Authors Beginning with "P"Brother Cadfael is a monk who specializes in herbal remedies…. and murder! The Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters is a very good example of an historical cozy mystery.  Before there were forensic pathologists and laboratories à la CSI, many times murders passed as accidents. But not so while Brother Cadfael was around! He could put the Miami, New York City, and any other city’s CSI unit to shame! And, he did all of this using utensils such as spoons, knives, and bottles, not all of those television fancy fantasy techniques for him! Brother Cadfael could tell you the “who, what, when, where, how, and even why” facts needed to solve a murder or crime.

Katherine Hall Page   With a BA from Wellesley, an MA from Tufts, and a Doctorate from Harvard, it’s no wonder that Katherine Hall Page is now the first person to ever receive Best First Novel, Best Novel, and Best Short Story in the entire history of Malice Domestic! (Also, she writes a mystery series for ages (+/-) 5th-8th grade, featuring three boarding school girls who not only study, but also sleuth!) (I know I have said this before… I love it when best selling authors write books for children!)

Robin Paige   aka (Best Selling) Susan Wittig Albert & husband Bill Albert… Victorian Mystery Series…

Bernadette Pajer    Pajer writes the Professor Bradshaw Mystery Series, which features an electrical engineer, inventor, and professor with a penchant for solving mysteries.

Linda Palmer  (aka Melinda Wells) Palmer  writes the Daytime Mystery Series which features a young widow/sleuth who is a writer for a New York soap opera…As Wells she writes the Della Cooks Mystery Series which, as the name suggests, is a culinary mystery series.

Stuart Palmer    aka Jay Stewart… His more famous series featured an older, spinster sleuth who “works with” a police officer, who considers her both a friend and a nuisance.  This combination of female sleuth/policeman “friend and foe” was perfected by early authors such as Palmer… in the 1930s!

Sharon Pape   Pape, an ex-teacher, writes the Portrait of a Crime Mystery Series. This series has a very unique sleuth… Rory McBain is a police sketch artist who has been left her favorite uncle’s Victorian house and detective business. Rory soon discovers that her uncle’s house has someone other than her living in it… Zeke, a federal marshal from the 1870s. Pape also writes the Crystal Shop Mysteries, which are set in Arizona and feature Jaye Saylor, sleuth and owner of a crystal and gemstone shop.

Sara Paretsky   V. I. Warshawski series…

Barbara Parker    A New York Times Bestselling author, Parker was previously a prosecuting attorney. One of this website’s visitors recommended Parker’s successful Suspicion mystery series to me. I have yet to read her books, but have definitely added Parker to my list of authors to read!

Chessen Parker   Parker writes the Crystal Coast Mystery Series which is set in North Carolina. Parker attended Duke University Law School, so it is only right that her sleuth should be an attorney in North Carolina.

Kate Parker   Parker writes the Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series. Parker’s sleuth is Georgia Fenchurch, a bookseller whose main focus is antique books. Georgia is a member of a secret “Archivist Society” in Victorian London.

Robert B. Parker   I have to confess that I have not read any of Parker’s novels… yet. I just became aware that he wrote the Spenser (for Hire) books, and also the Jesse Stone mystery series. I just saw my first Jesse Stone movie and I am hooked!

Nancy J. Parra (aka Nancy Coco) Parra has her MA in writing. As Nancy J. Parra she writes the Baker’s Treat Mystery Series. This series features a sleuth (Toni Ryder) who is a baker who specializes in gluten free baking. As Coco she writes the Candy-Coated Mystery Series. This series features Allie McMurphy, the chef at her family’s historic hotel that is set on Mackinaw Island, Michigan. (The hotel has a very popular fudge shop in it.)

Patchwork Mystery Series   Good news for all of the Guidepost and Quilting lovers amongst us! Guidepost is offering a new series which involves a a quilter/sleuth. A lot of the Guidepost series can be read out of order. However, the Patchwork Mystery Series should be read in chronological order.

Allison Cesario Paton    Paton, an ex-elementary music teacher with her master’s in counseling, writes the Mrs. Bundle Mystery Series which is set in Vermont. Mrs. Bundle is a “mature woman” who starts up her own private eye business…

James Patterson   Not Cozy… Police Procedural… Alex Cross, psychologist series & the Women’s Murder Club series. Both are best sellers…. Also, Patterson is writing a “Young Adults” series. I know I have said this before, but I absolutely love it when established authors write books for younger readers. I am quite certain that both my son and daughter would have loved reading these books when they were younger…

Richard North Patterson   Can you tell from reading his books that he was an Assistant Attorney General of Ohio? Although he doesn’t write cozies, I enjoy him immensely.

