U__VRobert (Hans) Van Gulik wrote a series featuring Judge Dee, a Chinese magistrate in the 600s (A.D.). This series exhibits the “gentleness” of a cozy mystery book series, while solving hardened crimes. I am very fortunate to live in an area with a library that has so many books on tape. I was able to listen to most of the Judge Dee Series on tape, and it was a phenomenal way to spend endless hours in my car, and of course, how many of you listen to books on tape while cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, polishing, ETC!!!???

Ruth Rendell‘s/Barbara Vine‘s non-mystery books are also a treat to read. They have a whisper of psychological tension throughout them. For those of you who think that cozy mysteries (or just plain mysteries of any kind!) are the only types of books worthy of reading…. Try Barbara Vine, you just might be adding her to your favorite authors’ list……. along with Ruth Rendell!

Nicola Upson   Upson writes the Josephine Tey Mystery Series, which is set in London during the 1930s. Upson “read English” at the University of Cambridge, and is quite interested in Scottish mystery author Josephine Tey – aka Gordon Daviot, author of historical works.

Louise Ure   Ure sets her psychological thrillers in Arizona, which is only appropriate for an Arizona native…a fourth generation one, at that!

Katherine Valentine   Valentine was an American Folk artist before she became an author of inspirational books. Valentine’s books are not mysteries, but if you like Gail Fraser’s Lumby or Jan Karon’s Mitford series, then you might want to check out Katherine Valentine’s Dorsetville Series.

Diane Vallere   Vallere was immersed in the fashion business for over twenty years, so it only makes sense that her mystery series reflect that. Vallere’s Mad for Mod Mystery Series is set in Texas, and features Madison Night, a lover of all things Doris Day, who is an interior decorator. Her Material Witness Mystery Series features Poly Monroe, a dress designer who owns a shop in California. Vallere’s Style & Error Mystery Series features an ex-fashion buyer (Samantha Kidd) who lives in Pennsylvania.

S. Van Dine Van Dine, the pseudonym for an art critic (Willard Huntington Wright), wrote the Philo Vance Mystery Series, which features a 1920/1930s rich, art-collecting sleuth in New York City. (The wonderful actor William Powell portrayed Van Dine’s Philo Vance character in movies made during the late 1920s and early 1930s.)

Judith Van Gieson   Van Gieson writes the Claire Reynier Mystery Series which features an archivist/librarian/sleuth and the Neil Hamel Mystery Series which features an attorney. Both series are set in New Mexico.

Robert Hans Van Gulik   I have spent many hours listening to the adventures of seventh century Judge Dee. Van Gulik was a Dutch diplomat who had extensive knowledge regarding the culture and history of China. I have really enjoyed reading/listening to the Judge Dee novels.

Elaine Viets    Viets researches the “dead-end jobs” that her heroine holds by working the same jobs. She also has two other series, including the Mystery Shopper series which is based on a job her mother held.

Debbie Viguié    Viguié writes the Psalms 23 Mystery Series. This series has two sleuths from different backgrounds: Cindy Preston is a church secretary and Jeremiah Silverman is a Reformed Rabbi.

Barbara Vine    Barbara Vine writes psychological novels whereas her alter ego, Ruth Rendell is known for her mysteries. I have read “Barbara” and “Ruth” books, and really enjoy both of them. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Vineyard Quilt Mystery Series  This sounds like another winning, no-profanity Cozy Mystery series from Annie’s Crafts Company. Some of you already know about the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series, the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series, the Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled, and the Creative Woman Mystery Series. The Vineyard Quilt Mystery Series is the first of these Annie’s Cozy Mystery series that are not being sold by joining a monthly mail order club, rather they are being sold by book stores, so that everyone has access to them. The Vineyard Quilt Mystery Series features Julie Ellis, an ex-antiques bounty hunter who has moved to beautiful Missouri wine country to become the manager of the Quilt Haus Inn. Each mystery in this quilting-theme Cozy Mystery series will have a free quilting pattern that uses the story as its inspiration.

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