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Mystery Book Awards

David Handler (aka 1/2 of Russell Andrews)
Main Characters: Mitch Berger, Film Critic & Des Mitry, Police Woman, Connecticut
  1. The Cold Blue Blood    '01
  2. The Hot Pink Farmhouse    '02
  3. The Bright Silver Star    '03
  4. The Burnt Orange Sunrise    '04
  5. The Sweet Golden Parachute    '06
  6. The Sour Cherry Surprise    '08
  7. The Shimmering Blond Sister    '10
  8. The Blood Red Indian Summer    '11
  9. The Snow White Christmas Cookie    '12
  10. The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb    '14

Main Characters: Stewart Hoag, Ghostwriter, Lulu, Basset Hound

  1. The Man Who Died Laughing    '88
  2. The Man Who Lived by Night   '89
  3. The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald    '90
  4. The Woman Who Fell from Grace    '91
  5. The Boy Who Never Grew Up    '93
  6. The Man Who Cancelled Himself    '95
  7. The Girl Who Ran Off with Daddy    '96
  8. The Man Who Loved Women to Death    '97

Main Character: Benji Golden, Private Detective

  1. Runaway Man    '13
  2. Phantom Angel    '15


Click to Play    '09

Runaway Man    '13

Written as Russell Andrews: (David Handler & Peter Gethers)

Gideon   '99
Icarus   '01
Aphrodite   '04
Midas   '05
Hades   '07


Phantom Angel by David Handler
Phantom Angel

The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb by David Handler
The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb

Runaway Man by David Handler
Runaway Man

The Snow White Christmas Cookie by David Handler
The Snow White Christmas Cookie

The Blood Red Indian Summer by David Handler
The Blood Red Indian Summer

The Shimmering Blond Sister by David Handler
The Shimmering Blond Sister

The Sour Cherry Surprise by David Handler
The Sour Cherry Surprise