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Mystery Book Awards

Eve K. Sandstrom (aka JoAnna Carl)
Main Character: Sam Titus,
 Sheriff, & Photographer Wife, Nicky, Oklahoma

    1.   Death Down Home   '90
    2.   The Devil Down Home
The Down Home Heifer Heist   ‘93

Main Characters: Nell Matthews, Newspaper Reporter, & Mike Svenson, Police Officer, Oklahoma

The Violence Beat     ‘97
The Homicide Report   ‘98 
The Smoking Gun    ‘00

Written as JoAnna Carl:
Main Character: Lee McKinney, Manager of a Chocolate Shop

  1. The Chocolate Cat Caper    ‘02
  2. The Chocolate Bear Burglary    ‘02
  3. The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up    ‘03
  4. The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle    ‘04
  5. The Chocolate Mouse Trap    ‘05
  6. The Chocolate Bridal Bash     06
  7. The Chocolate Jewel Case    '07
  8. The Chocolate Snowman Murders  '08....Christmas
  9. The Chocolate Cupid Killings    '09...Valentines
  10. The Chocolate Pirate Plot    '10
  11. The Chocolate Castle Clue    '11
  12. The Chocolate Moose Motive    '12
  13. The Chocolate Book Bandit    '13
  14. The Chocolate Clown Corpse    '14
  15. The Chocolate Falcon Fraud    '15

Crime de Cocoa: Three Chocoholic Mysteries   ‘05  (includes: The Chocolate Cat Caper, The Chocolate Bear Burglary, & The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up) 

The Smoking Gun by Eve K. Sandstrom (aka JoAnna Carl)
The Smoking Gun

The Homicide Report by Eve K. Sandstrom (aka JoAnna Carl)
The Homicide Report

The Devil Down Home by Eve K. Sandstrom (aka JoAnna Carl)
 The Devil Down Home

The Chocolate Falcon Fraud by JoAnna Carl (aka Eve K. Sandstrom)
The Chocolate Falcon Fraud

The Chocolate Clown Corpse by JoAnna Carl
The Chocolate Clown Corpse

The Chocolate Book Bandit by JoAnna Carl (aka Eve K. Sandstrom)
The Chocolate Book Bandit