Authors Beginning with "H"If you have been fortunate enough to have seen any Dalziel and Pascoe mystery TV shows, then you will be familiar with Reginald Hill’s series featuring both of these British police detectives. Unfortunately, the show is not aired on a regular basis in the United States. With that said, check out Reginald Hill‘s books. While they are not cozies, you might find yourself enjoying Hill’s terrific writing style as well as his books’ plots.

Joan Hess is an author who writes two series featuring strong women. In one of her series, Arly Hanks is the police chief of a one-stoplight sleepy town (Maggody, Arkansas) with enough eccentric characters walking around to fill a high school football stadium. Claire Malloy is the main character in the other Hess series.  If you haven’t read many cozy mysteries, you may find it difficult to imagine a bookstore owner as the sleuth who solves cases before the police can find the solutions.  The amateur sleuth is one of the recurring characters in cozies. Of course, Miss Marple is a prime example of a stellar amateur sleuth… an elderly spinster who travels to different locales and solves the murder mystery before she sits down to dine with her nephew!

Jane Haddam   aka Orania Papazoglou… Her series is about an FBI agent and a writer, and is very holiday-themed.

Jean Hager    Iris House Bed & Breakfast (set in Missouri) is one of her series. Her other two series take place in Oklahoma, one revolving around an advocate for the Cherokee Nation and the other stars a Cherokee police chief.

Carolyn Haines   With names like Sarah Booth Delaney and Tinkie, what else could these two characters be— other than crime-solving Southern Belles?

Kathryn Miller Haines    Haines has her Master’s in English, and writes the Rosie Winter Mystery Series which takes place in New York City, during the WW II time span. Haines also writes the Iris Anderson Young Adult Mystery Series. Iris is a fifteen year old sleuth in 1940s  New York City.

Rebecca M. Hale   Hale, a patent attorney and New York Times bestselling author, writes the Cats and Curios Mystery Series which features the new owner of an antique shop and two pets (cats)… Hale also writes the Mystery In the Islands Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, the manager of the tropical island’s resort.

Linda Hall   Hall writes several mystery series. She was awarded the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year Award in 2008, as well as the The Word Guild Award for best Christian mystery in Canada…

Parnell Hall  aka J. P. Hailey…  Puzzle Lady Mystery Series…

Tarquin Hall    Hall, a journalist, writes the Vish Puri, Most Private Investigator Mystery Series. Vish (or “Chubby” as he is known to his family and close friends) is one of the most interesting, as well as entertaining, private investigators. He searches out criminals and is determined to put a stop to their activities. He misses the days of long ago and rights wrongs, while managing to find time to grow his beloved hot peppers and enjoy his (off-limits) fried foods.

Gemma Halliday    Halliday mixes mystery with romance and comes out with the High Heels Mystery Series, which was recommended to me by a site reader… Halliday also writes the Hollywood Headlines Mystery Series and the Anna Smith & Nick Dade Mystery Series…

Barbara Hamilton   Hamilton writes the Abigail Adams Mystery Series which is set in the late 1770s, in colonial Boston.

Lyn Hamilton    Archaeological series featuring Lara McClintoch, an antiques dealer…

Victoria Hamilton    (aka Amanda Cooper) Hamilton writes the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series. This series is set in Michigan, and features a vintage cookbook and cookware collector and her three-legged Yorkie Poo, Hoppy. Hamilton also writes the Merry Muffin Mystery Series. This series features Merry Winter, a muffin baker in a small town in New York. As Cooper, she writes the Teapot Collector Mystery Series which is set in New York and features sleuth Sophie Taylor, who is working in a family Victorian Tearoom. (She also writes an historical/romance mystery series as Donna Lea Simpson.)

Janice Hamrick   Hamrick has her Bachelor’s degree in English, and at one time worked as a technical writer for a “high tech” company. She now writes the Jocelyn Shore Mystery Series which features an Austin, Texas high school teacher/sleuth.

