2015:  What Do You Do? by Gillian Flynn (Winner)
The Snow Angel by Doug Allyn
200 Feet by John Floyd
Red Eye by Dennis Lehane vs. Michael Connelly
Teddy by Brian Tobin

2014:  The Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository by John Connolly (Winner)
The Terminal by Reed Farrel Coleman
So Long, Chief by Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane
There are Roads in the Water by Tina Corey
Where That Morning Sun Does Down by Tim L. Williams

2013: The Unremarkable Heart by Karin Slaughter (Winner)
Iphigenia in Aulis by Mike Carey
Hot Sugar Blues by Steve Liskow
The Void it Often Brings with It by Tom Piccirilli
Still Life No. 41 by Teresa Solana

2012: The Man Who Took His Hat Off to the Driver of the Train by Peter Turnbull (Winner)
Marley’s Revolution by John C. Boland
Tomorrow’s Dead by David Dean
The Adakian Eagle by Bradley Denton
Lord John and the Plague of Zombies by Diana Gabaldon
The Case of Death and Honey by Neil Gaiman

2011:  The Scent of Lilacs by Doug Allyn (Winner)
The Plot by Jeffery Deaver
A Good Safe Place by Judith Green
Monsieur Alice is Absent by Stephen Ross
The Creative Writing Murders by Edmund White

2010: Amapola by Luis Alberto Urrea
Last Fair Deal Gone Down by Ace Atkins
Femme Sole by Dana Cameron
Digby, Attorney at Law by Jim Fusilli
Animal Rescue by Dennis Lehane

2009:  Skinhead Central by T. Jefferson Parker (Winner)
A Sleep Not Unlike Death by Sean Chercover
Skin and Bones by David Edgerley Gates
Scratch a Woman by Laura Lippman
La Vie en Rose by Dominique Mainard

2008:   The Golden Gopher – Los Angeles Noir by Susan Straight  (Winner)
The Catch – Still Waters by Mark Ammons
Blue Note – Chicago Blues by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Hardly Knew Her – Dead Man’s Hand by Laura Lippman
Uncle – A Hell of a Woman by Daniel Woodrell

2007:  The Home Front – Death Do Us Part by Charles Ardai (Winner)
Rain – Manhattan Noir by Thomas H. Cook
Cranked – Damn Near Dead by Bill Crider
Building – Manhattan Noir by S. J. Rozan

2006:  The Catch by James W. Hall   (Winner)
Born Bad by Jeffery Deaver
Her Lord and Master by Andrew Klavan
Misdirection byarbara Seranella
Welcome to Monroe by Daniel Walker

2005:  Something about a Scar by Laurie Lynn Drummond (Winner)
Adventure of the Missing Detective by Gary Lovisi
Imitate the Sun by Luke Sholer
The Book Signing by Pete Hamill
The Widow of Slane by Terence Faherty

2004:  The Maids by G. Miki Hayden   (Winner)
Aces and Eights by David Edgerley Gates
Bet on Red by Jeff Abbott
Black Heart & Cabin Girl by Shelley Costa
Cowboy Grace by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

2003:  Mexican Gatsby by Raymond Steiber   (Winner)
Angel of Wrath by Joyce Carol Oates
Rumpole and the Primrose Path by John Mortimer
The Murder Ballads by Doug Allyn
To Live and Die in Midland, Texas by Clark Howard

2002:  Double-Crossing Delancy by S.J. Rozan   (Winner)
If the Glove Fits by Michael Lewin
The Abbey Ghosts by Jan Burke
The Horrible Senseless Murders of Two Elderly Women by Michael Collins
Virgo in Sapphires by Margaret Maron

2001:  Missing in Action by Peter Robinson   (Winner)
A Candle for Christmas by Reginald Hill  
Delta Double-Deal by Noreen Ayres
Spinning by  Kristine Kathryn Rusch 
Twelve Little Buggers by Mat Coward 

2000:  Heroes by  Anne Perry   (Winner) 
Crack by James W. Hall
Paleta Man by Laurie R. King
Snow by  Stuart M. Kaminsky
Triangle by Jeffery Deaver 

1999: Poachers by Tom Franklin   (Winner)
For Jeff by Perry Michael Smith
Looking for David by Lawrence Block
Sacrifice by L.L. Thrasher
The Halfway Woman by Clark Howard

1998: Keller on the Spot by Lawrence Block   (Winner)
Find Miriam by Stuart M. Kaminsky
The Kneeling Soldier by Jeffery Deaver
The Man Who Beat the System by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Ways to Kill a Cat by Simon Brett

1997: Red Clay by Michael Malone   (Winner)
Hoops by S.J. Rozan
Kiss The Sky by James Grady
My Murder by David Corn
The Dark Snow by Brendan DuBois

