Mysteries with Recipes AND Recipe Books by Mystery Authors

I have had several comments and letters asking me to compile a list of Mysteries with Recipes. At first I thought this would be a rather daunting theme. I mean, I don’t read all of the authors who happen to have recipes in their Cozy Mysteries. Obviously I know which of my favorite authors include recipes in their mysteries, but what about those who I don’t read? And what about those authors of mysteries who I do read, but have forgotten they include recipes?

Aha, that’s where you ALL come in. If you know of an author of mysteries books who I have forgotten to include, who has recipes in his/her books, please post a comment.

Authors Who Write Mysteries with Recipes:

Avery Aames (aka Daryl Wood Gerber): Cheese Shop Mystery Series

Kathy Aarons: Chocolate Covered Mystery Series

Allyson K. Abbott (aka Annelise Ryan & Beth Amos): Mack’s Bar Mystery Series (both alcoholic and non drinks)

Ellery Adams (aka Jennifer Stanley, J. B. Stanley, & 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery Series

Riley Adams (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig & Elizabeth Craig): Memphis BBQ Mystery Series

Susan Wittig Albert: Darling Dahlia Mystery Series

Susan Wittig Albert: China Bayles Mystery Series

Ellie Alexander: Bakeshop Mystery Series

Connie Archer: Soup Lover’s Mystery Series

Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince from the Aunt Dimity Mystery Series

Judy BaerRecipes and Wooden Spoons (Book #3 in Tales from Grace Chapel Hill)

Mignon F. Ballard: Augusta Goodnight Mystery Series

Lorna Barrett (aka Lorraine Bartlett & L. L. Bartlett): Booktown Mystery Series

Jessica Beck: Donut Shop Mystery Series

Claudia Bishop: The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat from Casebook of Dr McKenzie Mystery Series 

Miranda Bliss (aka Kylie Logan & Casey Daniels): Cooking Class Mystery Series

Jacklyn Brady (aka Sherry Lewis): A Piece of Cake Mystery Series

Lucy Burdette (aka Roberta Isleib): Key West Food Critic Mystery Series

Janet Cantrell (aka Kaye George): Fat Cat Mystery Series (recipes for people and cat treats)

Grace Carroll (aka Carol Culver): Accessory Mystery Series

Sammy Carter: Candy Shop Mystery Series 

Bailey Cates (aka Crickey McRae): Magical Bakery Mystery Series

Chris Cavender (aka Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, Casey Mayes, & Tim Myers): Pizza Lovers Mystery Series

Laura Childs: Tea Shop Mysteries AND Scrapbooking Mysteries AND Cackleberry Club Mystery Series

Peg Cochran (aka Meg London ): Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series

Peg Cochran (aka Meg London): Cranberry Cove Mystery Series

Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra): Candy-Coated Mystery Series

Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell): Orchard Mystery Series

J. J. Cook (aka Joyce and Jim Lavene): Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Series

Shelley Costa: Miracolo Mystery Series

Cleo Coyle (aka Alice Kimberly): Coffee House Mystery Series

Philip R. Craig:  Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series

Isis Crawford (aka Barbara Block): Mysteries with Recipes Mystery Series

Carol Culver (aka Grace Carroll): Pie Shop Mystery Series 

Kathi DaleyZoe Donovan Mystery Series

Diane Mott Davidson: Goldy Bear Mystery Series

Krista Davis: Domestic Diva Mystery Series 

Krista Davis: Paws and Claws Mystery Series (recipes for both pets and their owners)

Gale Deitch: Trudie Fine Mystery Series

Christine DeSmet: Fudge Shop Mystery Series

Leighann Dobbs: Lexy Baker Mystery Series

Nancy Fairbanks (aka Nancy Herndon): Culinary Food Writer Mystery Series

Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

Susan Furlong (aka Lucy Arlington & Susan Furlong-Bolliger): Georgia Peach Mystery Series

Rosie Genova: Italian Kitchen Mystery Series

Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames): Cookbook Nook Mystery Series

Kerry Greenwood: Corinna Chapman Mystery Series

Victoria Hamilton: Merry Muffin Mystery Series

B. B. Haywood: Candy Holliday Mystery Series

Betty Hechtman: Yarn Retreat Mystery Series

Lee Hollis: Hailey Powell Food & Cocktail Mystery Series

Mary Ellen Hughes: Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series

Julie Hyzy: White House Chef Mystery Series

Josi S. Kilpack: Culinary Mystery Series

Elizabeth Lee (aka Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli): Nut House Mystery Series

Liz Lipperman (aka Lizbeth Lipperman): Clueless Cook Mystery Series

Kylie Logan: Chili Cook-Off Mystery Series

Virginia Lowell: Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Series

Karen MacInerney: Gray Whale Inn Mystery Series

Jenn McKinlay (aka Lucy Lawrence & Josie Belle): Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series

Liz MugaveroPawsitively Organic Gourmet Pet Food Mystery Series (includes pet treat recipe)

