Rett MacPherson

TORIE O’SHEA Mysteries:

Main Character: Victory O’Shea, Genealogist,  Missouri

  1. Family Skeletons    ‘97
  2. A Veiled Antiquity    ‘98
  3. A Comedy of Heirs    ’99…..CHRISTMAS
  4. A Misty Mourning    ‘00
  5. Killing Cousins   ‘02
  6. Blood Relations    ‘03
  7. In Sheep’s Clothing   ‘04
  8. Thicker than Water    ‘05
  9. Dead Man Running    ‘06 
  10. Died in the Wool     ’07
  11. The Blood Ballad    ’08


Sleeping the Churchyard Sleep    ’14

 Sleeping the Churchyard Sleep by Rett MacPhersonSleeping the Churchyard Sleep


The Blood Ballad by Rett MacPherson
The Blood Ballad


Died in the Wool by Rett MacPherson
Died in the Wool


Dead Man Running by Rett MacPherson
Dead Man Running