Authors Beginning with "N" and "O"As you can see, I haven’t read a lot of cozy mystery books by authors beginning with N or O. However, one book on this consolidated N and O list that still haunts me is “Black Water” by Joyce Carol Oates. It is yet another of the books that I list that really can’t be categorized as a cozy mystery book, but it sure is good.

I was very fortunate when I found an audio book copy of “Black Water” featuring the reading talents of Amanda Plummer at my local library. Her narration of this book is fantastic! (I believe the taped version was on Books on Tape or Recorded Books, although it might have been Dove Audio or Random House Audio.) If you get a chance to rent a copy……. do it! I don’t think that you’ll regret it!

Janet Neel    I have to be honest and admit that I have only read the first of Neel’s Francesca Wilson (set in London) series. But, I really did enjoy the novel, and plan to read more.

Barbara Neely    Neely won the Agatha Award, Macavity Award, and Anthony Award for the first in her Blanche White Mystery Series. Blanche is an African American woman who is both single and a housekeeper.

Carla Neggers   Neggers, a best selling New York Times author, has written several different series, as well as Stand Alone novels. Her Sharpe & Donovan Mystery Series features two FBI agents.

Radine Trees Nehring   Nehring writes the Something to Die for Mystery Series which is set in the Arkansas Ozarks. The main character happens to do her sleuthing with a retired police detective… They share solving mysteries as a hobby…

Kris Neri    Neri not only writes a mystery series about a writer, but she also co-owns a mystery bookstore. She also writes the Samantha Brennan & Annabelle Haggerty paranormal mystery series…

Kathleen Newberg    Newberg is both an electrical engineer and an Agatha Christie fan who has written a cozy mystery set in South Carolina that features Molly May, a retired detective.

Sharan Newman    Newman has two mystery series and also a fantasy trilogy featuring Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife. Some of her works can be found on the Agatha Awards pages.

Diane Noble   Noble is the author of the Professor and Mrs. Littlefield Mystery Series. This mystery series features El Littlefield as its sleuth. El runs a catering company called The Butler Did It. The Professor part of the title refers to Dr. Max Haverhill, the History Dean at a small college. The series takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a little town. Noble is also the author of several of the Mystery and the Minister’s Wife, and is also one of the authors of the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop Mystery Series.

Robert Nordan    While researching for Nordan’s books, I stumbled across the fact that he got his PhD from the University of Chicago…

Catherine O’Connell   O’Connell writes the High Society Mystery Series which follows a sleuth who lives in Chicago. Pauline Cook (the sleuth) has been widowed and spends a lot of her time traveling…

Clare O’Donohue   O’Donohue writes the new (2008) Someday Quilts Mystery Series. An ex-journalist and writing teacher, she worked for the HGTV network’s “Simply Quilts” show, as well as other networks’ (History Channel, truTV, Food Network, etc.) She mixes quilting and romance with mystery… O’Donohue also writes the Kate Conway Mystery Series which features a television producer in Chicago.

Leslie O’Kane   aka Leslie Caine  Her three series revolve around: a cartoonist, a dog psychologist, & interior designers…

Sister Carol Anne O’Marie    Retired nun sleuth… written by Sister O’Marie.

Carlene O’Neil   Carlene O’Neil is the author of the Cypress Cove Mystery Series. Penny Lively, the sleuth, has inherited her family’s winery, so she returns to the California wine country. Penny left her job as a photojournalist, so she has a history of following news-worthy stories, a talent she uses while sleuthing around the California vineyard country. O’Neil’s previous experience includes writing for television.

Perri O’Shaughnessy    The authors are sisters Mary & Pamela O’Shaughnessy….Their series features a single mom-attorney…

Joyce Carol Oates    aka Lauren Kelly & Rosamond Smith… When I first listened to Black Water,  I was so enthralled/entranced by the novella, that I knew Oates would forever be a favorite of mine. I didn’t know a lot about her other than the fact that she was so famous. I had no idea that three of her works have been nominated for the Pulitzer. Black Water is one of those three.

Karen E. Olson    Olson, an English major in college, went on to work in journalism, advertising, and editing, which she continues to do. She is also the author of the Annie Seymour Mystery Series and the new (2009) Tattoo Shop Mystery Series…

J. Michael Orenduff    Orenduff, a college professor with his PhD in Mathematical Logic, writes the Pot Thief Mystery Series. This series features Hubert Schuze, a treasure hunter based in Albuquerque, who only became a “Pot Thief” after the laws changed treasure hunting to the crime of stealing…

Diana Orgain   Orgain earned her M. F. A. in Creative Writing and put it to good use, writing the Maternal Instincts Mystery Series. The series is set in San Francisco and features a new mom as its sleuth. Orgain also writes the Love or Money Mystery Series, which features Georgia Thornton, a participant on a reality love connection show.

Joyce Oroz    Oroz writes the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series which is set in California. Oroz is a painter, which explains why she is so comfortable making her main sleuth a painter also. Josephine is also a widow in her fifties.

Denise Osborne   Osborne has her B. A. in journalism and an avid interest in Asian culture… having gone to high school in Japan. She writes two series which take place in California: the Queenie Davilov Mystery Series features a screenwriter/sleuth, and the Feng Shui Mystery Series which features a practitioner of feng shui.

Liz Osborne    Osborne writes the Robyn Kelly Mystery Series which features a patient representative at a hospital.

Helen Macie Osterman     During her 45 year career as a registered nurse, Osterman wrote medical and nursing articles. She has now turned her talents to mysteries. Both Osterman and her main character enjoy gardening, baking five-grain bread, and the opera. Her first novel introduces a “sixty something” sleuth…

Gail Oust   Oust writes the Piper Prescott Mystery Series which features the owner of the Spice It Up! spice shop in Georgia. She also writes the Kate McCall Bunco Babes Mystery Series which features a retirement community Bunco group of (senior) sleuths.

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