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Well, it’s right about the time of year when I start to try to get my holiday/seasonal mystery books accumulated… I live down here in San Antonio, Texas, and the weather just doesn’t cooperate with my seasonal cravings. I know from my past living experiences, that it is indeed the beginning of autumn… with leaves changing their colors, and a little chill in the air as you go about your morning activities. Not so here! We are experiencing upper 80s to low to mid 90s…. (I know it sounds like sour grapes that I would actually be brazen enough to “complain” about what people consider glorious San Antonio weather…)

I have already gotten out my fall candles that give the house an aroma of cinnamon apples and pumpkin spices… but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it! It’s about this time of year that I start relying on my cozy mystery authors to bring the “autumnal chill” into my life… since the only chill I feel around here is when I’m in the frozen foods section of my local grocery store.

We moved to San Antonio fifteen years ago, after having lived in places like Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska… (etc)  At the time of our “transplant” to this area, we were surprised by the lack of trees in the housing developments. It was as if the builders simply bulldozed down everything… so that they could put the houses as close to each other as they dared. So, it was left up to us to put the trees into our yards… We decided that the Monterrey Oaks were the way for us to go… they are basically an evergreen tree… only shedding their leaves for about three weeks each year. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how much I would miss the different colors of “normal” trees. (At the same time, I do remember the raking that was the cost of that beauty!)

Anyway, long story… to say this… I now rely on many different sources to get the feeling of the seasons I miss so much. And, one of the ways I go about getting my “fall-fix” is to read books that are set in the autumn. I may still be wearing short sleeves while reading my fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving) cozy mystery, but with my scented candles permeating the house, I can almost feel the chill of the night…

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  1. Stephanie says

    Seasonal cozies are wonderful! You’re absolutely right – they give the flavour of the season, even if you’re far from the seasons…

  2. says

    Thanks for the endorsement. I love seasons, and since I don’t have them down here, I rely on my cozy mysteries to provide the seasonal ambiance. My first fall/Halloween book that I have lined up for this season is Agatha Christie’s Halloween Party. I think that I might have read it years ago… hopefully not, since I am really looking forward to it.

  3. Martin says

    Danna – I thought you mentioned in an earlier blog entry that you kept a list of the books you read? Well, I guess you haven’t done that forever!

  4. *Susan says

    I’ve just re-read Lee Charles Kelly “Like a Dog With a Bone”. I know it will be under the dog mysteries, but it definitely belongs on the Seasonal / Fall mysteries list as well.

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