David Handler  (aka 1/2 of Russell Andrews w/Peter Gethers) Handler started his career as a New York journalist and writes two series: one about a film critic and the other about a celebrity ghostwriter and, for all of you dog lovers, his neurotic Basset Hound. Handler also writes the Benji Golden Mystery Series which is set in New York and features a private detective.

Susannah Hardy (aka Sadie Hartwell)    Susannah Hardy is the author of the Greek to be Me Mystery Series, starring Georgie Nikolopatos, manager of the Bonaparte House, a restaurant and historic landmark in upstate New York. Originally from Northern New York State, she now lives in Connecticut – the site of her other Cozy Mystery Series, the Tangled Web Mystery Series, written under the pseudonym Sadie Hartwell. This series stars Josie Blair, a recently unemployed young woman who goes back home to take care of her uncle and inherits her deceased aunt’s yarn shop.

Cyril Hare    Hare writes both the Inspector Mallet Mystery Series and the Francis Pettigrew Mystery Series. Hare is also the author of one of my favorite Christmas theme mystery books: An English Murder (aka The Christmas Murder.) (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Karen Harper   An Elizabeth I series and an Amish trilogy. Harper also writes the Cold Creek Mystery Series. This series features Tess Lockwood, a woman who returns to her home. She was abducted as a child and solves mysteries with the sheriff, who was the babysitter at the time she was abducted.

Patricia Harrington   Harrington, an ex-teacher, writes two mystery series: The Bridg O’Hern Mystery Series and the Aunt Amelia Winthrope Mystery Series.

Charlaine Harris   (Not Cozy) Harris has two series that I follow… Lily Bard’s Shakespeare series and the Aurora Teagarden series. In ’01, Harris started an entirely new series about Sookie Stackhouse known as the Southern Vampire series, which is slated to be a series on HBO starting in ’07, with the pilot airing in ’06. She also started another mystery series featuring Harper Connelly in ’05, which is about a sleuth who, because she was hit by lightning, can find corpses.

Ellen Harris       True crime…..

Lee Harris    Harris has two series: a holiday series featuring Christine Bennett, an ex-nun and a series featuring Detective Jane Bauer who decides she needs a career change, goes to work for an insurance company and then is assigned to more police-type cases!

Rosemary Harris    Harris gave up her high pressure jobs to enjoy (what seem to be) her two greatest passions…. writing and gardening. So, of course, could her Dirty Business Mystery series center around a character who does anything but garden?

Sherry Harris   Harris is the author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery Series, starring recently divorced bargain hunter Sarah Winston. Sometimes her bargain hunting gets her into trouble, and when it does, she relies on her sleuthing skills to get herself out!

Tessa Harris   Harris, an Oxford University history major turned journalist, writes the Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mystery Series. This historical series takes place in England during the late 18th century, and features a young anatomist from Philadelphia who relocates to London.

Thomas Harris      Thrillers!  Who hasn’t heard about Hannibal Lecter?  The movies are good, but the books are even better! (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Janis Harrison    Is it any wonder that Harrison, who owns a greenhouse, would write a series that features a gardener/florist?

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles   Harrod-Eagles writes the Bill Slider Mystery Series. Very British… (Not Cozy)

Carolyn Hart   Hart, a Phi Beta Kappa journalism major, writes the Death on Demand Mystery Series featuring a mystery bookstore owner, the very popular Henrie O Mystery Series featuring a septuagenarian reporter, the Bailey Ruth Ghost Mystery Series featuring a member of Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions, and the paranormal Nela Farley Mystery Series which features a reporter.

Ellen Hart     Both of Hart’s series are set in Minneapolis…

Erin Hart   Hart’s first novel in her Nora Gavin/Cormac Maguire Mystery Series was nominated for both the Anthony Award and the Agatha Award for Best First novel. This series features an American anthropologist and an Irish archaeologist.

