Authors beginning with "F"As you have probably noticed, there are many non-cozy mystery authors included in these alphabetized author lists. In all of the mystery reading groups I have belonged to, whether the group was touted as a cozy mystery reading group or not, it seemed  like we would always include books in the different mystery genres. There are cozies, of course, police procedurals, thrillers, hard-boiled, true crime, gritty/realistic/graphic mysteries, mysteries with amateur sleuths even mysteries featuring mystery-solving talking animal sleuths (à la Rita Mae Brown!).

There are mystery authors with all types of educational and professional backgrounds…. teachers, librarians, journalists, even district attorneys!  And, of course, there are mystery series that are theme-based…. herbal, historical, crossword puzzles, bed and breakfasts, book store owners…. these are just a few of the many themes that cozy mystery authors have used.

An example of a theme-based series is the Needlecraft Mystery Series which is written by Monica Ferris, an author who I happen to follow. The Needlecraft Mystery Series  features Betsy Devonshire, the owner of a needlepoint shop, which is where a lot of the mystery-solving takes place.

A theme sometimes is what brings a new reader to a series. But, if the author “can’t deliver the goods,” the series won’t thrive.

Nancy Fairbanks    aka Nancy Herndon…Has MA from Rice… She has two very strong series: one is a comical police procedural (Elena Jarvis) and the other is a culinary mystery series.

Linda Fairstein   Not Cozy… Fairstein served as Manhattan’s Sex Crimes Prosecution Chief for many years, and now has a bestselling series of books featuring an assistant D.A., who specializes in sex crimes.

Marnette Falley    Falley is the author of the fourth Queen Bees Quilt Mystery Series books. (The quilting-themed mystery series was started by Sally Goldenbaum.)

Ann C. Fallon   Solicitor in Ireland series….

Jerrilyn Farmer    Farmer writes the Madeline Bean  culinary mystery series which takes place in Hollywood and in 2009 she released her first mystery in the Red Carpet Murder Mystery Series which she is co-writing with Joan Rivers!

Howard Fast   aka E. V. Cunningham… I have enjoyed his Masao Masuto series very much…

Connie Feddersen    Feddersen writes the Amanda Hazard Mystery Series which is set in Oklahoma and features a CPA/Sleuth…

Monica Ferris  aka Mary Monica Pulver & half of the duo who wrote as Margaret Frazer for the first of the Sister Frevisse novels.  For all of the cozy mystery fans who enjoy needlework, Ferris writes the Needlecraft Mystery Series. I happen to be one of the many needle-working, cozy-reading people who truly enjoy her Needlecraft Mystery Series!

Chrystle Fiedler   Fiedler, a Boston University grad with a communications major, writes the Natural Remedies Mystery Series which features, as its sleuth, Willow McQuade, N. D. (Naturopathic Doctor). This mystery series has the added benefit of also including natural remedies like yoga, herb and flower uses, and meditation.

Sharon Fiffer   Fiffer writes non-fiction with (and without) her husband, Steve, but her Jane Wheel mystery series is solely her own gem. She has also taught writing at the college level.

Christy Fifield (aka Christy Evans)   Fifield writes the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery Series, which has, as its sleuth, the owner of a Florida souvenir shop. As Evans, she writes the Georgiana Neveral Mystery Series, which features an apprentice plumber in Oregon.

Charles Finch    Finch was nominated for the 2007 Agatha Award for Best First Novel, which is a huge accomplishment! (The Agatha Awards are named after Agatha Christie, and are the most Cozy of mystery awards.) His Charles Lenox Mystery Series is set in London, during the 1860s.

Honora Finkelstein    Finkelstein writes the Ariel Quigley mystery series with Susan Smily. Finkelstein has a Ph. D. in English and has had several different careers, working as an intelligence officer with the Navy, a professor, and a newspaper editor (among her other jobs.) The Finkelstein/Smily series is unusual in that each mystery novel has a recipe book that features the recipes described/used in the novel.

Eve Fisher   Fisher is one of the authors who pens a Mystery and the Minister’s Wife book. This series is unique in that each book is written by different authors (some of the authors pen more than one book in the series.) Other authors of the series include Diane Noble, Traci DePree, Beth Pattillo, & Carol Cox. It is an inspirational mystery series…

Judy Fitzwater   Her first series (the “Dying to …”) is a cozy, while her new series is described as a thriller, with plenty of action  and adventure.

“Jessica Fletcher” of Murder, She Wrote…(with Donald Bain)  I think almost everyone knows who Jessica Fletcher is! She’s a retired high school teacher who currently writes mystery books. She also solves mysteries. Some bookstores insist on putting the “Murder, She Wrote” books in the “F” (as in Fletcher) section. Well, I have gone ahead and added it to the F section of this site, as well, since that’s where some people expect to find the Murder, She Wrote Mystery Series.

Elaine Flinn   Flinn was an antique dealer before writing her Molly Doyle mystery series.

Shamini Flint   Flint is a former lawyer who took up writing because it is a career that still allows her to be a full time mom. Though more well known for her children’s series, the Sasha Series and the Diary Series, she is also the author of the Inspector Singh Investigates Mystery Series. This series stars Inspector Singh, an over weight, bumbling, but highly talented Singaporean detective whose work takes him to various Asian locations to help solve various cases.

