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Mystery Book Awards

Main Character: Abigail Stanton, Ornithologist, Island off Washington (state)

Whispers through the Trees by Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen

Flight of the Raven by Ellen Harris

Birds of a Feather by Carolyn Greene

A Mysterious History by Charlotte Carter

The Blue Moon by Lorena McCourtney

Nesting Instincts by Susan Plunkeet & Krysteen Seelen

The Prodigal Parrot by Carolyn Greene

Nature's Bounty by Ellen Harris

The Mystery of Daisy Doe by Charlotte Carter

Secrets in the Sand by Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen

A Long Way Home by Kristen Eckhardt

Angels among Us by Ellen Harris

A Light in the Dark by Charlotte Carter

The Stork's Surprise by Carolyn Greene OR Ellen Harris

Seeds of Doubt by Kristin Eckhardt

Night Song by Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen

Echoes from the Past by Ellen Harris

Out of Ashes by Charlotte Carter

The Catbird Caper by Kristin Eckhardt

A Taste of Tradition by Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen

The Call of the Loon by Ellen Harris

A Puzzling Occurrence by Sunni Jeffers

In Search of Home by Charlotte Carter

A Wing and a Prayer by Kristin Eckhardt

The Canadian Conundrum by Krysteen Plunkett & Susan Seelen

Plundered Treasure by Charlotte Carter

A Beautiful Sound by Ellen Harris


Whispers through the Trees (Mysteries of Sparrow Island) by Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen
Whispers through the Trees
Susan Plunkett & Krysteen Seelen


Flight of the Raven (Mysteries of Sparrow Island)  by Ellen Harris
Flight of the Raven
Ellen Harris


The Blue Moon (Mysteries of Sparrow Island) by Lorena McCourtney
The Blue Moon
Lorena McCourtney


In Search of Home (Mysteries of Sparrow Island) by Charlotte Carter
In Search of Home
Charlotte Carter