Honor Hartman    (aka Jimmie Ruth Evans, Dean James, Miranda James)   James/Hartman/Evans/James has his PhD in Medieval History and his Master’s in Library Science.  As Honor Hartman he writes the Houston-based Bridge Club Mystery Series. As Miranda James we get the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series which features a librarian (Charlie Harris) and his cat, Diesel. Also, the Southern Ladies is written under this name. The Southern Sisters are two snoopy sisters (Miss An’gel & Miss Dickce Ducote) who live in Mississippi. Jimmie Ruth Evans writes the Trailer Park Mystery Series, which also takes place in Mississippi, and features a single mother sleuth.  And, Dean James writes the Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery Series.

Sadie Hartwell (aka Susannah Hardy) Sadie Hartwell writes the Tangled Web Mystery Series, starring Josie Blair, who has come home to a small town in Connecticut to take care of her uncle and run her deceased aunt’s yarn shop. As Susannah Hardy she writes the Greek to Me Mystery Series, which stars (Georgie Nikolopatos) the manager of an historic landmark restaurant in New York.

Patricia Harwin   Harwin’s series features a divorcee in her 60s who moves to England so that she can join her married daughter, who has relocated there to raise her family. Of course, there is a lot of sleuthing involved in her new chosen life.

L.B. Hathaway   Hathaway, a graduate of Cambridge, practiced law for ten years before deciding to become an author. She writes the Posie Parker Mystery Series, which is set in glamorous 1920s London. Posie is a struggling private investigator. Hathaway also writes the Blood and Stars Trilogy, which is set during Henry VII’s reign.

Robin Hathaway    Hathaway has her B.A. in English and writes two series which both have a physician as the main character. The Dr. Fenimore series is about a cardiologist who still makes house calls. He is very traditional, which Hathaway’s other series’ doctor is not… she is a young motorcycle-riding doctor who works as a motel on-call physician.

L.C. Hayden An ex-high school English teacher, Hayden holds a master’s degree in Creative Writing. With credentials like that, it is no surprise that she has published fiction, non-fiction, novels, articles…. even poetry. She can be found on the Agatha Awards page.

S.T. Haymon Series from England featuring a Detective Inspector….

B.B. Haywood Haywood, a pseudonym for husband and wife (Robert & Beth Feeman), pens the Candy Holliday Mystery Series which is set in Maine and has, as its sleuth, a woman who returns home to help her father manage Blueberry Acres Farm… The mystery novels include recipes which have blueberries in them…

Gar Anthony Haywood    One series about a private investigator in Los Angeles, and another series about a retired couple who travel in their RV.

Heartsong Presents Mysteries   This is a group of (Christian) authors who each have their own series of mystery books.

Betty Hechtman   Hechtman writes the Crochet Mystery Series, and is herself hooked on crocheting. And, for those crocheters out there… She even includes a crochet pattern in each of her mysteries! Hechtman also writes the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, Casey, a dessert chef who has just inherited a yarn retreat business in California.

Veronica Heley    Heley writes two mystery series: the Ellie Quicke Mystery Series and the Abbot Agency Mystery Series, both of which feature widows who live in/around London. Heley has also written historical fiction,  romance/suspense novels, and Christian books for children.

Dee Henderson   Henderson writes the O’Malley Family Mystery Series which is classified as a Romantic Suspense series. The O’Malleys are a group of seven adults who have decided to become a family. All of them were abandoned as children, and all of them have chosen careers that serve to help others.

April Henry   The first mystery of Henry’s Claire Montrose Mystery Series was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Award. She has since then added several Young Adult mysteries to her list of books. She co writes the Triple Threat Club Mystery Series with Lis Wiehl.

Sue Henry   Henry’s first mystery series is set in Alaska and she has a new series that features a woman in her 60s who lives and travels in her RV, with her beloved dachshund.

Beverly Taylor Herald    Herald and her twin sister, Barbara Taylor McCafferty, write the Tatum Twin series….

