Annie’s Attic Mystery Series – Chronological Order

Here is the chronological list of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series.


Main Character: Annie Dawson, Widow, Cleaning Out Grandmother’s Attic, Maine Coast

  1. The Lady in the Attic by Tara Randel
  2. Medals in the Attic by Cathy Elliott
  3. The Photo Album by Marlene Chase
  4. Letters in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
  5. The Package by Sharon Dunn
  6. The Map in the Attic by Jolyn Sharp
  7. Rag Doll in the Attic by Jan Fields
  8. Boxed In by Karen Kelly
  9. The Deed In the Attic by K. D. McCrite
  10. Emeralds in the Attic by Jan Fields
  11. The Wedding Dress by Mary O’Donnell
  12. The Valise In the Attic by Jan Fields
  13. The Unfinished Sonata by K.D. McCrite
  14. The Stolen Canvas by Marlene Chase
  15. A Man of His Word by Karen Kelly
  16. The Key in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
  17. Road Trip! by Jan Fields
  18. The Tapestry in the Attic by Mary O’Donnell
  19. Gunns and Roses by Karen Kelly
  20. The Legend of Fuller’s Island by Jan Fields (aka Ghost Island)
  21. A Stony Point Christmas by K.D. McCrite
  22. A Spicy Secret by D. Savannah George
  23. The Cats & the Riddle by Jan Fields
  24. Jazzed by Donna Kelly
  25. The Diary in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
  26. Angels in the Attic by Mary O’Donnell
  27. Wild Things by Karen Kelly
  28. The Kennel Caper by Jan Fields
  29. The Legacy in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
  30. Ring in the Attic by K.D. McCrite

Thank you!



    ANNIE’S MYSTERIES (in order of publication):

    The Lady in the Attic by Tara Randel
    Medals in the Attic by Cathy Elliott
    The Photo Album by Marlene Chase
    Letters in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
    The Package by Sharon Dunn
    The Map in the Attic by Jolyn Sharp
    Rag Doll in the Attic by Jan Fields
    Boxed In by Karen Kelly
    The Deed in the Attic by K. D. McCrite
    Emeralds in the Attic by Jan Fields
    The Wedding Dress by Mary O’Donnell
    The Valise in the Attic by Jan Fields
    The Unfinished Sonata by K. D. McCrite
    The Stolen Canvas by Marlene Chase
    A Man of His Word by Karen Kelly
    The Key in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :


      Thank you so much for sending us the list of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series. I looked, and looked, but was unable to find it. I should have thought to go to each of the authors’ websites, but I didn’t.

      Thanks, again!

      • Danna…..Could you let Kindle users know if these books ever come out in Kindle format.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Diane, I can try, but I wonder if they ever will be converted to Kindle format. Hopefully someone will let me know when he/she finds out they are in Kindle format.

          • Just a note to let you know all the books are sent to my kindle and amazon addresses when the book is mailed. Check it out. It’s nice to have them in both libraries……maybe check with Annie’s. Hope this helps.

    • What a wonderful series. I can not wait until the next book is published.

      • The last book has been published and has been sent to subscribers. Sorry that this series has ended. It had so much more potential.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Sandra B and Patricia M, the good news is that the publisher of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series has started the Creative Woman Mystery Series, which has the same authors in their queue. Here is the link to the Creative Woman Mystery Series on my site:

          Creative Woman Mystery Series

          They also have the Quilted Mystery Series, which I will try to get posted on my site when I get home.

          Quilted Mystery Series:

          A Patchwork Murder by Jan Fields
          A Midsummer Night’s Seam by Rachael Phillips
          Raven Threads by K.D. McCrite
          Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Claire Knight

        • I just finished the last book and it was a fabulous ending, even though you had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was to happen. Thank you for a GREAT series of stories and hate to see it end. I LOVED EVERY BOOK SOOOOO MUCH!!!

          • Helen….there are two more series from Annie’s Publishing….

            The Creative Woman series is set in Oregon and has about ten or so books out now….then there is the Quilt series and it is set in Massachusetts….I read on the site that there were to be only twelve books in the Patchwork Quilt series….and some of the authors in this series wrote the Annie’s Attic series.

            The reason I’m sort of sketchy on the two new series is because my mother orders them, reads them, and passes them on to me….so I’m at the mercy of the mail and how fast she reads them….

            I’ve read eight of the Creative Woman series and it is a great series too. Haven’t gotten my hands on the Patchwork Quilt series yet….but if all else fails, I’ll read the Attic series again….I like to read some books more than once….including my two all-time favourites….Little Women and Jane Eyre.

            Take care….Bev

            • Danna - cozy mystery list :

              Bev S, I have the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series and the Creative Woman Mystery Series on the site, but am just getting the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series together. I wonder, since you are getting the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series, if you would send me the titles and authors as you get them. (It is not an easy series to get the full scoop on…) Thank you!

              • Danna….

                Here are the first four books in the series, and an additional note, each book has the book number at the top of the spine….

                1. A Patchwork Murder Jan Fields
                2. Raven Threads K. D. McCrite
                3. A Midsummer Night’s Seam Rachael Phillips
                4. Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Donna Kelly

                Additionally in the Creative Woman series, when you finish a book the title and first chapter of the next book in the series is in the book you’ve just finished.


                • Danna - cozy mystery list :

                  Bev S, thank you.

                  • Danna…

                    Another series that I read, and they aren’t mysteries, but good, clean books, is the Cape Light series by Thomas Kinkade, and the follow on series by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer. They are set in a small village in New England, almost like a coastal village in Maine, and the characters are almost like family as they grow on you.

                    If you are interested, I will dig out the titles and list them for you….they are the kind of book that you curl up with the book and a pot of tea…


                    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

                      Bev S, thank you for the information about Katherine Spencer’s Cape Light series. Do you know she also writes the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series as Anne Canadeo?

