Interview with Laura Childs – What Would You Like to Know?

For those of you who have been with the Cozy Mystery site since 2006, you might remember that I was going to conduct Cozy Mystery authors’ interviews. I started with two interviews, but I then stopped.

In March of 2009 I interviewed Susan Wittig Albert (Susan Wittig Albert interview) as well as Kate Collins (Kate Collins interview). They were both very gracious as well as extremely generous with their time. Then I started feeling a little guilty about asking these very busy best-selling authors to take time out of their days to help me on my project, so I abandoned the Cozy Mystery author interviews idea. I felt like I had been a little presumptuous >>> well, actually very presumptuous!

However, here I am again, in what seems like another rather presumptuous mood. I think I’m now willing to ask best-selling Cozy Mystery authors to take time out of their busy schedules to help me on my project. (Yow, when I put it like that, it almost embarrasses me! >>> But it apparently doesn’t embarrass me enough, ’cause I’m going to do it again!)

I just got a hold of Best Selling Cozy Mystery author Laura Childs, and she has very graciously accepted my invitation for an author interview. I mentioned to her that some of you probably have questions you would like answers to, and I know I do, too. Also, I thought that maybe she could ask herself a few questions that shehas always wanted to answer, but has never been asked.

So, here is where you all come in. Laura Childs is an author who has been recommended many times in our monthly Cozy Mystery recommendations. Do any of you have a question you would like me to include in our interview? I am currently getting my questions ready, and would love to include some of your questions. If you have a question you would like me to include, please post a comment.

Let’s make this a fantastic interview!


Florist, Flower Shop, and Flower Farm Cozy Mystery Series

Since I just added a new “crop” of authors, one of whom has a sleuth who is a florist, I decided there wouldn’t be a better time to add this new theme to the Cozy Mystery site. Here are the authors who are already posted on the Cozy Mystery site who write series which have either a flower farm worker, a florist, or a flower shop owner as their sleuths.

Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early) writes the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery Series. This series takes place in Virginia and features Audrey Bloom as our sleuth. Audrey co-owns the Rose in Bloom flower shop.

Kate Collins pens the Flower Shop Mystery Series. So, law school wasn’t for our sleuth, Abby Knight. Good thing Abby has decided to open Bloomers, a flower shop in Indiana. Abby is able to arrange the clues as well as she arranges her flowers.

Joan Hadley (aka Joan Hess) writes the Theo Bloomer Mystery Series, which features a florist. Theo’s previous life included a stint as a CIA spy.

Janis Harrison brings us her Bretta Solomon Gardening Mystery Series. Bretta is a widow who has a flower business in Missouri. As a new widow, she has taken up sleuthing.

Vicki Lane pens the Elizabeth Goodweather Mystery Series. Elizabeth (a widow) own a farm in North Carolina’s Appalachians. The farm grows both flowers and herbs. 

Rebecca Tope writes the Lake District Mystery Series. This series takes place in the lake district region of England. Persimmon “Simmy” Brown owns a flower shop and sleuths between arranging her flowers into beautiful arrangements.

In the same vein, here is my Gardening Cozy Mysteries entry.

***To access more Cozy Mysteries by Theme click on this link.***

Free, Cheap, or On-Sale Kindle Mysteries AND Free, Cheap, or On-Sale Nook Mysteries – April 13, 2014

Here are the latest Free, Cheap, or On-Sale Kindle Mystery Books and Free, Cheap, or On-Sale Nook Mystery Books that I have been able to round up. By “Cheap”, I mean that they cost less than $5.00. There are quite a few this month, which is always a good thing!