A.L. Herbert   A native of Prince George’s County and Charles County in Maryland, it’s no surprise that A.L. Herbert’s Cozy Mystery Series, the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery Series is set in scenic Prince George’s County. Halia is the owner of this soul food restaurant, and when she’s not busy cooking, she’s busy solving crimes!

Gabriella Herkert    While attending law school, Herkert became aware of a case which involved a woman whose will benefited her cat. (Hmmm….) The cat became the recipient of a fortune and Herkert (years later) used this as the basis of her first Animal Instinct Mystery Series novel…

Julie Wray Herman    Herman writes a gardening mystery series called Three Dirty Women Landscaping, Inc…

Nancy Herndon    aka Nancy Fairbanks… Has MA from Rice… As Herndon she writes a series about a female police detective in Texas. As Fairbanks, she writes a culinary mystery series.

Joan Hess   aka Joan Hadley…  Arly Hanks/Maggody series is a definite must-read… as is her Claire Malloy series…..

Georgette Heyer   Heyer is yet another (British) author from years-gone-by who I missed! Thanks to Cozy Mystery Site Readers, I am finding out about new/old authors all of the time.

Carl Hiaasen   I just found this author, and haven’t read any of his books yet, but I have read that he is supposed to be very funny…not cozy.

Kaye C Hill    Hill writes the Lexy Lomax Mystery Series which features Lexy, a woman escaping her husband and finding herself mistaken for a private investigator…

Marion Moore Hill    Hill, an ex-reporter and an ex-English & Journalism college teacher, writes two mystery series. Hill’s Scrappy Librarian Mystery Series features an Oklahoma librarian with her dog, Rip. Her Deadly Past Mystery Series features a young, single mother sleuth who is an history buff.

Reginald Hill    aka Patrick Ruell…  The very wonderful British Police Procedural: Dalziel & Pascoe series. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Sasscer Hill   Hill writes the Nikki Latrelle Racing Mystery Series. This series has, as its sleuth, a young horse jockey, and takes place in the fast world of equine racing tracks.

Susan Hill    Hill writes the Simon Serrrailler Mystery Series which is a British Police Procedural.

Suzette A. Hill    Hill, an English graduate (and ex-teacher of English Lit.) writes the Francis Oughterard Mystery Series which features a village vicar, bouncer – his dog, and Maurice – his cat.

Tony Hillerman    Hillerman writes the very popular Navajo series featuring Joe Leephorn and Jim Chee. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

James Hime   Hime, nominated for the Edgar Award (Best First Novel – 2004) writes the Jeremiah Spur Mystery Series. The series takes place in a small town in Texas and features a retired Texas Ranger.

Tami Hoag   Hoag is a New York Times Bestselling author. She writes the Deeper than the Dead Mystery Series, the Elena Estes Mystery Series, and the Sam Kovac Mystery Series, as well as stand alone mysteries.

Teri Holbrook   Holbrook, who graduated from the College of William and Mary, is a journalist, author, and still has time to work on her graduate degree. Some of her works can be found on the Agatha Awards pages. She writes a series about an American who moves to England.

Alesia Holliday   Holliday is a trial lawyer who decided that writing novels is better than writing briefs…

Lee Hollis    Hollis is the pseudonym of a brother and sister writing duo. Rick Copp was a writer on one of my very favorite television sitcoms (The Golden Girls). He also wrote for the very popular Wings television show, as well as movies. His sister, Holly Simason, writes a newspaper cooking column. Now they are putting both of their talents together, and are writing the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mystery Series.

Hazel Holt    Holt writes the Mrs. Malory series. Mrs. Malory is a literary critic in England. This is one of the Cozy Mystery series that I can’t seem to get enough of!

Victoria Holt   aka Philippa Carr and Jean Plaidy… With titles like Mistress of Mellyn and The Legend of the Seventh Virgin, could you guess that Holt’s novels are classic mysteries with a little (or a lot!) of romance?

Susan Holtzer   Holtzer’s series is set in Michigan and features a computer specialist/sleuth.

