Cozy Mystery Books Recommendations – June 2013

Summer is finally here, and believe me, I know it! I missed writing an entry about summer officially starting, but take a look at our forecast:

Today it’s supposed to hit 100°, Friday sees us at a projected 102°, however, Saturday is supposed to be our scorcher at 104°. Thankfully, we’ll be cooling back down on Sunday (102°)! Yes, summer is upon us here in San Antonio. (I absolutely don’t know what people did before air conditioning!)

As July quickly approaches, it’s time for me to ask you all to recommend your favorite June 2013 Cozy Mystery book. This should be the book you read during this month that you want the rest of us to know about. (If you read more than just one Cozy Mystery that you loved, let us know about those.) Please tell us why you enjoyed the book (books). That way, the rest of us can decide whether your recommended Cozy Mystery is a book we would like to try.

[As usual, I ask that you don’t tell us about the books you read that you didn’t like.]

What Cozy Mystery book (or author) have you read during June 2013, and why did you enjoy it (or him/her)?

Here are the current recommended authors who some of you have read this past month:

Susan Wittig Albert: Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Mystery Series

Esri Allbritten: Chihuahua of the Baskervilles

Jenna Bennett (aka Jennie Bentley & Bente Gallagher): Savanna Martin Real Estate Mystery

Susan M. Boyer: Lowcountry Boil

Emily Brightwell: Mrs. Jeffries Mystery Series

Duffy Brown: Consignment Shop Mystery Series

Susanna Calkins: Lucy Campion Mystery Series

Kate Carlisle: Bibliophile Mystery Series

Carol K. Carr: Madam of Espionage Mystery Series

Erika Chase: Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series 

Laura Childs: Tea Shop Mystery Series

Blaize Clement: Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series

Peg Cochran (aka Meg London): Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series

Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell): Museum Mystery Series

J. J. Cook (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene): Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Series

Shelley Costa: You Cannoli Die Once

Philip R. Craig: Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series

Judith Cutler: Lina Townend Mystery Series

Krista Davis: Domestic Diva Mystery Series

Sharon Dunn: Texas K-9 Unit Mystery Series

Dorothy Eden: Darkwater

Janet Evanovich & Lee GoldbergFBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare Mystery Series

Anne George: Southern Sisters Mystery Series

Carolyn Haines: Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Series

Emma Jameson: Lord & Lady Hetherdige Mystery Series

Abigail Keam: Death by a HoneyBee (Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series)

Stephen King: Joyland (Hard Case Crime Mystery)

Allison Kingsley (aka Kate Kingsbury & Rebecca Kent): Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mystery Series

Sherry Lewis (aka Jacklyn Brady): Senior Sleuth Fred Vickery Mystery Series

Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels): League of Literary Ladies Mystery Series

Meg London (aka Peg Cochran): Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Mystery Series

Patricia MacDonald: Sisters

Charlotte MacLeod (aka Alisa Craig): Sarah Kelling Mystery Series

Susan Elia MacNeal: Maggie Hope Mystery Series

Mary Jane Maffini (aka Victoria Abbot): Charlotte Adams Mystery Series

Jenn McKinlay (aka Lucy Lawrence & Josie Belle): Library Lover’s Mystery Series

Katherine Hall Page: Faith Fairchild Mystery Series

Stuart Palmer: Hildegarde Withers Mystery Series

Nancy Pickard: Eugenia Potter Mystery Series

Spencer Quinn (aka Peter Abrahams): Chet and Bernie Mystery Series

Anne Rutherford: The Opening Night Murder

Joanna Campbell Slan: Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mystery Series

Dana Stabenow: Kate Shugak Mystery Series

Denise Swanson: Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery Series

Texas K-9 Unit Mystery Series

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  1. Margaret M. says

    I read the second book of my new favorite series; Consignement Shoppe Mysteries by Duffy Brown (Dianne Castell); “Killer in Crinolines” and as I expected it was wonderful. Laugh out loud funny, fast paced and clever. I love following around Reagan and Aunt Kiki while they get into perdicaments and chase the long list of plausable suspects. And of course there is Boone and the 17th Street Gang to add the spice. What a great new series and impossible to put down.
    I also read the newest by Krista Davis, “The Diva Frosts a Cupcake.” The Domestic Diva Mysteries is another favorite series. The regular characters were as colorful as ever. As always I love the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter and the side stories that compliment the mystery. This series is also fast paced and hard to put down.

