Jane K. Cleland


Main Character: Josie Prescott, Antiques Dealer, New Hampshire

  1. Consigned to Death    ’06
  2. Deadly Appraisal    ’07
  3. Antiques to Die For    ’08
  4. Killer Keepsakes    ’09
  5. Silent Auction    ’10
  6. Deadly Threads    ’11
  7. Dolled Up for Murder   ’12
  8. Lethal Treasure    ’13
  9. Blood Rubies    ’14
  10. Ornaments of Death    ’15

Ornaments of Death by jane K. Cleland
Ornaments of Death

Blood Rubies by Jane K. Cleland
Blood Rubies

Lethal Treasure by Jane K. Cleland
Lethal Treasure

Dolled Up for Murder by Jane K. Cleland
Dolled Up for Murder

Deadly Threads by Jane K. Cleland
Deadly Threads

Silent Auction by Jane K. Cleland
Silent Auction

Killer Keepsakes by Jane K. Cleland
Killer Keepsakes