February 2013 Mystery Book New Releases

The following Mystery Books will be released in February 2013:

Avery Aames: To Brie or Not to Brie (This will be the 4th in the Cheese Shop Mystery Series.)

Lucy Arlington (aka 1/2 Sylvia May & 1/2 of Ellery Adams): Every Trick in the Book (This will be the 2nd in the Novel Idea Mystery Series.)

Lorraine Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & L. L. Bartlett): One Hot Murder (This will be the 3rd in the Victoria Square Mystery Series.)

Lawrence Block (aka Paul Kavanagh): Hit Me (This will be the 5th in the John Keller Mystery Series.)

Rhys Bowen: The Face in the Mirror (This is a story in the Molly Murphy Mystery Series.)

Alan Bradley: Speaking from Among the Bones (This will be the 5th in the Flavia de Luce Mystery Series.) (Actually, January 29)

Ellen Byerrum: Veiled Revenge (This will be the 9th in the Crime of Fashion Mystery Series.)

Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell): Buried in a Bog (This will be the 1st in the NEW County Cork Mystery Series.)

E. J. Copperman (aka Jeffrey Cohen): Chance of a Ghost (This will be the in the Mystery Series.)

Elizabeth Craig (aka Riley Adams & Elizabeth Spann Craig): Knot What It Seams (This will be the 2nd in the Southern Quilting Mystery Series.)

Deborah Crombie: The Sound of Broken Glass (This will be the 15th in the Kincaid & James Mystery Series.)

Stephen Dobyns: The Burn Palace (This will be a Stand Alone.)

Chrystle Fiedler: Scent to Kill (This will be the 2nd in the Natural Remedies Mystery Series.)

Amanda Flower: A Plain Scandal (This will be the 2nd in the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series.)

Joanne Fluke: Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (This will be the 16th in the Hannah Swensen Cookie Jar Mystery Series.)

Kerry Greenwood: Out of the Black Land (This will be a Stand Alone.)

B. B. Haywood: Town in a Pumpkin Bash (This will be the 4th in the Candy Holliday Mystery Series.) (This will be a Halloween theme mystery.)

Maddy Hunter: Bonnie of Evidence (This will be the 8th in the Passport to Peril Mystery Series.)

Linda O. Johnston: Oodles of Poodles (This will be the 4th in the Pet Rescue Mystery Series.)

Jonathan Kellerman: Guilt (This will be the 28th in the Alex Delaware Mystery Series.)

Sofie Kelly: Cat Trick (This will be the 4th in the Magica Cats Mystery Series.)

Deryn Lake (aka Dinah Lampitt): Dead on Cue (This will be the 2nd in the Rev. Nick Lawrence Mystery Series.)

Staci McLaughlin: All Natural Murder (This will be the 2nd in the Blossom Valley Mystery Series.)

James Patterson: Alex Cross, Run (This will be the 20th in the Alex Cross Mystery Series.)

J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts): Calculated in Death (This will be the 37th in the Eve Dallas Mystery Series.)

Wendy Roberts: Dead Suite (This will be the in the Mystery Series 4th in the Ghost Dusters Mystery Series.)

David Rosenfelt: Airtight (This will be a Stand Alone.)

Dana Stabenow: Bad Blood (This will be the 20th in the Kate Shugak Mystery Series.)

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  1. Julia says

    I am going to go so broke this February – half the books on this list are ones by authors I really like…and the books are even in paperback for the most part, so I can’t make myself wait by saying they’re not authors I buy in hardcover. Guess it’s a good thing I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Julia, when I first got my Kindle, I decided I would buy the books as I read them. However, when I make my monthly release and monthly recommendation lists, I find myself adding yet more books to my already long Kindle queue. When it’s time to start reading a new book, I have so many in that queue that it’s really difficult to decide whether to try a new-to-me author, or one of my tried and true. So many books, too many choices!

