An English Murder… a PERFECT British Mystery Book Set During Christmas

I recently finished a really good Christmas theme mystery book… An English Murder. It was such a treat to read this book, and it certainly made me a Cyril Hare fan!

It is set in a British estate, which incidentally becomes snow-bound. It has a cast of possible future victims, or is it a cast of future culprits?

One of the (almost) cast of characters is the snow, of which there is a WHOLE LOT! And of course, there is the loyal butler who has worked for the mansion’s/estate’s family for years and years, and then even more years! He is loyal to the nth degree…

What would the very upper class British family be without a “black sheep” son?!? Oh, and don’t forget about the non-British guest in the house… along with the “black sheep” son’s childhood companion, and other guests with lots of motives and secrets.

Cyril Hare‘s An English Murder was a real delight for me to read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is craving a little snow-bound Christmas mystery. The only bad thing about this book is that it may be difficult to locate>>> I would definitely check with your library and get on the waiting list right now!


  1. Cyril Hare is a writer I keep meaning to pick up and this sounds like a good one.
    You might like to add this to my blog on Suggest a Christmas Title

  2. Christine Collier :

    Dear Danna,
    I have written a new book, “Solve a Cozy Mystery.” I found that many books in this genre had such complicated solutions I never came close to solving them. I decided mine would be different and started writing such a book more than a year ago. The book has 35 mini mysteries with the solutions in the back. My cozy stories include romance, baking contests, a baby shower, engagement, hair and nail salons, house hunting, wedding boutique, home decorating course, college life, diet center, a ghost in the library, an antique shop and a special anniversary gift to name a few. My book has just been posted on Amazon and will be available everywhere shortly. Thank you so much Danna for posting my books on your wonderful website.
    Christine E. Collier

  3. I just added your new book, “Solve a Cozy Mystery,” to your page on the site, and I must say, it looks like fun! Thanks so much for telling us about it.

  4. Christine Collier :

    Thank you so much Danna. You provide a wonderful service to both author and reader and I believe this website deserves an award!

    Christine Collier

  5. Thank you!

  6. Hi, Danna:
    I followed your advice and borrowed An English Mystery from the library to read over Christmas. I really enjoyed it. Thank-you for suggesting it and thank-you for your wonderful website.

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