Beth Pattillo   Pattillo is one of the authors who pens a Mystery and the Minister’s Wife book. This series is unique in that each book is written by different authors (some of the authors pen more than one book in the series.) Other authors of the series include Diane Noble, Traci DePree, Carol Cox,  Eve Fisher. It is an inspirational mystery series…

Barbara Paul   Paul, at one time, did not want to write a mystery series… But that was before she started writing either of her two mystery series: the Marian Larch Mystery Series and the Opera Mystery Series… along with several Stand Alone mystery books and short stories that have appeared in many anthologies…

Paula Paul  (aka Paula Carter)   Paul, a journalist by trade, is the author of the Alexandra Gladestone Mystery Series which is set in Victorian England. As Paula Carter, she writes the Murder by Design Mystery Series which is set in Alabama.

Cynthia Peale   Peale writes the Victorian Boston Beacon Hill Mystery Series, which features a brother and sister sleuthing team…

Iain Pears  Pears first got his doctorate at Oxford in Art History, and then discovered his knack for writing mysteries which take place in the art world, and feature Jonathan Argyll, a British art historian and dealer. Pears is not only a historian and author, but also has worked as a television correspondent/consultant.

Joanne Pence   With a master’s degree in journalism, it is no small wonder that Pence has an award-winning series that features a journalist. Unlike Pence, however, her main character is a gourmet cook…

Sharon Kay Penman   Penman (an ex-tax lawyer) writes several acclaimed historical series. The Medieval Mystery Series takes place in late twelfth century England…

Louise Penny    Penny, a journalist, hosted radio talk shows on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before deciding to write novels full-time. Her Three Pines mysteries have won many prestigious mystery book awards… including the Anthony, Barry, Dylis, New Blood Dagger, and Arthur Ellis awards.

Andrea Penrose   Penrose, with both a Bachelors and a Masters in the Arts from Yale, writes the Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Series. This series is set in London, during the early 1800s.

Meira Pentermann   Pentermann is a new author of a paranormal cozy mystery which takes place in Maine. A silent ball of light haunts Beth LaMonte, and leads her to the diary of a girl who disappeared over thirty years ago.

Anne Perry  I haven’t read any of her novels, but she has a lot of fans. She has several British series to choose from…

Carol J. Perry   Perry writes the Witch City Mystery Series which is set in the city most associated with witches: Salem, Massachusetts. Lee Barrett returns home to Salem to be closer to her Aunt Ibby and tries to get a legitimate job as a reporter. Unfortunately the only reporting job she can get is as the host of the late night horror movies at the local WICH-TV station. Lee begins to think that she may have psychic powers when she starts seeing things in the crystal ball she uses in her act. Oh, and O’Ryan, a cat that Lee and Aunt Ibby inherit seems to have some magical powers of his own!

Leigh Perry     aka Toni L.P. Kelner   Perry writes the Family Skeleton Mystery Series which features Georgia, an English professor and her ghost, Sid. As Kelner she writes the Laura Fleming series that features a computer programmer. Kelner also writes the Where Are They Now? Mystery Series, which features a journalist/sleuth named Tilda Harper. Kelner has co-edited several anthologies with Charlaine Harris.

Marta Perry    A native of rural Pennsylvania and of Pennsylvania Dutch roots herself, Marta Perry’s series generally focus on one of those most interesting sub-cultures of the Pennsylvania region, the Amish. Marta writes a number of series focusing more on communities than individuals – her Three Sisters Inn series focuses on three sisters, each the main protagonist of her own series, while her Dark series focuses on the community of Deer Run and the Watcher in the Dark series are all set in Laurel Run. (Perry also writes Amish series that are not mysteries.)