                    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

                      Bev S, it had been a while since I last updated Anne Canadeo’s Katherine Spencer books. I had no idea she had written so many with Thomas Kinkade. (I went ahead and updated both pages for her. I see that Katherine Spencer is continuing to write both of the Thomas Kinkade series…)

    • Hello!

      There are actually 30 books in the series. I think you are missing “The Legacy in the Attic” as well as “The Ring in the Attic”.
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      ********** SPOILER **********
      Series concludes when Annie (FINALLY) marries Ian Butler, the handsome Mayor of Stony Point Maine.


      • Ladies….

        If you go to the Annie’s Attic website, it gives a little information about the new quilted mystery series and it indicates that there will be only twelve books in the series…maybe we could coax some of the authors to think about writing more. I haven’t read any of these books yet, they are on the way to me…but my mother has read the first book by Jan Fields and she said after the first chapter, which was fast paced, that this set the tone for a really fabulous book…and like me she has been reading since she was old enough to hold a book.
        I have started the Creative Woman series and have the first eight of them and am waiting for Mum to ship the next four or five to me….so I’ll have lots to read if we keep having snow…in fact this past week is the first really heavy snow Eve had in our neighbourhood and I’m in MD.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Bev S, it’s interesting that you brought up the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series. It is in the batch of “new to the website authors” I am readying for the site.

          • Danna…

            If you notice, the first two books in the series are written by authors from the Annie’s Attic series. I did notice that so far all of the authors in the Creative Woman series are new to me.

            • Danna - cozy mystery list :

              Bev, I did notice the similarity of authors’ names. Here are the first four mysteries in the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series:

              A Patchwork Murder by Jan Fields
              Raven Threads by K. D. McCrite
              A Midsummer Night’s Seam by Rachael Phillips
              Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly

  2. I’m not familiar with the series, and I can’t find much information on the net – it seems to be a fairly new series – but the series website ( has a “Contact Us” address:
    Perhaps they can help.
    Best of luck,

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      *Susan, thanks for the email address, but between md’s and Shawn’s lists, I have already made the changes to the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series page.

  3. Here is a list in order of publication:

    The Lady in the Attic by Tara Randel
    Medals in the Attic by Cathy Elliott
    The Photo Album by Marlene Chase
    Letters in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson
    The Package by Sharon Dunn
    The Map in the Attic by Jolyn Sharp
    Rag Doll in the Attic by Jan Fields
    Boxed In by Karen Kelly
    The Deed in the Attic by K. D. McCrite
    Emeralds in the Attic by Jan Fields
    The Wedding Dress by Mary O’Donnell
    The Valise in the Attic by Jan Fields
    The Unfinished Sonata by K. D. McCrite
    The Stolen Canvas by Marlene Chase
    A Man of His Word by Karen Kelly
    The Key in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson

    I found this on DeAnna Julie Dodson website

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thank you, Shawn, for this list. I have made the changes necessary on the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series.

      Again, thanks!

  4. Emeralds in the Attic is #10 according to the listing I found on who wrote 2 of the books. I have 7 of them and didn’t know there are more. Thanks for the questions so I found more of these delightful books.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Rachel, I’m glad Julie asked the question, also. I had one of the mystery books out of sequence.

  5. This is a wonderful series! I just finished book #4 and can’t wait for the next one! I had them read in 3 evenings – just love them so much!!! I’d love to live in Stony Point and have all these wonderful people in my life for real! I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves reading!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks, Brenda, for letting us know how much you enjoyed Annie’s Attic Mystery Series.

  6. I found three of these books in an antique shop really cheap. Letters in the Attic, The Package and The Map in the Attic. Haven’t yet read any of them, but they all sound so good. Would I need to read them in order of publication, or can I just dig in??

  7. I enjoy the series. I suggest you read #1 Lady in the Attic
    first. It explains the characters.
    Once you start reading you hate putting them down.
    Our library doesn’t carry them so the librarian orders
    them from out of state.


    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks, Ethel, for clarifying the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series’ order question.

    • I would recommend start with #1 they are better if read in order because of what is happening in them but you can tell when you have skipped one. I, also have had the library order them for me and have come to a standstill as they can not get any lately for me. Once I start one I can not put it down till done.

  8. This series really looks interesting. I will try to find this series. I have always wanted to go through old houses and attics to see what people had stored throughout their lifetimes. I’ll bet this is a wonderful series.

  9. My mother started getting these books and now I am hooked. I had kind of gotten out of reading, but not anymore. I love, love, love these books I just can’t put them down. I hope there are many, many, many more to come. Awesome job keep on writing.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Dreama, Annie’s Attic Mystery Series seems to have a huge audience. You are not alone!

      • When I was a child in WV, we had both an attic and a basement and I just loved exploring in both of them so I’ll have to see if I can lay hands on some of this series.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Marion, here in San Antonio, basements are practically unheard of. (Rock, rock, and more rock under a thin frosting of soil.)

          • I live in the rocky western half of San Marcos, Danna, so I hear you. Go down a couple of inches and Clink! you’ve hit a rock! One reason I don’t have a garden….. I suppose basements may be more prevalent in ‘Tornado Alley’ but I suppose some of those may be just functional storm cellars. You don’t hear of too many attics either, although they may be in the historical homes for all I know. I have a crawl space but I would never go up there. The house we lived in WV was built in ’28 on the side of a hill. Come to think of it, most buildings in WV are probably built on the side of a hill, lol. MY POINT IS that the hill side gave you room for a basement. It was a big basement too, the dimensions of the whole first floor. Fruit cellar, laundry area, work room for my father and play area for us children. Our attic was a whole room too.

