Authors Beginning with "R"The “R” list of cozy mystery book authors also includes an author who writes true crime books. I have been a fan of Ann Rule for many years, sometimes I simply crave a true crime book… and I don’t think that anybody does true crime as consistently well as she does. Her books are gritty, though, so reader, beware!

Also, the wonderful Ruth Rendell is found on this “R” page. Her books aren’t technically Cozy Mysteries, but she is a phenomenal story teller. She writes the very British Inspector Wexford Mystery Series, as well as many Stand Alone mystery books. (She is also known as Barbara Vine – in her non mystery mode.)

Sheila Radley   Radley writes the British Inspector Quantrill Mystery Series. Inspector Quantrill is a country policeman, not totally up to date with the modern police techniques…

R. T. Raichev   (aka Raiko Raichev) Raichev’s dissertation was on English detectives (between the wars.) The Country House Mystery series is set in English country houses. The two amateur sleuths are a recently divorced grandmother and a retired widower.

Deanna Raybourn    Raybourn writes a historical mystery series that is set in Victorian England and features Lady Julia Grey as the sleuth…

Sarah Rayne   Rayne wrote under various pseudonyms (gothic fantasies and horror) for almost two decades before deciding to write psychological thrillers. She says that the history of very old buildings inspires her plots and also helps to provide the settings for her novels.

Hannah Reed  (aka Deb Baker)  Hannah Reed  (aka Deb Baker) Reed writes the Queen Bee Mystery Series, which features a beekeeper who is the owner of The Wild Clover Market. Reed also writes the Scottish Highlands Mystery Series. This series features Eden Elliott, a recently single author in the Highland. As Baker, she writes two series… the Dolls to Die For and the Gertie Johnson Mystery series, which features a 60s-something sleuth.

Kathy Reichs   Not Cozy… If you are a fan of the Fox show “Bones,” then you might be interested in knowing that it is based on the life of Kathy Reichs. She is a forensic anthropologist who writes about a forensic anthropologist. Kathy Reichs and her son, Brendan, write the Young Adult Virals Series.

Larissa Reinhart    Reinhart, an ex high school teacher, writes the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series. Tucker’s master’s in Art History comes in handy, since the sleuth (Cherry) is an artist. Cherry is a spirited Georgian gal who seems to always be scrambling for a job as an artist.

Ruth Rendell  aka Barbara Vine… The wonderful Inspector Wexford series (which is set in England) and many (again!) wonderful stand-alone books. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Craig Rice   aka Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig, Daphne Sanders, & Michael Venning… She was the first author of mysteries to ever appear on Time Magazine’s cover, and at one time, it is said that she “was equal” to Agatha Christie, but, sadly, she died at a young age in the 1950s. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Virginia Rich   Eugenia Potter series featuring a chef/rancher/widow…

T. Dawn Richard   Richard writes the May List Mystery Series which features a woman who leaves her philandering husband after 35 years of marriage and moves to a retirement community… to begin a new life as a sleuth…

Emilie Richards   Richards has her Master’s in Family Counseling and is married to a minister, thus her Ministry is Murder mystery series. She is also a quilter… which explains her non-mystery Shenandoah Album series. Richards’ quilting has enabled her to actually write four Shenandoah Album series quilting companion books for Leisure Arts! (If you are a crafter of any sort… you know that Leisure Arts publishes the best of the best books!)

Phyllis Richman   Restaurant critic in Washington, D.C….

Phil Rickman   Rickman writes the Merrily Watkins Mystery Series which features a single mother who is also a Church of England parish priest. Merrily is an… exorcist, of sorts. (Not Cozy…)

Cynthia Riggs   Martha’s Vineyard series with an older sleuth…

Mary Roberts Rinehart    I remember these classic mystery novels from years ago. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Rick Riordan    An ex-teacher who now writes books full time… the Tres Navarre series…

Ann Ripley    A series about a TV hostess who is also an organic gardener in Virginia…..

Fay Risner     Risner writes the Amazing Gracie Mystery Series which features a retired Iowa farmer during the very early 1900s. Gracie may live in a retirement home, but she is all but retiring!

Fran Rizer    Rizer, a retired school teacher, writes the Callie Parrish Mystery Series. This sleuth in this series has got to have the most original occupation I have run across since starting this site: mortuary cosmetologist!

