Cozy Mystery Books Recommendations – February 2013

Oh my gosh! It’s the last day of February, and I forgot the monthly Cozy Mystery Recommendations! Good grief! Where have I been?!? In all fairness, I will say that the end of February sometimes catches me off balance. I mean, let’s face it, twenty eight days? (Even to me, that excuse is VERY lame!)

Please tell the rest of us about a few of your very favorite Cozy Mystery reads of February 2013. These authors should be authors who have written mystery books that you absolutely have GOT to tell the rest of us about. The books/series should be those mysteries that you absolutely loved reading this month. Please include WHY you enjoyed these authors.

I will add the recommended authors to this entry as they come in. (Please do not tell us about the authors you did not like.) Thank you!

What Cozy Mystery book (or author) have you read during February 2013, and why did you enjoy it (or him/her)?

Here are the current authors who some of you have read this past month, and wanted to tell the rest of us about:

Lucy Arlington (Jennifer Stanley & Sylvia May): Novel Idea Mystery Series

Maggie Barbieri: Murder 101 Mystery Series

Kerry Barger: The Story of Lataine’s Ring

Christy Barritt: Squeaky Clean Mystery Series

Josie Belle (aka Jenn McKinlay & Lucy Lawrence): Good Buy Girls Mystery Series

Sheila Webster Boneham: Drop Dead on Recall

Rhys Bowen: Molly Murphy Mystery Series

Susan M. Boyer: Lowcountry Boil

Laura Bradford (aka Elizabeth Lynn Casey): Amish Mystery Series

Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who ***** Mystery Series

Simon Brett: Fethering Mystery Series

Emily Brightwell: Mrs. Jeffries Mystery Series

Duffy Brown: Consignment Shop Mystery Series

Lucy Burdette (aka Roberta Isleib): Key West Food Critic Mystery Series

Erika Chase: Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series

G. K. Chesterton: Father Brown Mystery Series

Laura Childs: Scrapbooking Mystery Series

Peg Cochran (aka Meg London): Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series

Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell): County Cork Mystery Series

Elizabeth Craig (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Riley Adams): Southern Quilting Mystery Series

Philip R. Craig: Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series

Deborah Crombie: Kincaid & James Mystery Series

Waverly Curtis: Barking Detective Mystery Series

Mary Daheim: Emma Lord Alpine Mystery Series

Lila Dare (Ella Barrick & Laura DiSilverio, & Joanna Campbell Slan): Southern Beauty Shop Mystery Series

Carola Dunn: Cornish Mystery Series

Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

L. A. Frazier: Back on the Market

Erle Stanley Gardner: Perry Mason Mystery Series

Anne George: Southern Sisters Mystery Series

Sue Grafton: Kinsey Millhone Mystery Series

Stephen F. Havill: Posadas County Mystery Series

B. B. Haywood: Candy Holliday Mystery Series

Lee Hollis: Hailey Powell Food & Cocktail Mystery Series

Hazel Holt: Mrs. Malory Mystery Series

Sofie Kelly: Magical Cats Mystery Series

William X. Kienzle: Father Koesler Mystery Series

Mary Lou Kirwin: Librarian Mystery Series

Rita Lakin: Gladdy Gold Mystery Series

Victoria Laurie: Psychic Eye Mystery Series

Liz Lipperman: Clueless Cook Mystery Series

Anna Loan-WilseyHattie Davish “Have Typewriter Will Travel” Mystery Series

Karen MacInerney: Mother’s Day Out

Charlotte MacLeod (aka Alisa Craig): Peter Shandy Mystery Series

Ada Madison (aka Camille Minichino & Margaret Grace): Sophie Knowles Mystery Series

