Knitting / Crocheting Cozy Mysteries & Needlecraft / Needlework Cozy Mysteries…

This entry includes the mystery books whose authors include some type of needlework as a theme:

Barbara Bretton: Chloe Hobbs’ Paranormal Mystery Series… Chloe is one half sorceress and owns the Sticks & Strings Knitting Shop in Vermont…

Janet Bolin: Threadville Mystery Series… Willow owns a “high-tech” embroidery shop…

Anne Canadeo: Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series… Maggie Messina owns the Black Sheep Knitting Shop in Massachusetts. (Canadeo co-authors the Cape Light Series with Thomas Kinkade.)

Elizabeth Lynn Casey (aka Laura Bradford): Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series… Tori Sinclair is a librarian/sleuth who is also a member of the Sewing Circle in South Carolina…

Monica Ferris writes the Needlecraft Mystery Series. Betsy Devonshire inherits the Crewel World needlework/yarn shop. Not only does she have to learn about needlework from the ground up, she also has to solve mysteries. I love that Ferris’s books are usually stocked in needlepoint shops where needle-pointers can be introduced to cozy mysteries!

Sally Goldenbaum has the Seaside Knitters Mystery Series, in which Izzy Chambers owns the Seaside Knitting Studio in Massachusetts… where she not only sells beautiful yarn… but also sleuths.

Betty Hechtman writes the Crochet Mystery Series, and is herself hooked on Crocheting. And, for those crocheters out there… She even includes a crochet pattern in each of her mysteries! Hechtman also writes the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series, which features a dessert chef who inherits a yarn retreat business.

Kate Jacobs is a New York Times bestselling author who writes a non-mystery series called the Friday Night Knitting Club, which features a yarn shop owner and her knitting circle.

Mary Kruger is another author who sets her cozy mystery series amongst the world of deeply hued yarns…. Ari Evans owns the Ariadne’s Web knitting shop in this cozy series.

Amanda Lee (aka Ruth Glick & Rebecca York) writes the Embroidery Mystery Series which takes place in Oregon, and features the owner of the embroidery shop. As Glick she writes cookbooks, specializing in cuisine for Diabetics. As York she writes the paranormal Moon Series.

Molly MacRae writes the Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series. The sleuth inherits her grandmother’s wool shop, and an unexpected ghost.

Jaime Marsman: Crabapple Yarns Mystery Series

Carol Ann Martin writes the Weaving Mystery Series. Della Wright teaches weaving in a shop she owns.

Cate Price write the Deadly Notions Mystery Series. Daisy Buchanan is a retired teacher who currently manages the Great Notion Sewing and Antiques Shop in a quaint town in Pennsylvania.

Does the House of Lambspun sound like a yarn shop to you? It should! It is the name of the shop where Maggie Sefton‘s cozy mystery sleuth (Kelly Flynn) learns how to knit.

Lea Wait writes the Mainely Needlepoint Mystery Series.

Oh, and Miss Marple knits!

The Annie’s Attic Mystery Series is a series of mysteries that feature a woman crocheter who has inherited her grandmother’s old home, and who ends up finding all sorts of puzzling items in the attic, which then lead her to solve different mysteries with the help of her friends.

I recently added Debbie Macomber to the site, even though she doesn’t write mysteries. She writes the Blossom Street Knitting Series…

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  1. Nancy says

    Just a note. In the Maggie Sefton knitting series with Kelly Flynn, the name of the yarn shop is the “House of Lambspun” and not the “House of Homespun” as listed above. (Just in the middle of the latest one “Needled to Death” and thought that I’d send that correction)

  2. Cookie says

    You may want to add Sally Goldenbaum to your cozy knitter mysteries list. She’s just had published Death by Cashmere, a new series set in New England.

  3. Rochelle says

    Any idea if there’s a cross stitch mystery series? Always thought it would be neat to have a cross stitch series with patterns.

  4. says

    Hi Rochelle,

    As a cross stitcher >>> I think that would be a phenomenal idea. I don’t know of a series that only features cross stitching. I guess that Monica Ferris is the closest, though, with her needlecraft theme.

    Hopefully someone will read your comment and let us know if there is an author who includes cross stitch patterns and a cross stitch theme in his/her mysteries.

    • Bev S says

      George…I have all of her books and they all have a pattern at the end of the book. Have threads listed as both DMC and Anchor. I haven’t stitched any of her patterns, but normally make a copy and enlarge it. Have them in a small binder in sheet protectors.

  5. Roe says

    I am so happy I found this site. I just love sitting down with a “cozy” book, particularly the “rustling leaves in the fall” variety and your site has made it possible to find what I like.
    Thank You!!!

  6. Patti says


    I am so glad I found your website. I am adding you to my favorites list. I have read Maggie Sefton and Rhys Bowen. Both were fun and cozy reads. I am so glad to find some other authors to add to my collection.

  7. Elaine says

    I just found this website. You have created the perfect “Cozy” website. I am a great fan of the needlework cozies (my favorites) and have found a couple of authors I have not heard of. The breakdown by author, topic, etc. is fantastic. This website is a cozy dream come true!

