Donna McLean


Main Characters: Tilda MacArdan, Spunky Southern Lady, & Addie McRae, North Carolina

  1. A Distant Murder     ’11
  2. Butler Did It!    ’12
  3. Iced Tea for Two    ’13
  4. The Butterfly Caper    ’14

A Sparrow Falls Christmas   ’12 (Story)

A Sparrow Falls Valentine   ’13 (Story)

A Sparrow Falls Fourth of July    ’13 (Story)

A Sparrow Falls Trick or Treat    ’13 (Story)

A Sparrow Falls Holiday    ’13 (Includes all 4 of the above stories: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, & Fourth of July)


Merry Mishaps    ’12 (not a mystery)

The Butterfly Caper by Donna McLean
The Butterfly Caper

Iced Tea for Two by Donna McLean
Iced Tea for Two

Butler Did It! by Donna McLean
The Butler Did It!

A Distant Murder by Donna McLean
A Distant Murder

A Sparrow Falls Holiday by Donna McLean
A Sparrow Falls Holiday

A Sparrow Falls Christmas by Donna McLean
A Sparrow Falls Christmas