1996: The Judge’s Boy by Jean B. Cooper   (Winner)
A Plain and Honest Death by Bill Pomidor
Death in a Small Town by Larry Beinhart
Rule of Law by K.K. Beck
When Your Breath Freezes by Kathleen Dougherty

1995: The Dancing Bear by Doug Allyn   (Winner)
An Eye for a Tooth by Justin Scott
The Gentleman in the Lake by Robert Barnard
The Necessary Brother by Brendan DuBois
The Tennis Court by Brenda Melton Burnham

1994: Keller’s Therapy by Lawrence Block   (Winner)
Enduring as Dust by Bruce Holland Rogers
McIntyre’s Donald by Joseph Hansen
Mefisto in Onyx by Harlan Ellison
The Ghost Show by Doug Allyn

1993: Mary, Mary, Shut the Door by Benjamin M. Schutz (Winner)
Candles in the Rain by Doug Allyn
Howler by Jo Bannister
Louise by Max Allan Collins
One Hit Wonder by Gabrielle Kraft

1992: Nine Sons by Wendy Hornsby    (Winner)
A Blow for Freedom by Lawrence Block
Dreaming in Black and White by Susan Schwartz
Sleeper by Doug Allyn
Spasmo by Liza Cody

1991: Elvis Lives by Lynne Barrett   (Winner)
A Poison That Leaves No Trace by Sue Grafton
Answers to Soldiers by Lawrence Block
Challenge the Widow-Maker by Clark Howard
Prisoners by Ed Gorman

1990: Too Many Crooks by Donald E. Westlake  (Winner)
Afraid All theTime by Nancy Pickard
For Loyal Service by Stephen Wasylyk
Ted Bundy’s Father by Ruth Graviros
The Girl and the Gator by Robert Halsted

1989: Flicks by Bill Crenshaw  (Winner)
Bridey’s Caller by Judith O’Neill
Deja Vu by Doug Allyn
Incident in a Neighborhood Tavern by Bill Pronzini
The Alley by Stephen Wasylyk

1988: Soft Monkey by Harlan Ellison   (Winner)
Breakfast Television by Robert Barnard
Mr. Felix by Paula Gosling
Stroke of Genius by George Baxt
The Au Pair Girl by Joyce Harrington

1987: Rain in Pinton County by Robert Sampson   (Winner)
Body Count by Wayne D. Dundee
Christmas Cop by Thomas Adcock
Driven by Brendan DuBois
The Puddle Diver by Doug Allyn

1986: Ride the Lightening by John Lutz   (Winner)
There Goes Ravelaar by Janwillem Van de Wetering
Trouble in Paradise by Arthur Lyons
What’s in a Name? by Robert Barnard
Yellow One-Eyed Cat by Robert Twohy

1985: By Dawn’s Early Light by Lawrence Block   (Winner)
After I’m Gone by Donald E. Westlake
Breakfast at Ojai by Robert Twohy
Season Pass by Chet Williamson
The Reluctant Detective by Michael Lewin

1984: The New Girlfriend by Ruth Rendell   (Winner)
Big Boy, Little Boy by Simon Brett
Graffiti by Stanley Ellin
Puerto Rican Blues by Clark Howard
The Anderson Boy by Joseph Hansen

1983: There Are No Snakes in Ireland by Frederick Forsyth (Winner)
A Decent Price for a Painting by James Holding
All the Heroes Are Dead by Clark Howard
Tall Tommy and the Millionaire by R.R. Rafferty

1982: The Absence of Emily by Jack Ritchie   (Winner)
A Token of Appreciation by Donald Olson
Mousie by Robert Twohy
Seeds of Murder by Nan Hamilton
The Miracle Day by Ernest Savage

1981: Horn Man by Clark Howard   (Winner)
The Choirboy by William Bankier
The Most Dangerous Man Alive by Edward D. Hoch
Until You Are Dead by John Lutz

1980: Armed and Dangerous by Geoffrey Norman   (Winner)
Scrimshaw by Brian Garfield
The Boiler by Julian Symons
The Imperial Ice House by Paul Theroux
Used In Evidence by Frederick Forsyth

1979: The Cloud Beneath The Eaves by Barbara Owens (Winner)
Going Backward by David Ely
Strangers in the Fog by Bill Pronzini
The Closed Door by Thomas Walsh
This Is Death by Donald E. Westlake

1978: Chance After Chance by Thomas Walsh (Winner)
Jode’s Last Hunt by Brian Garfield
The Johore Murders by Paul Theroux
The Last Rendezvous by Jean Backus
The Problem of Li T’ang by Geoffrey Bush

