Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Television Show

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries television show is a familiar TV mystery series that might not be all that familiar. Most Cozy Mystery readers of this site are very familiar with Kerry Greenwood‘s Phryne Fisher Mysteries. Some of you read the series while others have probably seen it recommended (several times) by other Cozy Mystery readers in the monthly recommendation posts.

It wasn’t until very recently that I heard of this very clever television mystery series. Several Cozy Mystery readers sent me letters telling me about their enjoyment of the show. (Thank you!)

My husband and I have recently started watching the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and we are both enjoying the shows a lot. They are based on Kerry Greenwood’s wildly popular Phryne Fisher mysteries. Phryne is a 1920s flapper (dictionary.reference.com defines flapper as  “a young woman, especially one who, during the 1920s, behaved and dressed in a boldly unconventional manner.”)

Phryne, although not born into money, is now rich enough to be able to afford the many luxuries that her bank account can buy. She is able to employ as many people as she wants, live as luxuriously as she deems necessary, and buy whatever trinkets (like airplanes!) she chooses. She is quite wealthy!

This Australian period-piece television mystery series stars Essie Davis, who plays the Phryne lead to perfection. She is brazenly upfront with her very modern 1920s views. Phryne has a deliciously wicked twinkle in her eyes.

The always-exasperated Detective Jack Robinson is played beautifully by Nathan Page. The attraction between Jack and Phryne is palpable. However, not being a girl who sits around waiting for the married Jack, Phryne is not adverse to quick romances. (Not to worry >>> nothing graphic!)

When I was doing my research for this entry, I found out that Kerry Greenwood was actually involved with this TV series as writer for all thirteen episodes of the 2012 productions. So even though the (+/-) 55 minute episodes do a lot of abridging, it’s nice that Greenwood was involved with the condensed versions of her mystery books.

We have only watched the first several delightful episodes of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but from these I can say that the costumes are  absolutely wonderful. Phryne wears only the most beautiful fashions. As for the sets, they are full of  fringe, tassels, velveteen, crystal, satin, period furniture, and beautiful wall papers.

I highly recommend Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. What’s not to like about a TV mystery series that has a butler named Mr. Butler?

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    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Ann, we are really enjoying the show. It is absolutely beautiful to watch. >>> The costumes and sets are phenomenal.

  1. Anita Joy says

    And as an Aussie I can tell you they are curently filming a second series (yay) which is airing here in Oz later this year.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Thank you, Anita Joy, I wasn’t sure how they were going to be able to make more shows. Each of the shows we have seen so far has been based on one of Kerry Greenwood’s actual mystery novels. I hope it doesn’t get “watered down” and become a show where the episodes are simply “based on the characters” of Greenwood. It seems that in most of those cases, as soon as that happens, the shows go down in quality. Hopefully Greenwood will continue to be involved in the writing of the scripts and the character development.

    • Rob says

      For those Aussie’s among you, have you tried the BBC series by M.C.Beaton of Hamish Macbeth? Delightful. And another book set to movie of Anne Perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt’s Cater Street Hangman. Very faithful for the most part-follows the book very well for a movie.

  2. Sue K. says

    Hi Danna,

    Just wondering how you are watching. Renting? Netflix? Or is it on tv somewhere? Thanks,


    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Sue K, as far as I know, the shows haven’t been aired anywhere in the USA … yet. Hopefully enough people will request that their PBS stations carry them. Right now I only know about Netflix or purchase. Oh, and try to see what your library can do for you. I have found that our library system carries a lot of quality DVDs.

      • Aredeedeetoo says

        The PBS network I receive (Wisconsin Public Television) carries Miss Fisher, and my wife and I are loyal viewers!

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          Lucky you, Aredeedeetoo! My PBS station has never had it, but perhaps they will in the future. Here’s hoping!

        • Debbie says

          I haven’t seen anymore lately, I got hooked , I only got to watch 3 shows and can’t seem to find it again. Was shown on Wusft Tv channel 16 here in Florida. I would love to see more, let me know when it will be on again.

  3. Julia says

    I’ve seen the DVDs for sale but I don’t know where one can just watch the show. Is it on BBCA or NetFlix? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any ads for it on PBS (though it would make a great companion to Downton Abbey when it returns next winter).

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Julia, I just posted a comment to Sue K. about the availability of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. You might want to contact your library and your local PBS station. Also, Netflix carries them.

