gardner    Gardner has her Master’s in English Literature. Her English mystery series is set in the Regency period (1790-1820) and incorporates Gardner’s interest for culture and history of England during that period.

Erle Stanley Gardner (aka A. A. Fair)   Gardner is best known for his Perry Mason Mystery Series…

Jonathan Gash   What do you get when you blend an antiques dealer with a thief?  The answer would have to be theLovejoy series!

Eva Gates (aka Vicki Delany)    Author of the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series, Eva Gates was once a professional computer programmer who has since retired to pursue her “dream job” of writing. Gates writes the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, librarian Lucy Richardson. Oh, and the library cat, Charles! As Vicki Delany she writes the Constable Molly Smith Mystery Series which is set in British Columbia and the Klondike Mystery Series, set in Alaska. Delany also writes the Merry Wilkinson Year-Round Christmas Mystery Series.

L. Gaus Gaus is a retired chemistry professor who writes the Ohio Amish Mystery Series which features a college professor/sleuth…

Louise Gaylord   I just found out about Gaylord’s books, and although I have not read any of them yet, they look really interesting to me. She has just released a “stand alone” mystery and also has a series…  Now to decide which to read first!

Roberta Gellis    Gellis was recommended as belonging on this site because of the similarity with Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael mysteries. (I haven’t read any, so I cannot vouch for this.)

Rosie Genova    Genova is an English and Journalism teacher who also writes the Italian Kitchen Mystery Series, which is set on the Jersey Shore. Victoria Rienzi takes a time-out from her profession as a mystery author and returns to work in her family’s Italian restaurant, and solve mysteries.

Anne George    George’s Southern Sisters series is absolutely one of the best cozy mystery series you will ever find.

Elizabeth George   Not Cozy…. but  definitely good (Scotland Yard) mysteries to read. You might recognize George’s Inspector Lynley and Barbara Havers from the delightful television shows. In case you have not yet seen one of the shows, be forewarned…. Barbara on screen doesn’t look at all like Barbara in the novels. The actress, however, does an excellent job, even though the physical similarities are not at all obvious! (As much as I like the television series, I much prefer the novels… but they are not cozy!) George also writes the young adult Saratoga Woods Mystery Series.

Kaye George (aka Janet Cantrell) George writes the Imogene Duckworthy Mystery Series which is set in Texas and features a single mom who is a waitress, the People of the Wind Mystery Series, which features Neanderthal Enga Dancing Flower, and the Cressa Carraway Mystery Series, which features a musician/conductor/sleuth. As Cantrell she writes the Fat Cat Mystery Series. Chase (Charity) Oliver and her cat, Quincy, an overweight Tabby who (obviously) loves to eat live in Minneapolis. Chase owns a bakery, which delights Quincy! This series includes recipes for both people and cat treats. She has been nominated for three of the prestigious Agatha Awards: Best First Novel, Best Historical Novel, and Best Short Story.

Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames)  Gerber writes the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series which takes place in Coastal California, and features Jenna Hart, a cookbook store owner. As Aames, she writes the Cheese Shop Mystery Series which features the co-owner of the “Fromagerie Bessette” or, as the people living in her small Ohio town call it, the Cheese Shop.

Bartholomew Gill    Not Cozy…. Police Procedural

Dorothy Gilman   Who doesn’t know about the mature Mrs. Pollifax and her “spying travels” throughout the world? Delightful cozy mystery series…

Jaqueline Girdner   aka Claire Daniels…. Girdner has a well-established series about a sleuth who owns a gag-gift business and now, writing as Claire Daniels, she has a new series for her fans to look forward to…

Leslie Glass    Not Cozy… Psychological Thrillers

Melissa Glazer   (aka Tim Myers, Elizabeth Bright, Chris Cavender, Casey Mayes, Jessica Beck, & D.B. Morgan) Glazer writes the Clay & Crime Cozy Mystery Series… set in the Fire at Will pottery shop. What other name could a sleuth-owned shop have?!? As Bright, the author writes the Card Making mystery series. As Myers, there are four series: Lighthouse Inn Mystery Series, Slow Cooker Mystery Series, Soapmaking Mystery Series, and Candlemaking Mystery Series.  As Chris Cavender, we have the Pizza Mystery Series and as Mayes, the Mystery by the Numbers Mystery Series. As Jessica Beck, we have the Donut Shop Mysteries, the Cast Iron Cooking Mystery Series, the Classic Diner Mysteries, and the Ghost Cat Cozy Mysteries. (D.B. Morgan’s mysteries are not Cozy.)

Jeanne Glidewell   Glidewell’s first cozy mystery has the distinction of having a “blurb” by Jill Churchill. That’s a great start-off for hew new Lexie Starr Mystery Series which falls under the “older sleuth” (although she’s only middle aged!) and “librarian sleuth” themes. Glidewell also writes the Ripple Effect Mystery Series which features Rip & Rapella Ripple, two full time RVers.