  8. Linda says

    I love this website and have purchased a number of books for my I-Pad. Would love to see more authors (like Betty Hechtman) write about the world of crochet.

  9. magistra says

    I read a couple of books from a series about a yarn shop. I can’t remember the author but the series included a group who came together in the shop. I recall that the group included a man or a man worked at the shop. The shop owner lived upstairs or rented the upstairs. The main character’s best friend was married to the local policeman. In one book, the group was staying at an old inn and someone tried to kill them. I have been searching for this series for nearly a year. Is it one of these listed above? Nothing really rings a bell for me.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Magistra, it sounds to me like you are looking for the
      Needlecraft Mystery Series by Monica Ferris. The main sleuth lives above the shop that she owns, and Godwin is her main assistant at the shop who teaches her how to actually needlework.

  10. Trina says

    Or she could be thinking of the Anne Canadeo series. The main character doesn’t live upstairs, but one of her employees does. And one of the girls that is part of the knitting group is married to a law enforcement type.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Carol! I hope there are a few authors on this Knitting theme who you haven’t yet read.

  11. Lisa says

    Love this site, found that i love all types of needle work. The books hit the spot on a fall day, with a hot cup of tea. If there are anymore new books please let me know.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Lisa, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

      I add authors to the lists whenever I become aware of them. Please let us know if you hear about any additions to this Mystery Books with Knitting and Needlecraft/Needlework theme.

  12. marion says

    Danna, you say that Jill is your least favorite character in Monica Ferris’ series. Any particular reason or is she just at the bottom of the list by default? I like her well enough but my favorite character thus far is Godwin, I can picture him so well I could vow that he’s actually human.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Marion, Godwin is also my favorite character in the Monica Ferris Needlecraft Mystery Series. Perhaps the fact that Betsy seems to have replaced Godwin as her best friend (which I sort of remember him being when she first hit town) with Jill is what sealed the deal for Jill’s character. I would much prefer Betsy “best friend it” with Godwin, so that he would have more book time. (A pretty feeble reason, now that I put it on “paper”!)

  13. Martina says

    I found a new Needlework Mystery Series – The Knitting Fairy (A Crabapple Yarns Mystery 1) by Jaime Marsman

    Promise to keep my eyes open because I love your site :-)

    Many greetings from Vienna and Happy New Year!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thank you, Martina, for telling us about Jaime Marsman’s Crabapple Yarns Mystery Series. (I just added her to the Kintting Cozy Mystery theme list.)

      (What a place to spend the New Year!)

  14. Ellen G says

    I posted a query about crochet cozies on the blog yesterday then belatedly realized I should have checked here first. Duh!

    Betty Hechtman and Elizabeth Lynn Casey sound like two authors that will keep me busy for a while. Just hope my library has both of them since I am an archtypical retiree on a fixed income who has lots of time to read and a very tiny book budget.

    Since I got hooked on cozies I have bought (and subsequently returned) both a Kindle and a Nook in hopes of tapping into TN READS, a state-wide collection of e-books that has lots of cozies. But alas! I couldn’t master the downloading process in spite of lots of help from a local librarian. Has anybody else been this inept? I’d like to think I’m not alone.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Ellen G, I am guessing your library will have all of Betty Hechtman’s Crochet Mystery Series and Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series. They are both very popular. In the small chance they don’t, maybe your library does inter-library loans.

  15. Leslie says

    Love your site! A sweet non-mystery series with knitting and a love of yarn is the Witchlight trilogy by Debora Geary.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Leslie. And, thanks for telling us about Debora Geary’s Witchlight Trilogy.

  16. Rachel R says

    Wow! What a wonderful site. I recently discovered the genre of cozy mysteries while working on some relatively mindless data entry. I had finished listening to all of the audiobooks of Miss Marple and went on to find something else to keep me occupied while mechanically entering data. I fell into the middle of a few series, but really wanted to start at the beginning. Your compilations are fabulous! If there is only one thing I would add to your list is a note on which books are available in audiobook. I have a passion for listening to audiobooks while knitting and a good cozy mystery can make mountains of data entry work seem pleasurable.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Welcome to the site, Rachel R! Your idea about compiling all of the audiobooks in a list sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know how I would even begin to compile a list of all the books on the site that are available in audiobook form. We have belonged to since August 2000, and I know how frustrating it is to have to manually check to see which of each of the books I’m interested in listening to is available.

  17. Betty C says

    I work at a public library and run a “Chatty Crafters” book club and this is the BEST site!! Helped me pick new books for my readers. Thank you so much!!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Betty C, I’m glad the site is helping you pick out new books for your readers. I get a lot of ideas for new books from other Cozy Mystery readers as well.

  18. Laurie F. says

    Hello, Danna!
    Just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate your website. I’ve been referring to it for years and don’t know what I’d do without it. Please keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

    Your #1 fan in Canada,
    Laurie F.
    Maple Ridge, BC

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Laurie F! And, thank you for the kind words about the site.

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