Mary Jane Maffini: Charlotte Adams Mystery Series 

J. J. Murphy: Algonquin Round Table Mystery Series

Stuart Palmer: Hildegarde Withers Mystery Series

Louise Penny: Chief Inspector Gamache Mystery Series

Rick Riordan: The Red Pyramid

James Runcie: Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

Mark Schweizer: Liturgical Mystery Series

Connie Shelton: Samantha Sweet Mystery Series

Evelyn Smith: Miss Melville Regrets

Josephine Tey: Alan Grant Mystery Series

Suzi Weinert: Garage Sale Stalker

Lois Winston: Revenge of the Crafty Corpse

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  1. Lauren S. says

    I’m a little behind on my reading, I am still reading from the January 2013 recommended list, but I just finished : JJ Murphy, A Friendly Game of Murder. One of the most fantastic cozys I’ve read in a long time. This is a wonderful book, HILARIOUS and satirical. It is set during prohibition, and a suspected smallpox outbreak leaves the main characters, a group of famous writers (including the one and only Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), stranded at the Algonquin Hotel during a snowstorm—with a murderer on the loose of course!!!! This book was so great I am going back and reading the first two books from the series (This one was the 3rd). Please read, you wont regret it!!!

  2. Elaine says

    I read quite a bit this month and enjoyed all the following:
    Iced Chiffon – Duffy Brown –The first in the Consignment Shop Series – this was a great quick moving cozy with great characters and funny episodes. Can’t wait for the next in the series.
    Drop Dead on Recall Sheila Webster Boneham -I really enjoyed this first in a series as it takes place at a dog show & I used to show dogs so I could relate well to the storyline. Hope there will be more to follow.
    Allergic to Death – Peg Cochran – another first in series – Gigi runs a gourmet delight business where she supplies 3 meals a day to her customers. One of her customers dies after eating her meal. Good cozy mystery.
    Dial C for Chihuahua – Waverly Curtis – I laughed through most of this book. Pepe the dog talks and helps Geri solve the murder. It was done well.
    Garage Sale Stalker – Suzi Weinert – This might be more than a cozy with lots of garage sale info. A lot of suspense but entertaining and you don’t want to put it down. Looking forward to more by this author.
    Death of a Kitchen Diva – Lee Hollis – Hayley is a food columnist that gets involved in a fellow columnist murder. Really enjoyed it.
    I would recommend all of the above.

    • Diana says

      I have only read one of these. I love Iced Chiffon. I cannot wait until the next in that series. I will try some of the others listed. Thanks Elaine.

  3. Carrie says

    Here is my list for February:

    Guns in the Gallery by Simon Brett – Carole and Jude solve another mystery in Fethering. I think this is #14 in the Fethering series. They are great fun to read and Carole and Jude are in top form in this one.

    Mrs Jeffries Takes a Second Look by Emily Brightwell – This is an omnibus edition of books four to six in this series (Mrs Jeffries Takes Stock, Mrs Jeffries on the Ball and Mrs Jeffries on the Trail). This is one of the few mystery series of books that I’ve read out of order, mainly because the early books are hard to find and too expensive when I do find one. These omnibus editions (they have already issued books #1 to #3 and are going to issue books #7 to #9 later this year) are wonderful and are filling in the gaps in my collection. If you like period mysteries, you will like this series.

    The Cat Who Knew Too Much by Lilian Jackson Braun – I don’t usually read animal themed cozy mystery books, however, this one was given to me and so I read it and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I became engrossed in the story and I liked the way the author didn’t over emphasize the physic cat element but let it enhance the story where necessary. I’m not sure whether this one book will convert me to animal themed cozies, but it has as least made me more receptive to them.

    Murder Makes Waves by Anne George – Mary Alice and Patricia Anne’s vacation is spoilt by an untimely murder so, of course, they have to investigate! This series of books are great fun to read, the mysteries are clever and convincing and the sisters are, as always, hilarious.

    The Secret of Father Brown by G K Chesterton – The Father Brown series of books are classics and if you haven’t read any I highly recommend them. They are a joy to read as this gentle and unassuming priest solves murders and catches the criminals.

    Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford – I bought this book because of all the recommendations on your blog page and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved finding out more about the gentle Amish people and the mystery was neatly executed. However, there were some plotting issues that rather spoilt the ending for me. I’ve already ordered the second book in the series so I’m really hoping the same issues don’t happen again.

    Getting Old is a Disaster by Rita Lakin – Gladdy Gold is back in Miami again just in time for a hurricane! In this book she, and her trusty team of sleuths, solve two mysteries and one of them is over 50 years old. I love Gladdy Gold. If you like a good mystery with humor and pizzazz then try this series … you won’t be disappointed!

    • Wakar says

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anne George’s books. Started out reading the first one on my commute to and from work but had to stop as the other passengers on the bus were trying to sleep and I couldn’t stop laughing out loud.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Wakar, Anne George’s Southern Sisters Mystery Series is one of my very favorite series. They are terrific!

  4. MJ says

    I read several enjoyable books this month.

    Karen MacInerney – ‘Mother’s Day Out’. This is a new novel for Karen MacInerney. She doesn’t say whether it is the first in a series, or just a ‘stand alone’ (but does call it a ‘novel’). This book, set in Austin Texas, has a bizarre start and I might not have stayed with it beyond the first 50 pages if I didn’t have so much respect for this author. I am so glad I continued. Margie Peterson (wife and mother of two) takes a part-time job with a ‘questionable’ PI agency. In the course of investigating a wayward husband, there is a murder which she feels ‘obligated’ to solve. This is a very character driven book. These characters are complex, interesting, and sometimes humorous. Her relationship with her husband is complicated and surprising. There are many twists and turns to the plot and I never came close to guessing the identity of criminal. The author employs a lot of creativity with witty writing in the story.

    I love the Gray Whale Inn series by this author. This book is far different, but still enjoyable. I hope she is able to develop it into a series. One really would like to follow the characters and subsequent subplots. The other thing I wanted to mention is this book is totally self-published by MacInerney (I think Midnight Ink publishes her Gray Whale Inn series).

    Hats off to an author who goes through all the effort to accomplish this! I checked to see what libraries have it and this book is only in four libraries in the US. I imagine a problem with self-publication is the marketing angle, including getting it into libraries. However, it is available on Kindle and Nook at a relatively cheap price of $3.99.

    Lois Winston – ‘Revenge of the Crafty Corpse’. Danna, this is the third book of the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery series and I noticed it isn’t on the list of cozy mysteries. This book starts out very hectic and I felt like I had to catch my breath! But it does calm down after awhile and becomes a smoother read. This is a funny series with several zany characters (one is totally unbelievable). There are some ‘unrealistic aspects’ to the storyline, but all-in-all the mystery is highly creative (as it is in the previous two books). Anastasia writes craft projects for a magazine. In this story she is helping with arts and crafts in a retirement home/recuperation center where a murder occurs. The author has developed a complicated, yet supportive romantic relationship between Anastasia and a photographer (and NOT a policeman or detective!).

    Ada Madison – ‘Function of Murder’ This series is so smart and intellectual. The story is well crafted and well paced (which is why I really like it – it’s such a smooth and even read). The sleuth (Sophie Knowles) is a math professor at a Massachusett’s college. There’s plenty of drama with the characters and the interaction keeps the story moving, holding the reader’s attention. There’s several possible suspects for the murder of a prominent city official during graduation festivities. Also, subplots involve other student problems to resolve throughout the story. Although I haven’t read her other series (Margaret Grace – Miniature Mystery series), this is obviously a gifted writer/author who knows how to tell a story, with much attention to detail. Don’t be ‘turned off’ by the math professorial connection. I’m NOT a math (or science) person, but it is very relatable to my ‘level’. It’s an entertaining/easy read.