Home to Heather Creek Series   This is a series of NON mystery books from Guideposts. The series feature Charlotte and Bob Stevenson, who live in Nebraska on Heather Creek Farm, who inherit their three grandchildren.

Hometown Mystery Series   This is a series of mystery books that are put out by Barbour Publishing. The (Christian) authors write their own mystery books which are not meant to be read in any particular order.

Kay Hooper    I haven’t read any of these, but they came highly recommended by my librarian… a lover of mysteries. Not cozy…

Terry Hoover    Did you know that the Sisters in Crime have a chapter called Guppies? Hoover was their president! Her first book in her Steve Harlan series was a finalist in the Malice Domestic St. Martin’s Press contest, and that’s saying a whole lot for this new cozy mystery author!

Hope Haven Series  This is a series of NON mystery books from Guideposts. Hope Haven is a series which is set in the fictional Haven Hospital. The series features four nurses and their patients…

George Hopley    aka Cornell Woolrich & William Irish…. As Woolrich, he wrote the novel which was later made into the classic Hitchcock movie “Rear Window.”

Heather Horrocks    Horrocks writes the Who-Dun-Him Inn Mystery Series which features Vicki Butler, identical twin and owner of the Who-Dun-Him Inn bed and breakfast. Horrocks also writes the Bad Mothers Club Mystery Series which features Becky Montgomery, a stay-at-home mom/sleuth in Denver, Colorado. Horrocks also writes romantic comedies.

Victoria Houston      Houston grew up in Wisconsin, so it’s only natural that she would write a mystery series set in Wisconsin……. And, of course, it features a strong police chief who happens to be a fly fisherwoman.

Dorothy Howell   Howell has written over twenty novels, which include her Haley Randolph Mystery Series. If you are are a fan of designer purses, then the Haley Randolph Mystery Series is a must for you! Haley’s loves designer labels on her purses… even though she can barely afford them. Howell also writes the Dana Mackenzie Mystery Series.

Maria Hudgins    Hudgins writes the Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery Series. Dotsy and her friend Lettie have (so far) traveled to Italy, Scotland, and the Greek Islands… sleuthing all the way…

Charlotte Hughes   Hughes is the author of the Kate Holly Mystery Series, as well as the author of several romance novels. She collaborates with Janet Evanovich on the Max Holt Full Series…

Mary Ellen Hughes   Hughes writes the Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series which features Piper Lamb, the owner of a New York pickles and preserves shop. She also writes the Craft Corner Mystery Series which includes craft tips. Hughes also writes the Maggie Olenski Mystery Series, which features a math teacher in Baltimore.

Ellen Elizabeth Hunter   Hunter (a historic house restorer herself) writes the Magnolia Mystery Series which is set in a North Carolina historic town and features a preserver of historic houses.

Maddy Hunter    The very popular Passport to Peril series…

Christine Husom    Husom writes the Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series, featuring gift shop manager and instructor in snow globe construction, Cami Brooks. She has the paranormal ability to see crime scenes in snow globes – a helpful talent for an amateur sleuth! Husom also writes a mystery thriller series, the Winnebago County Mystery Series.

Elspeth Huxley Huxley writes cozy mysteries which are set in Colonial Africa. She also writes non mysteries set in colonial Africa (The Flame Trees of Thika, etc.)

Elise Hyatt   Hyatt writes the Daring Finds Mystery Series which features Dyce Dare, owner of a furniture refinishing business. Included in the mysteries are furniture refinishing tips…

Julie Hyzy   Hyzy writes the very popular White House Chef Mystery Series, obviously set in Washington, D.C. Her college years equipped her with a degree in Business Management, but after years “in that world,” she decided to launch out as an author of fiction, and has won great reviews, as well as writing awards. Hyzy also writes the Manor of Murder Mystery Series which follows amateur sleuth, Grace Wheaton – the assistant curator of a manor. Hyzy also writes the Alex St. James Mystery Series.

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