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Margaret Addison:

Murder at Ashgrove House $2.99 (Rose Simpson mysteries, book # )

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Tasha Alexander:

And Only to Deceive $1.99 (Lady Emily mysteries, book #1)

A Poisoned Season $1.99 (Lady Emily mysteries, book #2)

A Fatal Waltz $4.99 (Lady Emily mysteries, book #3)

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Ritter Ames:

Organized for Murder $3.99 (Organized mysteries, book #1)

Counterfeit Conspiracies $3.99 (Bodies of Art mysteries, book #1)

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Mary Kay Andrews (aka Kathy Hogan Trocheck):

Homemade Sin $4.99 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, book #3)

Heart Trouble $3.99 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, book #5)

Strange Brew $4.74 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, book #6)

Fatal Fruitcake $0.99 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, story)

Killer Fudge  $0.99 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, story)

The Family Jewels  $0.99 (Callahan Garrity mysteries, story)

Lickety-Split $2.99 (Truman Kicklighter mysteries, book #1)

Crash Course $2.51 (Truman Kicklighter mysteries, book #2)

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Sandra Balzo:

Uncommon Grounds $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #1)

Grounds for Murder $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #2)

Bean There, Done That $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #3)

Brewed, Crude and Tattooed $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #4)

From The Grounds Up $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #5)

A Cup of Jo $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #6)

Triple Shot $3.99 (Maggie Thorsen mysteries, book #7)

Running on Empty $3.99 (Main Street mysteries, book #1)

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Mike Befeler:

Retirement Homes Are Murder $3.99 (Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit mysteries, book #1)

Living with Your Kids Is Murder $3.99 (Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit mysteries, book #2)

Senior Moments Are Murder $3.99 (Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit mysteries, book #3)

Cruising in Your Eighties Is Murder $3.99 (Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit mysteries, book #4)

Care Homes are Murder $3.19 (Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit mysteries, book #5)

The Back Wing $3.99 (Paranormal mystery)

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Carol Lea Benjamin:

Lady Vanishes $0.99 (Rachel Alexander & Dash mysteries, book #4)

The Wrong Dog $4.99 (Rachel Alexander & Dash mysteries, book #5)

Fall Guy $0.99 (Rachel Alexander & Dash mysteries, book #7)

Dog Smart: The Art of Training Your Dog … $4.99

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Virginia Brown:

Divas Do Tell $1.99 (Dixie Diva mysteries, book #5)

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Dorothy Cannell:

Down the Garden Path $3.99 (Ellie Haskell mysteries, book #2)

Spring Cleaning Murders $3.99 (Ellie Haskell mysteries, book #8)

The Trouble with Harriett $3.99 (Ellie Haskell mysteries, book #9)

Bridesmaids Revisited $3.99 (Ellie Haskell mysteries, book #10)

God Save the Queen $3.99

Family Jewels and Other Stories $3.99

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Chris Cavender (aka Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, Tim Myers, Casey Mayes, Jessica Beck, & D.B. Morgan):

A Slice of Murder $4.30 (Pizza Lovers mysteries, book #1)

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Kerry J. Charles:

Portrait of a Murder FREE (Dulcie Chambers mysteries, book #1)

From the Murky Deep $2.99 (Dulcie Chambers mysteries, book #2)

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Lea Chan:

Who’ll Kill Agnes? $0.99

The Chameleon Chase $2.99

Death by Salsa $2.99

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G.K. Chesterton:

The Complete Father Brown Mysteries Collection $0.99

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Agatha Christie:

Hercule Poirot:

Dumb Witness $4.99

Cat Among the Pigeons $4.74

The Labours of Hercules $4.74

Murder on the Orient Express $4.99

Hickory Dickory Dock $4.99

Elephants Can Remember $4.99

Three Act Tragedy $4.99

Appointment with Death $4.99

The Mysterious Affair at Styles $0.99

Poirot Investigates $3.99

Agatha Christie Collection #1 $0.99 [Includes: The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Poirot) & The Secret Adversary (Tommy & Tuppence)]

Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly $2.99 (novella)

The Listerdale Mystery $0.99 (Story)

The Veiled Lady $0.99 (Story)

Miss Marple:

At Bertram’s Hotel $4.74

The Case of the Perfect Maid $0.99 (Story)