    I did stray from cozies for one book but I have to mention it here. I started reading Stephen King in high school and read everything (I mean everything except for the Dark Tower Series) he wrote through the years. I only recently stopped reading his books, mainly because they became very lengthy and just too much (sorry Stephen).
    But my news paper did a story about a mystery he published called “Joyland” with a small publishing company called Hard Case Crime. In the article he mentioned wanting to try his hand at writting a mystery; but of course there was the signature Stephen King psycological twist, parinormal touch and of course a ghost. But as always this man can write. So riviting and it touched every emotion. I actually gasped several times and shed many tears. He really is a master of writing. There is a little “adult” language (but that doesn’t really bother me) but no graphic sex or gore. It is told by the main character today about something he experienced as a college age man in the 1970’s.

  2. MJ says

    Body in the Piazza – Katherine Hall Page

    This is an interesting/entertaining story. An Englishman Faith and Tom befriend is murdered in the beginning of the story. It is solved in the next to last chapter. However, most of the story centers around an anniversary trip that Faith and Tom take to Italy. Although enticing, this is somewhat a slow read because of all the narration/descriptions of the country, its arts, and history. The Italian jargon used also slows down the story as the reader stops to figure it out. The all new cast of characters (old characters remained home in US) are fun, eccentric, and bizarre. The plot has several twists as someone is sabotaging the cooking school bed & breakfast where the tourists are staying.

    Danna, I know you read this author and I hope you’ve read this book. I can’t figure out the final chapter. It is entitled, ‘Coda’, (no number) and is set many years later (perhaps as many as 15 or 20). All the other chapters are just numbered. Could this possibly be the final book in the series? That’s the way I saw it, but I would like to know your ‘take’ on it. I certainly hope not, but authors do end favorite series when they think they’ve exhausted the creative process for their stories.

    Aside (yet relevant): A few blog entries ago someone wrote they read at the Earlene Fowler website she was ending the Benni Harper series. However, when I looked at the site, I couldn’t find that at all. She says she’s currently writing a trilogy involving some of the same characters, but doesn’t actually state the quilting series is over. However, it wouldn’t be surprising because she has said maintaining creativity in a series is difficult.


    Cookbook Conspiracy — Kate Carlisle

    This series is always interesting mainly because of the diverse and complex characters. In this book, Carlisle introduces many new characters, leaving out several of the old characters. I did miss many of them because they are so enjoyable. This story is full of twists, turns, and a plot that originated several years ago. It centers on one of Brooklyn’s sisters and her friends who attended a Paris culinary school together. One of the renowned chefs is opening a new restaurant in San Francisco. Murder, blackmail, and treachery are all part of the mystery. These stories are the most enjoyable when this author involves both the main character (Brooklyn) and her boyfriend (former secret agent, Derek) working together to solve the mystery. When the author does this (and, she doesn’t always), it adds a far more appealing dimension/character interaction to the story.


    Mayhem at the Orient Express — Kylie Logan

    This is Kylie Logan’s new series. Because of several disagreements three residents (somewhat eccentric characters) to this Ohio island are ordered by the court to form a ‘literary club’. The first book they choose to read is, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. Due to a snowstorm that has left most of the island without electricity, they are forced to reside together in the bed and breakfast (w/generator) owned by the protagonist. The murder victim is the owner of a popular oriental restaurant. After a slow start, this story moves along quickly. It has parallels to the Christie novel (of course!) and Logan does a good job of paying homage to Christie’s book. I was surprised at the ending. I kind of figured out ‘who’, but didn’t figure out ‘why’ until the last chapter. Since this is the first of a series, the background of some characters is secretive/mysterious. Naturally, there is the possibility/probability of a ‘budding’ romance, too.

    Logan is a good storyteller (after all, not everyone can make buttons [subject of her other series] interesting!) and this new series is an engaging read. I’m really looking forward to the next book – too bad it’s probably a year away. Christie aficionados will like this book.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      MJ, I am way behind on my reading, so I’m not caught up with you. I do hope you’re hypothesis regarding Katherine Hall Page is wrong!

