Cozy Mystery List
A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books and DVDs



2014: Lifetime Achievement: Dorothy Cannell, Joan Hess, & Margaret Maron

Poirot Award: Tom Schantz

2013:  Lifetime Achievement: Aaron Elkins

Amelia Award:  Carolyn Hart

2012:  Lifetime Achievement:  Simon Brett

Poirot Award:  Lee Goldberg

Amelia Award:  Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Mertz

2011: Lifetime Achievement: Sue Grafton

Poirot Award: Janet Rudolph

2010: Lifetime Achievement: Mary Higgins Clark 

Poirot Award: William Link

2009: Lifetime Achievement:  Anne Perry  

Poirot Awards: Kate Stine & Brian Skupin

2008: Lifetime Achievement:  Peter Lovesey

Poirot Awards:
Linda Landrigan (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine editor)
Janet Hutchings (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine editor)

2007: Lifetime Achievement: Carolyn Hart 

2006: Lifetime Achievement: Robert Barnard

Poirot Award: Douglas Greene

2005: Lifetime Achievement: H.R. F. Keating

Poirot Award: Angela Lansbury

2004: Lifetime Achievement: Marian Babson

Poirot Award: Ruth Cavin and Thomas Dunne

2003: Lifetime Achievement: Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels

Poirot Award: David Suchet

2002: Lifetime Achievement:  Tony Hillerman

2001: Lifetime Achievement:  Mildred Wirt Benson 

2000: Lifetime Achievement:  Dick Francis

1999: Lifetime Achievement:  Patricia Moyes

1998: Lifetime Achievement: Charlotte McLeod

1997: Lifetime Achievement: Emma Lathen

1996: Lifetime Achievement:  Mary Stewart

1994: Lifetime Achievement:  Mignon G. Eberhart

1990: Lifetime Achievement: Phyllis A. Whitney