Tommy & Tuppence:

Secret Adversary  FREE

N or M $2.99

Agatha Christie Collection #1 $0.99 [Includes: The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Poirot) & The Secret Adversary (Tommy & Tuppence)]

Stand Alone Mystery:

And Then There Were None $4.01

Parker Pyne Stories:

The Case of the Discontented Husband $0.99

Have You Got Everything You Want? $0.99

Problem at Pollensa Bay $0.99

Mr. Quin Stories:

The Voice in the Dark $0.99

The Man from the Sea $0.99

Mystery Stories:

Three Blind Mice $0.99

The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael $0.99

The Call of Wings $0.99

While the Light Lasts $0.99

The Hound of Death $0.99

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Edie Claire:

Never Buried FREE (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #1)

Never Sorry $2.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #2)

Never Preach Past Noon $2.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #3)

Never Kissed Goodnight $2.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #4)

Never Tease a Siamese $2.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #5)

Never Con a Corgi $3.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #6)

Never Haunt a Historian $3.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, book #7)

Never Neck at Niagara $0.99 (Leigh Koslow mysteries, short story)

Long Time Coming FREE (Romantic Suspense)

Meant to Be $3.99 (Romantic Suspense)

Borrowed Time $3.99 (Romantic Suspense)

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Ann Cleeves:

A Bird in the Hand $4.94 (Palmer-Jones mysteries, book #1)

Come Death and High Water $4.94 (Palmer-Jones mysteries, book #2)

Murder in Paradise $4.94 (Palmer-Jones mysteries, book #3)

A Prey to Murder $4.94 (Palmer-Jones mysteries, book #4)

Sea Fever $4.94 (Palmer-Jones mysteries, book #5)

A Lesson in Dying $4.23 (Inspector Ramsay mysteries, book #1)

Murder in My Backyard $4.23 (Inspector Ramsay mysteries, book #2)

Killjoy $4.23 (Inspector Ramsay mysteries, book #4)

Baby Snatcher $4.94 (Inspector Ramsay mysteries, book #6)

Anne Cleeves on Nook

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Barbara Cleverly:

Ragtime in Simla $1.36 (Joe Sandilands mysteries, book #2 )

Barbara Cleverly on Nook

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Peg Cochran (aka Meg London):

Confession is Murder $2.99 (Lucille Mystery mysteries, book #1)

Unholy Matrimony $2.99 (Lucille Mystery mysteries, book #2)

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Sharon Love Cook:

A Nose for Hanky Panky $0.99 (Granite Cove mysteries, book #1)

A Deadly Christmas Carol $2.99 (Granite Cove mysteries, book #2)

The Legend of Judgment Rock and Other Mystery Stories $0.99

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Lesley Cookman:

Murder in Steeple Martin $1.38 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #1)

Murder at the Laurels $1.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #2)

Murder in Midwinter $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #3)

Murder by the Sea $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #4)

Murder in Bloom $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #5)

Murder in the Green $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #6)

Murder Imperfect $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #7)

Murder to Music $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #8)

Murder at the Manor $2.22 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #9)

Murder by Magic $2.22 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #10)

Murder in the Monastery $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #11)

Murder in the Dark $2.22 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #12)

Murder in a Different Place $2.99 (Libby Sarjeant mysteries, book #13)

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Jessie Crockett:

Live Free or Die $0.99 (Granite Cove mysteries, book #1)

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Mary Daheim:

Fit of Tempera $3.99 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #6)

Auntie Mayhem $4.99 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #9)

A Streetcar Named Expire $3.99 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #16)

Silver Scream $4.74 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #18)

Hocus Croakus $4.99 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #19)

The Wurst Is Yet to Come $3.79 (Bed and Breakfast mysteries, book #27)

Mary Daheim on Nook

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Jana DeLeon:

Louisiana Longshot FREE (Miss Fortune mysteries, book #1)

