Susan Hill

(Police Procedural, Reportedly Not Cozy)


Main Character: Simon Serrailler, Chief Inspector and later Detective Chief Superintendent, England

  1. The Various Haunts of Men    ’04
  2. The Pure in Heart    ’05
  3. The Risk of Darkness    ’06
  4. The Vows of Silence    ’08
  5. The Shadows in the Street    ’10
  6. The Betrayal of Trust    ’11
  7. A Question of Identity    ’12
  8. The Soul of Discretion    ’14


The Woman in Black    ’83 (Full Length Ghost Story)

The Mist in the Mirror    ’92

Mrs. de Winter    ’93

The Man in the Picture    ’07

The Beacon    ’08

The Soul of Discretion by Susan Hill
The Soul of Discretion

A Question of Identity by Susan Hill
A Question of Identity

The Betrayal of Trust by Susan Hill
The Betrayal of Trust

The Shadows in the Street by Susan Hill
The Shadows in the Street

The Vows of Silence by Susan Hill
The Vows of Silence

The Risk of Darkness by Susan Hill
The Risk of Darkness