Several mystery authors are known equally for more than one mystery series.  J. A. Jance is yet another author who writes two thriving mystery series. Sheriff Joanna Brady “inherited” her police position from her husband who was killed while performing his sheriff’s duties. I’m not entirely sure if this series qualifies as a “cozy mystery” series, but it definitely is a good mystery series to read.

Homicide Detective J. P. Beaumont is the main character in Jance’s other mystery book series. I find both of the series equally good, which is usually not the case (in my opinion) when an author has two series from which to choose. I usually start out reading one of the author’s mystery series, try the other series of books, and then stay with the one series I enjoy more. In Jance’s case, I find both of her mystery series equally good. (Jance also writes the Walker Family Series and the Ali Reynolds Mystery Series.)

Two authors I am looking forward to reading are Roderic Jeffries and Dolores Johnson. Both of these authors were recommended to me by several of my friends who read cozy mystery books.

Roderic Jeffries writes about Enrique Alvarez, a police inspector in Spain. Ms. Johnson’s series takes place in Denver, and features the owner of a dry cleaning business. Again, you may wonder how a dry cleaner solves mysteries…… but, remember, the cozy mystery genre is famous for amateur sleuths.

Melanie Jackson    Jackson writes several book series, of which two are mystery series. The Chloe Boston Mystery Series is a seasonal series (holiday-themed) which features a meter maid who can’t make the physical requirements of her local police department. (She weighs 98 pounds and is five feet tall.) Jackson calls her Butterscotch Jones Mystery Series a “Cozy Thriller.” It is set in Manitoba, Canada.

Jonnie Jacobs   Jacobs has two series, both featuring strong women… one an attorney, and the other an artist.

Kate Jacobs    Jacobs is a New York Times bestselling author, with her degree in Journalism. She writes the very popular Friday Night Knitting Club Series (not a mystery series)…

Sue Ann Jaffarian    Jaffarian writes the Odelia Grey Mystery Series which features a queen-size paralegal living in California. Jaffarian also writes the Granny Apples Mystery Series (paranormal mystery series) and the Fang-in-Cheek Mystery Series (vampire)…

Dean James   (aka Jimmie Ruth Evans, Honor Hartman, & Miranda James) [Rather than type almost the exact same thing here as I did below, I will just refer you to the name right under this one: Miranda James.]

Miranda James  (aka Dean JamesJimmie Ruth Evans, & Honor Hartman)   James has his Ph.D. in Medieval History and his Master’s in Library Science. As Miranda James we get the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series which features a librarian (Charlie Harris) and his cat, Diesel. Also, the Southern Sisters is written under this name. The Southern Ladies are two snoopy sisters (Miss An’gel & Miss Dickce Ducote) who live in Mississippi. Jimmie Ruth Evans writes the Trailer Park Mystery Series, which also takes place in Mississippi, and features a single mother sleuth. Honor Hartman writes the Houston-based Bridge Club Mystery Series. And, Dean James writes the Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery Series.

P. D. James Very British….. Adam Dalgliesh series… (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time

Susan S. James   James has her Master’s in English, and after teaching a short time, decided that her background in Creative Writing would be better used doing just that: Writing Creatively! She writes the Solace Glen Mystery Series…

J. A. Jance Jance is an author who writes two series, and I still can’t decide which is better…. the Joanna Brady series or the J. P. Beaumont series. I like them both equally, and I like them both a lot!

Nancy Lynn Jarvis   Jarvis has worked in several career paths: newspaper advertising, librarian, business manager, and realtor. She writes the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mystery Series which is set in California…

Roderic Jeffries  (aka Jeffrey Ashford & Peter Alding)  Not Cozy…  Inspector Alvarez in Spain, amongst others…

Emyl Jenkins   Jenkins has her Master’s in Literature and has written several non fiction books, including some about antiques. Her passion for antiques led her to start an antiquing mystery series which features Sterling Glass… who is both a columnist and an antiques appraiser.

Maureen Jennings   With her M. A. in English Literature, Jennings writes three different mystery series. The Murdoch Mystery Series is probably her most famous series, which was the basis for the Canadian Murdoch Mysteries television shows. Her Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mystery Series is set during WW II, and features one of the few detective inspectors in England during that time. Her third series is the Christine Morris Mystery Series, which is set in Scotland, and features a transplanted Canadian forensic profiler.

Iris Johansen   Johansen started her writing career with historical romances, and has become a best selling author of (thriller) mysteries. She writes the Eve Duncan Mystery Series which features a forensic sculptor.

Cathie John    Cathie John is the husband/wife writing duo comprised of John and Cathie Celestri. They have two series, one of which is a culinary mystery series (the Journals of Kate Cavanaugh), complete with recipes!

Claire M. Johnson   With a Bachelor’s Degree in History, Johnson decided to take the second step to realizing her dreams… and became a pastry chef! She has since then become an editor, but writes a mystery series which revolves around a pastry chef…

Dolores Johnson   Dry cleaning sleuth!

Linda O. Johnston   Linda O. Johnston Johnston, a contract lawyer, writes the Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mystery series. The main character is an attorney and pet sitter. Her sidekick is a cutie-pie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lexie. Johnston also writes the Pet Rescue Mystery Series which features Lauren Vancouver, an animal advocat who runs an animal shelter in California. Johnston’s newest series is the Superstition Mystery Series. This series, has as its sleuth, Rory Chasen, an employee of Lucky Dog Boutique. Rory’s is usually accompanied by Pluckie, her dog.

Morag Joss    With her MA in English, Joss went on to receive advanced training in singing. With her love for music, it is no small wonder why the protagonist sleuth in her Sara Selkirk Mystery Series is a world renown cellist. Joss has also been in charge of a large museum’s education department, as well as serving as a consultant on arts education. Her first mystery in the Sara Selkirk series was nominated for a Dilys Award by the American Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. Joss has also won a Crime Writers’ Association Silver Dagger Award as well as an Edgar Allan Poe Award for two of her Stand Alone mysteries.

Stacy Juba    Juba, the 2005 recipient of the Malice Domestic Grant for new mystery writers, is an award-winning journalist and the author of the stand alone mystery novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today about an obit writer/aspiring reporter who stumbles across a twenty-five year old murder on microfilm.

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