Thomas Perry  Perry (Ph.D. in English) writes the Jane Whitefield Mystery Series which features a Seneca Wolf Clan member who hides people… who need to disappear…

Elizabeth Peters  aka Barbara Michaels & Barbara Mertz… She has her doctorate (and a passion) for Egyptology. As Mertz, she writes archaeological non-fiction. (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Ellis Peters  aka Edith Pargeter… Brother Cadfael is an absolutely wonderful series to become addicted to… Also, Peters wrote a series about the British Felse family of detectives. (On the Crime Writers’ Association Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time) (On the Mystery Writers of America Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time)

Rhona Petrie   aka Clare Curzon, Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan, Marie Buchanan… That’s a lot of pseudonyms/names for a Vedy British author of Vedy many series…

Dani Pettrey    Pettrey, a homeschool teacher, is a Christian-based author. She writes the Alaskan Courage Series, starring various siblings of the McKenna family, and their adventures in their Alaskan hometown of Yancey. Pettrey also writes the Chesapeake Valor Mystery Series.

R. Michael Phillips Phillips is an artist who has been painting for over three decades. He writes the East London Adventurers Club Mystery Series which features an art forger who ends up working on solving mysteries while searching for antiquities.

Nancy Pickard    Pickard has two series of her own: the Marie Lightfoot  series, and the Jenni Cane series. She collaborated with Virginia Rich on the fourth Eugenia Potter mystery novel, and wrote the next two books in that series.

Cathy Pickens     Pickens writes about what she knows… both she and her main character (Avery Andrews) are lawyers and live in the Carolinas. Don’t expect to find recipes in Pickens’ Southern Fried Mystery Series… for that you can get reference a cookbook!

Penny Pike   (aka Penny Warner)  Penny Pike writes the Food Festival Mystery Series, which features Darcy Burnett, an ex-food reviewer and & Aunt Abby, an ex-cafeteria cook who is now a food truck chef. It takes place in San Francisco. As Warner, she writes the Connor Westphal Mystery Series which features a California newspaper publisher. Warner has her Master’s in Special Education, and has won several awards for her mysteries… including the Macavity Award for Best First Mystery and the Agatha and Anthony Awards for Best Juvenile Mystery (Mystery of the Haunted Caves.) Warner also writes the Party Planning Mystery Series.

Rhonda Pollero     Pollero’s F. A. T. (Finley Anderson Tanner) Mystery Series has been recommended to be included on the site…She is not only a sleuthing paralegal, but a shopaholic to boot!

Rose Pressey   Pressey, a best-selling author, writes the Haunted Vintage Mystery Series. This series features Cookie Chanel as its sleuth. Cookie is the owner of a vintage clothing store, in Sugar Creek, Georgia. Pressey also writes the Chase Charley Mystery Series, which features a TV reporter in New Orleans, as well as the Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery Series, which is set in Kentucky, and features a hotel owner. Pressey writes the Haunted Tour Guide Mystery Series, the Haunted Renovation Mystery Series, and the Maggie, PI Mystery series as well.

Cate Price   Price writes the Deadly Notions Mystery Series which features Daisy Buchanan, a retired teacher. Daisy currently runs the Great Notions sewing shop in a quaint town in Pennsylvania

Suzanne Price    Price is actually a husband and wife writing team. They just put out their first Grime Solvers Mystery in ’07…

Sandra West Prowell   A series set in Montana…

Mary Monica Pulver  aka Monica Ferris & half of the duo who wrote as Margaret Frazer for the first of the Sister Frevisse novels.  Ferris writes a needlecraft mystery series and Pulver writes an equestrian mystery series.

Ann Purser    Now that all seven days of the week can be accounted for, Purser is calling her series the Lois Meade Mystery Series, which will include all seven of the “Days of the Week” mystery books (former name of the series) and then some! Set in a cozy, English village…

Ellery Queen  Queen is the pseudonym of cousins (Manfred Bennington Lee and Frederic Dannay) who collaborated on the Ellery Queen novels and stories… While they used the name “Ellery Queen” as their pseudonym, they also used the name “Ellery Queen” as the character who is a novelist as well as a sleuth. And, of course, let us not forget the very popular Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine which has been in publication since 1941…

Monica Quill   aka Ralph McInerny…. As Quill, the series is Sister Mary Teresa, living in Chicago…..

Spencer Quinn   aka Peter Abrahams… As Spencer Quinn he writes the (in my opinion) terrific Chet and Bernie Mystery Series, which is told from Chet’s point of view. Chet is the loyal dog of Bernie Little. I absolutely love to find authors (especially mystery authors!) who are really successful authors, who then decide to write mysteries for children and/or young adults. Abrahams is one of those authors. As Abrahams, he is not cozy…

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