Candace Robb    Robb has used her graduate work in Medieval Studies, and her previous job as an editor, to write both the Owen Archer Mystery Series and the Margaret Kerr Mystery Series. Both are set in the Great Britain of many years ago…

J. D. Robb  (aka Nora Roberts) (Not Cozy) Her Eve Dallas In Death series is set in the future, in New York, and features  Eve, a lieutenant in the Homicide Division.

David Roberts    A series about a 1930s London aristocrat & a  journalist…..

Gillian Roberts    The very popular  Amanda Pepper, high school teacher series…..

Lora Roberts    Roberts is a twenty year transplant in Palo Alto, California and uses that city as the backdrop for her Liz Sullivan Mystery Series as well as her Bridget Montrose Mystery Series. Her third mystery series is quite different… Her Mystery with Sherlock Holmes Mystery Series takes place in England and features Charlotte Dodson, a widowed housekeeper… and, of course, Sherlock Holmes!

Natalie M. Roberts   Roberts writes the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery Series.  As a mother of a daughter who only took one year of dance… when she was four years old… and only because her best friend wanted to take the class, I can say that I never experienced any dance mothers’ anxieties, jealousies, or backstabbing. But, let’s face it, there are a lot of other places where mothers congregate…. that lend towards the same type of mysterious actions….

Nora Roberts    (aka J. D. Robb)  As Roberts she writes romantic suspense.

Wendy Roberts    Roberts writes the Ghost Dusters Mystery Series which features an ex-teacher who runs the Scene-2-Clean cleaning service which specializes in cleaning death scenes… and, she happens to see some of her … should we say “former home owners”?!? Roberts also writes the Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino & Murder Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, a barista at a café.

Cynthia Robinson   Robinson has taught creative writing and is now putting her MFA to even better use (for us!), writing the Max Bravo Mystery Series. Her first mystery in the series takes her opera singer sleuth to a dog park, where he befriends fellow dog walkers…

Lynda S. Robinson (aka Suzanne Robinson)    Robinson has her PhD in Anthropology and was highly recommended by several people. She writes the Lord Meren Series, which is set during ancient Egypt’s reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Lord Meren is the main investigator in the kingdom. (She writes ancient Egyptian, Elizabethan, Victorian, and Civil War historical romance novels as Suzanne Robinson.) Because of her studies and field work, her historical novels (both her mysteries and her romances) are said to be very accurate portrayals of the given eras.

Peter Robinson   With his PhD in English, it was just a matter of time before Robinson would start writing the excellent police procedurals  (Detective Chief Inspector Allan Banks) that he is known for.

Patricia Rockwell   Rockwell, an ex-professor, writes the Essie Cobb, Senior Sleuth Mystery Series which features Essie and three of her senior citizen friends from her assisted living residence. Rockwell also writes the Pamela Barnes, Acoustics Mystery Series. This series features an acoustics expert who happens to be a psychologist.

Linda Rodriguez    Rodriguez’s father was in the Navy, so she spent most of her younger life traveling the country. After marrying and having three children, she eventually returned to school to earn both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, where she worked for years afterwards as an administrator. After retiring early from administration, she took up writing full time, starting the Skeet Bannion Mystery Series, starring Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion, a half Cherokee chief of campus police at a small town college.

Caroline Roe (aka Medora Sale)    Roe holds her PhD in Medieval Studies, so it is no small wonder that she writes the Isaac from Girona Mystery Series, which features a blind doctor in Spain during the mid 1300s. As Sale she writes the John Sanders/Harriet Jeffries Mystery Series which features a Canadian police detective.

Carolyn Rogers    Main character, Rachael Grant, is a policewoman in San Antonio, Texas…

Al Roker   Roker, the weatherman of a national morning show, writes the Billy Blessing Mystery Series. Billy is a professional chef who does the cooking segments on a national morning show. These mysteries are supposed to be very funny…

Kelley Roos   Roos is a pseudonym for husband and wife Audrey Kelley and William Roos. They wrote a series about amateur sleuths who happened to be married to each other… also.

Elliott Roosevelt   The Eleanor Roosevelt series, yes, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt…

Carolyn J. Rose   Rose writes mysteries both with her husband Mike Nettleton, and alone. Her Casey Brandt Mystery Series features an Albuquerque television news director who is also a sleuth…

Sharon Rose   Rose writes the Parson’s Cove Cozy Mystery Series. This series features two senior citizen ladies with a penchant for finding trouble, and then solving it.

