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Madelyn Alt 

Main Characters: Maggie O’Neill,
Antique Store Clerk, Empath, & Felicity Dow, Antique Store Owner, Indiana

  1. The Trouble With Magic   '06
  2. A Charmed Death     ‘06
  3. Hex Marks the Spot    '07
  4. No Rest for the Wiccan    '08
  5. Where There's a Witch     '09
  6. A Witch in Time    '10
  7. Home for a Spell    '11
  8. In Charm's Way   (not sure when it will be published)

In Charm's Way by Madelyn Alt
In Charm's Way


Home for a Spell by Madelyn Alt
Home for a Spell


A Witch in Time by Madelyn Alt
A Witch in Time


Where There's a Witch by Madelyn Alt
Where There's a Witch


No Rest for the Wiccan by Madelyn Alt
No Rest for the Wiccan