Katherine Hall Page: Faith Fairchild Mystery Series

Nancy J. Parra (aka Nancy Coco): Baker’s Treat Mystery Series

Andrea PenroseLady Arianna Regency Mystery Series

Cate Price: Deadly Notions Mystery Series

Hannah Reed (aka Deb Baker): Queen Bee Mystery Series

Virginia Rich: Eugenia Potter Mystery Series

Delia Rosen: Deadly Deli Mystery Series

Ann B. Ross: Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble from the Miss Julia Mystery Series

Michele Scott: Wine Lover’s Mystery Series

Paige Shelton: Farmers’ Market Mysteries AND Country Cooking School Mystery Series

Joanna Cambell Slan: Kiki Lowenstein Scrab-N-Craft Mystery Series  

J. B. Stanley (aka Jennifer Stanley, Ellery Adams, 1/2 of Lucy Arlington): Supper Club Mystery Series

Lou Jane Temple: Spice Box Historical Mystery Series

Gayle Trent (aka Amanda Lee): Daphne Martin Cake Mystery Series

Ann Waldron: Princeton Murders Mystery Series

Livia J. Washburn: Fresh-Baked Mystery Series

Melinda Wells (aka Linda Palmer): Della Cooks Mystery Series

Christine WengerComfort Food Mystery Series

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Here are some Recipe Books by Cozy Mystery Authors:

Ellery Adams, Deb Baker, Lorraine Bartlett, Kate Collins, Maggie Sefton, Leann Sweeney, & Heather Webber:  The Cozy Chicks Kitchen

Patricia Cornwell: Scarpetta’s Winter Table

Joanne Fluke’s Lake Eden Cookbook: Hannah Swensen’s Recipes from the Cookie Jar

Nancy Lynn Jarvis, editor: Cozy Food: 128 Cozy Mystery Writers Share Their Favorite Recipes

Julie Murphy & Sally Abney Stempinski: The Cat Who … Cookbook

Katherine Hall PageHave Faith in Your Kitchen

The Cozy Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from Today’s Bestselling Mystery Authors (with Avery Aames, Ellery Adams, Leslie Beudewitz, Laura Childs, Cleo Coyle, Victoria Hamilton, B.B. HAywood, Julie Hyzy, Jenn McKinlay, & Paige Shelton)

For any additions or corrections, please post a comment. Thank you!

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  1. Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman series
    Jacklyn Brady’s A Piece of Cake Mystery

  2. Miranda Bliss’s A Cooking Class Mystery

  3. Another one is Michele Scott’s Wine Lovers mysteries. There were 5 books, and she included recipes for all of the food dishes.

  4. I would add the author Jacklyn Brady who writes the “A Piece of Cake Mystery” series set at a cake shop in New Orleans. Fun Southern characters, delicious Southern food (not just desserts) and good mysteries. The author is acknowledged to be a pseudonym for a mystery and romance author, but I don’t know who it is. The first book is called A Sheetcake Named Desire. Penguin is the publisher and I think the third book just came out recently.

  5. DatPixieGirl :

    The new-ish “Magical Bakery Mystery” series by Bailey Cates has recipes; specific baked items are featured/described in the story, with recipes at the end of each book. There are two out so far (‘Brownies and Broomsticks’ and ‘Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti’), with the next book due out in November.

  6. Philip R Craig’s mysteries also include recipes.

  7. Connie Archer set in a soup and sandwich shop has recipes for both just read them very good reads
    Carol Culver set in a Pie shop has recipes for pies of course…just read these also enjoyable reads.

  8. Mignon Ballard started adding recipes to her later Augusta Goodnight mysteries

  9. She isn’t a cozy mystery writer, but Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta has a book, Scarpetta’s Winter Table that is quite cozy and has directions for some fun (and calorie laden) dishes. It is short, a novelette, and is now out of print but many libraries have it. Barnes & Noble list used copies through their Marketplace sellers, but like all used print books the price has gone up sharply. Today there are 4 listed varying in price from $10.74 to $109.94.

  10. Josi Kilpack writes a series with good recipes and mysteries.

  11. Thanks for sharing….two of my favorite subjects…cozies and cookbooks!

  12. Nancy Atherton and the Aunt Dimnity books.

  13. There are recipes in the Darling Dahlia series by Susan Wittig Albert. Love the series, enjoy reading the recipes, and Florabelles Soda Bread was a big hit at this house.

  14. I’m not sure if you count them as cosies, but there is a Miss Julia series by Ann B Ross . The most current one has recipes.

    And what about that woman who is a food writer, can’t think of the characters name, Nancy something. her husband is a Professor?

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      apple, the food writer is the Culinary Food Writer Mysteries by Nancy Fairbanks (aka Nancy Herndon).

  15. A Catered Mysteries by Isis Crawford—sisters who own a bakery and do catering on the side their father is a former police chief in their small town.

  16. I’ve just realised that Nancy Atherton’s wonderful books include recipes in the back, but I see I’ve been beaten to it! :)
    But… Three others that haven’t yet been mentioned, are Claudia Bishop “The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat” from the Casebook of Dr McKenzie’ series, Sammy Carter’s ‘Chocolate Shop’ mysteries, and Lou Jane Temple’s ‘Spice Box Mysteries’.
    Temple is also the author of another ‘foodie’ series, which I haven’t read. Possibly someone else might be able to say if they have recipes as well?