Christine L. Goff  Goff set out to become a journalist, which she has done, but now she is devoting her energies to writing a birdwatchers’ mystery series.

Lee Goldberg    He wrote and/or produced TV shows like Diagnosis Murder, Mr. Monk… it is only natural that he is writing books based on those two very popular TV shows. Goldberg also co-authors the FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare Mystery Series (with Janet Evanovich) which features Kate, an ex-Navy Seal who is currently an FBI agent partnered with an FBI agent who is an ex-conman.

Karen Anne Golden    Golden, an adopter of numerous stray cats in her neighborhood and the owner of her own Victorian dream home (still undergoing intermittent restoration) grew up in a small Midwestern town. She is the author of The Cats That… Mystery Series. This series stars Katherine “Katz” Kendall and her how small brood of adopted cats, who now lives in a pink Victorian mansion in Erie, Indiana, thanks to an unexpected inheritance.

Sally Goldenbaum    Goldenbaum is an editor of a publishing company that features veterinary items. She also writes the Queen Bees Quilt Mystery Series… for all of you quilters! (And non-quilters, too!) Also, she writes the Seaside Knitters Mystery Series which is set in a coastal town in Massachusetts.

Debra H. Goldstein   Goldstein is a judge and author of the Denney Silber Mystery Series. The series takes place in Michigan, and is set during the 1970s. Denney, the sleuth, is a student at the University of Michigan.

G. Goodhind Goodhind writes the Honey Driver Mystery Series which features the manager of a hotel in Bath who is also a liaison with the Bath police.

Alan Gordon   Gordon, a New York lawyer, writes the Fools’ Guild Mystery Series, which is an historical mystery series. The series features medieval court jesters who are secret agents…

Nadia Gordon   Gordon (a pseudonym for Julianne Balmain) writes the Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mystery Series. Sunny is the chef of an organic restaurant in the wine country valley.

M. Gornell   Gornell is new to the world of mystery authors. She has recently (2008 and 2009) published two mysteries. Gornell is also a high-fire stoneware potter and avid gardener.

Paula Gosling    Both of Gosling’s series are set in Michigan, one features a sheriff and the other features a professor and policeman. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Laurence Gough    Gough won the prestigious Canadian Arthur Ellis Award for his 1990 mystery novel Hot Shots.

Ron Goulart    Goulart writes mystery, history, science fiction, and fantasy books. His Groucho Marx Mystery Series has, as its sleuth, the 1930s Hollywood comedian and actor, Groucho Marx.

Grace Chapel Inn   (aka Tales from Grace Chapel Inn) I have been asked by more than a few people if I would include a chronological list of all of the books in this NON mystery series. It is a series which was published by Guideposts, and follows three sisters who live in Pennsylvania. Alice, Jane, and Louise run a Bed & Breakfast. This is a series by several Christian authors…

Celina Grace   Grace writes the Asharton Manor Mystery Series. This series takes place at Asharton Manor, an English estate. The series is a little different in that it is a series of novella-length books. Another aspect of the series that makes it different is that all of the mysteries take place in Asharton Manor during different years. The second novella takes place twenty years after the first, after WWII, when the manor has become a home for convalescing. Grace also writes the British Kate Redman Mystery Series.

Margaret Grace (aka Camille Minichino, Ada Madison, & Jean Flowers) Grace writes the Miniature Mystery Series – a series set amidst dollhouses and miniature settings, featuring Geraldine Porter as its sleuth. As Minichino she writes the Periodic Table Mystery Series – a series about a physicist/sleuth. Minichino happens to be a physicist, which comes in pretty handy for her main character! As Madison, she writes the Sophie Knowles Mystery Series – which features a college mathematics professor/beader/sleuth. And as Flowers, she writes the Postmistress Mystery Series, which features Postmistress Cassie Miller.

Sue Grafton   The very popular Kinsey Millhone “alphabet” series. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Barbara Graham    Graham writes the Quilted Mystery Series. This series features a husband and wife sleuthing team. Theo is the owner of Quilt Shop and her husband, Tony, is the sheriff of their Tennessee home town’s county.

Caroline Graham   TV Midsomer Murders series with Inspector Barnaby, of course! (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Ann Granger   One of my favorite mystery series… the Markby & Mitchell Village Whodunit Series…. I absolutely love this series! I still haven’t tried Granger’s Fran Varaday series, but I am looking forward to starting it.

Pip Granger    Granger, an ex-teacher, writes the Rosie Featherby Mystery Series, which takes place in postwar London. Rosie is a little girl who has been deserted by her mum, and is being raised by her Uncle Bert and Aunt Maggie in their Soho cafe. Granger was nominated for both the Barry Award and the Agatha Award for Best First Novel.