      I had never heard of these shows because they were never (that I know of) aired here in the USA. Luckily enough Cozy Mystery readers wrote and let me know about these shows. It would be great if PBS would pick them up. “In the old days” (circa 1990s) I would have thought these would have been ideal shows for the A & E channel. Not so anymore!

  4. Donna says

    Haven’t seen these but will definitely view them! Sounds good. I clicked the link and the Tommy & Tuppence series I recommended on a previous post was listed with the Fisher series! It’s Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime: The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries (1983), and it’s wonderful.

  5. Me says

    These remind me a lot of the Mrs. Bradley mysteries also set in the ’20’s. The books were written by Gladys Mitchell and the lead in the television series was played by Diana Riggs.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Me, these shows remind me a lot of the Mrs. Bradley mysteries, also. She was another ahead of her times, take charge kind of woman. Loved those shows, also.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      I’m sorry, Lois, I should have taken this into account before posting this review. Because they are almost brand new, I don’t think they have aired yet in the USA. Try calling your library to see if they have copies, or contact your PBS station and suggest they look into airing these shows.

  6. Patti S. says

    Thank you so much for the info, Danna. This series sounds so good. It does remind me of the Mrs. Bradley mysteries. I really liked that series!

  7. linda c says

    Danna, I just won’t pick up a book that has a woman holding a gun, or any weapon for that matter, on the front cover. Now that I think about it, I don’t pick up a book that has anyone holding a gun. Just me, not criticizing anyone else that does.

  8. linda c says

    Danna, With all the real and true horrific crimes that are going on across the country over the last several years, do you ever get the urge that you want to just stop reading the murder mysteries?? So many of the crimes, the mass murders, the kidnapping, the hostage taking, and such are just horrible. When small children aren’t even safe inside their classrooms!! Do you, or any of the other people who respond to this wonderful forum of yours ever have any kind of reflection about our habit of reading these murder mysteries.
    As I watch TV I see a lot of the reviews for the new TV shows for this fall have the cops and robbers and killers as themes all seem to have a lot of violence. I say to myself, Thank God there are other things to watch on TV, things like sports. But then so many of the sport people have been accused, arrested and or tried for so many various crimes that even trying to watch say, a good baseball game isn’t even fun to watch!
    As I read a lot of the Cozy mysteries, especially the series type, I have to keep telling myself over and over again that this story is just FICTION, something that someone has made up, not true to life. These are just stories. But with all the horrible crimes across the country, sometimes it is hard for me to separate the two!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Linda C, I don’t watch local or network news shows. I get the news I need from the Homepage my husband set up on my desktop. (Other than CBS Sunday Morning, which is more of an entertainment type show.) Oh, and we stopped getting the newspaper several years ago.

      As for thinking of real crimes when I read my Cozy Mysteries, I think that it helps that I don’t read authors who aren’t Cozy. But I can certainly see what you’re talking about…

      • linda c says

        Danna, When I think of Cozy mystery series I think of the series that are fun to read. The ones that I can think of right off the top of my head are Joan Hess’s, both series, Bill Crider, all 3 series, Mary Daheim, both series, series such as these.
        Where not all of the other books that I read are not actually always funny, so to speak, these authors that I have listed, and others like them are the ones that I tend to read first.
        I can agree with you on watching network TV. We seldom watch network TV either. And from the previews of the upcoming new TV series, I won’t be watching much network TV this year as well.
        I think this is where a lot of people who actually commit these horrible crimes get some of their ideas. These people seem to want their “15 Minutes.” But just how many of us really remember all these peoples’ names!!??

        • Danna - cozy mystery list says

          I agree, Linda C, about thugs finding out about how to skirt the law from some of the true crime shows. When they explain in detail about how DNA can be removed from a knife, or how to poison someone with ingredients you have around the house >>> or at least have access to. But then I think about all of the websites that have so much more information that thugs can use….

        • Rob says

          I agree, Linda C, Joan Hess is very good and tongue in cheek funny. I haven’t tried the other one with Bill Crider. I’ll have to try him too. I get so much out of this blog site and so fun to get online with other people that feel the same way and some that don’t but the well informed and very well grounded folks I “meet” on this site is a delightful way to spend time.

  9. Ina says

    So happy to hear season 2 is in the works. Love all of Kerry Greenwood’s books.

    Just did a marathon viewing of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” whole series is excellent, DVD extras include interviews by Kerry Greenwood.