            • Danna - cozy mystery list :

              Marion, my neighbor has a beautiful garden, but her husband had it built up in a huge railroad-tie box. Even with that, in this hear I wouldn’t want to stay outside long enough to garden.

              • My sister had a little ‘railroad’tie’ garden here for her tomatoes. A friend of mine here in town plants year-round but she is on the east side of town where she doesn’t have trouble digging. She grows greens and lettuce in the winter. I can’t do yard work any more and I don’t try to grow flowers in pots in the summer but it dawned on me that with the “cooler” weather coming on, I may try a some annuals in a few weeks. There’s a good greenhouse out Hwy. 21 where I have bought before. Lowe’s annuals are usually in bloom and past their prime, to my experience, although it’s a good place to buy supplies.

  10. Re: Annie’s Attic Mystery Series

    What happened to the Fall sweater with all the wonderful colours in it, the birthday in Texas, and Christmas. Thank you Ann.

  11. On the Mystery’s in the Attic series, which books come next after Key in the Attic? I have four books I haven’t read yet starting with Key in the Attic and there is no way of knowing what order they came in. I think the Road Trip might be next but I am not sure so if anyone has that info I would greatly appreciate it as I want to get caught up but in the right order as they came.

  12. These are the titles that have been released so far in order. At least five books more are in the works.

    1. Lady in the Attic By Tara Randel
    2. Medals in the Attic By Cathy Elliot
    3. The Photo Album By Marlene Chase
    4. Letters in the Attic By DeAnna Julie Dodson
    5. Package in the Attic By Sharon Dunn
    6. Map in the Attic By Jolyn Sharp
    7. Rag Doll in the Attic By Jan Fields
    8. Boxed In By Karen Kelly
    9. Deed in the Attic By K.D. McCrite
    10. Emeralds in the Attic By Jan Fields
    11. The Wedding Dress By Mary O’Donnell
    12. Valise in the Attic By Jan Fields
    13. Unfinished Sonata By K.D. McCrite
    14. The Stolen Canvas By Marlene Chase
    15. A Man of His Word (formerly The Dilemma) By Karen Kelly
    16. The Key in the Attic By DeAnna Julie Dodson
    17. Road Trip! (aka Death and Texas) By Jan Fields
    18. The Tapestry in the Attic By Mary O’Donnell
    19. Gunns and Roses By Karen Kelly
    20. The Legend of Fuller’s Island By Jan Fields
    21. A Stony Point Christmas By K.D. McCrite

    • Actually received latest one today:
      22. A Spicy Secret By D. Savannah George

      • Danna - cozy mystery list :

        Thank you, Cordelia, I just added A Spicy Secret to the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series page.

        • Danna…

          Book #29 is titled The Legacy in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson.

          Book #30 is out but I have no idea the title until I get it in the mail.

          So far there are 10 books in the Creative Woman Series and books 8 and 9 have not been titled to date…

          Hopefully there will be additional books in the Annie’s Attic series, but at one time there was a comment that there would be only 30 books.

          All books are available for download through Annie’s page.

          • I wrote book #30, Ring in the Attic, which wraps up the series. I do hope I did justice to the series, the characters, and our readers. Thank you all for being so loyal! –K.D.

            • Sorry to see the end of the series, but am looking forward to the last book…will have it very shortly and if it is as good as the rest, I’ll be happy. But do have a question for K D McCrite…how could they take a group of characters and have several authors do equal justice to a story line. It almost appears like one single author with many pseudonyms, but I know this is not the case. Also will any of the authors who wrote the Annie’s Mysteries Series be writing some of the Creative Woman Series as it too is being written by several authors?

              • That’s a great question, Bev! We authors are provided with character profiles and, of course, we read one another’s work to help ground us in the series so that it flows as naturally as possible from one book to the next without losing our own style. Because we want you, as readers, to have a new book as quickly as possible, there must be a team of us writing all the time. A single author could not be so prolific and still have her sanity! :-)

                I haven’t written for the Creative Woman series but some of the other Annie’s Attic authors have. The wonderful folks at Annie’s Publishing will continue providing a fiction line for your reading pleasure. We hope you will see some familiar author names on the book covers for years to come! Visit their website often for updates.


                • I just finished “The Ring in the Attic” and realized at the end that it was the end of that series. I will so so miss these books. I have them all. Will I continue to automatically receive books from the new series, if not how do I go about ordering them. The Annie’s Attic books have given me so many wonderful hours of reading pleasure.

                  • Diane…I was lucky enough to get the Annie’s Attic books from my mother…she ordered them, read them and passed the on to me. Now she is getting the second series, The Creative Woman series, and she got a flyer in her email advertising them, but you can go to the Annie website and order them either as hard copies or Kindle copies…and once again, I’m receiving them from my mother as she finishes them…and so far a pretty good series…set in a small town in Oregon with a group…Purls of Hope much like Annie’s group, the Hook and Needle Club…I’m thoroughly enjoying this series…am on the third book.

          • Danna - cozy mystery list :

            Thanks, Bev S, I just added # 29.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thank you, Cordelia, I thought “Ghost Island” by Jan Fields was #20, and I didn’t know about the last two on your list. (I just added them to the list on the site.) Thanks, again!

  13. Hello. I’m one of the authors for the Annie’s Attic Mysteries, and to see that there are so many fans who enjoy these books warms my heart.

    I wanted to let you know that my own cozy mystery series (Eastgate Mysteries) debuts Saturday, December 15, with Eastgate Keeps on Singing. I would be honored if you’d like to feature it here. Thank you!

