Mystery Book Author ListThe “L” list of mystery authors, with their books in chronological order, offers a wide array of titles. Janet Laurence’s series features a caterer and some rather interesting book titles… “Death at the Table,” “Diet for Death,” and “A Tasty Way to Die” are three examples of book titles that use the character’s profession in a playful manner.

And, who could resist author Cecile Lamalle’s  French restaurant owned by Charly Poisson? Charly’s last name (minus an “s) doesn’t say much for the food… unless of course, the restaurant serves French fish!

Jim Lacey   Lacey, a Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. in American Civilization) uses his expertise as a professor of American Studies, the chairperson of an English department, and the director of the Honors program at the college level to good use. He writes the Ryan/Lehrer Mystery Series which takes place in Connecticut, with a little New York City and Washington, D.C. thrown in…

Deryn Lake (aka Dinah Lampitt)     Lake writes the John Rawlings Mystery Series which has Sir John Fielding (the blind British magistrate who started the Bow Street Runners – the first British police force) and John Rawlings (a young apothecary) teaming up to solve crimes in 1700s England…

D. Lake Series featuring a campus policewoman in Minnesota… Lake (a pseudonym) is a professor of literature at (where else!) the University of Minnesota and used to be a columnist for the Minnesota Daily.

Rita Lakin    You may not know it, but you have probably seen a whole lot of Rita Lakin’s work. She has worked in Los Angeles as writer, producer, and editor for shows like Peyton Place, Dynasty, Mod Squad, and even Dr. Kildare. She has also created her own shows (Flamingo Road and The Rookies, to name two), as well as written movies of the week and miniseries. I could go on and on about Lakin, but why don’t you just take a look at her mysteries!

Cecile Lamalle   Culinary Mystery series…

John J. Lamb   As an ex-California policeman, Lamb draws on his life’s experiences to write this cozy mystery series. Lamb and his wife (a retired crime analyst/fingerprint expert) collect teddy bears (+/- 600!)… he also uses his post-policeman interests to write the Bear Collector’s Mystery Series.

Jill Marie Landis   Landis, an ex-kindergarten & Second Language English teacher, writes the Tiki Goddess Mystery Series. The comedic series is set in Hawaii and features the newly divorced (broke) manager of the Tiki Goddess Bar who sleuths with the help of the Hula Maidens, a dance troupe that is comprised of senior ladies. Landis also writes the Twilight Cove Mystery Series (Contemporary Romantic Suspense) and has written several Inspirational Historical Romances.

Graham Landrum   Landrum’s cozy mystery series revolves around Harriet Bushrow, a “mature” sleuth who solves mysteries with the help of her DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) cohorts.

Christopher Lane    Lane writes the Inupiat Eskimo Mystery Series which features a police officer who is brought up in Anchorage and who then goes to live in a more desolate area. (Amazon’s blurp says Lane writes “for the Christian market.”

Vicki Lane   Lane is an ex-teacher who writes a mystery series that features a sleuth who owns a flower/herb farm in North Carolina. She has also co-authored a few books on quilting!

Clare Langley-Hawthorne   Langley-Hawthorne left her job as a commercial lawyer to pursue her Master’s in both economics and international trade law. As she published law and economics articles, she realized that she actually was destined to write fiction. She now authors the Ursula Marlowe Mystery Series which takes place in early 1900s London, and features a suffragette…

Jane Langton   Langton writes the Homer Kelly Mystery Series which is about a retired lawyer & detective who becomes a Harvard professor/sleuth…

Virginia Lanier   Lanier’s husband dared her to write a book, and thus began her series about a Bloodhound trainer/tracker sleuth…

Vincent Lardo  He continued the Archy McNally novels after the death of the  creator, Lawrence Sanders. There are seven previous McNally books.

E.L. Larkin   Larkin writes the Demary Jones Mystery Series which is set in Seattle, Washington and features a genealogist and historical researcher…

Emma Lathen    aka R. B. Dominic…… I have not read any of Emma Lathen’s books, but a Cozy Mystery website viewer suggested that her novels would make fine additions to this site.

Janet Laurence   Laurence writes the Ursula Grandison Mystery Series as well as the Darina Lisle Mystery Series, which features a caterer in England. She also writes the Canaletto Mystery Series which features an Italian painter in 1700s London.

Victoria Laurie   Laurie is a professional psychic who writes a series about a professional psychic. She writes the Psychic Eye Mystery Series, the Ghost Hunter Mystery Series, the young adult Maddie Flynn Mystery Series, and the children’s Oracles of the Delphi Mystery Series.