1977: Like a Terrible Scream by Etta Revesz    (Winner)
Crazy Old Lady by Avram Davidson
Lavender Lady by Barbara Callahan
Nobody Tells Me Anything by Jack Ritchie
People Don’t Do Such Things by Ruth Rendell

1976: The Jail by Jesse Hill Ford   (Winner)
Night Crawlers by Joyce Harrington
Old Friends by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
The Fall of the Coin by Ruth Rendell
The Many-Flavored Crime by Jack Ritchie

1975: The Fallen Curtain by Ruth Rendell   (Winner)
A Night Out with the Boys by Elsin Ann Gardner
Cabin in the Hollow by Joyce Harrington
Screams and Echoes by Donald Olson
The Game by Thomasina Weber
The Light in the Cottage by David Ely

1974: The Whimper of Whipped Dogs by Harlan Ellison (Winner)
Do with Me What You Will by Joyce Carol Oates
Fifty Years After by Anthony Gilbert
The Ghosts at Iron River by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The O’Bannon Blarney File by Joe Gores

1973: The Purple Shroud by Joyce Harrington   (Winner)
Celestine by George Bradshaw
Frightened Lady by C.B. Gilford
Hijack by Robert L. Fish
Island of Bright Birds by John Christopher

1972: Moonlight Gardener by Robert L. Fish   (Winner)
My Daughter is Dead by Pauline C. Smith
Sardinian Incident by Evan Hunter
The Spivvleton Mystery by Katherine Anne Porter

1971: In the Forests of Riga the Beasts Are Very Wild Indeed by Maragret Finn Brown   (Winner)
Door to a Different World by Anthony Gilbert
Miss Paisley on a Diet by John Peirce

1970: Goodbye, Pops by Joe Gores   (Winner)
Death’s Door by Robert McNear
Double Entry by Robert L. Fish
Poison in the Cup by Christianna Brand
Promise of Oranges by Duveen Polk

1969: The Man Who Fooled the World by Warner Law  (Winner)
Crooked Bone by Gerald Kersh
Moment of Power by P.D. James
Success of a Mission by William Arden
The Last Bottle in the World by Stanley Ellin

1968: The Oblong Room by Edward D. Hoch (  Winner)
Dare I Weep? Dare I Mourn? by John le Carre
The Salad Maker by Robert McNear
Twist for Twist by Christianna Brand

1967: The Chosen One by Rhys Davies   (Winner)
Master of the Hounds by Algis Budrys
The Hochmann Miniatures by Robert L. Fish
The Splintered Monday by Charlotte Armstrong

1966: The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson   (Winner)
Foxer by Brian Cleeve
The Case for Miss Peacock by Charlotte Armstrong
Who Walks Behind by Holly Roth

1965: H as in Homicide by Lawrence Treat   (Winner)
A Solilokquy in Tongues by William Wiser
The Purple is Everything by Dorothy Salisbury Davis

1964: Man Gehorcht by Leslie Ann Brownrigg   (Winner)
The Ballad of Jesse Neighbors by William Humphrey
The Crime of Ezechiele Coen by Stanley Ellin

1963: The Sailing Club by David Ely   (Winner)
An Order by Carl Erik Soya
The Terrapin by Patricia Highsmith

1962: Affair at Lahore Cantonment by Avram Davidson (Winner)
Ellery Queen 1962 Anthology by Ellery Queen
The Children of Alda Nuova by Robert Wallston

1961: Tiger by John Durham   (Winner)
A Real Live Murder by Donald Honig
A View From the Terrace by Mike Marmer
Louisa, Please by Shirley Jackson
Summer Evil by Nora Kaplan

1960: The Landlady by Roald Dahl   (Winner)
The Day of the Bullet by Stanley Ellin

1959: Over There, Darkness by William O’Farrell   (Winner)

1958: The Secret of the Bottle by Gerald Kersh   (Winner)
And Already Lost by Charlotte Armstrong

1957: The Blessington Method by Stanley Ellin   (Winner)
The Gentlest of the Brothers by David Alexander
The Last Spin by Evan Hunter

1956: Dream No More by Philip MacDonald   (Winner)
Invitation to an Accident by Wade Miller

1955: The House Party by Stanley Ellin   (Winner)

1954: Someone Like You by Roald Dahl   (Winner)

1953: Something to Hide by Philip MacDonald  (Winner)

1952: Fancies and Goodnights by John Collier   (Winner)
Full Cargo by Wilbur Daniel Steele
Handbook for Poisoners by Raymond T. Bond
The Memoirs of Solar Pons by August Derleth
Twenty Great Tales of Murder by Brett Halliday & Helen McCloy

1951: Diagnosis: Homicide by Lawrence G. Blochman (Winner)