    Josie Belle – Deal to Die For. I thought I might like this book, but didn’t think I’d like it well enough to recommend it. I was very pleasantly surprised. Maggie Gerber (main character) is in the process of opening a second hand shop. The characters are so enjoyable and the story takes several unexpected twists and turns. The subplots/storylines are very engaging. There’s a murder and an attempted murder. The reader might suspect ‘who’ did it before the final chapter, BUT I bet the reader won’t figure out WHY. That was totally surprising!

    Beforehand, a prospective reader might think the story is a lot of fluff, whereas in actuality it is very intricate. It’s also a quick read, I had a hard time putting it down. As testament to how well I liked the book — I wanted it to continue and continue………

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      MJ, have you tried Ada Madison’s Camille Minichino mysteries? Those are the ones that first caught my attention of Ada Madison/Margaret Grace/Camille Minichino. I am now reading all of her Grace mysteries, and will follow those with her Madison books.

      • MJ says

        I haven’t read the Minichino books yet, but plan to do so. Originally I had been ‘put off’ by the technicalities of the series, but after reading the Sophie Knowles mysteries, I plan to start with the Hydrogen Murder. Although I haven’t read the Miniature mysteries yet either, I recommended this series to a friend who is a hobbyist in miniatures. She really enjoys that series (and she isn’t even a cozy mystery reader!).

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          MJ, I’m not a “miniaturist” nor am I a physicist-type of person, but I truly enjoy both the Miniature Mystery Series and the Periodic Table Mystery Series. I hope other people aren’t staying away from Minichino’s/Grace’s/Madison’s mystery series because they think the authors (really the “author”) is going to get technical. “They” are on my favorite authors list. I always look forward to reading “their” books.

          (This comment is one of the reasons I don’t like pseudonyms! They are GREAT when an author isn’t good, and the publisher doesn’t want you to know they write other series >>> that you might try reading UNLESS you know you don’t like one of the author’s pseudonyms! In this case, I like books by two of this author’s pseudonyms so much, that I am going to go ahead and read the other pseudonym’s books.)

  5. Patti S. says

    I have been reading the Hildegarde Withers mysteries by Stuart Palmer this month. These are old mysteries that were made into a series of movies that are shown every so often on The TCM movie channel. They really are good (the books and movie). I highly recommend them.

    • Lynn T. says

      Patti S.
      A few months ago, I was looking up information on Stuart Palmer. To my surprise I found he was born in Baraboo Wisconsin which is a small town near where I grew up. Stuart Palmer became interested in Sherlock Holmes as a young boy. When he went to check out The Last Bow at the library, it was checked out by Jack Boyle who wrote the Boston Blackie series. It surprised me that both writers were from Baraboo. I would hope that the town’s historical museum has a display or some mention of the two authors. Here is a link to the website where I read some history of the two authors.

      • Patti S. says

        Thank you, Lynn. I knew a little about him as they had a nice brief bio in the back of the books. I just loved these stories. I first saw the movies on TCM, and then decided to try and find the books. Several of them have been reissued by Rue Morgue Press. Thanks again for the info. Very interesting!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      (Patti S. – I love those old Hildegarde Withers movies! I have been lucky enough to catch all of the ones with Edma Mae Oliver when they have been shown on the TCM channel. Edna Mae Oliver, is (to me) a phenomenal Hildegarde.
      Murder on a Honeymoon -1935
      Murder on the Blackboard – 1934
      Penguin Pool Murder – 1932

      • Patti S. says

        I love them, too! Edna Mae Oliver made the best Hildegarde. Murder on the Blackboard will be on TCM in April. I am surprised these are not out on DVD.

  6. Judith says

    This month I read the 2nd book in the Southern Quilting Mystery series by Elizabeth Craig, Knot What it Seams. This is a small town cozy with quirky characters and a heroine who is having a little trouble actually relaxing in her retirement.

