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Mystery Book Awards

L. L. Bartlett   aka Lorna Barrett & Lorraine Bartlett
Main Character: Jeff Resnick, Insurance Investigator, Mugging Victim who now has a "sixth sense" gift & Richard, Jeff's brother

  1. Murder on the Mind     '06
  2. Dead in Red    '08
  3. Room at the Inn    '12
  4. Cheated by Death   '10
  5. Bound by Suggestion    '11
  6. Dark Waters    '13

When the Spirit Moves You    (Novelette)

Bah! Humbug    '10  (short story after book #5)

Cold Case    '10 (the 1st chapter in Bound by Suggestion) 

Evolution   (Collection of short stories)  '13

Crybaby    '15 (story after book #6)

Written as Lorna Barrett:

Main Characters: Tricia Miles, Owner of Haven't Got a Clue Mystery Bookstore, Angelica Preston, Tricia's Sister, Miss Marple, Dainty Cat, New Hampshire

  1. Murder is Binding   '08
  2. Bookmarked for Death    '09
  3. Bookplate Special     '09
  4. Chapter and Hearse    '10
  5. Sentenced to Death    '11
  6. Murder on the Half Shelf    '12
  7. Not the Killing Type    '13
  8. Book Clubbed    '14
  9. A Fatal Chapter     '15

Murder in Three Volumes    '12  (This will include the first three mystery books in the Booktown Mystery Series.)

Written as Lorraine Bartlett:
Main Character: Katie Bonner, Young Widow, Artisan Co-op Member

  1. A Crafty Killing    '11
  2. The Walled Flower    '12
  3. One Hot Murder    '13

Recipes to Die For: A Victoria Square Cookbook   '11

Main Characters: Tori Cannon & Kathy Grant, Best Friends, Lotus Bay

Panty Raid     '14 (prequel story to the series.)

  1. With Baited Breath    '15


We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert   '10

A Very Romantic Christmas    '14 (non-mystery anthology with Shirley Hailstock, Kelly McClymer, & Cynthia B. Pratt)

The Cozy Chicks Kitchen   '12 by Leann Sweeney, Ellery Adams, Maggie Sefton, Lorraine Bartlett, Kate Collins, Heather Webber, & Deb Baker

Written as Lorraine Bartlett:
A  (adventure-fantasy)

  1. Threshold   '12
  2. Journey   '13

***** L.L. Bartlett Interview ..... July 2014 

Dark Waters by L.L. Bartlett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & Lorna Barrett)
Dark Waters

Bound by Suggestion by L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & Lorraine Bartlett)
Bound by Suggestion

Room at the Inn by L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & Lorraine Bartlett)
Room at the Inn

When the Spirit Moves You by L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & Lorraine Bartlett)
When the Spirit Moves You

Dead in Red by L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett)
Dead in Red

Murder on the Mind by L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett)
Murder on the Mind

A Fatal Chapter by Lorna Barrett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & L.L. Bartlett)
A Fatal Chapter

With Baited Breath by Lorraine Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & L.L. Bartlett)
With Baited Breath

Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & L.L. Bartlett)
Book Clubbed