Delia Rosen    Rosen writes the Deadly Deli Mystery Series which features “Nashville Katz” – a new transplant to Nashville, who inherits her uncle’s deli…

David Rosenfelt    Rosenfelt has been nominated for four major mystery book awards – the Edgar, Nero, Shamus, & Barry. One of the Cozy Mystery site readers who recommended Rosenfelt said that she likes both Janet Evanovich and Shirley Damsgaard, and thinks that Rosenfelt “fits right in.” When Rosenfelt’s not writing, he is no doubt taking care of some of the dogs he has rescued (4,000 at last count!)

Sara Rosett   As an Air Force wife herself, Rosett knows about the nomadic life of military families. Her Ellie Avery Mystery Series features an Air Force wife who travels in the world of sleuthing. Rosett also writes the On the Run Mystery Series, which features a young, divorced, “free-spirit” sleuth. Rosett also writes the Murder on Location Mystery Series, a series that features Kate Sharp, a film location scout.

Ann B. Ross   Miss Julia series… Miss Julia being a very opinionated, southern, older sleuth…..

Barbara Ross   Ross writes the Maine Clambake Mystery Series, inspired by the time she and her husband owned an Inn on Maine’s harbor. Ross also edits a crime/mystery story anthology every November which includes authors from the New England area.

Kate Ross   Ross was a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School. She worked as a trial lawyer, and wrote the successful Julian Kestrel series, set in London during the 1820s.

Jennifer Rowe   The Verity “Birdie” Birdwood series, set in Australia…

Betty Rowlands   Rowlands writes two mystery series: the Melissa Craig cozy series and the Sukey Reynolds police procedural, which has a lighter feeling than a traditional hard-boiled one. I loved her reasoning for starting her non-cozy Sukey series… On her site she says that she foresaw a time when she might have a hard time explaining why her amateur sleuth was always getting involved with crimes. (That gets back to my feeling about seeing Jessica Fletcher moving in next door to your house… You would probably want to get out of town… fearing you might be the next body she stumbled upon!)

S. J. Rozan    Rozan, an ex-architect and winner of the Anthony, Edgar, Nero, Shamus, Macavity for Best Novel, and the Edgar for Best Short Story, writes the (police procedural) Bill Smith-Lydia Chin Mystery series.

Jane Rubino    The Cat Austen series, featuring Cat Austen, a reporter who happens to be a single mother……

Patrick Ruell     aka Reginald Hill…..  The very wonderful Dalziel & Pascoe series…

Ann Rule  aka Andy Stack….. True Crime…..  I Love Her Books…. as do many other people!

Jean Ruryk   Series set in Montreal, featuring a furniture restorer/sleuth, who “happened into” robbing a bank……

Patricia H. Rushford   Rushford (a registered nurse with a Master’s in counseling) writes mysteries, romantic/suspense, and non-fiction. She also writes the Max & Me Mysteries for 8-10 year olds and the Jennie McGrady Mysteries for young teens.

Annelise Ryan (aka Allyson K. Abbott & Beth Amos)   Ryan, an emergency room nurse, writes the Mattie Winston Mystery Series. Mattie, an ex-nurse, is a deputy coroner in Wisconsin. As Abbott she writes the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series, which features Mackenzie Dalton, the owner of a bar in Milwaukee who has synethesia (I’ll just call it a type of “ESP”) – which comes in handy while sleuthing.

Hank Phillippi Ryan   Ryan writes the Charlotte McNally Mystery Series, which has won several major mystery book awards, including the prestigious Agatha and Anthony Awards. Ryan, a Boston investigative reporter, writes this series about a Boston television investigative reporter. Ryan’s Jane Ryland Mystery Series features a newspaper reporter who work lives in Boston and not only reports on crimes, but also solves them.

P. B. Ryan    Ryan’s Gilded Age Mystery Series was recommended by a site reader and has, as its sleuth, a governess from Ireland who finds herself living in post-Civil War Boston.

Sofie Ryan (aka Sofie Kelly & Darlene Ryan for Young Adult)  Ryan writes the Second Chance Cat Mystery Series which takes place in Maine.  The series features Sarah Grayson, the owner of the Second Chance second-hand shop, and a stray cat she adopts, Elvis. As Kelly she writes the Magical Cats Mystery Series. This series, which is set in Minnesota, features a librarian who adopts two stray cats who happen to be (as the series titles says) magical cats.

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