      I went on Earlene Fowler’s site and couldn’t find the information either. (I try to always substantiate information about an author before I post it.) Since I couldn’t find the information on her site, Marion was kind enough to tell me where I could find it. (She explains it in one of her blog entries.) Also, I wrote Earlene Fowler, and she wrote back substantiating the information.

  3. Judith says

    Like last month, several of the books I enjoyed this month were historical mysteries. I’ve raved about the Maggie Hope books by Susan Elia MacNeal before. This month I read the third book in the series, His Majesty’s Hope. In this one, she is undercover in Germany and her assignment involves getting information about a Nazi agent who happens to be her mother. These books really give you a flavor of what life was like during the war.

    Going back a little further in time, I read India Black and the Widow of Windsor by Carol K. Carr, the second in her Madam of Espionage series. After her adventures in the first book, India is a little bored just running her high class brothel so when Queen Victoria’s life is threatened, India goes undercover as a lady’s maid and travels to Scotland with the queen’s party. Note that despite India’s profession, these books do not have graphic depictions of sex.

    Another historical mystery I enjoyed was set in Restoration England. The Opening Night Murder by Anne Rutherford is the first book in a new series. While there is a mystery to be solved, the book is a fascinating story of how a girl survives when her married lover abandons her and her unborn child to follow Charles II into exile. There is more sex in this book than in the India Black, but it is not the steamy romance novel sex.

    I also enjoyed several contemporary mysteries. Kylie Logan started a new series, the League of Literary Ladies, with Mayhem at the Orient Express. Three neighbors who cannot get along are sentenced to join a book club and, along with the fourth member who joins the book club, discover the dead body of the owner of the local Chinese restaurant. The ladies are interesting characters and the hints that are dropped about the narrator character have me looking forward to the next book in the series.

    I also read Lowcountry Boil by Susan M. Boyer, the winner of the Agatha Award for Best First Novel this year. The heroine returns home after the death of her grandmother, only to be told by her brother, the chief of police, that their grandmother was murdered. As a private investigator, she is determined to find out what happened. Convoluted family issues, local politics, and the ghost of her childhood friend as the guardian angel of her island home complicate her search for the truth.

  4. ginger g. says

    I read six books this months. One was not a cozy.
    Here are the ones I recommend:

    1. Read and Buried by Erika Chase. It is the 2nd in the Ashton Corners. I love books about librianians. Waiting on No. 3.

    2. NIckled and Dimed to Death by Denise by Swanson. It is the 2nd in Devereaux Dime Store Series. I love her books both series.

    3. Mayhem at the Orient Express by Kylie Logan. It is the 1st in her new series. I loved it . Waiting on the 2nd.

    4. Chihuahua of the Baskervilles by Esri Allbritten. It is the 1st in the Tripping series currently. I love the paranormal in this and waiting on the next one.

    5. Trouble Vision by Allison Kingsley. It is 3rd in the Raven’s Nest series. I love books set in bookstore. I am reading this one, so I went ahead and put it on the list.

    Reading is on the back burner right . I am helping my dad around barn and other things. Also I am redoing my book list and fixing my building to put my books on shelves.

  5. Joshua says

    She may veer slightly from the cozy mystery bent but does anyone else read Dorothy Eden? I am, frankly, obsessed with her as of late. She is a writer in the vein of Victoria Holt and I read two of her books this month, one of which, “Darkwater,” is really a historical mystery I think. It is classified as romantic suspense/gothic but the heart of the story is a mysterious murder which the heroine spends the entire novel trying to solve. There are some romantic elements but they’re really secondary, and it is a clean book – barely more than a kiss or two and an embrace. I know Holt has come up here before so I thought I would recommend for those who like that sort of story.

  6. says

    Phew! I’m a Brit and we’re still waiting for summer to start, but I think I’d rather it stayed chilly than have to cope with temperatures in the 100s. I get very irritable when it’s too hot. How do you keep your sunny disposition?

  7. Sheila says

    My June reading list:

    A Murder at Rosemund’s Gate – Susanna Calkins
    Pros and Con – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. This was a short story or as I consider it an introduction to ….
    The Heist – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
    The Diva Frost A Cupcake – Krista Davis
    Mayhem at the Orient Express – Kylie Logan
    Trouble Vision – Allison Kinglsey
    Steamed to Death – Peg Cochran
    Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter – Blaize Clemens
    All good reads. What I like about them is that you don’t have to wait long for the action to start and then you cant’ put the book down.