    I finally got around to reading the first book in Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s Southern Sewing Circle mysteries, Sew Deadly. This has been on my TBR pile for several years. Another small town mystery with a newcomer to town who needs to find a killer when she is accused of murder. Fortunately, she has recently joined the sewing circle and made some good friends who help her out. I’m looking forward to the rest of the books in the series.

    I also enjoyed Extra Credit by Maggie Barbieri, the latest in the Murder 101 series. Alison Bergeron is a professor at a small Catholic college, although this book is less concerned with the college than other books in the series as Alison gets far more involved with her husband’s ex-wife’s family than she expected.

    The Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley are a delight. While I really liked Speaking From Among the Bones, the 5th book in the series, there was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end which has me anxiously awaiting the next book.

    • Janet W says

      Agree with your opinion on the deLuce book.Flavia is adelight. I, too, can’t wait for the next.

  7. Janean says

    I read A Killer Read by Erika Chase, Buried in a Book by Lucy Arlington, and Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly. I have to say I really Love these three books, they kept me guessing all the way to the end! I also just finished reading Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke. I really love the series, the book was good, but a few things bothered me having to do with the back story of a certain woman in the series.

  8. Diana says

    I have been reading A Southern Beauty Shop Mysteries by Lila Dare. I have finished Tressed to Kill. I am now reading Polished Off and will start Dye Job soon. This is a great cozy about a beauty shop owner and her daughter that takes place in Southern Georgia. Quick and fun read.

    • MJ says

      I, too, enjoy the Southern Beauty Shop series by Lila Dare. Generally it’s a light and humorous read w/some precarious situations. Lila Dare is a pen name used by Laura DiSilverio. She wrote the first three books. The latest book, ‘Waved Good-Bye’ to be released next week, will be written by Joanna Campbell-Slan. She will now be using the pen name of ‘Lila Dare’. Diana, I don’t know if you followed the comments under the February 2013 New Releases blog, but we had discussed this change. Hopefully, it won’t affect the quality of the series, but these two are very different authors. I look forward to reading the next book to see if I can detect any differences. Minor changes in writing style won’t be a big deal to me, but major ones will.

      • MJ says

        OOPS! I meant to say it was discussed under the MARCH (NOT February) 2013 New Releases blog.

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Please let us know, MJ, if the transition from one author to another is a good one. I still can’t get over publishers (apparently) owning the rights to a character, and being able to change authors midstream…

      • Diana says

        I do remember reading that. I sure hope the newest book will be as good. Let us know.

  9. Andrea says

    I’ve been reading the Key West Cook series, the Clueless Cook series and am just finishing up my last library book in the pile: Death Loves a Messy Desk by Mary Jane Maffini. It has been a truely cozy month as I got a whole raft of cozies and became a blog reader this month. The library list still has 39 books on it and will re-activate on Monday. Happy March folks

  10. Lynn T. says

    The book I enjoyed reading the most this month was Buried in the Bog by Sheila Connolly. Maura Donovan honors the wishes of her late grandmother to visit Ireland. She flies to Ireland which was paid for my her Gran with the intent to stay about a week.

    What I liked most about this book was the story of a young woman finding her way in a new country. She arrives with little money and few clothes. The reader goes with Maura as she finds a new life in a country that she knew little about. She is drawn into the murder without planning on being involved. She is puzzled by why she is being drawn into other incidents that occur. It was a good read. It held my attention and I would murmur while reading “This is a good book.” Enjoyed the story along with the mystery.

    • Grams says

      I just read this book while at dialysis, and I really enjoyed it so much. Really looking forward to her next book in this series!

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Grams, it looks like you have found a very good way to spend your time at dialysis. You are in my thoughts.

