Miss Emily D. Seeton… Heron Carvic, Hampton Charles, & Hamilton Crane…

I received the following comment about the Miss Seeton cozy mysteries… Shermeen wrote:

“Why were there 3 different authors? Also Hampton Charles’ books were decidedly different than the other 2 authors, I can find no information about him. Thanks, I have read most of the books, and wish there were more.”

In answer to the comment:

Heron Carvic wrote the first five  Miss Seeton mysteries between 1968 and 1975. I couldn’t find any information about why he stopped writing the books before his death in 1980. (Here is the link to the page with all of the Miss Seeton mysteries.)

It was at that time that Roy Peter Martin (using the pseudonym of “Hampton Charles“) took over the series, and penned three more of the Miss Seeton novels, which interestingly enough, were all published the same year (1990.) Roy Peter Martin also uses the pseudonym “James Melville” when writing his Superintendent Tetsuo Otani series set in Japan.

Sarah J. Mason (using the pen name “Hamilton Crane“) took over the series, writing fourteen more Miss Seeton novels… more than the two previous authors put together. She uses her own name when writing her British Detective Superintendent Trewley & Sergeant Stone series.

I noticed that Sarah J. Mason is putting out novels in her other series, so I wonder if she has decided that it is time for Miss Emily D. Seeton to finally do what she had decided to do in the very first novel… retire!


  1. Good evening Danna,
    I was so happy when I just found a comment about Miss Seeton mysteries.I bought my first book about miss Emily in England, but since that time my Slovak friends living in Canada are unable to find this mysteries in print there. Yes, I only read 3 of them and remember left one of them on the bus on my way to Uni,regretted that million times over. I loved Miss Seeton’s help-the superintendent and young pair in love always helps.!!

  2. I have copies of the five original Miss Seeton books by Heron Carvic. I also read some of the others by the later authors but didn’t pursue them farther when I decided they hadn’t the deft touch that Carvic displayed with his writing. I personally feel he had the best feel for his characters without the sometimes stilted feeling from the later authors. I also liked Mr. Carvic’s wry British humor which didn’t come through in the later books. It confirmed my belief that someone else trying to pick up after another author most often can’t.

    • I agree. If you’ve read the first five Miss Seeton books by Carvic, then the subsequent ones written by other authors are a disappointment….and for the reasons you mention.

  3. Thanks to Ebay, I have been able to reconstruct the entire series reading in the order provided here on Cozy Mysteries!

  4. I would like to know who the Publishers are. Also, are the Heron Carvic Books still in Print? Where to purchase them in Australia, and UK. Thank you

  5. Beryl, I just checked on Amazon.UK and it looks like they have most of the books for sale. (I don’t believe they are currently being published, all of my copies are from yesteryear…)

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