  8. Donna says

    Sharon Dunn is a favorite writer and I read her newest novel, Guard Duty (Love Inspired Suspense). I usually prefer my suspense novels without love, however, her books are always enjoyable and inspirational reads so an exception is made for this genre. :-) This book is part of a series featuring K9 units and their human counterparts. Very interesting premise!

    I also read, and thoroughly enjoyed, an author you recently recommended as one of your favorites: Stuart Palmer. Now I’m off to download more Hildegarde Withers ebooks. They are wonderfully fun, very old-fashioned cozies with challenging mysteries. (I also reviewed one of the ebooks in greater detail on my website.)

    • Patti S. says

      Donna-I am so glad that you liked the Hildegarde Withers books, too. I watched the movies when they where on TCM and I was hooked! These are really nice mystery stories. I was so glad to read that they were available in e- book form. What a treat!

      • Donna says

        Patti S, I didn’t know about the movies! Maybe TCM will show them again and I’ll catch them next time around. Those old b&w mysteries are the best.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Donna, I just looked at my monthly Upcoming Television Mystery Movies entries and see that the last time a Stuart Palmer Hildegarde Withers movie was on was during April 2013. (That was the first month I posted the mystery movies.) I am guessing they’ll be playing another one soon. Here’s hoping!

      • Donna says

        ginger g, I will be reading them more often now that I’ve found this line of books. The K9 series is pretty interesting, definitely something different.

        • ginger g. says

          Donna they do that either in January and June, start series like k9 and goes for several months with different authors and sometimes the same author. Sometimes same characters I like that

  9. MJ says

    Since I finished this today I wanted to add it to the June list, especially since no one else has recommended it yet.

    Monument to the Dead – Sheila Connolly

    This is the fourth book in Connolly’s Museum Mystery series, set in Philadelphia. Nell, the lead character is president of a museum. I am so impressed with this story. It is multi-layered, smartly written, and very intellectual. It’s really like a puzzle, as the characters (and reader) try to fit together the pieces. There are several really good characters, with an emphasis on the relationship between the FBI agent and Nell.

    I don’t know how Connolly juggles all her stories. She certainly is prolific and doesn’t give up quality in the process. Previously I thought her new book earlier this year, ‘Buried in a Bog’ was amongst her best writing, but this book even surpasses that.

    The plot is original and imaginative as it takes the reader on a mysterious journey. It involves a famous actor from the past and the trust set up to maintain his artifacts. Some of the older trustees have died from questionable circumstances. I will give this book several stars for an ‘excellent creative mystery’!

  10. Julie F says

    I read Killer in Crinolines by Duffy Brown (one of my favorite series at the moment, can’t wait for the next book). I also enjoyed the latest Domestic Diva mysteries, The Diva Frosts a Cupcake by Krista Davis, and the first in a new series by Kylie Logan, Mayhem at the Orient Express. My favorite new find was the first in the Italian Restaurant series by Shelley Costa entitled You Cannoli Die Once. The book was as clever and funny as the title.

  11. linda c says

    Danna, I have read quite a few books this past month. Two were written by my favorites that just were not any good, but because I have really enjoyed all of the other books in those two series I will continue to read them both.
    But one book that I did like very much was “Bad Blood” by Dana Stabenow, a Kate Shugak novel. I absolutely love this series! I think there might have been one or two books in the series that I didn’t particularly care for as much but I still have kept on with the series.
    This book “Bad Blood” was exceptionally good. Without giving anything away from the book the ending of this book took me by COMPLETE surprise!! I did not see this ending coming, at all!!
    I hope the ending of this particular book is just a cliff hanger because, well, without giving anything away, I just do not want this series to end.
    Please, please, please, don’t let this be the ending of a wonderful series!!!