Trouble in Mudbug FREE (Ghost in Law mysteries, book #1)

Mischief in Mudbug $4.99 (Ghost in Law mysteries, book #2)

Showdown in Mudbug $4.99 (Ghost in Law mysteries, book #3)

Resurrection in Mudbug $4.99 (Ghost in Law mysteries, book #4)

Missing in Mudbug $4.99 (Ghost in Law mysteries, book #5)

The Helena Diaries $1.99 (Ghost in Law mysteries, story)

Rumble on the Bayou $4.99

Unlucky $4.99

Jana DeLeon on Nook

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Kaitlyn Dunnett (aka Kathy Lynn Emerson):

Kilt Dead $4.61 (Liss MacCrimmon mysteries, book #1)

Scone Cold Dead $4.61 (Liss MacCrimmon mysteries, book #2)

A Wee Christmas Homicide $4.30 (Liss MacCrimmon mysteries, book #3)

Kaitlyn Dunnett (aka Kathy Lynn Emerson) on Nook

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Aaron Elkins:

Fellowship of Fear $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #1)

The Dark Place $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #2)

Murder in the Queen’s Armes $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #3)

Old Bones $1.99 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #4)

Curses! $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #5)

Icy Clutches $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #6)

Make No Bones $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #7)

Dead Men’s Hearts $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #8)

Twenty Blue Devils $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #9)

Skeleton Dance $4.79 (Gideon Oliver mysteries, book #10)

A Deceptive Clarity $4.79 (Chris Norgren mysteries, book #1)

A Glancing Light $4.79 (Chris Norgren mysteries, book #2)

Old Scores $4.79 (Chris Norgren mysteries, book #3)

Loot $4.79

Turncoat $4.79

With Wife, Charlotte Elkins:

A Dangerous Talent $4.99 (Alix London mysteries, book #1)

A Cruise to Die For $4.99 (Alix London mysteries, book #2)

Wicked Slice $3.99 (Lee Ofsted mysteries, book #1)

Rotten Lies $3.99 (Lee Ofsted mysteries, book #2)

Nasty Breaks $3.99 (Lee Ofsted mysteries, book #3)

Where Have All the Birdies Gone? $3.99 (Lee Ofsted mysteries, book #4)

On the Fringe $3.99 (Lee Ofsted mysteries, book #5)

Aaron Elkins on Nook

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Kathy Lynn Emerson (aka Kaitlyn Dunnett):

Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #1)

Face Down Upon an Herbal $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #2)

Face Down Among the Winchester Geese $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #3)

Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #4)

Face Down Under the Wych Elm $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #5)

Face Down Before the Rebel Hooves $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #6)

Face Down Across the Western Sea $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #7)

Murders and Other Confusions $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, short stories)

Face Down Below the Banqueting House $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #8)

Face Down Beside St. Anne’s Well $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #9)

Face Down O’er the Border $3.99 (Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries, book #10)

Deadlier than the Pen $3.99 (Diana Spaulding mysteries, book #1)

Fatal as a Fallen Woman $3.99 (Diana Spaulding mysteries, book #2)

No Mortal Reason $3.99 (Diana Spaulding mysteries, book #3)

Lethal Legend $3.99 (Diana Spaulding mysteries, book #4)

Kathy Lynn Emeerson on Nook

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Anne George:

Murder on a Girl’s Night Out $2.99 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #1)

Murder on a Bad Hair Day $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #2)

Murder Runs in the Family $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #3)

Murder Makes Waves $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #4)

Murder Gets a Life $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #5)

Murder Carries a Torch $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #7)

Murder Boogies with Elvis $4.74 (Southern Sisters mysteries, book #8)

Anne George on Nook

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Jaqueline Girdner (aka Claire Daniels):

Adjusted to Death $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #1)

The Last Resort $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #2)

Murder Most Mellow $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #3)

Fat-Free and Fatal $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #4)

Tea-Totally Dead $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #5)

A Stiff Critique $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #6)

