August 2014 Mystery Book New Releases

The following Mystery Books will be released in August 2014:

Allyson K. Abbott (aka Annelise Ryan & Beth Amos): Murder with a Twist (This will be the 2nd in the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series.)

Ellery Adams (aka J.B. Stanley, Jennifer Stanley, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Murder in the Mystery Suite (This will be the 1st in the NEW Book Retreat Mystery Series.)

Laurien Berenson: Death of a Dog Whisperer (This will be the 17th in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series.)

Rhys Bowen: Queen of Hearts (This will be the 8th in the Royal Spyness Mystery Series.)

Elizabeth Lynn Casey (aka Laura Bradford): Taken In (This will be the 9th in the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series.)

C.S. Challinor: Murder at Midnight (This will be the 7th in the Rex Graves Mystery Series.)

Erika Chase: Book Fair and Foul (This will be the 4th in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series.)

Elizabeth Craig (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Riley Adams): Shear Trouble (This will be the 4th in the Southern Quilting Mystery Series.)

Bill Crider: Half in Love with Artful Death (This will be the 21 in the Dan Rhodes Mystery Series.)

Mary Daheim: Clam Wake (This will be the 28th in the Hillside Manor Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series.)

Kathi DaleyHaunted Hamlet (This will be the 9th in the Zoe Donovan Mystery Series.) (This is a Halloween theme mystery.)

Karen Harper: Shattered Secrets (This will be the 1st in the NEW Cold Creek Mystery Series.)

Allison Kingsley (aka Kate Kingsbury & Rebecca Kent): Extra Sensory Deception (This will be the 4th in the Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mystery Series.)

William Kent Krueger: Windigo Island (This will be the 14th in the Cork O’Connor Mystery Series.)

Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels): Death by Devil’s Breath (This will be the 2nd in the Chili Cook-Off Mystery Series.)

Dixie LyleTo Die Fur (This will be the 2nd in the Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot Mystery Series.)

Margaret Maron: Designated Daughters (This will be the 20th in the Deborah Knott Mystery Series.)

Edward Marston (aka Conrad Allen & Keith Miles): Inspector Colbeck’s Casebook (This  will be a Railway Detective Mystery Series collection of short stories.)

Nancy Martin: A Little Night Murder (This will be the 10th in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series.)

Terrie Farley MoranWell Read, Then Dead (This will be the 1st in the NEW Read ‘Em and Eat Mystery Series.)

Carla Neggers: Harbor Island (This will be the 4th in the Sharpe & Donovan Mystery Series.)

Kate Parker: The Counterfeit Lady (This will be the 2nd in the Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series.)

James Patterson & Michael White: Private Down Under (This will be the 7th in the Private Mystery Series.)

Louise Penny: The Long Way Home (This will be the 10th in the Armand Gamache Mystery Series.)

Spencer Quinn (aka Peter Abrahams): Paw and Order (This will be the 7th in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series.)

Kathy ReichsSwamp Bones (This will be a novella after the 16th novel in the Temperance Brennan Mystery Series.) (Not Cozy)

Ann B. Ross: Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day (This will be the 16th in the Miss Julia Mystery Series.)

Betty RowlandsThe Scent of Death (This will be the 13th in the Sukey Reynolds Mystery Series.)

Paige Shelton: If Catfish Had Nine Lives (This will be the 4th in the Country Cooking School Mystery Series.)

Georges Simenon: The Yellow Dog – aka A Face for a Clue (This will be an Inspector Maigret reprint.)

Alexander McCall Smith: Sunshine on Scotland Street (This will be the 8th in the 44 Scotland Street series. This is not a mystery.)

Alexander McCall Smith: Fatty O’Leary’s Dinner Party (This will be a Stand Alone novel. This is not a mystery.)

Leann Sweeney: The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim (This will be the 6th in the Cats in Trouble Mystery Series.)