    BTW…Got the DVDs at my local library.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Ina, my husband and I are both looking forward to the second season of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, also.

  10. Fran says

    I’ve been watching the Miss Fisher series on one of the local PBS station in the Washington, DC area (I think it’s Maryland Public Television). They run mysteries every Friday night as part of their fundraising system.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Fran, you are one lucky person that they are airing the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on you PBS channel!

  11. Melinda says

    As a lucky viewer in the UK, I can tell you that season 2 did not disappoint. I’ve read the entire book series by Greenwood and it seemed that there were a few shows that weren’t based on the books. I could be mistaken as I read – devoured? – the books quickly since they were so enjoyable. Just pointing out the ‘new’ stories we got in S2, but they were just as good as the rest.
    I’m anxious to see if there will be a season 3 as it was hinted that there might not be.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Melinda, thanks for letting us know about the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries season 2. I can’t wait to watch it.

  12. Myrna says

    We stumbled upon these mysteries while streaming Netflix and are watching them all! The characters are well developed, the fashions fantastic, and the plots are great fun. We are so happy there will be a second season and highly recommend this series.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Myrna, I love the fashions on these Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries shows. And, Essie Davis is absolutely wonderful in those beautiful fashions.

  13. FranMcP says

    I just got word that the Series Two of the wonderful Miss Fisher series will be available for purchase on May 27, 2014 from Amazon in the US. I don’t know when it will be on PBS, but I expect it will be soon.

  14. Lee Ann says

    Season 2 is now streaming on Acorn Tv. There are thirteen episodes to watch. Highly recommended this season also

  15. FranMcP says

    I just saw that beginning May 2, 2014, the second Ms. Fisher series will be broadcast on a Maryland Public Television. I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Fran McP, I hope our PBS shows it, also. Our PBS channel is going to be showing the new Doc Martin shows beginning next week, and I have already added them to our favorites list. I can’t wait!

      Thank you for mentioning this. Hopefully other Maryland Cozy Mystery readers will see your comment and be able to set up their DVRs.

  16. mildred says

    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is on the Washington,D.C> Public TV station,WETA Channel 526 here in Maryland. I accidentally “caught” an episode, and I was hooked!! I love the costumes, the stories–just everything about the show. I bought both seasons from Barnes and Noble (one of the show’s sponsors on Public TV), and they were cheaper than buying them from PBS. I hope they will be working on a third season. Mildred H

  17. Paula says

    I just noticed that Miss Fisher’s mysteries are on PBS Friday night in the Tampa Fl area (USF) and there are multiple showings. Not sure what season they are. Enjoy! I love the costumes.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list says

      Paula, you’re another of the lucky ones who have a PBS station that is airing these delightful mystery shows.

  18. Sherri says

    I came across Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on PBS and just love them! What a delightful series! I have taped the series and then have a wonderful hour or two of “me” time!!!

  19. Donna says

    Has anyone heard if there will there be a renewal of the Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries for a third season? This is a wonderful series.,

  20. Dee says

    Miss Fisher costume exhibition
    Danna, thought you and other readers might like to see these photos from the costume exhibition, from a local fan site. I live in Sydney, and was lucky enough to see the exhibition ‘live’ – incredible materials, and the table of hats … !

    And if any Miss Fisher fan is visiting Melbourne with time to spare, Rippon Lea House & Garden (the National Trust site used for Aunt Prudence’s residence and other filming) is well worth a visit!

    Note: Apple’s iBook Store is currently offering a free download of Book 1 of Kerry Greenwood’s other series (Corinna Chapman, baker), titled Earthly Delights.

  21. Carrie says

    I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it!!! I quickly searched to make sure you had Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries on your list. I discovered the show on Netflix awhile back and finished season 1 in two days. Netflix added season 2 to instant streaming last week and once again I finished the season in two days. I adore Essie Davis as Miss Fisher, all the actors in this show do such an incredible job. I love each character. Besides enjoying this style of mystery shows, I love the music and the beautiful costumes. Amazon does sell the soundtrack and it is on my Christmas list :) It was announced that there would be a season 3, unfortunately it will most likely be a year before available on Netflix instant streaming. Until then, I will happily watch both seasons over again and hopefully have the CD soundtrack in my Christmas stocking. Now on to explore more on your blog, I can tell just from the couple pages I have read, I am going to enjoy it as well :)

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