FREE Kindle Mystery Books! Low Priced Kindle Mystery Books!

Here are the latest Free Kindle Mystery Books that I have become aware of, as well as the latest really good prices for Kindle Mystery Books – under $5.00. (Also, I am posting this entry on Tuesday – July 18, 2012. I don’t know how long the prices for the authors other than Anna Katherine Green will be in effect.)

Robin Allen

  1. If You Can’t Stand the Heat     FREE
  2. Stick a Fork In It

L. L. Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett & Lorraine Bartlett)

  1. Murder on the Mind     FREE
  2. Dead in Red     $3.99
  3. Cold Case  (Short Story)     $0.99
  4. Cheated by Death     $3.99
  5. Bah! Humbug  (Short Story)     $0.99

Kerry Greenwood

  1. Cocaine Blues (aka Death by Misadventure)     FREE
  2. Flying Too High     $2.51
  3. Murder on the Ballarat Train     $2.99
  4. Death at Victoria Dock     $4.99
  5. The Green Mill Murder     $4.99
  6. Blood and Circuses     $4.99
  7. Ruddy Gore     $4.99
  8. Urn Burial     $4.99
  9. Raisins and Almonds     $4.99
  10. Death Before Wicket     $4.99
  11. Away with the Fairies
  12. Murder in Montparnasse
  13. The Castlemaine Murders
  14. Queen of the Flowers
  15. Death by Water
  16. Murder in the Dark
  17. A Question of Death
  18. Murder on a Midsummer Night
  19. Dead Man’s Chest

Kerry Greenwood

  1. Earthly Delights     FREE
  2. Heavenly Pleasures     $2.51
  3. Devil’s Food     $2.99
  4. Trick or Treat     $4.99
  5. Forbidden Fruit     $4.99
  6. Cooking the Books     $3.74
Dorothy Howell
  1. Handbags and Homicide     $4.30
  2. Purses and Poison     $4.29
  3. Shoulder Bags and Shootings
  4. Clutches and Curses
  5. Slay Bells and Satchels (Novella)     $4.99
  6. Tote Bags and Toe Tags

Beverle Graves Myers

  1. Interrupted Aria     FREE
  2. Painted Veil     $2.99
  3. Cruel Music     $4.99
  4. The Iron Tongue of Midnight     $4.99
  5. Her Deadly Mischief     $3.82

Dana Stabenow

  1. A Cold Day for Murder     FREE
  2. A Fatal Thaw     $4.99
  3. Dead in the Water    $4.99
  4. A Cold-Blooded Business     $4.99
  5. Play with Fire     $4.99
  6. Blood Will Tell     $4.99
  7. Breakup     $4.99
  8. Killing Grounds     $4.99
  9. Hunter’s Moon     $4.99
  10. Midnight Come Again
  11. The Singing of the Dead
  12. A Fine and Bitter Snow
  13. A Grave Denied
  14. A Taint in the Blood
  15. A Deeper Sleep
  16. Whisper to the Blood
  17. A Night Too Dark
  18. Though Not Dead
  19. Restless in the Grave
Kate Shugak Short Stories:
Nooses Give    $0.99
Conspiracy     $0.99
Wreck Rights     $0.99

Anna Katherine Green’s mysteries – FREE on the Kindle.

Anna Katherine Green:

That Affair Next Door
Lost Man’s Lane a Second Episode in the Life of Amelia Butterworth
The Circular Study

Agatha Webb
The Woman in the Alcove
The House of the Whispering Pines

The Leavenworth Case
A Strange Disappearance
Hand and Ring
Behind Closed Doors
A Matter of Millions
The Doctor His Wife and the Clock
That Affair Next Door  (see above Amelia Butterworth Mystery Series)
Lost Man’s Lane: A Second Episode in the Life of Amelia Butterworth (see above Amelia Butterworth Mystery Series)
The Circular Study (see above Amelia Butterworth Mystery Series)
One of My Sons
Initials Only
The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow

XYZ: A Detective Story
The Mill Mystery
7 to 12
The Forsaken Inn
The Old Stone House and Other Stories
Cynthia Wakeham’s Money
Marked Personal
Miss Hurd: An Enigma
Doctor Izard
A Difficult Problem: The Staircase at the Heart’s Delight and Other Stories
Three Women and a Mystery
The Filigree Ball Being a Full and True Account of the Solution of the Mystery Concerning the Jeffrey-Moore Affair
The Millionaire Baby
The Amethyst Box
The House in the Mist
The Chief Legatee (aka A Woman of Mystery)
The Sword of Damocles: A Story of New York Life
The Mayor’s Wife
Three Thousand Dollars
Room Number 3 and Other Detective Stories (aka Masterpieces of Mystery)
Dark Hollow
The Golden Slipper & Other Problems for Violet Strange
To the Minute and Scarlet and Black: Two Tales of Life’s Perplexities
The Step on the Stair

Midnight in Beauchamp Row
The Bronze Hand
The Hermit of _____ Street
The Gray Madam
A Difficult Problem

Maria E. Schneider

  1. Executive Lunch     $0.99
  2. Executive Retention     $2.99
  3. Executive Sick Days     $2.99

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  1. says

    Thanks for posting this. I don’t have a Kindle but have just downloaded the app to read Kindle books on my computer.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Loretta, I truly appreciate it when Cozy Mystery readers send me letters advising me of good Kindle deals.