Robert K. Tanenbaum: Fatal Conceit (This will be 26th in the Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi Mystery Series.) (Not Cozy)

Charles Todd: An Unwilling Accomplice (This will be the 6th in the Bess Crawford Mystery Series.)

Lauren Willig: The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (This will be 11th in the Pink Carnation Mystery Series.)

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(These are the mysteries by authors who are currently on the Cozy Mystery site.)


  1. Connie K. says

    Thanks Danna, for your wonderful site. There isn’t a day that I don’t visit it to see what’s new on your blog. I especially look forward to the new releases you post on the 1st of every month. Just thought I would let you know that according to Amazon, the Tami Hoag book, Cold, Cold Heart is being released on December 30th, 2014 instead of in August as originally thought.

  2. Stash Empress says

    Oh wow so many wonderful new books!!!! Can hardly wait to get ahold of the new Royal Spyness — I love this series so much!

    Thanks Danna for this wonderful site — your blog is the first thing I check daily! I’ve found so many great new books since I’ve been following your site — and of course reading all the comments feels like belonging to an amazing book club that meets in my own home every day!

  3. Sheila says

    Thank you Danna. What a great list for August. Thank heavens for the ereaders. You can store so many books on them. You just have to remember what you have and what you want to read. I buy the books with good intention of reading them and then another book comes out which I want to read first. Oh well, maybe I’ll get caught up with all my reading some day. Once again thanks for this great list and for all your hard work on this site.

    • says

      Sheila, I now have a folder on my Kindle with all of the books I want to try (new-to-me authors) and another folder with my favorite authors in it, as well as some other folders with my favorite authors’ books (since I’m way behind on them), and another folder… well, you get the idea… I have folders and folders of books that I intend to read, but I’m like you, it seems like there is always “another book comes out which I want to read first.”

  4. Linda C says

    Danna, What a great list for August!! The book by Ellery Adams looks good to me just from looking at the front cover ! It seems like it has been awhile for a Margret Maron book and a Dan Rhodes book.
    One of my regular libraries that I frequent has a new request program. Library patrons can make a list of favorite authors and when these authors have a new release on hand in the library the library will contact that patron.
    I think I will really like this program, especially since you Danna supply a new release list a month in advance. I have wanted the new Joanna Brady novel by J. A. Jance since it came out and have been on a waiting list this whole time. The last time I checked on my status for this book I was still number 33!!

    • says

      Linda C, welcome back! I have all of the monthly Cozy Mystery book covers on the site’s page for the New Mystery Releases, in case you would like to see them. I always enjoy seeing the covers, and hate to admit that they sometimes have a lot to do with whether or not I finally try a new-to-me author. (I know that sounds shallow on my part!)

  5. susy says

    Thanks from me, too! I really appreciate all your hard work. Cannot hardly wait for the new Bess Crawford!

  6. Marja says

    Danna, your note “(This will be the 8th in the 44 Scotland Street series. This is not a mystery.)” reminds me of a question:

    Has anyone else noticed that, once a mystery writer has made the “big time,” their books, instead of saying [TITLE] a mystery by [AUTHOR] suddenly say [TITLE] A Novel by [AUTHOR] …?

    That’s a head-scratcher. Guess it’s the old trope about needing to escape the “genre” ghetto to be considered a “serious” author. Even though one is still writing mysteries.

  7. Jerri says

    I enjoy scoping out your site every month (or more) and appreciate all of your effort in keeping us “cozy” folks up to date.

    Just curious – who are some of your favorite authors?

  8. Gerry says

    Just found your site and I am so excited! FYI, my search string was “sue grafton profanity?”. I was pretty sure I knew the answer, but that search brought me here. Looking forward to lots of shame-free reading – which I do anyway, but the searching time is surely cut down by your work on this blog. Thank you!

    • Toni says

      It looks like she has been busy with other stuff ;), but has not forgotten about jane. Go to her website at and she explains it.

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