July 2013 Mystery Book New Releases

The following Mystery Books will be released in July 2013:

Jeff Abbott: Downfall (This will be the 3rd in the Sam Capra Mystery Series.)

Riley Adams (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Elizabeth Craig): Rubbed Out (This will be the 4th in the Memphis BBQ Mystery Series.)

Robin Allen: Out of the Frying Pan (This will be the 3rd in the Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop Mystery Series.)

Donna Andrews: The Hen of the Baskervilles (This will be the 15th in the Meg Langslow Mystery Series.)

Jeffrey Ashford (aka Roderic Jeffries & Peter Alding): Damned by Logic (This will be a Stand Alone.)

Lorna Barrett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & L. L. Bartlett): Not the Killing Type (This will be the 7th in the Booktown Mystery Series.)

Mike Befeler: Care Homes are Murder (This will be the 5th in the Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit Mystery Series.)

Juliet Blackwell (aka Hailey Lind): Tarnished and Torn (This will be the 5th in the Witchcraft Mystery Series.)

Annette Blair: Tulle Death Do Us Part (This will be the 6th in the Vintage Magic Mystery Series.)

Melissa Bourbon (aka Misa Ramirez): A Custom-Fit Crime (This will be the 4th in the Magical Dressmaking Mystery Series.) (This is a Wedding theme mystery.)

Simon Brett: A Decent Interval (This will be the 18th in the Charlie Paris Mystery Series.)

James Lee Burke: Light of the World (This will be the 20th in the Dave Robicheaux Mystery Series.)

Blaize Clement & John Clement (son): The Cat Sitter’s Cradle (This will be the 8th in the Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series.)

Margaret Coel: Watching Eagles Soar (Stories from the Wind River and Beyond.)

Mary Daheim: Gone with the Win (This will be the 28th in the Hillside Manor Bed & Breakfast Mystery Series.)

Kaitlyn Dunnett (aka Kathy Lynn Emerson): Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones (This will be the 7th in the Mystery Series.) (This is a Halloween theme mystery book.)

Linda Fairstein: Death Angel (This will be the 15th in the Alex Cooper Mystery Series.)

Anthea Fraser: The Unburied Past (This will be a Stand Alone.)

Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames): Final Sentence (This will be the 1st in the NEW Cookbook Nook Mystery Series.)

Betty Hechtman: Yarn to Go (This will be the 1st in the NEW Yarn Retreat Mystery Series.)

Lee Hollis: Death of a Coupon Clipper (This will be the 3rd in the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mystery Series.)

Julie Hyzy: Grace Takes Off (This will be the 4th in the Manor House Mystery Series.)

Iris Johansen: Hunting Eve (This will be the 16th in the Eve Duncan Mystery Series.)

Victoria Laurie: Deadly Forecast (This will be the 11th in the Psychic Eye Mystery Series.)

Joyce and Jim Lavene (aka J. J. Cook): A Thyme to Die (This will be the 7th in the Peggy Lee Gardner Mystery Series.) (It actually was released in May 2013, but I missed it.)

Meg London (aka Peg Cochran): Laced with Poison (This will be the 2nd in the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Mystery Series.)

Virginia Lowell: One Dead Cookie (This will be the 4th in the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Series.)

Lisa Lutz: The Last Word (This will be the 6h in the Izzy Spellman Mystery Series.)

Molly MacRae: Dyeing Wishes (This will be the 2nd in the Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series.)

Edward Marston (aka Conrad Allen & Keith Miles): Peril on the Royal Train (This will be the 10th in the Railway Detective Mystery Series.)

Lorena McCourtney: Dolled Up to Die (This will be the 2nd in the Cate Kinkaid Files Mystery Series.)

Amy Myers: Classic Mistake (This will be the 4th in the JAck Colby, Car Detective Mystery Series.)

David Rosenfelt: Unleashed (This will be the 11th in the Andy Carpenter Mystery Series.)

Kate Sedley: The Christmas Wassail (This will be the 22nd in the Roger the Chapman Mystery Series.) (This is a Christmas theme mystery.)

Peter Tremayne: The Seventh Trumpet (This will be the 23rd in the Sister Fidelma Mystery Series.)

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  1. says

    I need a month to just sit and read, it’s hard to keep up with all the great new releases. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  2. Julia says

    I can’t wait for the new Donna Andrews (I already have it pre-ordered for my Kindle, along with her upcoming December release). I just started getting her books for my iPod as well (from Audible) – they don’t have very many available yet but I’m hoping they’ll go back and get some of the older ones recorded to add to the goodies.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Julia, I sometimes wonder why audible starts with the recent books and works their way backward. I would think having the first books in the series would be better. The good news is that they are now adding a lot of Cozy Mystery authors.

      • Julia says

        Danna, I have noticed more Cozy authors lately, which has created quite a backlog on my wishlist. I check every month to see if they have any additional Patricia Wentworth’s – not only are the books classics, but the narrator they have doing the readings is perfectly suited to them. I’m hoping eventually they’ll get most (or better yet, all) of them recorded.

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Julia, now that I’m not car-pooling I don’t listen to as many of audible’s books. Some of the narrator’s make the books even better.
          [If you haven’t listened to any of the Alexander McCall Smith 44 Scotland Street books, you should at least listen to the sample on audible. The narrator (Robert Ian Mackenzie) for those non mysteries is terrific.]

  3. says

    I have already ordered Donna Andrew’s and Mary Daheim’s books to be downloaded on my Nook. I see there are some more for me to research Nook or Library. Keep up the good work.

  4. Marla says

    Also for July:
    “Poisoned Politics” (Maggie Sefton) – this is the second in the Molly Malone mystery series.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I agree, Patti, about lots of good books to read. (I love Simon Brett’s title: A Decent Interval. The last Charles Paris he published was in 1998. I would say it has indeed been a decent interval!)

  5. Patty Ann says

    The Cat Nap book was a good read and kept me guessing to the end. Also Brush with Death was excellent. Do wish she would write more in this series.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Patty Ann, good to hear you enjoyed Claire Donally’s Cat Nap and Karen MacInerney’s Brush with Death.

  6. M. Burns says

    Danna, thank you for the monthly lists. I use them to help me decide which books I must read each month. I just finished Jana Deleon’s Miss Fortune books. I laughed from page one to the very last page. I truly enjoy her books. She is also working on book three in the Miss Fortune series. Jana Deleon has also released the next book in the Mudbug series. Resurrection in Mudbug is now available for Kindle. A paperback copy will be available in a couple of weeks, which I am looking forward to reading. With so many good cozies to read, it is hard getting the housework done.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I know what you mean about getting housework done, M. Burns. I have become rather relaxed about those types of things!

      Thanks for the Jana DeLeon information. I’m going to go update her page on the Cozy Mystery site right now.

  7. Susan says

    I am reading an excellent new cozy – a hardback by Brynn Bonner entitled Paging the Dead. It is a family history mystery about a genealogist. I hope you will add this author to your list. Thanks for your web site – I love it and always make my shopping lists from the new book list each month.

  8. Shannon N says

    #4 Manor House Mystery – Grace Takes Off by Julie Hyzy

    These books just keep getting better and better. A book that kept me turning page, after page, after page. I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to end. I love this series, and the #4 book especially. I can’t wait til #5. Keep up the good writing, Julie!!

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