Cozy Mystery Book ListSeveral years ago, I was given a copy of “Strange Brew” by a friend of mine who knows my passion for cozy mystery books. I have been a fan of the book’s author (Kathy Hogan Trocheck) since reading my first book about Julia Callahan Garrity. This series has several of the essential elements of a cozy mystery book……. the main crime-solver isn’t a police or detective (she is a “normal, everyday person”), the zany characters who preside in the crime-solver’s life, and the crimes being committed (sort of!) “out of sight.”  There aren’t a lot of gory details that the crime-solver has to contend with……

When I say “gory details,” I mean exactly that! I remember finally dropping a favorite (non-cozy!) author of mine after I came to the realization that I couldn’t read one more gory thing that forensic pathologists have to do. The particular task that finally pushed me over the edge was something to do with human remains and a large stock pot… leaving it to your imagination… checking for knife patterns…

Can you imagine Miss Marple buying a super-sized soup pot so she could perform “those types of tasks” at home!?! Even Nero Wolfe wouldn’t expect this particular type of cooking!!!

(For those of you who have read Kathy Hogan Trochek’s series about a cleaning business owner, you probably know that Strange Brew is actually the sixth book in the cozy mystery book series. This was one of the few times that I read a series out of chronological order. After finding out how good the sixth book of the series was, I went back and started the series at the beginning.)

Pari Noskin Taichert   Taichert has a master’s in social work, but rather than go that route, she found that she had a real calling for public relations. So, after years of working in the P.R. world, when she started writing mystery novels, what better profession for her main character to have than…. public relations!

Tales from Grace Chapel Inn   I have been asked by more than a few people if I would include a chronological list of all of the books in this NON mystery series. It is a series which was published by Guideposts, and follows three sisters who live in Pennsylvania. Alice, Jane, and Louise run a Bed & Breakfast. This is a series by several Christian authors…

Marcia Talley   Talley writes the Hannah Ives Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, a cancer survivor who has lost her job, but who has a knack for solving mysteries. Also, Talley is the editor of two collaborative mystery books written by thirteen well-known mystery authors who happen to be women.

Shirley Tallman (aka Erin Ross)  Tallman writes the Sarah Woolson Mystery Series, which takes place during the 1880s, in San Francisco, California. (I didn’t know there were only two other female attorneys in California at that time!) As Erin Ross she writes romance novels.

Robert K. Tanenbaum   Not Cozy…  Was a NY D. A., and has taught law in California.

Alison G. Taylor   Her Welsh sleuth is a Chief Inspector…

Elizabeth Atwood Taylor    Series about Maggie Elliott, a private investigator who used to make films, which of course must be set in California…. although San Francisco, not L.A.!

Kathleen Taylor   Her series features Tori Bauer, a waitress at a diner in South Dakota…

Phoebe Atwood Taylor   (aka Freeman Dana & Alice Tilton) Taylor uses Boston/Cape Cod as a back drop for her popular Leonidas Witherall and Asey Mayo Mystery Series…

Sarah Stewart Taylor   Taylor writes the Sweeney St. George Mystery Series which features a professor of history… with a special emphasis on funerary art. What better interest for an amateur sleuth?

Lou Jane Temple    With a name like “Heaven Lee” this character could only be in a series with a culinary theme….. and this chef happens to own a restaurant.

Texas K-9 Unit Mystery Series  I found out about this mystery series when a Cozy Mystery reader wrote to tell me about this Love Inspired Suspense series. Each book in the series is written by a different author, and features a different K-9 police dog and his/her human. The Love Inspired Suspense series of books are considered to be clean – with both suspense and love intermingled throughout.

Josephine Tey    Tey writes the Alan Grant Mystery Series which features an Inspector for the Scotland Yard. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Nancy Jill Thames   Thames writes the Jillian Bradley Mystery Series which features a gardening columnist as its sleuth. Jillian solves mysteries at different resorts, with the help of her friends and Teddy, her little Yorkshire Terrier. (This series is on the “No Profanity” list of mystery books.)

