Margery Allingham


  1. The Black Dudley Murder   ’29 (aka The Crime at Black Dudley)
  2. Mystery Mile   ‘30
  3. Police at the Funeral   ‘31
  4. The Gyrth Chalice Mystery   ’31  (aka Look to the Lady)
  5. The Fear Sign   ’33  (aka Sweet Danger; Kingdom of Death)
  6. Death of a Ghost   ‘34
  7. Flowers for the Judge   ’36 (aka Legacy in Blood)
  8. Mr. Campion, Criminologist   ‘37
  9. Dancers in Mourning  ’37  (aka Who Killed Chloe?)
  10. The Case of the Late Pig   ‘37
  11. The Fashion in Shrouds   ‘38
  12. Mr. Campion and Others  ‘39
  13. Traitor’s Purse   ’41 (aka The Sabotage Murder Mystery)
  14. Pearls Before Swine   ’45  (aka Coroner’s Pidgin)
  15. The Case Book of Mr. Campion  ‘47
  16. More Work for the Undertaker   ‘48
  17. Take Two at Bedtime   ‘49
  18. The Tiger in the Smoke   ’52
  19. The Estate of the Beckoning Lady   ’55  (aka The Beckoning Lady)
  20. Tether’s End   ‘58 (aka Hide My Eyes; Ten Were Missing)
  21. Crime and Mr. Campion   ‘59
  22. Three Cases for Mr. Campion    ’61
  23. The China Governess   ‘62
  24. The Mysterious Mr. Campion   ‘63
  25. The Mind Readers   ‘65
  26. Mr. Campion’s Lady (an omnibus)   ‘65
  27. Mr. Campion’s Clowns (an omnibus)    ‘66
  28. Cargo of Eagles   ‘67   (finished by her husband,Youngman Carter)

The White Cottage Mystery (Was published as a serial in a newspaper)

Written with Youngman Carter:

Mr. Campion’s Quarry

Written by Youngman Carter:

Mr. Campion’s Farthing   ‘69
Mr. Campion’s Falcon   ‘70
The Return of Mr. Campion: Uncollected Stories   ‘89

Written by Mike Ripley:

Mr. Campion’s Farewell    ’14

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The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery Allingham
The Crime at Black Dudley


Mystery Mile by Margery Allingham
Mystery Mile


Police at the Funeral by Margery Allingham
Police at the Funeral


Death of a Ghost by Margery Allingham
Death of a Ghost