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(I stopped including the Nook books in late 2014)

I am the first to admit that I didn't think I would ever enjoy reading my Cozy Mystery books on a Kindle. I thought I could only be happy with a "real" book in my hands, not some technical/computer gizmo/gadget. I was a real hold-out. My husband had his Kindle way before I would even consent to looking at it. I simply was not interested... until I looked at it!

Throughout the years, my husband heard me complaining more and more about my Cozy Mystery books' font sizes. I had actually dropped several of my favorite authors from my reading list because I simply didn't want to have to struggle while reading my Cozy Mysteries. Long story - short, I have my Kindle and I love it! (I love adjusting the font size so I don't have to strain to read my books.)

This page is for you all who already are enjoying your Kindles and Nooks. This is not a page to try to convert you to the Kindle (or Nook) way of life. It is simply a page where I am going to start posting the entries I write about some of the great deals that are available for our Kindles and Nooks. Cozy Mystery readers have been so kind - letting me know about different deals. Unfortunately, some of the great free or cheap Kindle and Nook deals are only temporary, so make sure you check to see if the deals are still running, or not.

My most recent entries about FREE and Cheap Kindle Mystery Books and FREE and Cheap Nook Mystery Books are at the top of the list:

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