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Main Characters: Kate and Paul Hanlon, Minister and Wife, Copper Mill, Tennessee

(One of the authors told me to tell you to make sure to read the first book first. It gives the background/foundation for the rest of the books... The rest can be read out of order.)

Through the Fire      (Diane Noble)

A State of Grace      (Traci DePree)

Beauty Shop Tales      (Beth Pattillo)

A Test of Faith     (Carol Cox)

The Best is Yet to Be      (Eve Fisher)

Angels Undercover    (Diane Noble)

Into the Wilderness     (Traci DePree)

Where There's a Will     (Beth Pattillo)

Dog Days     (Carol Cox)

The Missing Ingredient      (Diane Noble)

Open Arms      (Traci DePree)

A Token of Truth    (Sunni Jeffers)

Who’s That Girl?    (Carol Cox)

For the Least of These    (Charlotte Carter)

A Matter of Trust    (Diane Noble)

Funny Money     (Traci DePree)

To Have and to Hold    (Sunni Jeffers)

How the Heart Runs     (Anne Marie Rodgers)

A Thousand Generations by Traci DePree (originally by Charlotte Carter)

Home to Briar Mountain    (Diane Noble)

Flight of the Sparrows    (Annie Jones)

A Firm Foundation   (Anne Marie Rodgers)

Off the Record   (Jill Elizabeth Nelson)

A Distant Memory   (Traci DePree)

Tea and Sympathy    (Carol Cox)

The Master's Hand   (Diane Noble)

Strangers in Their Midst   (Patricia H. Rushford)

(Here is an entry I wrote back in 2008 that might interest you.)


Through the Fire by Diane Noble (Mystery and the Minister's Wife Series)
Through the Fire


  A State of Grace by Traci DePree (Mystery and the Minister's Wife Series)
  A State of Grace


Beauty Shop Tales by Beth Pattillo (Mystery and the Minister's Wife Series)
Beauty Shop Tales


A Test of Faith by Carol Cox
A Test of Faith


A Distant Memory by Traci DePree
A Distant Memory


Tea and Sympathy by Carol Cox
Tea and Sympathy