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I think it would be helpful if we had a page on the Cozy Mystery site where all of us could see what other Cozy Mystery readers are reading AND enjoying. I admit that I am more prone to trying a new-to-me-author when I hear someone else say the author really writes a great Cozy... Most of the time, I am quite pleased to find that I, too, find the author someone I would want to "follow." However, sometimes I may not agree with the person after trying a new-to-me-author, but at least I found out for myself!

I am going to try a new thing: I will dedicate one day each month to finding out what others are reading, and post the link to the entry on this page.

If you are reading a Cozy, I am assuming you are enjoying the author, so I will ask that you only post about authors you like. Please do not post about authors you do not like! We only want to know about the authors you think we should try... so we can add more authors to our "favorite authors" lists.

Please be sure to read the comments at the end of the post. That is where you will find the authors who other Cozy Mystery readers are currently enjoying.

(You can click on the books' covers to go to the authors' pages on the site.)

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Edith Maxwell (aka Tace Baker): Local Foods Mystery Series       Hannah Reed (aka Deb Baker): Scottish Highlands Mystery Series       Allison Kingsley (aka Kate Kingsbury & Rebecca Kent): Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery Series

Annie Knox (aka Wendy Lyn Watson): Pet Boutique Mystery Series       G. M. Malliet: St. Just Mystery Series       Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels): League of Literary Ladies Mystery Series

Sheila Connolly  (aka Sarah Atwell): Apple Orchard Mystery Series       Bill Crider: Dan Rhodes Mystery Series      Sofie Kelly: Magical Cat Mystery Series

Jenn McKinlay (aka Lucy Lawrence & Josie Belle): Library Lovers Mystery Series       J. B. Stanley (aka Jennifer Stanley, Ellery Adams, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Supper Club Mystery Series       Terrie Farley Moran: Read ‘Em & Eat Mystery Series

Lynn Cahoon: Tourist Trap Mystery Series      Victoria Laurie: Psychic Eye Mystery Series       Alyssa Maxwell: Gilded Newport Mystery Series

Denise Swanson: Scumble River Mystery Series       Livia J. Washburn: Literary Tour Mystery Series      Donald Bain:  Margaret Truman’s Capital Crimes Mystery Series

Susan Wittig Albert: China Bayles (Herbal) Mystery Series

Laura Childs: Scrapbooking Mystery Series

Donald Bain & "Jessica Fletcher": Murder, She Wrote Mystery Series

Lorna Barrett (aka L. L. Bartlett & Lorraine Bartlett): Booktown Mystery Series

Victoria Abbot: Book Collector's Mystery Series

Ellery Adams (aka J. B. Stanley, Jennifer Stanley, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Books by the Bay Mystery Series

Donna Andrews: Meg Langslow Mystery Series

Julie Hyzy: White House Chef Mystery Series

Carolyn Haines: Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Series

Lucy Arlington (aka Jennifer Stanley & Sylvia May): A Novel Idea Mystery Series

Elizabeth Craig (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Riley Adams): Southern Quilting Mystery Series

Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra): Candy-Coated Mystery Series

Carol Ann Martin: Weaving Mystery Series

Jana DeLeon: Miss Fortune Mystery Series

Rita Mae Brown: Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series

M. C. Beaton (aka Marion Chesney): Agatha Raisin Mystery Series

Bill Crider: Sally Good Mystery Series

Sara Rosett: Murder on Location Mystery Series