  2. Laurel says

    I second what Ann says. Thanks for the list. I have a Kindle Fire and I occasionally download a book when it’s free. But, I’m still holding firm to the thought that nothing beats the smell and feel of a good old book. It’s not quite the same cozying up with an electronic device. :)

  3. Laurel says

    I second what Ann said. Thanks for the list! I own a Kindle Fire and occasionally download a book when it’s free. I still prefer the smell and feel of a good old book. It’s just not the same cozying up with an electronic device. :)

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Laurel, you’re right about the feel of a good book, but at this point in my life, the ease of my Kindle is pretty alluring to me.

  4. says

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before–the first in my cozy series, Executive Lunch, is 99 cents this month. It will be going back up in price in August!

    It’s 99 cents on Nook, Sony, and Kobobooks as well!


  5. Rabia says

    Hello. Thank you for posting this list. I recently purchased a B&N Nook so I was wondering do you think I could still download e-books from the Kindle?

  6. Shawn says

    Thank you.. I just wish I had a Kindle. I would get the PC app but I can not read books on the computer. I wish I were able to.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to read a book on my computer, either, Shawn. I wonder if those apps are for people with laptops?

  7. Misty says

    Just a heads up — as of 10:50 am Central time zone, these books are still priced as above. Hope everyone can get in on these freebies. Danna, thanks for adding this addition of ebook info to the blog.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      You’re welcome, Misty. I just rearranged all of Anna Katherine Green’s mysteries so that the chronological list pretty much has all of the Kindle books linked. It makes more sense like this.

  8. Shawn says

    I fixed my problem. I now have the Free books I want on my Nook. I use a program that can be downloaded called Calibre. I have used this before for other downloads and it does work here as well.

    So for anyone that does not have a Kindle feel free to look into this.

    Disclaimer: I in no way work for or promote this item .. It is a program I just happen to use from time to time.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Laura, I just amended the original entry. It now shows Anna Katherine Green’s mystery books in chronological order.

  9. Maggie says

    Thanks for this posting this great tip. I just downloaded many to my new iPad, including Anna Katherine Green. I look forward to reading new authors I may now explore with the free tip.
    BTW, I have been enjoying vintage women authors Elizabeth Daly, Margery Allingham for the Albert Campion series, and Mary Roberts Rinehart – I liked The Man in Lower Ten.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Maggie, I take it you downloaded the free Amazon app >>> so that you are able to benefit from the free Kindle books.

  10. says

    Thanks for posting this list, Danna. Most of the free books were not free on but I did find the Anna Katherine Green mysteries (several are also on if anyone just wants a text file rather than epub or kindle).

    And thank you so much for putting them in order. I wondered very much which belonged to which character when looking them up at earlier.


  11. Sheila says

    This is really great if you have a Kindle but I own both a Nook and Sony ebook. Any chance something will be available for them?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Sheila, you might want to log on to the B&N site and see if some of they have some of these books. I have found that a lot of times, when Amazon has a sale, B&N follows suit. (Unless it is an author who has an exclusive with Amazon.)

  12. Joshua says

    Hi Danna, Thanks for the lists! I’ve picked up a couple of good ones. Wanted to point out for addition that both of the first books of Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher and Corinna Chapman series are free for Kindle as well. And many of the other books in both series are $5 and under too.

      • Joshua says

        Quite welcome, Danna! I’m a big fan of Kerry Greenwood’s books, so am glad they are accessible for people to try. Carola Dunn’s first two Daisy Dalrymple books have been released in kindle format finally as well and I hope for a sale on them soon to try to urge people into trying those. Another of my favorites.

  13. Karen says

    For more free eBooks, don’t forget to check your local library’s website for digital downloads. Many libraries lend eBooks for Kindle, Nook, PC, and audiobooks for PC and MP3.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I know, Karen, mine has this program in effect. I really should take a look into it…

  14. says

    Useful list. I am thinking about getting a Kindle and wondered what was out there. Great for tasting the first volume of a series before committing to multiple purchases. Keep on posting – this is a great site and I visit often!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Rachel, I certainly did NOT want a Kindle, but I am so glad I finally “broke down” and got one! I absolutely love my Kindle! Now I look at all of the “real books” I have in my bookshelf, and I see myself putting off reading them. That’s how much I love my Kindle.

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