  11. says

    Danna, I am continuing reading series of books. This month I have been concentrating on William Kienzle and his books about Father Koeller. Although the first book was published in 1979, I can’t remember having read any of them. Each novel seem to involve some aspect of Catholic doctrine in the post Vatican 2 era. His chief character deals with these problems in a credible manner while solving a mystery. I also read Deborah Crombie’s newest book. Her’s are a progressive look on police work and family life for her chief characters. I read Simon Brett’s latest Fethering book and then Hazel Holt’s most recent. I can’t help but compare the two with Holt’s books winners. Last but not least Mary Daheim’s “Alpine Xanadu” was its usual intriguing self. I am so grateful to my Nook as I am able to re-read some of my old favorites that I would not obtain from the library. I supplement my present day books with my Nook favorites. By the way, Kienzle wrote 26 books in this series, I am up to number 10.

    • linda c says

      Regina, When I first started to read the Father Koesler murder mysteries, I was a newly converted catholic and I enjoyed learning some of the parts of the book that tried to explain some of the catholic customs and teachings, especially some of the older customs and dogma. But then after awhile there got to be so much vulgar language in the books that I just didn’t continue on. I guess I didn’t want to know that the priest and the nuns were human beings with human flaws. Being brought up to hold the clergy in a higher place of honor I just couldn’t accept all this bad language coming from the priest. I really enjoyed Father Koesler and some of the other characters in the book but just couldn’t get past all the bad language.

  12. Sharon says

    Thoroughly enjoyed “Wrack and Rune” (Professor Peter Shandy Mystery). This series was highly recommended on this terrific blog. Thanks! Also liked “A Beautiful Place to Die” from the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series, as well as two firsts in new series, “A Lack of Temperance,” by Anna Loan-Wilsey and “Town in a Blueberry Jam,” by B.B. Haywood. Found them enticing enough to look forward future reading. Continuing the Perry Mason Mysteries by Erle Stanley Gardner. Lots of fun. Oh, the short story by Rhys Bowen, “The Face in the Mirror,” also mentioned in this blog was delightful.

  13. Lori says

    I am on the 7th book in the Psychic Eye Mystery series by Victoria Laurie. I absolutely love these books. Abby Cooper, the main character, is a smart, funny, and likeable character. The one-liners and author’s sense of humor cracks me up! It is a great cozy mystery series.

  14. says

    I recently came across a Carola Dunn cozy Manna from Hades (A Cornish Mystery). It’s set in the 70s which is when I lived in Cornwall.
    By the way I gave you a shout out on my blog today. I used your Blackbird Sisters Mystery List.

  15. ginger g. says

    Well I had not been reading much this month. I have been sick and basketball season is coming to an end. Softball and baseball seasons starting – reading be will more and spring break is in 2 weeks. Here is my list:
    1. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. It is a teen book but I like Rick’s books. I enjoyed this one and cannot wait to read the second one.

    2. Skeleton Letters by Laura Childs. I just love all her books.

    Those were the paperbacks

    Here are ebooks read on my kindle.

    1. Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt. It the first in squeaky clean series. I will be looking for more in this series. I liked it very much.

    2. Sweet Masterpiece by Connie Shelton. The first in Samantha Sweet series. I enjoyed it and will be adding this series to my list

    3. Headshots by Steven F. Havill. It is the first in The Posadas county where Bill is the under sheriff. I love this series.

    All 3 of these ebooks I got for free. I love that about my kindle and now I can find series to add to list.

  16. Sheila says

    Here are the books I read and enjoyed fo the month of February.

    1. D is for Deadbeat – Sue Grafton
    2. Low Country Boil, A Liz Talbot Mystery – Susan M Boyer
    3. Cat Trick – Sofie Kelly
    4. Town of Pumpkin Bash – B B Haywood
    5. Killer Librarian – Mary Lou Kirwin

    • Sheila says

      Janet Evanovich is teaming up with Lee Goldberg on a new FBI series. It’s about an FBI agent who always gets her man and a fearless con artist who lives for the chase. The first book is “The Heist” coming out June 28, 2013.