    K.D. McCrite

  14. Another way to determine the order is to look at the copyright number given by the Library of Congress…ie: Gunns and Roses is 2012910977… The Legend of Fuller’s Island is 2012912100…so by looking at the last four digits you can conclude that Gunns and Roses was published first. Also when I get these books the first thing I do is mark the inside cover where you might put a bookplate with the number of the book. I’m very lucky as my mother buys these books and when she finishes reading them, she forwards them on to me. A great series of books and really great authors. Keep up the good work.

  15. Are any of these going to be available for e-books?

    • Emeralds in the Attic is book number 10… It comes after Deed in the Attic and before The Wedding Dress…enjoy and have no idea about e- books….could someone else answer the second part of the question. Bev

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Deb, the only way I know to find out if a specific e-book is available is to go to the Amazon page for that book if you have a Kindle, or the Barnes & Noble if you have a Nook.

  16. hi, i live in australia and only can get these through amazon, so becomes a bit costly but well worth it, just finished 14. cant wait to read the next 8 books. karen

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      G’day, Karen! I have seen some of the resales online for the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series, and can imagine they get very expensive.

  17. Regarding your interest in Annie’s availability as ebooks, I asked my editor and here is verbatim what he told me: “All of the books are available for Kindle and other e-Readers in various formats, but for club members only – we are not currently selling individual titles.”

    I hope this helps.

  18. I have “Angels Among Us” listed as number 21 in my list that is in Chronological order. Then the last book I have received is A Stony Point Christmas, which by the way is excellent.
    I received Angels Among us before it.

  19. I don’t have Angels Among Us and I think I have all of them up to, and including A Stony Point Christmas. Was Angels Among Us renamed as was Ghost Story. I know that my mother has all of these books as once she has finished reading them, I get them.

    Another note, Amazon has an app, Kindle for iPad and I usually get my e-books this way…it works quite well, so if someone has an iPad and needs to download from Amazon, there you have it.

  20. Number 21 is definitely “A Stony Point Christmas”; there is no “Angels Among Us.” I have all of the books up to and including “A Spicy Secret.”

    • Hi Cordella,
      I’m sorry you don’t have Angels among us but I do and it is part of the “Annie’s Attic Mysteries” I would tell you the authors name but my daughter has the book as she reads them when I’m finished and at the moment she is at work and I can’t bother her.
      Look on the Internet for a chronological order and then you can see it for yourself. Good luck

      • Danna - cozy mystery list :

        Ilah, here is the chronological list of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series.

        • Angels Among Us is from the series “Mysteries of Sparrow Island”, author is Ellen Harris. I have it and read it. Very good story.

      • How MANY books have you gotten to date:? I am wondering when the series will end and another start.
        I know Ian and Annie will end up together but getting there is the ‘thing’, Love to know…. I nearly stopped the series cuz it’s dragging out, yet do love the books too, just spendy reading I want to gift them to Dtr, but not til series ends. The # and names are on back of the box. Last one I have is Angels in the Attic.. sigh.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Looks like it’s official, Cordelia. And, thank you for the info. Since I am not a member of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series, I rely on people who are to keep me updated on new books.

      • Hi,
        I am truly sorry, I also read, “Sparrow Island Mysteries” and I got the two confused. I am 79 years young and sometimes get confulsed. Hope I didn’t cause any problems for you.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Ilah. No problems here! By the way, I do that ALL of the time! That’s one of the reasons I began the Cozy Mystery site.

          I got frustrated by not only buying the same books twice, but actually catching myself reading the same books twice. I would keep reading, thinking the book seemed very familiar. Finally, I started my “obsessive” lists of books, and thankfully, as long as I remember to keep my lists current and marking the books off as I read them, I usually can keep them all straight.

          Again, welcome to the site!

          • Thanks, you too and glad to hear I’m not the only one that gets confused.
            Enjoy reading and you might want to try, the mysteries of Sparrow Island. It is also a great series.

          • Ilah…I too welcome you to the site…imagine how you would feel if you bought the same book not once but three times and I’m much younger than you…still think I’m 31 and if only I were.

            • Good morning All,
              I’m glad to hear that I am not the only one that forgets. I am very thankfull that I can at almost 80 yrs. young drive 3 hours to spend the week end with my daughter that lives in the Pocono Mounts of PA. I drive a big Yukon XL and it takes me about anywhere I want to go. Have a good day everyone.

  21. FYI: Book 23 of Annie’s Attic Mysteries is out: “The Cats & the Riddle.” Also, have heard the rumor that this series will end at book 30.
    Glad to hear that others are sometimes as forgetful as I am! I like to think that something of every book I’ve read remains in my memory–somewhere–but it’s not always easy to “fetch” those details. :-)

    • Emeralds in the Attic fits between The Deed in the Attic and The Wedding Dress. It’s number 10. Hope this helps,

      • Danna - cozy mystery list :

        Thank you, Ilah. (I went ahead and added the chronological list of Annie’s Attic mysteries to this entry, since I had to keep going back and forth to see what I had listed on the site.)

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks for the info, Cordelia. Do you happen to know the author of The Cats & the Riddle?

  22. Jan Fields is author of The Cats & the Riddle.

  23. Strands of Fate by Linda Kozar…

    Just had an email from Annie’s Mysteries and there is another series starting. It appears to have a nucleus of characters and each book is written by a different author, similar to Annie’s Attic Mysteries. The first book is available now either as a hard cover or e-book. I have read all of the first series so far and am looking forward to reading this series via e-book. So far their website states that books can be mailed to only the US or Canada but can be e-booked anywhere else.

  24. The new series is called The Creative Woman Mysteries.

  25. Referencing something earlier in this thread. Angels in the Attic, by Mary O’Donnell, will be book #26.

  26. I cannot believe the Annie’s Attic Mystery series books will be ending with book #30. If this is true, I hope Annie and Ian will finally reveal their true feelings for each other and live happily ever after. Can’t imagine not having these mysteries.