Joyce and Jim Lavene  (aka J. J. Cook & Ellie Grant)  The Lavenes have six cozy mystery series: the Missing Pieces Mystery Series, the Sheriff Sharyn Howard Mystery Series, the Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Series, the Renaissance Faire Mystery Series, the Stock Car Racing Mystery Series, the Pet Psychic Mystery Series, and the Pumpkin Patch Mystery Series. The Lavenes also write the Retired Witches Mystery Series which takes place in North Carolina and features Molly & Elsie, two witches who run a curio shop and want to retire. As Cook, the write the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Series which takes place in Tennessee. Stella Griffin, is the current fire chief who gets a little help from the ex fire chief, Eric Gamlyn – “ex” as in expired! As Cook, they also write the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery Series. This series is sety in Alabama and has, as its sleuth, Zoe Chase, a food truck chef.As Grant they write the Pie in the Sky mysteries, which feature Maggie Grady, the niece of the owner of a pie shop in North Carolina.

Lois Lavrisa   Lavrisa writes the Chubby Chicks Club Mystery Series. Cat and Annie Mae are best friends who have taken up sleuthing in Savannah Georgia.  Lavrisa also has a Young Adult spin-off of the Chubby Chicks Club series called the Thomson Twins Tales.

Hilda Lawrence    I have not read any of Lawrence’s novels, but a very avid reader of Cozy Mysteries suggested that I try them. Lawrence was described to me as an author of mysteries that would be categorized as “classics.”

Lucy Lawrence (aka Jenn McKinlay & Josie Belle)    Lawrence writes the Decoupage Mystery Series and as McKinlay she writes the very popular Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series, Hat Shop Mystery Series, and the Library Lover’s Mystery Series. As Josie Belle she writes the Good Buy Mystery Series.

very popular Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series, Hat Shop Mystery Series, and the Library Lover’s Mystery Series. As Lawrence she writes the Decoupage Msytery Series

Margaret Lawrence   Lawrence’s series featuring Hannah Trevor is the only midwife-based series I know of… yet! Set in post Revolutionary War times…

Martha C. Lawrence    Lawrence’s first novel (featuring her psychic private investigator) was nominated for three of the top mystery awards… the Agatha, the Anthony, and the Edgar.

John le Carré   Not Cozy… Does the name “George Smiley” sound familiar? He “came in from the cold,” but only if he was aspy! (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Suzann Ledbetter    Ledbetter’s cozy series features a manager of a posh retirement community. Ledbetter also has written some interesting non-fiction books, stand-alone mysteries, humorous books, and several books that take place during the 1880s gold rush.

Amanda Lee (aka Gayle Trent & Gayle Leeson) Lee writes the Embroidery Mystery Series which features the owner of an embroidery shop in Oregon. As Trent, she writes the Daphne Martin Cozy Mystery Series which features a cake decorator. Trent also writes the Myrtle Crumb Mystery Series. Myrtle is a senior sleuth who lives in Virginia.

Elizabeth Lee  (aka Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli) Lee writes the Nut House Mystery Series which features Lindy Blanchard, a plant biologist who works on her family pecan farm in Texas. Lindy works on bioengineering the best pecan crops possible and she also works in the little family-owned shop where they sell all sorts of pecan goodies. As Buzzelli she writes the Emily Kincaid Mystery Series which is set in Michigan and features a reporter (Emily Kincaid) and Dolly Wakowski, a deputy.

Donna Leon   Leon lives in Venice and writes the Guido Brunetti Mystery Series which features a Venetian police commissario…

Henry Cecil Leon     aka Henry Cecil… I have not read any of Leon’s novels, but they were recommended to me by a Cozy Mystery reader, who assured me that they are well-worth reading. After hearing how much she liked his mysteries, and after researching him for this site, I have decided that I will be reading his books very soon. He was a British judge who honed his story telling skills while in the military.

Laura Levine   Levine writes the Jaine Austen Mystery Series. She is also a sitcom writer with such credits as The Bob Newhart Show, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, The Jeffersons, and Laverne and Shirley.

Sherry Lewis   (aka Jacklyn Brady) Lewis writes the Senior Sleuth Fred Vickery Mystery Series which features a retiree who enjoys sleuthing. As Brady she writes the Piece of Cake Mystery Series.

Kathryn Lilley   Lilley has just started her Fat City Mystery Series. Her main character seems to have the same battles going on (with the bulge) that a lot of the rest of us do. Of course, as a TV journalist, her main character’s livelihood depends on looking fit for the camera… which sometimes necessitates a whole lot of diet and exercise help!

Hailey Lind   (aka Juliet Blackwell)  Lind, a sister writing duo… one is an artist and the other a historian, enjoys (Or should that be “enjoy”?!?) aging her (again, should that be “their”?!?)  paintings. It was this that started her/them thinking about writing a series about an artist who started out as an art forger, and then became an art expert/amateur sleuth. As Juliet Blackwell, she writes the Witchcraft Mystery Series and the Mel Turner Historic Home Renovation Mystery Series…

J. Lindquist Lindquist is an ex-teacher who writes a series set in Toronto. As an avid baseball fan, her second novel of the series (Glitter of Diamonds) is set in the world of baseball…

Elizabeth Linington  aka Leslie EganDell Shannon, & Anne Blaisdell…  A lot of series for a lot of pseudonyms!