Most Likely to Die $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #7)

A Cry for Self-Help $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #8)

Death Hits the Fan … $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #9)

Murder on the Astral Plane … $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #10)

Murder, My Deer $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #11)

A Sensitive Kind of Murder $3.19 (Kate Jasper mysteries, book #12)

Jaqueline Girdner on Nook

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Barbara Graham:

Murder by Serpents: The Mystery Quilt $3.99 (Quilted mysteries, book #1)

Murder by Artifact: The Murder Quilt $3.99 (Quilted mysteries, book #2)

Murder by Music: The Wedding Quilt $3.19 (Quilted mysteries, book #3)

Murder by Vegetable: The Baby Quilt $3.19 (Quilted mysteries, book #4)

Murder by Sunlight: The Charity Quilt $3.19 (Quilted mysteries, book #5)

Barbara Graham on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Kerry Greenwood:

Cocaine Blues $0.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #1)

Flying Too High $2.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #2)

Murder on the Ballarat Train $2.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #3)

Death at Victoria Dock $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #4)

The Green Mill Murder $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #5)

Blood and Circuses $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #6)

Ruddy Gore $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #7)

Urn Burial $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #8)

Raisins and Almonds $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #9)

Death Before Wicket $4.99 (Phryne Fisher mysteries, book #10)

Earthly Delights $0.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #1)

Heavenly Pleasures $2.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #2)

Devil’s Food $2.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #3)

Trick or Treat  $4.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #4)

Forbidden Fruit $4.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #5)

Cooking the Books $4.99 (Corinna Chapman mysteries, book #6)

Kerry Greenwood on Nook

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Carolyn Hart:

Merry, Merry Ghost $4.99 (Bailey Ruth mysteries, book #2)

Death on the River Walk $0.99 (Henrie O mysteries, book #5)

Flee from the Past $3.99

A Settling of Accounts $3.99

Crime on Her Mind $3.99 (Stories)

Rendezvous in Veracruz $3.99

Carolyn Hart on Nook

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J.A. Jance:

Desert Heat $3.79 (Joanna Brady mysteries, book #1)

Dead to Rights $4.99 (Joanna Brady mysteries, book #4)

Outlaw Mountain $3.99 (Joanna Brady mysteries, book #7)

Paradise Lost $4.99 (Joanna Brady mysteries, book #9)

Until Proven Guilty $3.99 (J.P. Beaumont mysteries, book #1)

Taking the Fifth $4.99 (J.P. Beaumont mysteries, book #4)

Justice Denied $3.99 (J.P. Beaumont mysteries, book #18)

Ring in the Dead $1.99 (J.P. Beaumont mysteries, novella)

Edge of Evil $4.74 (Ali Reynolds mysteries, book #1 )

The J.A. Jance Casebook $2.99

J.A. Jance on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Jill Marie Landis:

Two to Mango $1.99 (Tiki Goddess mysteries, book #2)

Jill Marie Landis on Nook

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Lois Lavrisa:

Dying for Dinner Rolls $0.99 (Chubby Chicks Club Cozy mysteries, book #1)

Lois Lavrisa on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Charlotte MacLeod (aka Alisa Craig):

The Corpse in Oozak’s Pond $1.99 (Peter Shandy mysteries, book #6)

Charlotte MacLeod on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Mary Marks:

Forget Me Knot

***** ***** ***** *****

G.A. McKevett:

Just Desserts $4.79 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #1)

Bitter Sweets $4.79 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #2)

Killer Calories $4.79 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #3)

Cooked Goose $4.79 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #4)

Sugar and Spite $4.61 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #5)

Sour Grapes $4.61 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #6)

Peaches and Screams $4.61 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #7)

Death by Chocolate $4.61 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #8)

Cereal Killer $4.61 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #9)

Murder à la Mode $3.99 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #10)

Poisoned Tarts $4.58 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #13)

A Body to Die For $4.30 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #14)