      • Patti S. says

        I was sad to read in the latest Mr. Monk book, that it was the last one that Lee Goldberg was writing. I really enjoyed this series and the TV show.

  17. Sous Z says

    I’ve been lurking for months and love the website. Thank you for the invaluable information. Because of this website, this past month I have read 1-7 Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache mysteries. I have one more and I will be done. I am sad about reading the last one. The character development and intriguing stories are a delight and joy to read. Very well crafted series!
    Also thanks to this website I read my first Mark Schweizer cozy The Alto Wore Tweed. What fun. It was laugh out loud funny at times. Pure glee. And the characters are truly likable and not predictable.

    • Wakar says

      I just discovered Louise Penny last summer. Read the first four books then decided to pace myself to one every six months until I get caught up…but it’s so hard! These are just great books, mystery or not. Well deserving of all the awards they have received.

  18. Eva B. says

    Just finished a book called BACK ON THE MARKET by LA Frazier. I loved it! The main character is in her 40’s (as I am) and I totally related to her. This was a funny, romantic, mystery. I highly suggest it.

    • Elaine says

      Eva glad to see your review for this book as I have been thinking of buying the ebook.

      ***this is the best book website***

  19. BB says

    These are the books I’ve read recently that I could recommend:

    Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey
    Good story of a boy’s disappearance and a con man convincing a doppleganger to purport to be the boy years later after a chance meeting. You can pretty well tell what has happened and why by halfway into the story, yet it’s still masterfully told and comes to a satisfying conclusion.

    Man in the Queue by Jospehine Tey
    I guess because I like method and order, I’m a sucker for police procedurals. Definitely liked this story of a man with no ID stabbed in a theatre line and Inspector Grant’s hunt for the murderer. Although I figured out a connection early on and knew they were somehow involved, the ending was still revelatory. Guess it proves that you just can’t be too careful.

    This was the third Tey book I’ve read and all three were “real” books. ‘Bout drove me batty flipping pages trying to find something I remembered reading and wanted to verify the “clue.” Kindle books have me totally spoiled this way since you just type in what you want to search for.

    BTW, more of Josephine Tey’s have recently been Kindlized:
    – Miss Pym Disposes
    – The Franchise Affair
    – Brat Farrar ($2.99)
    – Man in the Queue
    – A Shilling for Candles ($3.95 and another much higher version)
    – To Love and Be Wise
    – The Daughter of Time

    The Singing Sands is all that’s missing of Tey’s mysteries.


    An American Holocaust: The Story of Lataine’s Ring by Kerry Barger
    This is one of those “you should read” books. It describes the school explosion in New London, TX, that led to the chemical being added to gas that gives it that rotten egg odor to warn you of a leak. The author provides the stories surrounding the children, teachers, staff, and families up to and after this tragedy. Perhaps its more well-known in that part of the country, but I’d never heard of the disaster before and was so intrigued that I looked up the monument and museum on Google street view. If I’m ever in that neck of the woods, I’ll probably go by. Please note, this is the ONLY book by the author I recommend

    • BB says

      Oh, I meant to meant to mention that I noticed this week Amazon has been promoting “Bookshelf Favorites.” Apparently this is a “real book” version of their 100 monthly Kindle deals. The Bookshelf Favorites are reduced by up to 50% off.

  20. Wakar says

    I want to recommend “Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death” by James Runcie. This is a book of loosely connected stories. The main character is a thirty something vicar in a small English village and the stories take place over the course of a year. Not all of them are murders but most are. It really doesn’t get much cozier than this.

    I’m also reading “Miss Melville Regrets” by Evelyn Smith which is about a middle aged NYC upper crust woman who has come to hard times and ends up being a hired assassin. Lots of killing but it’s not gruesome at all and she’s actually a very nice person. The pace is a bit uneven but it’s an interesting change from the usual.

  21. says

    I love the Midnight Louie Mystery Series by Carole Nelson Douglas – and the Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins!