Cozy Mystery List
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Sue Henry
Main Characters: Jessie Arnold, Sled Dog Racer & Alex Jensen, Sergeant State Trooper, Anchorage

  1. Murder on the Iditarod Trail  '91
  2. Termination Dust  '95
  3. Sleeping Lady  '96
  4. Death Takes Passage  '97
  5. Deadfall  '98
  6. Murder on Yukon Quest  '99
  7. Beneath the Ashes  '00
  8. Dead North  '01
  9. Cold Company  '02
  10. Death Trap  '03
  11. Murder at Five Finger Light  '05
  12. Degrees of Separation     '08
  13. Cold as Ice    '10 (This may not have been released yet.)

Main Characters: Maxine McNab, Widow, RV Traveler, in  her 60s, Stretch, Mini Dachshund

Dead North   '01 (Maxine is first introduced in this novel from Henry's Alaska series)

  1. The Serpents Trail  '04
  2. The Tooth of Time    '06
  3. The Refuge     '07
  4. The End of the Road    '09

Cold as Ice by Sue Henry
Cold as Ice


The End of the Road by Sue Henry
The End of the Road


Degrees of Separation by Sue Henry
Degrees of Separation


The Refuge by Sue Henry
The Refuge