  17. I mean, who doesn’t have recipes at the end of their book?
    Lorna Barrett’s “Booktown Mysteries” do, too.

  18. Betty Hechtman just started a new series with a main character who is a baker who runs knitting retreats on the side (a business she inherited from her aunt). There’s only one book in the series so far (it just came out, as a matter of fact), but it did contain an excellent recipe at the end, as well as a knitting project (I’m not a knitter so I confess I skipped over that). I’m assuming future books in the series will contain them as well.

    Also, Andrea Penrose’s Regency mysteries all contain various recipes for chocolate at the beginning of each chapter (her character is transcribing her husband’s grandmother’s cherished ‘receipt’ book, and testing out the recipes as she goes). The recipes are antique, I suspect some of the ingredients would be hard to obtain these days, and personally I don’t think I would attempt any of them simply because I lack what I feel is the most neccessary ingredient for this type of ornate cooking – a kitchen staff. But they do sound delicious. :)

  19. Some of the ladies in our book club often bring dishes made from recipes that they’ve found in the back of cozies. It’s a delightful addition.

  20. Danna, this certainly is a daunting task! Perhaps you could keep this blog open, so if we happen to read a book a month or two from now and notice it has recipes we can let you know.

    Susan Wittig Albert – China Bayles. There are recipes in some of the books in this series also, especially after they opened the tea shop.

    Virginia Lowell – Cookie Cutter Shop Mysteries

    Liz Lipperman – Clueless Cook Mysteries

    Melinda Wells – Della Cooks

    Grace Carroll (aka Carol Culver) – Accessory Murders (2 recipes in latest book)

    Some series have just one recipe in a book, so I don’t know if you want to include them in this list or not:

    Shelley Costa – Italian Restaurant Cozy Mystery – 1 recipe (relating to title).

    Betty Hechtman – Yarn Retreat Mysteries – 1 recipe ( I don’t know if the Crochet Mysteries have a recipe in them or not.)

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      MJ, I’ll definitely leave this entry open.

      (I try to only close the entries that are the end-of-the-month recommendations.)

  21. Another older series that I really miss … the Iris House B&B Mysteries by Jean Hager…culinary mysteries are what first drew me to reading cozies….

  22. Chris Cavender’s Pizza Lover’s mystery series

  23. I confess, there are two or three mystery novels I keep in my kitchen cabinet with my cookbooks instead of in a bookcase. In these cases the value of the recipes outweighs the chances that I would want to reread the books (or in one case, even finish the book).

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Julia, now that is crazy! Imagine a mystery author who has better recipes that writes mysteries?!?

  24. I tried the recipe for ribs and pulled pork from Krista Davis’s Domestic Diva series. My family and friends love it. It is one of our favorites for parties. Was happy to find the soda bread recipe from The Darling Dahlias. I remember my mother making soda bread.

  25. There is a new series starting by J. J. Cook called the Sweet Pepper Brigade mysteries. The first(only) book has recipes in it also.

  26. Cricket McRae writes a series of home crafting mysteries, which include “recipes” for soaps, body butters, scrubs and the like. She also loves to cook and volunteers at an organic farm so the character is always talking about great food and cooking with natural ingredients.

  27. I just finished a book by J.B. Stanley, The first of the supper club mystery series. This is a new author who I just love. Danna this site never ceases to amaze me. It has so much more info than the info desk at the library. Thank you again for having such a wonderful site.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks for the very kind words about the site, NitaR. I’m glad you’re enjoying J. B. Stanley’s Supper Club Mysteries.

  28. Sunnybythesea :

    I am trying to think of the name of a mystery writer and I think she was a food columnist or critic, too. Wrote her books maybe in the 1960-70’s or ??? I think her first initials were M.K. Does anyone know? Remember? Help!!!! Thanks!!

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Sorry, Sunnybythesea, the author doesn’t ring a bell with me. At first I thought you might be talking about Nancy Fairbanks, but was quite surprised to see that her first was from 2001. For some reason it seemed like it had been longer…

  29. Are you thinking of M.K. Wren, the author of the Conan Flagg books?

  30. Please add my Cealie Gunther series. Thanks!

  31. Hannah Reed’s ‘Queen Bee’ mysteries. These feature beekeeper Story Fischer, and the first one, at least, has honey-based recipes. Yum!

  32. Does it count if there is a recipe not printed in the book(s) but available to all for free download at the website? In my Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries series there is always a reference to chocolate chip cookies. The recipe for Mysterious Chocolate Chip Cookies is available online.

    • Danna - cozy mystery list :

      Thanks for stopping by, Nancy Lynn Jarvis. And thank you for telling us about Regan’s chocolate chip cookies recipe being available on your site.

      (I’m sorry but I don’t think it qualifies as a mystery book with recipes.)

  33. Ann Waldron’s Princeton mysteries feature recipes in the back, too! :)

  34. I’m not sure if it was listed but Dying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson is Book 2 in the Goldy Schulz series. It originally interested me in these types of books.

  35. Delia Rosen’s Deadly Deli mystery series

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