Amanda Flower   (aka Isabella Alan) Flower, a librarian at a small college, writes the India Hayes Mystery Series which features a college librarian/sleuth. Flower also writes the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series. This series takes place in Ohio Amish country, and features a sleuth who works at a college in the computer field. She also writes the Magical Bookshop Mystery Series which features Violet, who works in her grandmom’s magical bookstore. Flower also writes the Andi Boggs Mystery Series for children. As Alan she writes the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series.

Jean Flowers   (aka Camille Minichino, Margaret Grace, & Ada Madison)   Flowers writes the Postmistress Mystery Series, which features sleuth, Cassie Miller. Cassie left her job as manager of Boston’s main post office, to take the job of Postmistress in her home town’s post office in Massachusetts. As Grace she writes the Miniature Mystery Series, featuring dollhouse miniaturist Geraldine Porter as its sleuth. As Minichino she writes the Periodic Table Mystery Series – a series about a physicist/sleuth. As Madison, she writes the Sophie Knowles Mystery Series – which features a college mathematics professor/beader/sleuth.

Joanne Fluke   Cookie Jar series, by an author who should know….. she has worked as a caterer and cook, as well as taught school, and held several other jobs… including working as a private detective’s assistant!

Rae Foley   aka Elinor Denniston, Dennis Allan, & Helen K. Maxwell…. perhaps best described as cozies with romance….

G.M. Ford Not cozy…. described as thrillers…

Chris Forman    An English and Social Studies teacher, Forman now pens the Maria Hart Mystery series which is about a Chicago insurance investigator. Also, Forman writes the Port City Mystery Series which revolves around Ian Wallace, a North Carolina food writer and photographer sleuth.

Christopher Fowler   I have not read any of his books…. yet. In the research I did, I found that he is able to interweave life in London in the 1940s with today’s life in London.

Earlene Fowler    The Benni Harper series features a museum curator, quilter/cowgirl sleuth. Fowler also writes the Ruby McGavin Mystery Series which features a Califonia ranch owner.

Dick Francis   Not Cozy… Francis was a champion jockey in Great Britain, even riding for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. He suffered an injury which caused him to retire, but he then took his love for horse racing and began a very successful career writing mysteries that take place in the world of horse racing. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Anthea Fraser  Both of her series are set in England… Detective Chief Inspector David Webb and biographer Rona Parish.

Antonia Fraser    Lady Antonia Fraser is Oxford-educated, and is best known for the historical biographies she writes. Her mystery novels feature Jemima Shore, a television investigative reporter.

Gail Fraser   Before writing the Lumby Series, Fraser worked in corporate America. (She has her MBA.) Although her Lumby Series is not a mystery series, it has been recommended for the site… If you like Jan Karon’s Mitford Series, you might enjoy Fraser’s Lumby Series…

Margaret Frazer  aka Mary Monica Pulver (Monica Ferris) & Gail Frazer… This is confusing, but I will try to explain: Margaret Frazer was the collaboration of two women: Mary Monica Pulver and Gail Frazer. They split their writing duo after the sixth Sister Frevisse Medieval Mystery Series novel.. Gail Frazer is now Margaret Frazer… Frazer also writes the Joliffe the Player Mystery Series which is set in 15th century England.

Shelly Fredman    Fredman, when not teaching elementary school, writes the Brandy Alexander Mystery Series which features a Journalist who returns home to Philadelphia.

Mary Freeman   Gardening mystery series……

Christy Tillery French   French writes the Natasha Chamberlain Mystery Series which features a female bodyguard in Tennessee.

Linda French    French is a history professor who lives in Washington state. She held the record in Georgia for the backstroke, and now enjoys swimming in Puget Sound. She writes the Professor Teodora Morelli Mystery Series which features an athletic history professor in Washington state.

Shelley Freydont    Freydont is a retired dancer with both her BFA and MFA from the University of  Utah, who writes the Lindy Haggerty series. Lindy happens to be a retired dancer, also. And, as of 2007 Freydont now writes a Sudoku mystery series for all of you Sudoku fans! Freydont also writes the Celebration Bay Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, an event planner in New York.

Kinky Friedman  Not cozy….  Kinky Friedman, who along with writing a mystery series that features a country western singer/sleuth, may also be famous for running for governor of Texas in 2006.

Susan Froetschel With her M.P.A. from the JFK School of Government at Harvard, Froetschel is now a faculty member in the Journalism Department at Southern Connecticut State University. She has penned two Alaskan mysteries, as well as worked as a reporter.

Sara Hoskinson Frommer     Frommer has her degree in German, is a quilter and charter member of a symphony’s viola section. Her heroine Joan Spencer also plays the viola while sleuthing.

Susan Furlong (aka Lucy Arlington, Susan Furlong-Bolliger, & S. Furlong-Bolliger)    Furlong is taking over the writing duties as Lucy Arlington, from Jennifer Stanley (aka J.B. Stanley & Ellery Adams) and Sylvia May, starting with the 4th Novel Idea Mystery Series’ book. Furlong writes the Georgia Peach Mystery Series, which features Nola Harper. Nola works on her family orchard in a small town in Georgia. Furlong is also the author of the Pippi O’Brien Mystery Series and she has written several Untreed Reads’ mystery stories.

Frances Fyfield   aka Frances Hegarty…  Two British series from which to pick…..

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Trick or Deceit by Shelley Freydont
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Killer in the Kitchen by Donald Bain & "Jessica Fletcher"
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Darned if You Do by Monica Ferris
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The Drowning Spool by Monica Ferris
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The Laws of Murder by Charles Finch
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Her Brother's Keeper by Sara Hoskinson Frommer
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