Barbara Colley

(aka Anne Logan)


Main character: Charlotte LaRue, Maid, New Orleans 

  1. Maid for Murder     ’02
  2. Death Tidies Up   ’04
  3. Polished Off   ’04
  4. Wiped Out   ’05
  5. Married to the Mop   ’06
  6. Scrub-a-Dub Dead   ’07
  7. Wash and Die     ’08
  8. Dusted to Death    ’09

Romance Novels: 

Dangerous Memories   ’04
Rachel’s War   ’07 

Written as Anne Logan: 

Gulf Breezes    ’92

Twin Oaks     ’93

Dial “D” For Destiny    ’94

That Old Devil Moon   ’96

Finding Kendall     ’97

A Dance with the Devil     ’97

The Haunting of Sarah

Dusted to Death by Barbara Colley
Dusted to Death


Wash and Die by Barbara Colley
Wash and Die


Scrub-a-Dub Dead by Barbara Colley
Scrub-a-Dub Dead


Married to the Mop by Barbara Colley
Married to the Mop