  27. Sure hate to see Annie’s Attic Mysteries come to an end. I have a hard time waiting for the next one to be delivered to me. Have other folks reading them too.

  28. hi danna I was wondering if you knew how I could go about buying the annies attic books I have several but would like to get the later ones as well and I live in australia and we dont have them here and I cant wait to get the next lot so hope someone may be able to help me also danna what is mignon e ballard angel series is like sounds good but just thought you may know take care and keep up the great work many thanks judy

  29. Have received next book in Annie’s Attic Mysteries: “The Diary in the Attic” by DeAnna Julie Dodson.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thank you, Cordelia, for telling me about the latest Annie’s Attic mystery. I just updated the page to show the latest two in the series.

  30. What number is The Diary In The Attic? My daughter in love had the first four books, and loaned them to me to read. I am now on number 4, I love them. I thought 3, so far was the best. I am staying with my sister right now, I talked to the library and asked if they had heard of the books or had them available. They said they would have to get them from another library, because THEY ARE OUT OF PRINT. What ever that means. They are getting 5 and 6 for me. So glad to know there are more and I will let my daughter in love know, too.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Becca, I get quite a few letters from people who are fans of Annie’s Attic Mystery Series. You and your daughter-in-love are not alone.

  31. Again, could you please tell me what number The Diary In The Attic is and who is the author.

  32. Book #26 is out: “Angels in the Attic” by Mary O’Donnell

  33. I am reading #12, “The Valise In the Attic” byJan Fields.
    On page 57 a previous reader has written or corrected, in ink, two words they think were left out. I do not agree that the words were needed. But what ready frosts me is when someone takes it upon theirself to do such a thing. They should only WRITE in their own book if at all.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Lois C, I take it you’re reading a library book that has been corrected by another library reader. Or, perhaps the book was donated to the library by the person who corrected it in ink. I have encountered library books with corrections before, and I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  34. Loved every book I have read so far, Got my 86 year old mother reading them also. Can you tell me if you can get the new series in big print? Hate to see Annie go!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Sandy, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if they will be releasing their new series in large print. Maybe someone else might know and post a comment.

  35. hi all and danna I am having so much trouble getting the most recent annies attic mysteries I can only get them on kindle but have to go to the 1st in the series and I have so many this would be a waste i was wondering if anyone knew if and where I can get individual titles in book form this is the best series and I live in aus so not many will post here and amazon is out of stock of the more recent ones hope someone can shed some light many thanks to you all and danna judy

  36. dlilchic825 :

    i want to thank whomever posted this list of the Annie’s Attic Mysteries list…i am rather anal about the order in which i read books from a series and this helped me organize them. ty ty ty!!!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      dlilchic, you’re welcome. I’m pretty obsessed with reading things in chronological order.

  37. We just received Wild Things by Karen Kelly at the same time as Angels in the Attic (#25), so I assume that is #26.

  38. I just finished reading the 3rd book, The Photo Album and found an error on page 67. The last line includes the words ‘Betsy Dawson’s granddaughter’ instead of ‘Betsy Holden’s granddaughter’. Am really enjoying the books. Hope that I don’t find any more obvious errors like that. Guess publishers don’t have proof readers anymore as someone let that slip by them.

  39. Just called customer service for “Annie’s Attic Mysteries” there are probably only going to be 30 books total. She said it started out to only be 9, then 20 now 30 but that is where it will probably stop. I really enjoy them and hope the new series is as good, she said there are 5 of them already out.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Ann, Annie’s Crafts Company are the publishers of the Annie’s Attic Mysteries. They are also publishing a new mystery series called the Creative Woman Mysteries. Both series of mysteries are written by different authors. As you know, the Annie’s Attic mystereis follow Annie Dawson in coastal Maine. The Creative Woman mysteries feature Shannon McClain, a crafter who specializes in one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry in Apple Grove, Oregon.

  40. Have just finished number 7, Rag Doll in the Attic, these books are so well written, it’s amazing that there are so many authors involved and keep the details and timeline true. I am not usually a fan of this type of book, but the first one caught my attention and I was hooked!! The attention to small town life, craft nuance and emotional detail is so addicting!! I will certainly miss these books, but hope the last one will answer the question about Annie and Ian, he is so every woman’s dream of the perfect mate. I have also started the Creative Woman series and have to agree, it’s a great series, read in Chronological order, I started number 4 and realized I had missed 2 and 3!! Too much missing information!!!

  41. The last two have arrived.

    #29 The Legacy in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson

    #30 The Ring in the Attic by K.D. McCrite (which is probably a hint as to how things turn out with Annie and Ian…)

  42. I have read all of the 30 books and have enjoyed them very much . Congratulations to the writerswho have woven the characters of these 30 books to make it so interesting to read. I hope Annie and Ian have a full life together.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Nellie P, how fortunate that the authors of the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series knew when the series was going to finish, rather than what happens to a lot of our authors who are dropped from their publishers, which in turn leave the faithful readers just wondering what might have happened.

  43. Thanks for listing all of the Annie Attic Mystery Series. My mom was reading them & then she passed them to me when I visited her. She has since passed away & I have been trying to find the rest of the series. Thank you so much.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Martha, how nice that your mom passed the books on to you. What a great way for you to reconnect with her, enjoying them while knowing that she enjoyed the series so much.

  44. I have read the first two books of Annie’s Attic and enjoyed them. My library could not find the other series. Now I know, because of the different authors. So now thanks to this site I can ask my library to recieve these for me inter- library loan . HAPPY AM ME!

    • I am so disappointed that this series has ended.I wish that there was a website we could go to so we could tell the people who started the series that they should continue this series. There are so many story lines that could be explored. Don’t these people realize when you have such a successful series that readers will not abandon this series??? There are so many authors to contribute to this series. Please re consider continuing this series!


    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      I’m sorry, Ann, but I don’t know the exact year the first Annie’s Attic mystery was published. I think it ended with book #30.

      • Last book in this series is number 30…The Ring in the Attic by KD McCrite…it was written a couple of months ago and I’ve already ready read it. There is a new series available through Annie’s and it is The Creative Woman series…set in Oregon and again has a group who like to solve mysteries…the first book is Strands of Fate and so far there are nine out that I’m aware of.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Thank you, Bev, I have a page up for the Creative Woman Mystery Series, but so far I only have the first seven mysteries’ titles in the series. (I know the authors of the eighth and ninth books, just not the titles. I don’t even know how I did that!)

          • Book 8 is Guilty Treasures and Book 9 is A Tangled Yarn. I’m waiting for my mother to read this book so she can pass it on to me. At the end of each book is the first chapter of the next book.

            • Danna - cozy mystery list :

              Thank you so much, Bev S. I just added the two titles to the Creative Woman Mystery Series page. (That’s really neat that both you and your mother read the same books. The reading for pleasure skipped a generation in my family. I don’t ever remember my mom reading a book… and I mean EVER!)

  46. There is a new series, Patchwork Mysteries. I’ve gotten the first one and the second Raven Threads is in the mail. Cool thing is that each book has a sampler piece for you to quilt at the end of the book. When the series wraps up, you will have a quilt “designed” by Cotton and Grace the heroines of the series. I love this series already. More than the Creative Mysteries series which I am reading but for some reason, I’m not as attached to those characters as these. Anyway, looks to be a great new set of books!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Virginia F, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the Patchwork Mystery Series. You might want to take a look at the Patchwork Mystery Series page on the Cozy Mystery site. So far I show that there have been 27 published.

      • The “Patchwork Mystery” list you have is not the same one that Virginia is referencing. “A Patchwork Murder” is part of the Annie’s Quilted Mysteries series (

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Cordelia, thank you for the information about the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series. I had no idea that Annie’s was putting out another mystery series. (I’m going to go write a comment back to Virginia F, since I clearly was talking about an altogether different mystery series.

          Thanks, again!

      • Hi!

        This is a different series. The first book is called “A Patchwork Murder”, the second is “Raven Threads” Just pulled my book and the series is called Annie’s Quilted Mysteries.

        Hope this helps.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          Thank you, Virginia F, for the information. Cordelia just sent us the site, and it looks like a really good mystery series. (Book #3 is A Midsummer Night’s Seam by Rachael Phillips and book #4 is Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly.)

      • Danna: The Patchwork Mystery Series you have in your link above is for the series by Guideposts. Annie’s Publishing has their own quilting mystery line, called Annie’s Quilted Mysteries. This is a new series.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list :

          K.D. McCrite, I see you wrote the second Annie’s Quilted Mystery >>> Raven Threads by K.D. McCrite. Congratulations!

          • Thanks, Danna! It was great fun to write, but the only one I am writing for this particular series. (Many irons in the fire for me these days.) And rest assured, Annie’s Publishing will continue to offer you fine mysteries for many years to come. –kd

  47. I’m absolutely frothing at the bit for the Postman to deliver “Raven Threads”. Finished my sampler piece from “A Patchwork Murder” so cannot wait to see what piece we are quilting with “Raven Threads”. I really think that the sampler quilt that corresponds with the books in the series is an absolutely brilliant idea!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Virginia F, what a clever idea they have regarding having different samplers in each mystery book that will later be connected. That’s neat!

  48. Finally, received KD McCrite’s “Raven Threads” in today’s mail. Cannot wait for quiet time tonight to start reading it!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Virginia F, that’s the one bad thing about book clubs where you have to wait for the next installments. Have fun reading!

  49. Just finished “Raven Threads” — it was absolutely fabulous. As always, they end long before I want them to. Plot lines have been resolved as they should be but I’ve just enjoyed them so much that I hate to see them come to a close.

    I really do like these characters much better than the Creative Woman Mystery series and I’m not quite sure why. These characters are much like the characters in the Annie’s Attic Mystery series in that they endearred themselves to me instantly. It’s a much slower process with the Creative Woman Mystery characters. I’m puzzling over why that is the case and have no concrete reason. Personal tastes, I guess.

    At any rate, I have my sampler block left to sew and than eagerly await the next installment in the series.

    Happy reading everyone!

  50. Thank you so much, Virginia F, for the good words about Raven Threads. I am so glad you liked it! Good luck with your quilt. I hope it turns out beautifully.


  51. I just found this page while killing time on Google (when I should be writing). It brightened my wintry day. How lovely to see folks who enjoyed the Annie’s series and now Annie’s Quilted Mysteries. I didn’t work on the Creative Woman series, but I’m sure it’s lovely too. These stories have been such fun to write, so it’s always great to see them well received.


    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thank you for stopping by, Jan Fields. I’m glad you were killing time on Google!

    • Good Morning Jan!

      Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for laying out the characters in the Quilted Mysteries series so well. For me, at least, you got the series off to a fabulous start! I immediately bonded with the characters and love that the series is located in Massachusetts (even though I’m from Nebraska). I love the history of Massachusetts. At any rate, loved the flow of the book and how the new characters were introduced to us. Tying a sampler quilt with each chapter of the book was a sensational idea. Hope to read more of your work on this series soon!

      I’m definitely chomping at the bit for the next book in this series to be shipped to me.


  52. Aw, thanks. Wait til you get K.D.’s book (I’m pretty sure it’s #2) — it’s fantastic.

    • Hello Jan!