      • BB says

        Danna, I have a gazillion (only slight exaggeration) books on my Kindle and was initially in a dilemma over what to read next – after completing the trilogy I was already on. So I finally decided to just go alphabetically by author. I’ve since refined that by skipping the books where I don’t have a whole series of digital books on the Kindle yet. But, between buying more digitals and continuing to read “real” books I’ve previously purchased and continue to borrow from the library, only the good Lord knows if I live long enough to finish all and complete my goal. Anyway, it’s the best system for me – for now.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          BB, with the great job you do gathering all of the Kindle freebies and cheapies, I’m guessing you don’t have to pay full price for many of your Kindle queue of mystery books!

          • BB says

            Probably 90% of my Kindle books were free (granted, I now wish I hadn’t gotten a lot of them) and I *might* have paid >$5 for 2-3 non-omnibuses – just don’t see the need of spending more than that.

            • Danna - cozy mystery list says

              BB, I also got several free Kindle books that I’m not sure I’m ever going to actually read. I am holding on to them – just in case.

        • sheila says

          i am like u except i have a nook but always reading critiques of cozy mysteries, and what i can’t get at the library i buy. good grief, so many good reads and so little hours in the day !! wouldn’t change a thing tho ! also have a second generation kindle with a boatload of books just waiting for me !

  2. Darbi says

    Hi! I’ve loved your site for ages but I’ve never commented before. I was wondering if you could help me out with a book I read in the summer of 2011. It was recently published, and I cannot for the life of me remember the name or author or anything but the plot.

    It takes place in LA, where a rich girl decides to take on a vocation — as the assistant to a PI. He’s older and kind of grubby. I’m pretty sure she drives a range rover, and she definitely dresses well (lots of pantsuits). They eventually work well together solving a crime that involved the teenage son of a socialite and drugs.

    Also this girl has a new hot and mysterious neighbor who she spies on for a bit, and he eventually takes her on a date, where they sleep together and the he wakes her up and makes her go home.

    Also at some point during the story she becomes a target herself.

    Does this sound familiar to you or to anyone? I cannot for the life of me get the title. It was a fun book though!


  3. Amy says

    Rhys Bowen has a book coming out this month called In The Family Way. I noticed your link was to a kindle version of another title. I can’t wait for the new one!

  4. MJ says

    Since I’ve recommended the Appleseed Creek Mystery series on this blog, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that ‘Plain Scandal’ by Amanda Flower is to be released 2-15-13. I’m hoping the second book is as good as the first one, but you never know……………………………

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thank you, MJ, for telling me. I just added Amanda Flower’s A Plain Scandal to the list.

  5. Regina V says

    Danna, I am happy to see many of my favorite authors are appearing in February. I have already downloaded some of them so I can be prepared. I thought i should mention that Maeve Binchy who was not a mystery author but an excellent novelist will have her last book published in February. It is titled “A Week In Winter”.

  6. Margaret says

    I am so happy B.B. Haywood (Beth and Robert Feeman) has another Candy Holiday Mystery to be released. I am especially thrilled it is a Halloween mystery; I love my Autumn/Halloween Cozies! I stumbled on this series at Barnes & Noble while looking for another book. I purchased the first two in the series and really enjoyed them. I like that the authors live in Maine and write about Maine; it keeps the story authentic.
    I am also happy to see Avery Aames/Daryl Wood Gerber has another Cheese Shoppe Mystery due out. This is a series I started after a recommendation. It is such a “civilized” series like Domestic Diva, Tea Shoppe and Death on Demand Mysteries. So cozy.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Margaret, usually Cozy Mystery authors don’t release Halloween books in February. B. B. Haywood surprised me!

  7. says

    Thanks for the great list. I am blown away by this:
    “J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts): Calculated in Death (This will be the 37th in the Eve Dallas Mystery Series.)”
    37th!!!! I’ve read many Nora Roberts, but I’ve only read one or two as J.D. Robb. How many books has she written?! I’m blown away by how prolific she is!!!

  8. RayJay says

    We’re nearing this year’s Mardi Gras and it’s a good time to get in the mood by reading
    an appropriate murder mystery. I’d like to recommend ‘Murder at the Mardi Gras’ by V.
    Hurst; this ebook is available at Amazon.com for $2.99. Two couples work with the FBI and
    New Orlean’s police to track down the Mardi Gras Serial Killer. As well as providing
    shivers and intrigue, this book also serves as New Orlean’s travelog and Mardi Gras
    reference guide. RayJay

  9. says

    Sounds like some great new books by “old” favorites. I also noticed the long run by a couple of authors – shows what good writers they are when they can keep coming back with fresh stories!

