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Mystery Book Awards

Sue Ann Jaffarian
Main Character: Odelia Grey, Queen-Size Paralegal, California
  1. Too Big to Miss    '01
  2. The Curse of the Holy Pail    '03
  3. Thugs & Kisses    '08
  4. Booby Trap    '09
  5. Corpse on the Cob    '10
  6. Twice as Dead    '11
  7. Hide & Snoop    '12
  8. Second-Hand Stiff    '13
  9. Hell on Wheels    '14
  10. A Body to Spare    '15

Ho Ho Humbug (2 Odelia Grey short holiday stories - after Hell on Wheels)


  1. Ghost à la Mode    '09
  2. Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini    '11
  3. Gem of a Ghost    '12
  4. Ghost of a Gamble    '14
  5. Ghost in the Guacamole    '15

The Silent Ghost   '13 (This is a Granny Apples novella. It is after Gem of a Ghost.)

Dummy of a Ghost    '14 (This is a Granny Apples novella. It is after The Silent Ghost.)

Main Character: Madison Rose, Waitress,

  1. Murder in Vein    '10
  2. Baited Blood    '11

Holidays from Hell Short Story Series
Bowen Family Short Stories

  1. The Rabbit Died (Easter)
  2. Pull My Paw (Mother's Day)
  3. Where's Your Daddy? (Father's Day)
  4. Rockets' Red Glare (Fourth of July)

A Body to Spare by Sue Ann Jaffarian
A Body to Spare

Ghost in the Guacamole by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Ghost in the Guacamole

Hell on Wheels by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Hell on Wheels

Ghost of a Gamble by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Ghost of a Gamble

Second-Hand Stiff by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Second-Hand Stiff

Hide & Snoop by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Hide & Snoop

Gem of a Ghost by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Gem of a Ghost