Terri Thayer    Thayer has been quilting for years, and is a rubber stamping enthusiast… so what better themes for her two mystery series… quilting and rubber stamping!

Graham Thomas     With Detective Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell on duty, London’s New Scotland Yard will solve the case!

Leslie Thomas    Thomas penned the Dangerous Davies mystery book series, which has been made into a television series by the British ITV Network. I have yet to read the novels, but based on the Amazon reviews, they look like they are absolutely delightful books. (Since I haven’t read them yet, I don’t know if they are cozy, or not.)

Janice A. Thompson   Thompson writes the Bridal Mayhem Mystery Series. She describes herself as a Christian author. She home-schooled her four daughters and has done her part in planning several weddings…

Victoria Thompson  The Gaslight Mystery series features a midwife in early 20th century….

June (Valerie) Thomson    Thomson writes the Inspector Jack Finch (in Great Britain)/Inspector Jack Rudd (in USA) Mystery Series. She has also written several Sherlock Holmes books which are collections of short stories.

Aimée & David Thurlo    David and Aimée Thurlo live in New Mexico where their three mystery series are set: the Ella Clah Mystery Series, the Sister Agatha Mystery Series, and the Lee Nez/Leo Hawke Mystery Series…

Charles Todd    A mother (Caroline Todd) and son (Charles Todd) collaborate on the Ian Rutledge Mystery Series, which features a WW I shell-shocked veteran working at Scotland Yard. They also write the Bess Crawford Mystery Series…

Marilyn Todd    Series about a first century Roman vineyard owner…

Emily Toll  aka Taffy Cannon…. As Toll, she writes the Booked for Travel series.

Rebecca Tope   Tope writes four British mystery series. Tope’s Cotswold Mysteries feature a house-sitting sleuth, while her Lake District Mysteries feature a florist in the lake district of England. (Tope was the ghostwriter of the mystery novels on which the Rosemary and Thyme shows were based.)

Maggie Toussaint    Toussaint writes the Cleopatra Jones Mystery Series which features Cleopatra (a golfing-accountant-sleuth) and her side-kick, Madonna (a rather huge St. Bernard). Toussaint also writes the Dreamwalker Mystery Series. This series features its sleuth, Baxley Powell, who is a telepathic pet sitter in Georgia.

Kari Lee Townsend   Townsend, with her Masters degree in English Education, writes the Fortune Teller Mystery Series. Sunshine Meadows is a fortune teller/sleuth who resides in a small town in New York. Townsend also writes the Mind Reader Mystery Series which features Kalli Ballas, a mind reading fashion designer who is also a sleuth.

Peter Tremayne  Sister Fidelma, a seventh century nun in Ireland is the sleuth in Tremayne’s series.

Gayle Trent   (aka Amanda Lee & Gayle Leeson) Trent spent years commuting to work and double-tasking, but with the debut of her Daphne Martin Cozy Mystery Series (2008, featuring a cake decorator!), she is able to give up the commute part of that equation. Trent also writes the Myrtle Crumb Mystery Series. Myrtle is a senior sleuth who lives in Virginia. As Lee she writes the Embroidery Mystery Series which features the owner of an embroidery shop in Oregon.

Kathy Hogan Trocheck   aka Mary Kay Andrews…..  I really like her Callahan Garrity Mystery Series. I read them as they were being published and missed them a lot when she stopped writing them. Trocheck has resumed writing the Callahan Garrity mysteries as Mary Kay Andrews writing as Kathy Hogan Trocheck. I am so glad she has resumed writing the Callahan Garrity mysteries. (I missed the whole gang at House Mouse!)

Margaret Truman  Smith & Reed series set in Washington D.C., and Capital Crimes series set there as well…

Denise Tucker   Tucker is an Associate Professor who both writes mysteries and makes (beautiful!) jewelry. Tucker’s Madame President Mystery Series is unique in that each book in the series features a famous castle, villa, or house. The White House social secretary, Madame President, and the First Family solve the mysteries, with each chapter taking place in a different room in the house…

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