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Mystery Book Awards

Leslie Meier   (Holiday series...)

  1. Mail Order Murder   '91 aka Mistletoe Murder
  2. Tippy Toe Murder   '94
  3. Trick or Treat Murder    '96
  4. Back to School Murder   '97
  5. Valentine Murder   '00
  6. Christmas Cookie Murder   '99
  7. The Turkey Day Murder    '00
  8. The Wedding Day Murder   '01
  9. Birthday Party Murder   '02
  10. Father’s Day Murder   ‘03
  11. Star Spangled Murder   ‘04
  12. New Year’s Eve Murder   ‘05
  13. Bake Sale Murder     '06
  14. St. Patrick's Day Murder    '07
  15. Mother's Day Murder    '09
  16. Wicked Witch Murder    '10
  17. English Tea Murder    '11
  18. Chocolate Covered Murder    '12
  19. Easter Bunny Murder    '13
  20. Christmas Carol Murder    '13
  21. French Pastry Murder     '14
  22. Candy Corn Murder    '15

Candy Cane Murder     '07 (w/Joanne Fluke & Laura Levine) published chronologically after Bake Sale Murder in '06

Gingerbread Cookie Murder   '10 (w/ Joanne Fluke & Laura Levine) published chronologically after Wicked Witch Murder in '10

A Winter Wonderland    '12  (w/ Fern Michaels, Holly Chamberlin, & Kristina McMorris) published chronologically after English Tea Murder

If you enjoy Leslie Meier and are all "caught up" with her mystery books: Authors Similar to Leslie Meier

Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier
Candy Corn Murder

French Pastry Murder by Leslie Meier
French Pastry Murder

Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier
Christmas Carol Murder

Easter Bunny Murder by Leslie Meier
Easter Bunny Murder

Chocolate Covered Murder by Leslie Meier
Chocolate Covered Murder

English Tea Murder by Leslie Meier
English Tea Murder