Ellie Grant  (aka J. J. Cook & Joyce and Jim Lavene)  Grant writes the Pie in the Sky mysteries, which feature Maggie Grady, the niece of the owner of a pie shop in North Carolina. Cook writes the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Series which takes place in Tennessee. Stella Griffin, is the current fire chief who gets a little help from the ex fire chief, Eric Gamlyn – “ex” as in expired! As Cook, they also write the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery Series. This series is set in Alabama and has, as its sleuth, Zoe Chase, a food truck chef. The Lavenes have seven Cozy Mystery series: the Missing Pieces Mystery Series, the Sheriff Sharyn Howard Mystery Series, the Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Series, the Renaissance Faire Mystery Series, the Stock Car Racing Mystery Series, the Pet Psychic Mystery Series, and the Retired Witches Mystery Series.

Sarah Graves    Graves writes the Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Series and the Lizzie Snow Mystery Series.

Gallagher Gray   aka Katy Munger…. Gray’s series is about a retired personnel manager who “sleuths” with his octogenarian aunt, living in New York, while Munger’s series is based in North Carolina with an unlicensed private investigator in her 30s. Munger also writes the Dead Detective Mystery Series, which features a dead policeman as its sleuth.

Andrew M. Greeley   Not Cozy… Greeley, an alumni of University of Chicago (both M. A. and Ph.D.) is a priest who presides in Chicago. He has two best selling mystery series, along with many stand alone best selling novels and non-fiction books.

Anna Katherine Green   Green is sometimes referred to as “the mother of the detective novel.”  She was an American author of mystery novels. Some people consider her Amelia Butterworth as the earliest version of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Patricia Wentworth’s Miss Silver.

Chloe Green    aka J. Suzanne Frank    Green writes the Dallas O’Connor Mystery Series which features a fashion stylist who lives in Texas…

Christine Green   Several British series to pick from……

M. Greenwood Clergy woman in London series…..

Kerry Greenwood   Greenwood is a solicitor in Australia and has authored books for both children and adults. Her Phryne Fisher series takes place in the 1920s, in Australia. Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman Mystery Series features the owner of a bakery in Melbourne, Australia.

Susanna Gregory   (aka Simon Beaufort) Gregory writes the Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew Mystery Series and the Thomas Chaloner Mystery Series. Both are set in Great Britain, one during the 1300s and the other during the 1600s. As Simon Beaufort, she has teamed with her author husband (Beau Riffengburgh) to write the Geoffrey Mappestone Mystery Series set during the 1100s in Great Britain.

Jackie Griffey   Griffey writes the Maryvale Mystery Series which is set in Tennessee and she also has some Stand-Alone mysteries…Griffey’s first horror novel came out in 2008… Griffey also writes the Maggie Murphy Mystery Series which features a young widowed columnist in Tennessee.

Annie Griffin (aka Sally Chapman)   As Griffin, she writes the Hannah & Kiki Mystery Series which features two sixty-something year old sisters who live in California. As Chapman, she writes the Silicon Valley Mystery Series which features an investigator of computer fraud, also based in California.

Kate Grilley   aka Kate Borden…….. Writes two series, one set on a Caribbean Island and the other set in New England.

Martha Grimes   Grimes writes the really good (British) Richard Jury Mystery Series, which features police Superintendent Richard Jury & his friend Melrose Plant. Grimes also pens the Paul Giverney mysteries which take place in New York City’s highly competitive world of publishing.

Terris McMahan Grimes   Grimes, an English grad, writes the Theresa Galloway Mystery Series. This series features, as its sleuth, a married, working mother of two, and her mother. The first mystery in this series was nominated for the very prestigious Agatha Award and won the (also very prestigious) Anthony Award for Best First Novel.

John Grisham    Not cozy. A lawyer who decided to stop “lawyering” and follow his passion for writing, and who evidently was correct to do so! (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) Grisham also writes the Theodore Boone series for young adults.

Elissa D. Grodin    Originally a journalist, Elissa D. Grodin moved from journalism into children’s books and eventually adult works. She writes the Edwina Goodman Mystery Series, and has also written a number of educational children’s books. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband, actor, writer, and former talk show host Charles Grodin.

Beth Groundwater    Groundwater writes the Claire Hanover, Gift Basket Designer Mystery Series which features a Colorado Springs gift basket shop owner and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures Mystery Series…

Guideposts Book Series    Guideposts is a company that has specialized in the motto “Inspiration. Faith. Hope.” for many years. They have both Cozy Mystery series as well as non mystery series.I created this page so that those of you who are trying to locate all of the Guideposts Cozy Mystery series and non mystery series would have a place where they are all listed together. 

Patricia Guiver    Guiver writes the Pet Detective Mystery Series… which features Delilah Doolittle… and with a last name like that, could it be about a detective for anything other than pets? Her faithful Doberman Pinscher companion (Watson) helps her track down her missing “clients.”

Sally Gunning   Gunning began her writing career with the Peter Bartholomew Mystery Series, which is set in a New England coastal area. She is currently writing historical fiction…

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