Mystery book authors beginning with "D"The “D List” has many authors who are great at what they do.  I once belonged to a mystery group that was totally devoted to Diane Mott Davidson‘s Goldy books. (Unfortunately, the group is no longer together.) I have to admit that at around book nine or ten I started thinking that perhaps I had finally had enough of Goldy and her catering business … but a friend of mine persuaded me to “stay the course” and I am happy that I did.

Another author who I have been with for a while is Colin Dexter.  I first discovered Morse when he was on our PBS “Mystery!” lineup.  After several shows, I decided to try the novels, and I have never turned back.  If you haven’t read a Colin Dexter novel, but enjoy John Thaw’s rendition of Chief Inspector Morse, then you, too, might find that you enjoy the novels. They don’t qualify as Cozy Mysteries, but they are good police procedurals.

Barbara D’Amato    She has two series: Cat Marsala, an investigative reporter in Chicago, and a series featuring featuring Chicago police Suze Figueroa and Norm Bennis. She also writes “stand alone” mysteries.

Mary Daheim  Her “Alpine” series features a newspaper publisher (Emma Lord).  Daheim also has another series which is set in a bed and breakfast inn.

Kathi Daley   Daley writes the Zoe Donovan Mystery Series as well as the Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Series. Both of Daley’s mystery series are set during holidays. Her Zoe Donovan mysteries include recipes. Daley also writes the Whales and Tails Mystery Series, which takes place on an island off of Washington state.

Elizabeth Daly   It is said that Agatha Christie was actually a fan of Elizabeth Daly’s novels… It doesn’t get much better than that!

Jeanne M. Dams    Dams has two series: one features a retired school teacher from the USA who goes to England to live, and the other revolves around a Swedish girl who works as a house maid in USA in the early 1900s.

Shirley Damsgaard   Damsgaard has held the position of Postmaster for over twenty years in her Iowa home town. She is now writing a series that takes place in Iowa, although, the two sleuths have more adventurous “jobs” as witches. I haven’t read any of the books, but some of the site’s viewers have enjoyed her immensely.

Casey Daniels   (aka Miranda Bliss & Kylie Logan) Daniels/Bliss/Logan has a degree in English, has taught writing, has worked in the field of journalism, and loves cemeteries. She writes the Pepper Martin Mystery Series which features a sleuth who conducts tours in cemeteries and gets help from a mob boss who has been dead for thirty years. As Bliss, she writes a cozy culinary mystery series about two women who aren’t at all gifted in the culinary skills. Luckily, one of them has a man in her life who is a chef! As Logan, she writes the Button Box Mystery Series which is set in a button shop and features the owner of said shop. She also writes the League of Literary Ladies Mystery Series, which features a B & B owner, a cat lover, and a winery owner – all book club members. She also writes the Chili Cook-Off mysteries.

Claire Daniels     (aka Jaqueline Girdner)…. Girdner has a well-established series about a sleuth who owns a gag-gift business and now, writing as Claire Daniels, she has a new series for her fans to look forward to…

Lila Dare   (aka Ella Barrick & Laura DiSilverio)  Dare, previously an Air Force intelligence officer, writes the Southern Beauty Shop Mystery Series. The series features five sleuths of all ages who happen to be beauticians in the same Georgia beauty shop. As DiSilverio, she writes the Charlie Swift Mystery Series which features a former Air Force intelligence officer who lives in Colorado. DiSilverio also writes the Mall Cop Mystery Series which features a security officer at a mall in Virginia and the Readaholics Book Club Mystery Series, set in Colorado. As Ella Barrick she writes the Ballroom Dance Mystery Series.

Peggy Darty    Darty writes a cozy mystery series about a Floridian mystery writer.

Evelyn David     David is a pseudonym for two authors, one with a degree in Biology and the other with a Political Science degree. As David, they write the Sullivan Investigations Mystery Series which features an ex-policeman who sleuths with the help of his Irish Wolfhound (Whiskey) and a divorcée mortician…

Diane Mott Davidson   Her very popular series features Goldy Bear, a caterer in Colorado…

Eileen Davidson   Davidson is one of the leading actresses in the popular Young and the Restless soap opera. Davidson has now added writing to her list of accomplishments… She writes the (what else?!?) Soap Opera Mystery Series…

Krista Davis   Davis writes the Domestic Diva Mystery Series which centers around Sophie Winston, a… (What else?!) domestic diva! Since the series is a culinary mystery series, it includes recipes to follow along with the clues…

