An English Murder… a PERFECT British Mystery Book Set During Christmas

I recently finished a really good Christmas theme mystery book… An English Murder. It was such a treat to read this book, and it certainly made me a Cyril Hare fan!

It is set in a British estate, which incidentally becomes snow-bound. It has a cast of possible future victims, or is it a cast of future culprits?

One of the (almost) cast of characters is the snow, of which there is a WHOLE LOT! And of course, there is the loyal butler who has worked for the mansion’s/estate’s family for years and years, and then even more years! He is loyal to the nth degree…

What would the very upper class British family be without a “black sheep” son?!? Oh, and don’t forget about the non-British guest in the house… along with the “black sheep” son’s childhood companion, and other guests with lots of motives and secrets.

Cyril Hare‘s An English Murder was a real delight for me to read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is craving a little snow-bound Christmas mystery. The only bad thing about this book is that it may be difficult to locate>>> I would definitely check with your library and get on the waiting list right now!


  1. Christine Collier says

    Dear Danna,
    I have written a new book, “Solve a Cozy Mystery.” I found that many books in this genre had such complicated solutions I never came close to solving them. I decided mine would be different and started writing such a book more than a year ago. The book has 35 mini mysteries with the solutions in the back. My cozy stories include romance, baking contests, a baby shower, engagement, hair and nail salons, house hunting, wedding boutique, home decorating course, college life, diet center, a ghost in the library, an antique shop and a special anniversary gift to name a few. My book has just been posted on Amazon and will be available everywhere shortly. Thank you so much Danna for posting my books on your wonderful website.
    Christine E. Collier

  2. Christine Collier says

    Thank you so much Danna. You provide a wonderful service to both author and reader and I believe this website deserves an award!

    Christine Collier

  3. Karen says

    Hi, Danna:
    I followed your advice and borrowed An English Mystery from the library to read over Christmas. I really enjoyed it. Thank-you for suggesting it and thank-you for your wonderful website.

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