Wicked Cravings $4.58 (Savannah Reid mysteries, book #15)

G.A. McKevett on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Catriona McPherson:

After the Armistice Ball $4.79 (Dandy Gilver mysteries, book #1)

Catriona McPherson on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

David Roberts:

Sweet Poison $1.99 (Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Brown mysteries, book #1)

Bones of the Buried $4.79 (Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Brown mysteries, book #2)

Hollow Crown $4.79 (Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Brown mysteries, book #3)

Something Wicked $4.79 (Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Brown mysteries, book #8)

David Roberts on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Marjory Sorrell Rockwell:

The Underhanded Stitch $3.99 (Quilters Club mysteries, book #1)

The Patchwork Puzzler $3.99 (Quilters Club mysteries, book #2)

Coming Unraveled $3.99 (Quilters Club mysteries, book #3)

Hemmed In $3.99 (Quilters Club mysteries, book #4)

Marjory Sorrell Rockwell on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Sara Rosett:

Moving Is Murder $4.58 (Ellie Avery mysteries, book #1)

Staying Home Is a Killer $4.30 (Ellie Avery mysteries, book #2)

Getting Away Is Deadly $4.61 (Ellie Avery mysteries, book #3)

Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder $4.59 (Ellie Avery mysteries, book #4)

Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder $4.58 (Ellie Avery mysteries, book #5)

Elusive FREE (On the Run mysteries, book #1)

Secretive $3.99 (On the Run mysteries, book #2)

Deceptive $3.99 (On the Run mysteries, book #3)

Suspicious $3.99 (On the Run mysteries, book #4)

Sara Rosett on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Ilene Schneider:

Unleavened Dead $0.99 (Rabbi Aviva Cohen mysteries, book #1)

Chanukah Guilt $2.99 (Rabbi Aviva Cohen mysteries, book #2)

Ilene Schneider on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Michele Scott:

A Perfectly Purloined Pinot $0.99 (Nikki Sand’s Wine Lover’s mysteries, novella)

A Killer Margarita $3.99 (Nikki Sand’s Wine Lover’s mysteries, book #8 )

Dog Gone Dog $0.99  (Nikki Sand’s Wine Lover’s mysteries, story)

Saddled with Trouble $3.99 (Michaela Bancroft Horse Lover’s mysteries, book #1)

Death Reins In $3.99 (Michaela Bancroft Horse Lover’s mysteries, book #2)

Tacked to Death $3.99 (Michaela Bancroft Horse Lover’s mysteries, book #3)

Silent Harmony $3.99 (Vivienne Taylor Horse Lover’s mysteries, book #1)

Dark Harmony $3.99 (Vivienne Taylor Horse Lover’s mysteries, book #2)

Michele Scott on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Laurence Shames:

Florida Straights $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #1)

Scavenger Reef $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #2)

Sunburn $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #3)

Tropical Depression $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #4)

Virgin Heat $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #5)

Mangrove Squeeze $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #6)

Welcome to Paradise $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #7)

The Naked Detective $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #8)

Shot on Location $2.99 (Key West mysteries, book #9)

Laurence Shames on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Clea Simon:

Dogs Don’t Lie $0.99 (Pru Marlowe, Pet Noir mysteries, book #1)

Cats Can’t Shoot $4.99 (Pru Marlowe, Pet Noir mysteries, book #2)

Mew is for Murder $2.99 (Theda Krakow mysteries, book #1)

Cattery Row $4.99 (Theda Krakow mysteries, book #2)

Clea Simon on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Ann Summerville:

A Graceful Death $2.99 (Lowenna mysteries, book #1)

High Tide $2.99 (Lowenna mysteries, book #2)

Gwinnel Gardens $2.99 (Lowenna mysteries, book #3)

Trouble at the Manor $2.99 (Lowenna mysteries, book #4)

Storms & Secrets $2.99

The Berton Hotel $2.99

***** ***** ***** *****

Charles Todd:

A Test of Wills $1.99 (Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries, book #1)

The Kidnapping $0.99 (Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries, story)

Cold Comfort $1.99 (Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries, novella)

Charles Todd on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Maggie Toussaint:

In for a Penny $2.99 (Cleopatra Jones mysteries, book #1)

On the Nickel $2.99 (Cleopatra Jones mysteries, book #2)

Dime if I Know $3.19 (Cleopatra Jones mysteries, book #3)

Muddy Waters $2.99 (Mossy Bog mysteries, book #1)

Hot Water $4.99 (Mossy Bog mysteries, book #2)

Gone and Done It $3.19 (Dreamwalker mysteries, book #1)

House of Lies $2.99

No Second Chance $2.99

Death, Island Style $3.19

Murder in the Buff $2.99

Maggie Toussaint on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Heather Webber (aka Heather Blake):

Definitely, Maybe $0.99 (Lucy Valentine mysteries, story)

Perfectly Matched $3.99 (Lucy Valentine mysteries, book #4)

A Hoe Lot of Trouble $2.99 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #1)

Trouble in Spades $4.74 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #2)

Digging Up Trouble $4.74 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #3)

Trouble in Bloom $4.74 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #4)

Weeding Out Trouble $4.74 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #5)

Trouble Under the Tree $2.99 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #6)

The Root of All Trouble $2.99 (Nina Quinn mysteries, book #7)

Heather Webber (aka Heather Blake) on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Chris Well:

Nursing a Grudge $0.99 (Earl Walker mysteries, book #1)

Burying the Hatchet $2.99 (Earl Walker mysteries, book #2)

Knocking ‘Em Dead $2.99 (Earl Walker mysteries, book #3)

Forgiving Solomon Long $3.99 (Kansas City Blues Crime mysteries, book #1)

Deliver Us from Evelyn $3.99 (Kansas City Blues Crime mysteries, book #2)

Tribulation House $3.99 (Kansas City Blues Crime mysteries, book #3)

Too Good to be Truman $3.99 (Truman Files mysteries, book #1)

Too Bad to be Truman $3.99 (Truman Files mysteries, book #2)

Chris Well on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

Lois Winston:

Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun $3.99 (Ananstasia Pollack Crafting mysteries, book #1)

Death by Killer Mop Doll $0.99 (Ananstasia Pollack Crafting mysteries, book #2)

Decoupage Can be Deadly $3.99 (Anastasia Pollack Crafting mysteries, book #4)

Crewel Intentions $1.99 (Ananstasia Pollack Crafting mysteries, story)

Mosaic Mayhem $1.99 (Ananstasia Pollack Crafting mysteries, story)

Lois Winston on Nook

***** ***** ***** *****

(All of these mystery Kindle and Nook books are on sale right now, but I don’t know how long this will last, so please check the price before you get one.)

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Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early), Amanda Cooper (aka Victoria Hamilton), Lois Lavrisa, Dixie Lyle, & Laura Morrigan : Five New Authors to the Cozy Mystery Site

I thought it was about time that I add some new mystery authors to the Cozy Mystery site. These are authors who have been recommended by other Cozy Mystery readers as belonging on the Cozy Mystery site.

 Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early) writes the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery Series. This series takes place in Virginia and features one of the co-owners of the Rose in Bloom flower shop. Audrey Bloom sleuths while arranging beautiful wedding flower pieces of art. (You would think the author was a florist rather than the Electrical Engineer she was.) As Early she has written a Christmas novella.

 Amanda Cooper (aka Victoria Hamilton & Donna Lea Simpson): OK, OK, I know some of you are already followers of Victoria Hamilton, so you probably know she already has a page on the Cozy Mystery site. I just wanted to officially introduce you all to Amanda Cooper. As Cooper she writes the Teapot Collector Mystery Series. Sophie Taylor is an employee in her family’s Victorian Tearoom in New York. Hamilton’s fans know she writes the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series as well as the Merry Muffin Mystery Series. (She also writes an historical/romance mystery series as Donna Lea Simpson called the Lady Anne Addison series..)