Gillian Linscott    Suffragette mystery series and a series about a trainer…. both set in Great Britain…

Liz Lipperman    (aka Lizbeth Lipperman & Liz Roth) Liz Lipperman, a registered nurse, writes the Clueless Cook Mystery Series. This series has, as its sleuth, Jordan McAllister, a newspaper food critic who doesn’t cook.

Lizbeth Lipperman   (aka Liz Lipperman & Liz Roth)    Since Liz Lipperman is a registered nurse, then it is quite obvious that so is Lizbeth! As Lizbeth she writes the Dead Sister Talking Mystery Series, which features Lainey Garcia, and her dead sister Tessa – who helps her solve mysteries.

Laura Lippman   Ex-journalist Lippman writes the Tess Monaghan series…

Constance & Gwenyth Little   The Little sisters wrote their mystery novels in the early to mid 1900s. The sisters lived in New Jersey, although they were born in Australia. They wrote Stand Alone mysteries

Georgette Livingston   Livingston’s series is set in Nebraska, and the main character is Jennifer Gray, a veterinarian.

Anna Loan-Wilsey  Loan-Wilsey writes the historical Hattie Davish “Have Typewriter Will Travel” Mystery Series, which is set in the USA during the late 19th century. Hattie travels to different parts of the USA for her work as a traveling secretary and skilled typist.

Louisa Locke Locke, a former history professor, writes the Victorian San Francisco Mystery Series which features a sleuth who is the owner of a boardinghouse, and who also secretly works as a clairvoyant.

Richard & Frances Lockridge     A very successful husband and wife writing team…

Kylie Logan  (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels) Bliss/Daniels/Logan has a degree in English, has taught writing, and has worked in the field of journalism. As Logan, she writes the Button Box Mystery Series which is set in a button shop (in Chicago) and features the owner of said shop. She also writes the League of Literary Ladies Mystery Series, which features a B & B owner, a cat lover, and a winery owner – all book club members. Logan also writes the Chili Cook-Off mysteries. As Bliss, she writes a cozy culinary mystery series about two women who aren’t at all gifted in the culinary skills. Luckily, one of them has a man in her life who is a chef! As Daniels, she writes the Pepper Martin Mystery Series which features a sleuth who conducts tours in cemeteries and gets help from a mob boss who has been dead for thirty years.

Colette London  Colette London’s Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series stars Haydon Mundy Moore. Haydon is a globe-trotting chocolate aficionado and amateur sleuth.

Meg London (aka Peg Cochran)   London writes the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Series, which takes place in Paris…. Tennessee. The sleuth, Emma Taylor, has returned home to Paris after working as a stylist in New York City. As Cochran, she writes the Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series. She also writes the Lucille Mystery Series. This series features Lucille Mazzarella, a middle aged “Jersey Girl who a Home Shopping Channel devotee.

T.C. LoTempio    LoTempio is the author of the Nick and Nora Mystery Series, starring Nora Charles, deli owner, who uses the help of her cat Nick to solve murders. The series is set in California.

Jess Lourey    When not writing her Murder by Month Mystery series, Lourey spends her time teaching Sociology and Creative Writing at the college level.

Sheila Lowe   Lowe just debuted the Forensic Handwriting Mystery Series in 2007. Lowe has a Bachelor’s in Psychology which she followed up with her certification in Handwriting Analyses. She is a qualified handwriting expert for the California Court system, and uses her expertise in her mystery series.

Virginia Lowell   Lowell writes the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Series. The series follows Olivia Greyson, the owner of the Gingerbread House Cookie Shop, who also happens to be a sleuth…

Gail Lukasik    Lukasik taught literature and writing at the university level in Chicago before penning her Leigh Girard Mystery Series. The main character of the series is a journalist/sleuth who is a breast cancer survivor…

Lisa Lutz   Lutz writes the Izzy Spellman Mystery Series. Her first novel was nominated for three prestigious mystery awards: the Anthony, the Barry, and the Macavity Awards.

Dixie Lyle   Lyle writes the Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot Mystery Series. Deirdre “Foxtrot” Lancaster is an administrative assistant to a very rich woman. Her duties include running the mansion. Tango, her deceased telepathic cat and Tiny, a shapeshifting ghost dog accompany Foxtrot on her sleuthing journeys.

Donna Lynd    Lynd writes the Gran and Bass Olson Mystery Series which takes place in Arkansas. Gran and her grandson become private investigators in order to sleuth…

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A Deceptive Homecoming by Anna Loan-Wilsey
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A Watery Death by Joyce and Jim Lavene (aka J.J. Cook & Ellie Grant)A Watery Death

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Murderous Muffins by Lois Lavrisa
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Death by Devil's Breath by Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels)
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