      I’ve read “Raven Threads” and it is absolutely fantastic! Hoping that the third book gets shipped to me soon.


  53. How do I go about getting the last 5 books of the annies attic mystery series…????Had to stop because of the $$$ situation … but would at least like to have the last 5 for my collection…really injoyed each and every one….thanks

    • Did you get them originally through Annie’s website and if so, you might try contacting them and I’m sure they would send the last five to you as a continuation as they are still offering them for sale.

    • You might also try eBay. I’ve seen some of the earlier Annie’s Attic books listed there.

  54. As ya’ll by now know, I love the Quilted books and the Creative Woman series is slowly growing on me. Just checked my account and book three in the Quilted Mysteries series, “A Midsummer Night’s Seam” will ship out to me on Friday. Absolutely cannot wait to get it in my hands and settle down to savor each and every word. Also, can’t wait to see what the sampler piece for this book will be.

    Hope everyone is well and happy!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Virginia F, Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series are in my next batch of authors I’m going to post. (It seems like it’s taking me longer and longer to stay organized!)

      You sure make these mysteries look gooood!

      • Truly, the Quilted Mystery Series has been absolutely fabulous so far (2 books in). I’m hoping that the rest of the books are just as good!

  55. I too was happy to come across this thread on this site, which I visit often. I wrote Book #13 in Creative Woman series, Deadly Garland (as Elizabeth Blair), and I hope you all enjoy it! I’m also working on two for the Quilted Mysteries. It’s great fun working with this publisher, editors, and the other writers.

    • Liz….

      How many books will there be in each of the two series….I think I read that there would be twelve in the Quilted Mysteries. I have the first nine in the Creative Woman series and know that I have several more on the way as my mother reads them and forwards them on to me….I think she said she has four in the one series and three in the other to send me….and I’m chomping at the bit to get them.


    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Liz, thank you for telling us the name of the last Creative Woman mystery. How neat that you enjoy both writing and working with all of the people who bring these mystery series to us!

  56. I’m loving the fact that the authors of these books are posting on this site! Great people write great books!

  57. Finished Rachel Phillips “A Midsummer Nights Seam” several days ago. Quite a good read with excellent character development. Written to keep you on the edge of your seat much more than Annie’s mysteries but not so much that the book is not enjoyable.

    If I had my choice of knowing the characters and living in one of the three locations (Maine, Massachusetts or Oregon), I would definitely choose Massachusetts and hanging out with Grace & Cotton!

    Happy early spring to everyone!


    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks, Virginia F, for telling us how good Rachel Phillips’ A Midsummer Nights Seam (from the Annie’s Quilted Mystery Series) is.

  58. Anymore it seems like I’m the only one posting ; )

    Anyway, for whatever reason, I was shorted 5 of the Annie’s Attic Mysteries. I’ve been ordering them one by one. Received Rag Doll in the Attic by Jan Fields Monday and I absolutely could not put it down until I had finished it. I’m pretty much that way with the Annie’s Quilted Mystery series too. The Creative Mysteries set just isn’t having the same effect on me. I read them and enjoy them but it is just a chapter at a time. Wondered if anyone else is having the same issue with them. I just don’t find them as riveting, the characters are just not as compelling IMO.


    • What Annie’s Attic titles are you missing, Virginia?

      • I was short “The Package”, The Map in the Attic”, “Rag Doll in the Attic”, “Boxed In”, and “Deed in the Attic”. Just logged onto my Annie’s account and they are shipping “Boxed In”. Once I finish that, I will ask them to ship “Deed in the Attic” and I will have the complete set. I’m not sure how it happened that I missed getting books 5-9. I didn’t know about this site at the time so I wasn’t aware that I was missing books.

    • Virginia….

      I’ve finished all of the Annie’s Attic series and they were riveting….as soon as I got one of the books, and often I got several at a time as my mother gets them and then she sends them to me when she is finished with them…and the same with the next two series….I would start the book and read it until finished. I just received four of the Creative Woman books, 9 – 12 and have been reading them pretty quickly. I have the first of the Quilt series, but haven’t started it yet. My mother says she isn’t as impressed with the Quilt series and has no real desire to read the new book as soon as it arrives. The characters in the Creative Woman series are fine, but not as riveting as the Annie’s Attic characters….they were like friends you might have….not sure why the second set of characters aren’t as friendly, possibly because they aren’t as involved in the story line as the characters in Annie’s Attic were. Can’t comment on the Quilted Mystery series, but hopefully the characters will be more involved in the story line.

      • Wow, I am SO glad to hear you say that Bev. I was afraid it was just me. I will be glad to hear what you think of the Quilting Mystery series. I immediately felt, just as with the Annie’s characters, like they were old friends.

        If I had my choice in moving to one of those three locations, it would be the Quilted Mysteries Massachusetts location, next I would want to move to Maine with the Annie’s Attic characters and my last choice would be Apple Grove, Oregon.

        The only character I’m not fond of in the Quilted Mysteries series is Emma’s aunt, Dottie Faye. She can be hilarious but a tad overbearing for my taste and her “South will rise again” is too over the top for me. I really like Emma, Kelly and, especially, Kelly’s mom, Maeve. I was in stitches when Maeve met up with the Medical Examiner as a favor for the two girls!!!

        I hope that you will like the series as much as I do. I was disappointed that there are only going to be 12 books in that series but figured that, since there is a sampler at the end of each book, there wouldn’t be too many books in the series. It does have me anticipating Annie’s next mystery series!


        • Hey, Virginia….

