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Mystery Book Awards

Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Main Character: Meg Corey, Apple Orchard Owner, Massachusetts

  1. One Bad Apple    '08
  2. Rotten to the Core    '09
  3. Red Delicious Death    '10
  4. A Killer Crop    '10
  5. Bitter Harvest    '11
  6. Sour Apples    '12
  7. Golden Malicious    '13
  8. Picked to Die     '14
  9. A Gala Event    '15

Main Character: Nell Pratt, Fundraiser for The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques

  1. Fundraising the Dead    '10
  2. Let's Play Dead    '11
  3. Fire Engine Dead   '12
  4. Monument to the Dead    '13
  5. Razing the Dead    '14
  6. Privy to the Dead     '15

Dead Letters   (Story)

Main Character: Maura Donovan, Bostonian, Living in Village in Ireland

  1. Buried in a Bog    '13
  2. Scandal in Skibbereen     '14
  3. An Early Wake    '15

Main Character: Abby Kimball, Sees Ghosts

  1. Relatively Dead   '13
  2. Seeing the Dead     '14


Once She Knew    '12

The Rising of the Moon   '12 (Story)

Reunion with Death    '13

An Open Book    '13 (novella)

Written as Sarah Atwell:

Main Character: Em (Emmeline) Dowell, Artist, Owner of Glassblowing Studio, Tucson

  1. Through a Glass, Deadly    '08
  2. Pane of Death    '08
  3. Snake in the Glass    '09

Privy to the Dead by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Privy to the Dead

An Early Wake by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah ATwell)
An Early Wake

Picked to Die by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Picked to Die

Seeing the Dead by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Seeing the Dead

Razing the Dead by Sheila Connolly
Razing the Dead

Scandal in Skibbereen by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Scandal in Skibbereen

Reunion with Death by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Reunion with Death

Golden Malicious by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Golden Malicious

Monument to the Dead by Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
Monument to the Dead