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Mystery Book Awards

Maggie Sefton
Main Character: Kelly Flynn, Learning to Knit in the House of Lambspun

  1. Knit One, Kill Two   '05
  2. Needled to Death   '05
  3. A Deadly Yarn    '06
  4. A Killer Stitch     '07
  5. Dyer Consequences    '08
  6. Fleece Navidad    '08......................Christmas
  7. Dropped Dead Stitch    '09
  8. Skein of the Crime    '10
  9. Unraveled     '11
  10. Cast On, Kill Off    '12
  11. Close Knit Killer   '13
  12. Yarn Over Murder    '14
  13. Purl Up and Die    '15

Double Knit Murders    '10 (This contains the first two Knitting Mystery Series books)

Halloween Scare '14 (story)

Main Character: Amanda Duncan, Young Widow, Clairvoyant & Devlin Burke, English Investor, 1890s, Washington, DC

  1. Scandals, Secrets and Murder    '14

Main Character: Molly Malone, Senator's Daughter, Widow of Congressman, Denver, Washington, D.C.

  1. Deadly Politics    '12
  2. Poisoned Politics    '13
  3. Bloody Politics     '14

Main Character: Kate Doyle, Realtor, Colorado
Dying to Sell   '05

The Cozy Chicks Kitchen   '12 by Leann Sweeney, Ellery Adams, Maggie Sefton, Lorraine Bartlett, Kate Collins, Heather Webber, & Deb Baker

Purl Up and Die by Maggie Sefton
Purl Up and Die

Bloody Politics by Maggie Sefton
Bloody Politics

Yarn Over Murder by Maggie Sefton
Yarn Over Murder

Scandals, Secrets and Murder by Maggie Sefton
Scandals, Secrets and Murder

Close Knit Killer by Mggie Sefton
Close Knit Killer

Cast On, Kill Off by Maggie Sefton
Cast On, Kill Off