    • MJ says


      First of all, I’ve noticed that many authors have one poorly written book in a long series. I’m willing to bet that one of the books you commented, ‘wasn’t any good’, is the same book I read. It was awful. The normally vibrant protagonist just sat through this story, ‘thinking’ and drinking coffee. Usually in this series the main character finds herself in harrowing situations with plot twists and turns, as she is solving the mystery. Not this time – literally there is NO action. Luckily for this protagonist, she doesn’t have to move out of the thinking chair (w/coffee) to solve the crime. At the end, the criminal (which the reader can easily solve midway through the book) comes to her and a former detective (while they are ‘thinking’ and drinking coffee) and confesses because this criminal says, “I knew you’d figure it out”! Then the criminal calls his/her lawyer. So much for excitement! Usually the reader can count on some interesting side stories in this series. However, this time there’s only one and it is somewhat ‘blah’. This particular story is REALLY dumbed down and I felt it was written for a 10-yr. old. It took me a week to sl-o-o-o-o-g through this boring book. BUT, I’ll read the next book (if there IS another one) because the previous books in this series have been delightful/enjoyable. I’ll give the author a pass on this one. I would be absolutely SHOCKED if anyone recommends this particular book on this blog.

      Danna, please feel free not to post this if you’d like. I was so upset by this book I really wanted to ‘rant’ about it and Linda’s comments opened the door. I purposely didn’t give any ‘identifiable’ characteristics of the series (unless you consider drinking coffee a dead give-away!).

      • Patti S. says

        I bet I am reading this book right now. I must say that I am disappointed in this book, also. The rest of them have been very good. I am also having this problem with another author whose first five books were just wonderful. The past two, I did not even finish. I do not know what happened, but the stories just did not hold my interest and to me, were not as well written as the previous ones. I think I am going to pass on any future ones. There certainly are a lot of good books from the comments and posts above. I guess we all get to this at one time or another with some of the authors we like.

  12. says

    I finished two and will review on my blog tomorrow morning!

    Enchanted, Inc by Swendson and

    No One Lives Twice by Julie Moffett

    Both very solid stories–the Enchanted, Inc is paranormal and No One Lives Twice is contemporary cozy. Good stuff!

  13. Linda T says

    Ran into the library to find something new and found the books from Spencer Quinn, Chet and Bernie series. Wasn’t too sure since it was from the dog’s view but figured why not. Got three of them to start with in case I didn’t like them. Well, I loved them! I thought it was cute and funny. Went to get the last two and they were gone. Dog gone it. Now have to wait till they are returned. Can’t wait.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Linda T, I love Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie mysteries. I think their especially great for mystery readers who have dogs… and those who don’t.

  14. Sharon says

    I finally read the first of Emily Brightwell’s “Mrs. Jeffries” series, “Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues.” A light fun read with an historical setting. Also read a new author for me, Sally Goldenbaum’s “Death by Cashmere,” the first in the Seaside Knitters series. It was enjoyable, but not among my favorites. A favorite I did finish this month was Laura Childs new book, (#14 of A Tea Shop Mystery) “Sweet Tea Revenge.” I love this series. Being a tea drinker certainly adds to the enjoyment. But I also love the setting, the recurring characters I can respect and like and, of course, the mystery. The last book I finished is another favorite series. Um… seems like I have a lot of those! Philip R. Craig’s (Martha’s Vineyard Mystery #5) “Off Season.” This series is very appealing to me because, once again, I have come to love the characters and it is told from a male perspective which is unusual from many of the cozy series that I read. The main character had been injured in Viet Nam and again as a Boston policeman which forces him to take an early retirement. Still a cozy set in a small town, with not much profanity or exploitive sex, it does seem a bit more realistic in the few more violent passages, but not enough to make it less enjoyable for me.

    Again, I need to say how much I enjoy this site and thank you all for providing me with great recommendations.


  15. PamB says

    I am new (3 months) to this most wonderful blog so the books I’ve read are probably not new to all the other cozy readers. My favorite authors have died (Philip R Craig, William G Tapply, Robert Parker). Somehow I found this blog and am now finding some new authors I like.

    Have read:
    Murder Boogies with Elvis, Anne George. Read this series straight through and am sad I won’t know if Mouse ended up going on the RV trip. This series is such a fun read with wonderful dynamics between the sisters. Have decided I won’t read any more series straight through so I can enjoy them longer!

    No Place Like Home, Sherry Lewis. Second book in this series about a 73 year old sleuth. Enjoyed it until almost the end when a child molester entered the picture.

    The Family Vault, Charlotte MacLeod. Didn’t get any house work done as I had to see how this book ended. Suspenseful.

    The Drawing Room, Charlotte MacLeod. The second book in the Sarah Kelling mysteries. Great read. The ending really surprised me.