Lindsey Davis   Davis writes the Marcus Didius Falco Series which is set in first century Rome. Falco is a detective (of sorts) and has his trusty dog, Nux. Davis also writes the Flavia Albia Mystery Series which features Flavia, the daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, as an Ancient Rome private informer/detective

Dianne Day   Her series is about a “very modern” turn-of-the-century woman in San Francisco who has a job as a typist, and of course, is also a sleuth…

Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell & Tace Baker) Day writes the Country Store Mystery Series which is set in South Lick, Indiana and features Robbie Jordan, the owner Pans ‘N Pancakes Country Store Restaurant. As Maxwell she writes the Local Foods Mystery Series. This series takes place in Massachusetts and features an organic farmer, Cam Flaherty. As Maxwell she also writes the Carriagetown Mystery Series, which features Rose Carroll, a Quaker midwife in a mill town in Massachusetts during the late 1800s. As Baker she writes the Speaking of Mystery Mystery Series, which features a Quaker Linguistics professor.

Elizabeth Dearl   An ex-policewoman, Dearl pens the Taylor Madison Mystery Series, which is set in west Texas and features an author/sleuth.

Jeffery Deaver     Police Procedural… and excellent! His first novel in the Lincoln Rhyme series was made into the movie The Bone Collector. Not Cozy.

Dicey Deere   Deere writes a series about a 28 year old Boston translator who is transplanted to Ireland.

Gale Deitch    Deitch writes the culinary Trudie Fine Mystery Series, which includes recipes. Trudie Fine co-owns A Fine Fix Catering Company in Washington, D.C. When not writing mysteries, Deitch works at a non-profit nursing home/senior living system.

Vicki Delany   (aka Eva Gates) Despite her formal training as a computer programmer, Vicki Delany is nevertheless a natural writer, and is author of both the Constable Molly Smith Mystery Series which features a new constable in British Columbia. Delany also writes the Klondike Mystery Series which is set in late 19th century Yukon territories – Alaska. Delany also writes the Merry Wilkinson Year-Round Christmas Mystery Series. As Eva Gates she writes the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series which is set on Bodie Island, North Carolina.

Jana DeLeon   DeLeon writes the Miss Fortune Mystery Series, which features Fortune Redding, a CIA assassin. DeLeon’s Ghost-in-Law Mystery Series is set in Louisiana, and features a botanist/sleuth, her best friend, and her mother-in-law… who happens to be a ghost! DeLeon also writes the Shaye Archer Mystery Series which is a thriller mystery series.

Nora DeLoach   This cozy has a mother and daughter duo solving mysteries…

Hannah Dennison   Dennison writes the Vicky Hill Exclusive! Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, a journalist in a small, quiet town in England. Dennison also writes the Honeychurch Hall Mystery Series which features Kat Stanford. Kat is an ex-TV celebrity host who moves to a town several hundred miles outside of London and is the owner of an antique shop.

Jane Dentinger    If you wrote a cozy mystery series featuring an actress, where would you pick as the setting? Dentinger chose New York for her Jocelyn O’Roarke series…

Phillip DePoy   DePoy won an Edgar award for his play Easy. He is the Theatre Director at Clayton State University. DePoy writes the Fever Devilin Mystery Series which features a sleuth who is an Appalachian folklorist in Georgia. DePoy’s other series is the Flap Tucker Mystery Series which is also set in Georgia and features a private detective.

Traci DePree   DePree is one of the authors who pens a Mystery and the Minister’s Wife book. This series is unique in that each book is written by different authors (some of the authors pen more than one book in the series.) Other authors of the series include Diane Noble, Beth Pattillo, Carol Cox, & Eve Fisher. It is an inspirational mystery series…

Jo Dereske    Dereske has two series: the Miss Zukas (a librarian) series and the Ruby Crane (handwriting expert) series.

Christine DeSmet    DeSmet, Faculty Associate at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, writes the Fudge Shop Mystery Series, which features Ava Oosterling, a fudge-maker who shares space in her granddad’s bait shop. You’ve got to love a sleuth whose shop’s signs boasts: “Oosterlings’ Bait, Bobbers & Belgian Fudge”!

Kathie Deviny   Deviny has both her bachelor’s and master’s in social work, and is the wife of an Epsicopalian priest. She writes the Grace Church Mystery Series which features an Episcopalian priest, Father Robert Vickers in Seattle, Washington.

Colin Dexter   Police procedural, not cozy. I love these Inspector Morse books! (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Lesley A. Diehl   Diehl has her Ph. D. in psychology, and has been both a professor and university administrator. Diehl pens the Microbrewers Mystery Series, which features a master brewer as its sleuth and the Big Lake Mystery Series, which has as its sleuth, Emily Rhodes, a retired preschool teacher who takes up bartending (and sleuthing!) in Florida.  Diehl also writes the Eve Appel Mystery Series, featuring Eve and her friend Madeliene, co-owners of a consignment shop in Florida.

Denise Dietz      As a former Weight Watchers group leader, Dietz takes that knowledge and writes the Diet Club Mystery Series, which features a group leader of a weight loss program.

Laura DiSilverio   (aka Ella Barrick & Lila Dare)     DiSilverio, a former Air Force intelligence officer, taught at the Air Force Academy (English) and writes the Charlie Swift Mystery Series. This series features a former Air Force intelligence officer who lives in Colorado. DiSilverio also writes the Mall Cop Mystery Series which features a security officer at a mall in Virginia and the Readaholics Book Club Mystery Series, set in Colorado. As Lila Dare, she writes the Southern Beauty Shop Mystery. As Ella Barrick she writes the Ballroom Dance Mystery Series.

Leighann Dobbs Dobbs, an ex-software engineer, writes the Lexy Baker Mystery Series. This series revolves around Lexy (a baker) and her dog (Sprinkles) who get help from Lexy’s grandmother and friends when solving a mystery. Dobbs also writes the paranormal Blackmoore Sisters Mystery Series, which features sisters Morgan and Fiona, sellers of crystals and herbal remedies who happen to have an open communication with their dead grandmother. Her Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series features Willa, a sleuth in New Hampshire who sees ghosts. Her newest series, the Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series, features two police consultants: Dominic Beneditti, a retired police detective & Claire Watkins, retired psychologist, who are now working as police consultants in Mooseamuck Island, Maine.

Joanne Dobson  Dobson, a professor at Fordham University, writes the Karen Pelletier Mystery Series, which features an English professor. Dobson also writes the Helluva War Mystery Series with fellow author, Beverle Graves Myers. This series takes place in the USA, right after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Stephen Dobyns   Not cozy… His main character, Charlie Bradshaw, is an ex-cop in New York, who is still solving crimes. Dobyns is both a novelist and a poet.

Hildegarde Dolson   After Richard Lockridge’s first wife died, he married Dolson, who also wrote mystery novels.

B. Dominic aka Emma Lathen….. I have not read any of R. B. Dominic’s books, but a Cozy Mystery website viewer suggested that her novels would make fine additions to this cozy site

Claire Donally   Donally writes the Sunny & Shadow Mystery Series. Sunny is a newspaper reporter who has relocated back home in Maine, to take care of her ailing father. She and a newly acquired stray tomcat (Shadow) prove to be a very effective sleuthing duo.

Deborah Donnelly   Donnelly has a masters in library science… I believe that her Carnegie Kincaid is the only wedding-planner I know of who is also a sleuth, and who lives on a houseboat!

William Doonan   Doonan is an archaeologist and professor. As someone who has been a cruise ship lecturer many times, Doonan took his acquired cruise ship knowledge and parlayed it into the Henry Grave Mystery Series. Doonan’s sleuth is an octogenarian who solves his mysteries at sea, as a senior cruise ship investigator.

Tim Dorsey   While working on his bachelors of science he was the editor of the student paper. After graduating, he worked as a reporter and as an editor, before becoming a full-time novelist. His novels are all Florida-based.

James D. Doss  Doss (a retired “double E”—Electrical Engineer— from Los Alamos National Laboratory) writes the Charlie Moon Mystery Series which features a Ute investigator who is also a Colorado rancher…

Vicki Doudera   Doudera, a real estate broker in Maine writes the Darby Farr Mystery Series which features a real estate agent in… Maine.

Carole Nelson Douglas   The Midnight Louie series is probably her more famous series, although her Irene Adler is no (sleuthing) slouch!

Arthur Conan Doyle    Doyle hardly needs any introductions – as the author of Sherlock Holmes, he could well be considered one of the fathers of the English murder mystery – though not the first author of crime fiction, he did play a vital part in making it a popular art form instead of a relatively niche genre. Most of Doyle’s classic Sherlock Holmes works are short stories collected into volumes, though some such as The Hound of the Baskervilles are full-length novels in their own right. Aside from writing fiction, Doyle was also a medical doctor, experience that no doubt helped him when detailing Holmes’s assistant and chronicler, Dr. Watson.

Patricia Driscoll   Driscoll, an ex-probation officer, writes mysteries featuring an ex-probation officer. Her Grace Tolliver Mystery Series has Grace no longer working as a probation officer. Grace is the owner of an antique lamp shop in Cape Cod.

Daphne du Maurier    You probably know that several of her novels were made into films (Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, Jamaica Inn, etc.). But, did you know that Hitchcock’s classic The Birds is based on one of du Maurier’s short stories? (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Margaret Dumas    Dumas writes the Charley & Jack Fairfax Mystery Series which has been compared to Nick & Nora Charles… by no less than the very popular cozy mystery author Donna Andrews!

Pamela DuMond   DuMond, a licensed chiropractor, writes the Annie Graceland Mystery Series. Annie is the owner of an up-scale bakery who has psychic abilities when she feels stressed out…

Sarah Dunant    Dunant’s The Birth of Venus is currently being made into a movie. Her Hannah Wolfe series is set in London.

Sophie Dunbar   A Louisiana beauty shop is the setting for this (Clair Claiborne) cozy series…

Alice Duncan    Duncan writes three mystery series, all of which take place during the 1920s. Her Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery Series features a psychic medium and her Mercy Alcutt Mystery Series features the owner of a rooming house. Both of those series take place in California. Duncan’s Annabelle Blue Mystery Series takes place in New Mexico, and features a young woman who works in her family’s store.

Elizabeth J. Duncan Duncan writes the Penny Brannigan Mystery Series which features a Canadian manicurist who moves to North Wales. Duncan’s first mystery was nominated for an Agatha Award Best First Novel. Duncan also writes the Shakespeare in the Catskills Mystery Series, which takes place in New York. Charlotte Fairfax is a costume designer/sleuth.

Sharon Duncan   Duncan previously worked as a professor teaching both Spanish and Comparative Literature. She is the author of the Scotia MacKinnon Mystery Series which takes place in the San Juan Islands of Washington…

Jan Dunlap    Dunlap, a college English teacher, has a master’s degree in theology, as well as another master’s degree in English. She writes the Birder Murder Mystery Series, which takes place in Minnesota and features a high school counselor who is a birder/sleuth…

Susan Dunlap     Dunlap has three series to pick from, all of them set in California….

Carola Dunn   1920s Daisy Dalrymple is a journalist in England, not just reporting the deaths, but also sleuthing out the culprits!

Sharon Dunn    Dunn writes the Bargain Hunters Mystery Series, as well as the Ruby Taylor Mystery Series. Dunn describes herself as a “Christian author” who mixes the mystery genre with some of the humor you find in “Chick-Lit”…

Kaitlyn Dunnett   (aka Kathy Lynn Emerson) Dunnett writes the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series which, although it involves a Scottish Troupe Dancer, is set in Maine. As Kathy Lynn Emerson, she has two series from which you can choose…. Lady Susanna Appleton is a 1600s herbalist, and Diana Spaulding is an1800s reporter, and descendant of Lady Appleton. As Emerson, she also writes the Elizabethan Mystery Series.

John Dunning  Dunning’s main character is both a policeman and a rare book expert, living in the Mile High City…

Laura Durham    A Duke graduate with a degree in English, Durham became a wedding planner, which paved the way for her to write the Annabelle  Archer series….. which of course, has Annabelle cast as a wedding planner.

Kate Dyer-Seeley   (aka Ellie Alexander )  Dyer-Seeley writes the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series. Meg Reed is a journalist living in Portland, Oregon. She writes for a magazine that caters to people who love the outdoors, and all sorts of adventures/sports they can muster. While Meg would prefer sitting quietly on her couch watching TV, her first assignment for the magazine is to write about an adventure reality show. She’ll be writing about things like mountain climbing, but ends up seeing things like bodies being thrown off mountains. What’s a journalist have to do to get a job? As Alexander she writes the Bakeshop Mystery Series. Jules Capshaw works at her family Torte Bakeshop in a small town in Oregon. The series includes recipes.

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