  10. Jerry says

    If you are looking for a really good book take a look at Linda Howard’s new book Shadow Woman. Kept both my wife and I going till the last page.


  11. Jerry says


    Thank you for the February list. Already found 2 new authors. Back in reading mode. Read Mary Jane Clark’s new book Footprints in the Sand {Piper Donovan cozy } in 1 day and Stuart Woods new one Collateral Damage in 2 days.


  12. Toni says

    I just started reading Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s Southern Sewing Circle mysteries. I have finished the first two and have really enjoyed them. I also started Kyra Davis’ Sophie Katz series which is also good. Do you know anything about the release of Diane Mott Davidson’s next book? I’ve heard it’s called The Whole Enchilada or something like that but haven’t heard a release date.

    • BB says

      According to Amazon, Davidson’s “Cinnamon Roll Murder” was published last month and “The Whole Enchilada” will come out in August. This type of research makes me hungry! LOL

      • Danna - cozy mystery list says

        Thanks for the delicious info, BB. (I can’t find Diane Mott Davidson’s Cinnamon Roll Murder on Amazon. Can only find Joanne Fluke’s…)

        • BB says

          Yep, you’re right, Danna. When I searched for Davidson, I didn’t notice the recent “tasty” title was by Fluke. Sorry, my mistake on that. However, “The Whole Enchilada” by -Davidson- IS scheduled for an August 27 release date, according to Amazon (double-checked).

          • Danna - cozy mystery list says

            BB, I added The Whole Enchilada to my August tentative list. Thanks you.

            [Good grief, as many mistakes as I make, a big “no worries”. >>> Yes, I know that phrase is dated to about five years ago >>> I must be catching up with the times!]

            Thanks, again!

  13. Rusty says

    First let me complement you on this site. If it wasn’t for your monthly new releases I would be spending hours browsing the web checking for new books by my favorite cozy authors. With that said I am sure someone has asked this question so forgive me for asking again…but what happened to Madelyn Alt? Her new book was to be released a year ago and never did come out. I do hope nothing serious happened to her but she is a mystery herself.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Rusty, I have been told there is a thread over on Amazon about her latest book, but since I couldn’t confirm the comment, I didn’t post it. Sorry, but I don’t know what has happened with her.

  14. Robert H says

    Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction by Amy Metz is a great cozy mystery you should check out. The book is set in Tennessee, and has a lot of southern humor plus a little bit of romance. I was totally surprised at the ending. All of my guesses on the killer were wrong! This book is highly rated and is on the top 100 books for Women Sleuths in both Kindle and Books. I highly recommend it!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Robert H, thanks for telling us about Amy Metz. Her Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction sounds like fun.

  15. Julia says

    There are some really good authors on this list, and I have enjoyed the February releases I bought. That said, I wish the publishers had seen fit to delay release on some of them until later in the year, since there is a preponderance of books set in the late summer/early fall. It’s February – I don’t want to think further ahead than perhaps Memorial Day. I want to read about blossoming flowers and school vacations, not the crunch of leaves under my feet and that first tang of frost in the air.

    Time moves fast enough as it is; I don’t want my favorite authors to wish the year away for me.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Good point, Julia, about time moving quickly as it is.

      (I am so behind with most of my authors that I can plan my books to match the seasons.)

  16. Carolyn E says

    I have just finished reading “A Plain Scandal” by Amanda Flower. It’s a great story, especially if you enjoy Amish stories. I have also read the first book in this series. I highly recommend both of them. Unfortunately, the third book in the series, “A Plain Disappearance,” is not scheduled to be released until September 1, 2013. I hope we will see more books from this author.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Carolyn E, it sounds like Amanda Flower‘s Appleseed Creek Mystery Series has a lot of Cozy Mystery reading fans. My guess is that there will be plenty more books by this author.

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