    I so appreciate all the book recomendations and the two blogs. I have a HUGE LIST of books to read now. Many thanks.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      PamB, I totally agree with you about: “Have decided I won’t read any more series straight through so I can enjoy them longer!” That’s exactly why I no longer read series all the way through. Unfortunately, because I try so many new-to-me authors in between, I am dreadfully behind with authors on my “favorite authors” list.

  16. Dannette F says

    I just bought a book entitled The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murder by Virginia Rich/Nancy Pickard. The title was what caught my eye so I decided to get it and just see what I thought of this new to me author. I am really enjoying this book and saw that I am actually reading book 4 of a 6 book series! I have now ordered the first two books and will start from the beginning. I would totally recommend getting this book and will have to let you know what I think once I get the other two read. The other books I have found delightful is the Beatrix Potter Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert. I Love how the animals interact with their humans and each other.

    • PamB says

      I have read all 6 books of this series and enjoyed each. These mysteries were an enjoyable read. Nancy Pickard did a great job of taking Virginia Rich’s character and writing the last 3 books.

  17. Noel says

    Thank you for this Great website!
    These are some of the cozie books I really enjoyed in June.
    I just finished all the books written by Jenna Bennett (the Savannah Martin mystery series) who also writes as Jennie Bentley as the nationally bestselling Do-It-Yourself home renovation mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime.
    I also loved Duffy Brown’s cozies about a niece and aunt with a vintage lingerie shop… And have preordered her new book due out tomorrow.
    Another series I loved was by Emma Jameson. There are three books in the series so far, about a lovely romance and intriguing mysteries in Scotland Yard.
    And check out the series about an organizer by Mary Jane Maffini, published by Penguin. I love Penguin Cozies.
    Happy Cozy Reading to Everyone! Noel

  18. Sharon S says

    I love the Lina Townend novels by Judith Cutler. Lina came from nothing, was taken in by Griff, her totally British and proper mentor, who happens to be gay, and she now learns about antiques for their gallery and their escapades to various antiques fairs. Along the way she learns proper vocabulary and grammar, which she keeps in her vocabulary book. Her biological father is a Lord and a scoundrel to whom she tries to teach nutrition and uses her divining skills to find expensive antiques throughout his part of the castle in order to keep him in champagne. Love it.

  19. Noel says

    Sorry, I mixed up Meg London and Duffy Brown…How could I do that?! Meg London is the author of the vintage lingerie shop and Duffy Brown writes about a consignment shop. They both feature heroines just dumped by their boyfriend or husband and a favorite aunt!
    Soooo many great books to read! Noel

  20. Shannon N says

    Just finished Bonefire of the Vanities by Carolyn Haines. Was one of the longer Sarah Delaney Books, but a quick read. The ending was a total shock. Can’t wait for Smarty Bones to come out on paperback so I can purchase that one.

  21. Shannon says

    Thank you, Danna for keeping your site going! I stumbled upon it several years ago. It’s wonderful that it’s still around. Cozies are my favorite. Your site has helped me choose new titles and try different authors. Great job!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Shannon, I have also found new-to-me authors from other Cozy Mystery readers. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the site.

  22. Elaine says

    Books read in June:
    Little Shop of Homicide by Denise Swanson. First in a new series – Dev comes back home & buys a shop. Her ex’s fiance gets killed and has evidence that makes Dev a suspect. I liked it.
    That Old Flame of Mine by JJ Cook – Another first in a new series. This was really a good read. Stella is a fire fighter and is in another town training firefighters. There is murder, a ghost & a secret from the past.
    Ready Scrap Shoot & Perfect Corpse by Joanna Campbell Slan – She writes such great stories. Kiki has so much going on in the first book that it continues into the second. I recommend that you read them together. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Book Line & Sinker by Jenn McKinlay – This is her library series and as always an easy read and fun.
    Sisters by Patricia MacDonald – This is a little more than cozy and full of twist and turns. Alex returns home after her parents are killed in a car accident. She is an only child until the family attorney gives her a letter from her Mom that reveals that she had a child when she was a teenager that she gave up for adoption. The baby was a girl so Alex sets out to find her sister. I highly recommend.

  23. Danna - cozy mystery list says

    Thank you, ALL, for your June 2013 Cozy Mystery Book Recommendations!