          I like the commentary you have on the characters in the Quilted Mystery series. I would pick Maine first ( it is close to my home-home….I grew up in Nova Scotia) and probably Massachusetts second….I’ve never had any inclination to live very far from the Atlantic coast. And yes, I’ll let you know what I think of the new set of characters.
          Another series of books that I read were the Cape Light series by Thomas Kinkade….the characters were like old friends…much like Annie and her friends. If you can get them at your library, you might try one of them….no mystery….just a nice book to read and one you could hand to a teen daughter without worrying about what she was reading.

          I’m thinking that maybe I can make the series of quilt blocks into a small sampler using a counted cross stitch technique….will wait until I see the patterns. I’m always looking for new things to do with cross stitch.

          Take care….Bev

          • Danna - cozy mystery list :

            Bev S, I have a page up for the Thomas Kinkade‘s and Katherine-Spencer’s (non mystery) Cape Light Series. Did you know that Katherine Spencer is Anne Canadeo, author of the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series?

            • Thanks for the information….I had no idea that Katherine Spencer had a pseudonym….but it doesn’t surprise me. Need to check this series out. Also need to check out any series dealing with genealogy as that is my driving passion.

              A couple of other authors that I’ve gone back and read again are Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney, and Victoria Holt. They all wrote Gothic Mystery books when I was a teenager….and always nice to read an old friend.


              • Danna - cozy mystery list :

                Bev S, if you haven’t already, you should take a look at the Genealogy mystery theme.

                • Danna….

                  I looked at it earlier today and think I’ve got lots of new reading material coming….my poor husband, he says I’ve always got my nose in a book….he should have known me when I was a teenager….I read like a fiend…

          • Hey Bev!

            Incorporating cross-stitch with the sampler blocks sounds like a fabulous idea! I used to love to cross-stitch but my occupation (upholstery/alterations/general sewing) lends itself to carpal tunnel and cross-stitch has my right hand fingers numb and screaming at me in about 15 minutes so I do very little of it these days. I’ll pick up and put down without being able to finish much.

            I’d love to read more — used to be a total book worm as well but these days, I’m doing good to keep up with the Annie’s books and our local paper. One more thing I hope to do more of when retirement arrives. Hubby says I won’t be able to stay retired but I think it won’t be a problem. LOL.

            Take care!


            • Hey, Virginia….

              When retirement comes, and we retired the end of 2012, you will wonder how you ever had time to work…there is so much to do, to catch up on and new things that you want to try.

              The first thing we did was take about a month and just relax…then we talked about various things that we needed to do….we want to paint the inside of our house, a couple of minor repairs, have done several things and then we purchased a new RV so we did a couple of trips last year, very local, and then we parked the RV on a friend’s farm so my husband and his buddy would have a place to stay during hunting season….now we are talking about a trip to Charlotte, NC.

              Another thing, we can stay up late and get up late….no more up at 0345 and at work by 0530….and we don’t miss work at all….amazing how the body can change to accommodate the times.

              I spent many years working in construction. An idea for your fingers, we did this at a cross stitch weekend one time….warm wax, wrap your hands in Saran Wrap…dip your hands in the hot wax three times, put on a pair of oven mitts, let wax cool and it comes off as a glove….the heat from the wax penetrates deep into the hands and you can really feel the difference in the fingers. I still do this if I’m stitching for a long time….my fingers get cold and lock up.

              I’m still a bookworm and feel there is nothing like the friends you make in a good book.

              Curious, where do you live we live in Beltsville, MD…about half way between Baltimore and Washington, DC…

              Take care….Bev

              • Danna - cozy mystery list :

                Bev S, I am guessing that the wax is not too hot and that it is a special type of wax, when you say hot wax…

                • Actually the wax is regular wax and is melted in a wax melting pot….hot enough to melt the wax but not to burn….I’ve seen kits at some of the stores that do crafting, but I’m not so lucky to own one,…I soak fingers in hot water for a few minutes.

              • Hey Bev!

                I know JUST what you mean about retirement. My husband retired Nov of 2002 and now he tells me that he just doesn’t know how he ever found the time to work. Of course now he does the cooking, laundry, most of the house work, groceries, bill paying and keeping me in check (that’s a big one fore sure). When we both worked, I did all that stuff plus working. LOL!!! Anyway, he’s a great guy as he knows just what to say or do. In addition to his retirement duties, he built a huge slot car track and spends his spare time running cars. I try to spend at least one afternoon a week in there with him as running those cars is an absolute hoot! Sometimes, I actually win but usually I take corners too fast and fly off the track — then get a small lecture about damaging the cars. Too funny! He also helps me out with my business A LOT. He runs the phones for me when I’m swamped or if I’m doing deliveries or in the middle of a dress fitting — he’s my number one fan for sure. I’ve come in on the middle of his end of the conversation a time or two and have been embarrassed at how complementary he is of my skills. He also carries anything heavy in or out of the house due to my having a medically reconstructed back (another long story). To keep the carpal tunnel down to a minimum, he does the tear-out on all my upholstery projects which is a huge help as the tool that gets staples out of chair frames rips me up in about 5 seconds flat. He’s a great help on tear out and I do pay him some for tear out (not nearly what he’s worth but I’m still pretty early in the home business game).

                We live in Grand Island, NE which is about 90 miles west on I-80. Pretty flat where we are. Not too much further west and you hit the sandhills which are actually breathtakingly beautiful. For 25+ years we lived either in Platte City, MO or Leavenworth, KS as we were both civilian employees at Ft Leavenworth, KS. The Flint Hills are just a tad west of Leavenworth (Manhattan) area and are also very pretty with some interesting rock formations.
                Had a bad couple of days getting my 85 year old mother in law moved from the hospital to a nursing home so I haven’t been very productive business-wise so I’d best get off of here and try to get something done today.
                Hope to chat more later!


  59. Sorry, meant to say that we are about 90 miles west of Lincoln, NE on I-80 and left out the Lincoln part so my original comment didn’t make too much sense.


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