Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series, Hotel Mystery Series and Boarding House Mystery Series:

This Bed & Breakfast Cozy Mystery Theme also includes mystery series that take place in boarding houses and hotels:

Claudia Bishop: The Hemlock Falls Mystery Series features Sarah Quilliam, the owner of an inn and Meg Quilliam, the chef at the inn, and is set in New York.

Bill Crider & Willard Scott: The Stanley Waters Mystery Series features an ex-weatherman who now operates a B & B in Virginia.

Jill Churchill: The Grace & Favor Mystery Series is set in 1930s New York and features Robert and Lily Brewster, a brother and sister who live in the boarding mansion of that name.

E. J. Copperman: Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series… New guesthouse owner on the Jersey shore has two “uninvited” (ghostly) guests.

Tina Czarnota: Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series… Trina runs the Tudor Grove Inn while sleuthing.

Mary Daheim: The Hillside Manor Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series features the owner of the Seattle B&B.

Cynthia Gallant-Simpson writes the Deadly Mystery Series, which features a British expatriate who inherits an inn in Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Jean Hager: The Iris House Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series is set in Missouri and features the owner of that B&B.

Heather Horrocks: The Who-Dun-Him-Inn Mystery Series stars the owner of a mystery-themed hotel.

Kate Kingsbury: The Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Series takes place in the very early 1900s, is set in England, and features the hotel owner.

Karen MacInerney: The Gray Whale Inn Mystery Series takes place in Maine and features the inn’s owner, an ex-Texan.

Charlotte MacLeod:  The Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn Mystery Series features Sarah, the owner of a boardinghouse in Boston.

Ruth Moose: The Beth McKenzie Mystery Series, starring the owner-operator of the Dixie Dew Bed and Breakfast.

Tamar Myers:  The Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series features the owner of a Mennonite Inn.

Tim Myers: The Lighthouse Inn Series features the owner of the inn in North Carolina.

Rose Pressey: The Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery Series features the owner of a hotel in Kentucky.

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  1. Who is that lady writer who writes about the tea shop she owns?

  2. Hi Collette,

    I am guessing that you are thinking of Laura Childs. She writes the Theodosia Browning Mystery Series which features a Charleston Tea Room Owner.

  3. E.J. Copperman has a new series about a haunted guest house. The first book in the series, “Night of the Living Deed,” will be out in June.

  4. Thanks for telling us about Night of the Living Deed, Sue.

  5. Author – Maeve Binchy is not necessarily a cozy writer, but definitely produces good stories and wonderfully drawn characters without resorting to explicit sex and profanity.

    Some of her books: Tara Road, Evening Class, Quentins, Scarlett Feather, The Copper Beech, Whitethorn Woods, Night of Rain and Stars, Silver Wedding, The Lilac Bus, Light a Penny Candle, Heart and Soul and many others.

  6. Thanks, S., for mentioning Maeve Binchy. She already has a page on the Cozy site, although I do tell readers she doesn’t write mysteries. But, I see from your list that I have to update her page.

    Thanks, again…

  7. Thank you for this website !!! I use it regularly to find new authors !!!

  8. Welcome, Traci! I’m glad you found us…

  9. Hi. I know this is a long shot, but I’m trying to find a series of mysteries that I read a few years back. I remember that the lead character ran her own bread and breakfast. There was also a guy that lived on her property who helped her solve her cases.

    • Leslie, I just posted your question on today’s entry. Hopefully someone can come up with the author who you are looking for…

    • Leslie, I believe its the ” Gray Whale Inn” Series By Karen MacInerney. they take place at a bed and breakfast called the “Gray Whale Inn” in Maine and the guy lives in the guest house out back – who is a police officer and her maintenance man.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list :

        Amanda, thank you for the information about the Gray Whale Inn. I love it when someone comes up with answers…

  10. I am looking for a series of books about an innkeeper in Scotland. They are very similar to the Goodhind series but the locale is different and the ghost is more active.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      mk, I sure hope that someone is able to come up with the Scottish innkeeper ghost-themed mystery series you are looking for…

  11. Hi Danna and all I keep looking at your site every day now and thought I would tell you about a GREAT TRILOGY [not mysteries but DEFINITELY COZY] called LADYBUG FARM. 3 BOOKS IN ALL BY DONNA BALL AND I HAVE READ THEM ALL SEVERAL TIMES – about 3 friends who buy a decrepit old house and restore it. A FANTASTIC SERIES and because I LOVE OLD HOUSES IT WAS PERFECT so give them a try – well worth it. I WILL KEEP CHECKING regularly for new authors. take care judy

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks, Judy, for telling us about Donna Ball‘s non-mystery cozy, the Ladybug Farm trilogy. When I was looking this up (to see if the two Donna Balls are one and the same – which “they” are), I found that she released her fourth Raine Stockton Dog Mystery in e-form a few months ago…

  12. Maeve Binchy passed away I will miss her charming books…

  13. There is a series set at an inn (Rose something). The owner is a widow, male friend is a gardener/handyman with whom she is at odds most of the time. Think it’s set in NW, but not sure. Can’t remember characters or author’s names.

  14. does anyone know the name of a book about a lady who opens up a B&B and has problems with a couple of the neighbors and a judge makes the form a bookclub and they end up solving the murder of a Chinese cook who loved his chicken plus they become friends? I loved this book but i cant remember the name

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