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I have been receiving quite a few letters recently about recommending “Authors Similar to” other authors. I know how frustrating it is when you get to the end of a favorite author’s series, and wonder – what next?

Unfortunately, a lot of the time I get requests for authors who I don’t read. This of course, makes it impossible for me to recommend “Authors Similar to” that author.

Even if I am familiar with the author in question, I obviously am not familiar with all other Cozy Mystery authors. It is for this reason that I appreciate it when Cozy Mystery site readers, who are familiar with an author, recommend authors they think write in the same fashion. It’s great to hear from you ALL – whether I know the author in question, or not. The more similar authors, the better…

PS>>> I will be posting several new “Authors Similar to” pages very soon. Thank you – in advance – for your recommendations.


  1. Susan says

    So many people are reading / recommending Patricia Wentworth, that I just have to chime in with a ‘similar’ recommendation.
    Not in the least similar, character or plot-wise, but E. Phillips Oppenheim was writing around the same time, and writes the same sort of gentle, non-violent, non-profane mysteries. I really think any fan of older mysteries would enjoy these. (At least those I’ve managed to get my hands on so far.)
    He’s a recent discovery for me, and my favourite so far is ‘General Bessemer’s Puzzle Box’. An anthology of short stories, featuring a retired WWI general who lives in Monaco between the wars and solves problems.

  2. Anna says

    Sometimes story lines, plots, characters, etc. are so similar that I forget which series I am reading. For example, I just finished reading a Victoria Thompson/Sarah Brandt mystery but couldn’t help thinking I was reading a Rhys Bowen/Molly Murphy book. Two other series I have to take a double take on are the Charles Todd/Bess Crawford and the Jacqueline Winspear/Maisie Dobbs series. Sometimes I have to remember which character is married, who isn’t; who came from a privileged background, who didn’t, etc. But in the end, I like them all!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      This way, Anna, you get twice the reading fun for half the reading time! (I’m not sure that makes sense…)

  3. Treva says

    I loved Anne George’s “Southern Sisters” series. Unfortunately she completed only 8 before her death. I am also a big fan of Margaret Maron’s Deborah Knott series. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding similar authors?

    • Marja says

      Treva, I’m glad to hear that someone else liked Anne George’s books, too. I was very sorry to hear she had died. I read her last book first, and it told of her passing on the cover, so I went into the series knowing there wouldn’t be anymore.

      In some ways, Rita Lakin’s “Getting Old…” books remind me of Anne’s books, although they’re very different at the same time.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Treva and Marja, you are in good company!

        Anne George is a favorite of a lot of us. Here is an “Authors Similar to Anne George” entry.

        Also, here is an entry about Anne George’s excellent Southern Sisters Mystery Series.

        It really is a shame that there are so few books in her series. A lot of times, when I read the eighth book in an author’s series, I am ready to call it quits because of the predictability and repetetiveness. Not so with the antics of Mouse and Sister!~

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