Lois Lavrisa: Dying for Dinner Rolls Lois Lavrisa writes the Chubby Chicks Club Mystery Series. This series features Cat and Annie Mae, two best friends who sleuth together in Savannah, Georgia. Lavrisa has a Young Adult spin-off called the Thomson Twins Mystery Series. She also writes the Liquid Lies thriller/suspence series for Young Adults.

 Dixie Lyle Pens the Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot Mystery Series. This is a paranormal mystery series. Foxtrot (“short” for Deirdre) is the administrative assistant for a woman who is rich beyond being rich. As her assistant, Foxtrot cares for both the mansion and grounds. Foxtrot is aided by her childhood cat, Tango, who happens to be a telepathic cat. Also along for the sleuthing is Tiny, a shape-shifting ghost dog.

 Laura Morrigan writes the Call of the Wilde Mystery Series.  Grace Wilde has telepathic abilities with animals. This comes in handy if a crime is committed in the presence of a pet, or a wild animal. Grace is able to get clues that only a witnessing animal can give. The series is set in Florida. on Facebook and Pinterest

You know, I cannot believe how the world of Cozy Mystery books has changed. When I started the Cozy Mystery site way back in 2006, I had to look high and low to find places devoted solely to the Cozy subgenre. I was often discouraged. It was like I was trying to track down the elusive rainbow’s end. I was able to find lots of Mystery information, but then I had to sift through a whole lot of general mystery information to find what I wanted, which was just the Cozy subgenre. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this. I know I’m not alone!

It’s just so nice to see that the Cozy part of the Mystery world has taken its rightful place. It seems to be an ever-expanding world. It appears to be almost everywhere.

In 2006 I never would have imagined that I would find myself learning about places like Pinterest and Facebook. Just the other day I went over my 400th “Like” on Facebook and found myself getting quite excited. Wow! It’s an honor to think that I got over 400 “Likes”!

So, thank you to ALL of you who have voted a “Like” for one of my entries on my Facebook page. (I am hoping to double the 400 “Likes”!) Also, thank you to those of you who follow my boards on my Pinterest  page. I truly appreciate it, and feel quite honored! Thank you!

Easter Mystery Book List

I have been trying to find some more Easter Mystery Books so I could add them to my Easter Mystery Book List page. I think I have exhausted the possibilities, and would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at the Easter list and see if I am missing a book that you know is an Easter themed mystery.

I was looking through the Easter mysteries and there were a few that stood out as books I wish I hadn’t already read. You know what I mean? Sometimes I wish I was just discovering an author so that I could enjoy reading all of her/his books all over again.

Our daughter called and said she is coming home for Easter, so we are all looking forward to that. I wish my mother wasn’t doing so poorly. She and my father used to drive down to San Antonio every year for two weeks during our Bluebonnet season. Sometimes that included Easter, as it would have done this year. (Oh well, what do they say about wishes? I guess I’d have a stable of horses in my back yard!) My sister is flying out to see my mother and our younger brother, so that will be nice for my mom. (We are going up in May.)

Anyway, if you happen to notice any Easter themed mystery books that I don’t have on the list, would you please post a comment? Thank you!

If you are looking for Passover theme mystery books, click on this link.

(This link will take you to the page on my Cozy Mystery site with many more Holiday Theme lists.)

Passover Mystery Book List

Lest you all think I forgot, for those of you who are looking for Passover Mystery Books, I also have that theme. I should have mentioned it when I talked about my Easter themed mystery books, but for some reason I didn’t. Here is my Passover Mystery Book list. As with the Easter list, please let me know if you see any Passover mysteries that I am missing. Thank you!

If you’re looking for Easter theme mystery books, click on this link.

(This link will take you to the page on my Cozy Mystery site with many more Holiday Theme lists.)